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Property - all things which are, or may be the object of appropriation (art.

414, NCC) Characteristics of property of Public Dominion 1. outside the commerce of man 2. Inalienable. But when no longer needed for public use of service, may be declared patrimonial property. 3. Cannot be acquired by prescription. 4. Not subject to attachment or execution 5. Cannot be burdened with easements Rights included in Ownership 1. right to enjoy 2. right to dispose 3. right to vindicate 4. right to exclude Kinds of Property in LGUs 1. Property for public use 2. Patrimonial property Characteristics of ownership 1. Ownership is Elastic 2. General 3. Exclusive 4. Independence 5. Perpetuity Kinds of Fruits 1. Natural Fruits 2. Industrial Fruits 3. Civil Fruits Legal Remedies to recover possession of ones property Personal Property 1. Replevin Real Property: 2. Accion Interdictal 3. Accion Publiciana 4. Accion Reivindicatoria Instances for the Hidden treasure the finder is entitle to provided: 1. Discovery was made on the property of another or of the state or any of its political subdivisions 2. The finding was made by chance 3. The finder is not a co-owner of the property where it is found

4. The finder is not a trespasser 5. The finder is not an agent of the landowner. 6. The finder is not married under the absolute community or the conjugal partnership system (otherwise his share belongs to the community) Kinds of Accion Interdictal 1. Forcible Entry 2. Unlawful Detainer Kinds of Mixture 1. Commixtion Mixture of solids 2. Confusion mixture of liquids Specification - it is the transformation of anothers material by the application of labor. The material becomes a thing of different kind. - Labor is the principle Requisites of Co- Ownership 1. Plurality of owners 2. The object of ownership must be a thing or right which is undivided. 3. Each Co- Owners right must be limited only to his ideal share pf the physical whole. Requisites pf Principles of Self- Help 1. Reasonable force 2. owner or lawful possessor is the person who will exercise 3. No delay in ones exercise 4. Actual or threatened physical invasion or usurpation Kinds of Immovable properties 1. Real by Nature 2. Real by Incorporation 3. Real by Destination 4. By Analogy Kinds of Property of Public Dominion 1. Those intended for public use 2. Thos which are not for public use but intended for public service 3. Those intended for the development of the national wealth. Nuisance

1. Injures/ endangers the health or safety of others: 2. Shocks, defies or disregards decency or morality 3. Annoys or offends the senses 4. Hinders or impairs the use of property 5. Obstructs or interferes with the free passage to any public highway or street, or body of water. Kinds of prescriptions 1. Acquisive prescription 2. Extinctitive prescription