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2013-04-22 1:35 PM

Here i will try and explain how you setup your hub and get started. I wont explain howe these settings works, if you want a little better explanation of some settings, get into the GUI section on the page instead. I will skip some parts of YnHub, cause this should just be a quick up and go guide. So you have to fine tune your hub yourself later on. If you use these settings then the Admin and OP usercommand will fit, you will find them on this site. Step 1 First of all you need to download YnHub, the latest version is 1.036 YnHub 1.036 ( TTH: ZMRK6OVCTEPM3D2G5REVMLECXE5HWE2MPM4PIII (magnet) After unpacking the rar file, you will se this. Just press the YnHub.exe file.

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Step 2 - Hub


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YnHub Guide

2013-04-22 1:35 PM

1. Here you will see the uptime of your hub. 2. Here you start and stop your hub
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Step 3 - Settings

1.Hub control


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saves.htm Page 3 of 22 . convert. Mark the auto save box and set it to 60 minutes.Here you will be abel to give you hub a name and the "bot" in your hub. This part will be visible in the hublist later on if you choose to register your hub. Now you are done here. to separate use . The second box tells what you will call your bot. this is where most people do wrong when they have made a reboot and when the hub is started again. Core language will change the language in your hub. but it will not change the language in the GUI.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup. here it will be called The YnHub demo hub. description. in this case -YnHub3. Hub address. then you wont need to press the save button every time you make a change. The first box will name you hub. to use more then one port (411. But remember to press the save button before a reboot of the hub.23. some accounts have disappeared.jsdator.Redirects http://www. it can be a DNS or your external IP The second box you can type a short description of your hub. lets get going to the next step. In the first box you add your hub address. To the top Step 4 . language. You can get the different languageshere.1411) 2.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM Autostart Lock hub Prompt on shutdown Minimize to tray Userlimit Workpace Port(s) What ever you think is enough Normal 411 is default.

Notifications http://www.hub. Here you add the addresses you want the user should be redirected to. then separate with a pipe. But you don´t need to type in a address. Here you choose if you want to use the different redirects or not by marking the box. you can write what ever you want. 2. To the top Step 5 .YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM 1. This will be all up to you. If you want multiple addresses on hub full for an example.full1:411|on. We don't want you in here.htm Page 4 of 22 .hub. who you want to redirect or not. On banned example.full2:411| and so on then the users will be sent to random addresses. on.jsdator.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.Your ass is banned in this hub so fu** off.

YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM These settings will send a feed message to a chat-room you have chosen. Notify on private message spam Notify on nicklist spam Notify on junk data spam http://www.jsdator. It will be explained further down. 1. Spam notifications Notify on MyINFO spam Notify on search spam Notify on mainchat spam.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup. Protocol notifications (before kicking) Notify invalid key (if kicking) Notify invalid MyINFO Notify invalid private message Notify invalid mainchat message Notify invalid search result (SR) Notify incorrect IP in connection attempt Notify invalid passive connection attempt Notify incorrect characters in nick 2.htm Page 5 of 22 .

Feed Use the feed command if supported Save feed to disk Feed name when sent to a chatroom Type any name you want 5.htm Page 6 of 22 .jsdator. Miscellaneous Notify incorrect pass after x times To the top Step 6 .Text command http://www. Other notifications Suppress client kick message in mainchat Notify operators on kick in mainchat Notify operators on ban in mainchat 4.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM 3.

Here you set a name for your command. access level. Here you are abel to choose edit level. 3. who you want the command to be broadcast to. and go to the text command on this page instead.htm Page 7 of 22 . It´s the name that triggers the text in the hub. and so on. Here you will se all of your added text commands 2.jsdator. Here you type what ever should be in the command. 1.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM You can leave this step if you like. To the top Step 7 .Security http://www.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup. receive level. +trigger 4.

jsdator.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.Mark all these options and leave the time value as it is.htm Page 8 of 22 . Ban on kick no Ban on incorrect pass no http://www. Auto bans . Handshake timouts Drop non responding Temporary ban on kick 3. Enable share trace Notify on share update Autoprune 4. Maintenance & Timeouts . Share trace .YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM 1. General security .Mark all these options and leave the time value as it is.Mark all these options and leave the time value as it is.Mark these options Kick user if key is invalid Check sender IP on Search and connectToMe Perform DNS lookup Check data before lock 2.

