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How to Do Feelings

Writing down your feelings on a daily basis allows you to examine where you are in your recovery day by day. Breaking your feelings down into the categories of physical feelings (sore, tired, nauseous, or energized), spiritual feelings (uplifted, guilty, secure, or joyful), or emotional feelings (lonely, satisfied, stunned, or irritated) allows you to take inventory on the whole man; body, soul, and spirit. Having an ongoing inventory lets you see improvement, detect trends and generally gauge progress or possible relapse. You really need to be on a schedule to work a successful program. The best time to do Feelings is an hour before your set bedtime. This way you can more accurately describe the events and emotions of the entire day. 1. List your physical feelings for the day. Be thorough. You might even write a paragraph or two. Use words from the Feelings Words List, Feelings Vocabulary, or others that come to mind and seem appropriate. If nothing comes to mind, skip to the next category and come back later. 2. List your spiritual feelings for the day. Once again, be thorough and utilize the words list and/or vocabulary list. Think of answered prayers and prayer requests. 3. List your emotional feelings for the day. Use the lists and be especially thorough here. The more you identify and address your emotions, the more control you will be able to exert over them.

Feelings Word List

Happy alive amused calm cheerful content delighted ecstatic fantastic fine fortunate friendly glad good great hopeful loving Sad apathetic awful bad blue crushed depressed despondent dissatisfied disturbed down gloomy glum hopeless hurt lonely lost Confused anxious awkward baffled bothered crazy dazed disorganized distracted disturbed embarassed frustrated helpless lost mixed up panicky paralyzed Weak ashamed bored confused defenseless discouraged embarrassed exhausted frail frustrated guilty helpless horrible ill impotent inadequate insecure

optimistic peaceful pleased proud relaxed relieved satisfied thankful thrilled turned on up warm wonderful

low miserable painful sorry terrible turned off uneasy unhappy unloved upset

puzzled stuck surprised trapped troubled uncertain uncomfortable undecided unsure upset

lifeless lost overwhelmed powerless quiet run-down shaky shy sick tired useless vulnerable wishy-washy worn out

Scared afraid anxious awed chicken concerned fearful frightened insecure intimidated jumpy lonely nervous panicky shaky shy stunned tense terrified threatened timid uneasy unsure worried

Strong active aggressive alert bold brave capable confident energetic happy healthy in control intense loud positive potent powerful secure solid super tough

Angry aggravated annoyed burnt up critical disgusted enraged envious frustrated furious hateful impatient irate irritated mad mean outraged rage resentful sore

Feelings Vocabulary
abandoned accepted adamant adequate affectionate afraid agony alarmed alienated from others ambivalent annoyed anxious apathetic appreciated astounded attractive awed awkward bad beaten beautiful betrayed bewildered bitter blissful bold bored brave burdened comfortable concerned confident connected cop-out cowardly creative curious cut off from others deceitful discontented distracted distraught disturbed divided dominated dubious eager ecstatic elated electrified embarrassed empty enchanted energetic enjoyment enraged envious evasive evil exhausted exhilarated fawning fearful flustered foolish frantic free friendless frightened frustrated full glad good grateful gratified greedy grief groovy hurt ignored immortal immobilized impatient imposed upon impressed inadequate incompetent inconsistent in control indecisive independent infatuated infuriated inhibited insecure insincere inspired intimidated involved isolated jealous joyous judgmental jumpy lazy left out lonely loser lovable loving low loyal manipulated miserable misunderstood needy nervous possessive preoccupied pressured quarrelsome quiet refreshed rejected relaxed relieved religious remorseful repulsive restless restrained sad satisfied scared screwed up settled sexy shallow shocked shy silly sluggish sorry for self strained stunned stupid sure tempted tense threatened thwarted tired torn touchy trapped troubled

defeated dejected delighted dependant depressed deprived desperate destructive determined different diffident diminished disappointed

guilty gullible gutless happy hateful helpful helpless high homesick honored hopeless horrible hostile

odd opposed optimistic outraged overlooked overwhelmed panicked paranoid peaceful persecuted petrified pleasant pleased

unappreciated uncertain uneasy unsettled uptight used violent vivacious vulnerable wishy-washy wonderful