New MyINFOs Searching Mainchat Private messages Nicklist Make this one "grayed " Make this one "grayed " Not grayed Make this one "grayed " Make this one "grayed " Junk data Not "grayed" Junk data direct Not "grayed" kick Max spam warnings You click twice in the box to make the box grayed.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.mark all these options and leave the time values as they are.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM 5. To the top Step 8 .Restrictions 1. Spam control . Length restrictions mark all these options and leave the values as they are Nick max length Search max length MyINFO max length http://www.htm Page 9 of 22 .jsdator.

Passive search restrictions. But you can leave this option as it is for now.mark all these options an Max search replies Max length any file type Min length specific file type d leave the values as they are.mark all these option and make all these options grayed Here we can gain some bandwidth. 4. if ban with is your limitation. Pool MyINFO changes for Disable description Disable description tag Disable email Disable connection speed information If it´s grayed only the OP´s will se this If it´s grayed only the OP´s will se this If it´s grayed only the OP´s will se this If it´s grayed only the OP´s will se this http://www. 3.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM Mainchat length Private message max length 2. Allowed nick characters Here you select what chars you will let your users to have in their nicks.htm Page 10 of 22 . so just mark the box on which characters you will allow in the hub.jsdator.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.MyINFO distribution .

General searching . Integrated command visibility .Mark this option and set the drop-down menu to operators.mark all these options and set the drop-down menu to nobody Force reply to PM Integrated command visibility 2.mark this option and leave the search value as it is. Maxhits on hub integrated commands searches Autosend own userIP on login http://www.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM To the top Step 9 .htm Page 11 of 22 .se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.jsdator. Hub command visibility . Force reply to PM 3.Miscellaneous 1.

3.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup. but you can type in a welcome message if you like.Chat-rooms Mark every chatroom and change the welcome message if you like.Hublist http://www.jsdator. Show chatroom as operator Show feed message Just have this option marked for the OP-chat To the top Step 11 .htm Page 12 of 22 .and only have the show feed box marked on the OP-chat 1. No need to change anything here either.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM To the top Step 10 . Here you will see all you different chat-rooms 2. No need to change anything here.

Use this hublist registration server Fix for dreamland: select the old dreamland hub reg.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM 1.226.org: http://www.gotdns. Here you will se all available hublists you can get registered at.jsdator.htm You have to make a new one Page 13 of 22 . Enable hublist registration 3.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.org Port Allow pinger to connect to other users Use a nick/nick patterns for hublist pinger Use a IP/IP pattern for hublist change the IP of the pinger to 213. 2. Name Description Host DNS/IP change the old address to dreamland.67.113 pinger Use host DNS to update pinger IP Then press the "save" button Fix for hublist.

115.*.213.*. Here you are abel to choose how you should store your user stats .4.*.jsdator.hublist.* To the top Step 12 .114.80.User stats 1.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup. Type Prune 2.213. 212.*.*. you have to enable this feature or you wont be abel to use the !ui <nick> in the hub.*.org reg. MySQL http://www.6.*.50.208.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM Name Description Host DNS/IP Port Allow pinger to connect to other users Use a nick/nick patterns for hublist pinger Use a IP/IP pattern for hublist pinger Use host DNS to update pinger IP Then press the "save as" button Hublist.113.htm Page 14 of 22 .org 2501 {HublistPinger}

To the top Step 13 .Users 1.jsdator. mark this.htm Page 15 of 22 . this has it ´s advantages.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM No need to change anything unless you have MySQL on your computer. Default connection restriction Mark this if you want a private hub . When you reboot the hub you wont lose your user stats as you would if you stored it locally. If you want your users Enable register (allows users to register their to register themselves (+regme nicks) +unregme) Enable ISP/IP check Allow IP's not found in ISP list Use case sensitive prefix validation Required prefix Min share size Min slots Max slots Require an account or register (reg only) Max share size Max hubs Slot ratio Allow "tag-less" clients to bypass hub/slot restrictions May connect using passive mode http://www.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.

jsdator. 3. OP and VIP accounts. 2.htm Owner OP VIP Page 16 of 22 .YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM 2. I will go through everyone here and we shall concentrate on the owner. Default password Required password: To the top Step 14 .1 Profile settings May use hub commands Is operator May see hidden users My hide self Can enter even if hub is full Force hide share May hide share Connection restrictions Set min share Set max share http://www. Here you choose what the different accounts can do.Profiles 1. Here you choose what level and what the account should be named. Here you will see all of your different accounts. 3.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.

htm Owner OP VIP Page 17 of 22 .se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.2 Accounts Add account Remove account List account Set profile Set required IP/IP range Show required IP/IP range Set comment Set expire date Set owner Set password Show password Show profiles User control Block user Redirect user Drop user Kick user Ban nick Ban IP/IP range http://www.jsdator.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM Set min slots Set max slots Set slotratio Hub control Save settings Change userlimit Set Topic Redirect all Set Workpace Lock hub Lock mainchat Information Hub info Userinfo IP info Nick info Traffic info Traffic stats 3.

3 ISPs Add ISP Remove ISP List ISP Set min share Set max share Set max hubs Set min slots Set max slots Set slotratio IP on ISP's Add IP to ISP remove IP from ISP Show IP's on ISP 3.jsdator.htm Owner OP VIP Owner OP VIP Page 18 of 22 .se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.4 Redirects Hub full Incorrect ISP/IP Low share High share Reg. only Passive No tag High hubs Low slots High slots Low slot ratio Banned Miscellaneous Admin chat rooms Admin text files Admin registered Use say command http://www.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM Ban DNS Ban client Tempban Mute user Luarize user Kennylize user 3.

YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM Use MC command Use warn command Use inform Use PM command Use OPM command 3.jsdator.htm Owner OP VIP Owner OP VIP Page 19 of 22 .5 Privileges ( overrides ) Flood check PM length limit check Mainchat length limit check IP check on search/connect Nick check in PM/MC Bypass ISP/IP check Override default/ISP tag restrictions Nickban IP/IP range ban DNS ban Client ban Tempban Min share Min slots Max slots Max sharesize Max hubs Slot ratio Allow"tag-less" clients to bypass hub/slot restrictions May connect using passive mode 3.5 Protocol access Search in active mode Search in passive mode Send mainchat http://www.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup.

6 Owner OP VIP Enable join announcement In the content box you can type what ever you want.jsdator.htm Page 20 of 22 .se/YnHub/sidor/Setup. To the top Step 15 . Example: Here is the almighty <nick> his profile level is: <profile> Or just leave it empty if you don´t want it to announce when someone gets into the hub.Accounts http://www.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM messages Send private messages Connect in active mode Connect in passive mode Feature access May access UserIP May access UserIP2 May access MCTo Master overrides Cannot be kicked Cannot be dropped Cannot be redirected Feed Receive feed Receive action feed Receive kick feed Receive event feed Receive GUI feed Receive error feed 3.

The comment field you can leave blank to. To the top Step 16 . 3. but you wont be abel to enter from a different machine if you are at a friend and so on. Type a nick you want. In IP patter you can choose your Internal IP if you like. Then hit the save as button. then choose a password you want.Registered http://www.htm Page 21 of 22 . Only you will be abel to se it. The greeting box will send a private message to you when you log into the hub. So if you don´t want that leave it blank.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup. then nobody then you can enter on that account.jsdator. 2. Here you will see all your added accounts Lets se if we can add an account for you here.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM 1. On profile you choose Owner and let the owner box stay as it is. example [OP]kalle .

Here you can search among the self registered users. To check so you have forwarded the right port in your router/firewall go to this page and test it. but here is a good page you can look at if you have a router. http://www. firewall. http://portforward.com/routers. All you have to do now is to open up the port you did choose in settings on your router. 3.se/YnHub/sidor/Setup. try and log in on the hub by connecting to you local IP.0. If you type an asterix * then it will list all registered users.htm Page 22 of 22 .0. Let your user to reg them self in the hub. with your chosen nick and password. The command is +regme <password> and +unregme 2. Here your registered users should be listed when you do a search To the top Well this should be it.htm.org/ The End http://www.canyouseeme. now you should have a working hub. Howe do i do that? well look in your manual for your router/firewall. Enable register.1:411 if you haven't changed the port number in settings. 127. or just search on nick.jsdator.YnHub Guide 2013-04-22 1:35 PM 1.

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