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Summer Intensive Music Theory

Complete Coverage of Basic to Advanced Rudiments for the August RCM Examination James Hong | A.R.C.T. (RCM), H.B.Sc. (UofT), M.D., Instructor: Ph.D. (ipr, Harvard)
Objectives and Key Points About This Course:
 This course prepares students for the August RCM Examinations in Advanced Rudiments (previously known as Rudiments 2).  Completion of this theory requirement will allow students of all instrumentation majors to be eligible to receive the Grade 8 RCM Practical certification (which cannot be awarded without also completing this theory requirement) along with the Advanced Rudiments certificate.s  Combined with the Grade 8 Practical Certificate, the Advanced Rudiments certificate is considered a Grade 12 music credit by Canadian Universities.  This course is an intensive course with 10 classes that last for a duration of 2 hours each (20 total hours).  A pass (60%) is guaranteed should the student pass the weekly assessments.  Standing exam average for past students in this course is 81.4±6.2% (122 total students).

Deadline for Course Registration:
 May 25th, 2013  June 4th, 2013

Deadline for Exam Registration ( Date of Examination:
 August 9th or August 10th, 2013

How does music theory enhance my child’s musical education?
Improved sight-reading  Learning how to write and read musical notation relevant for every instrumental family.  Understanding rhythm and tempo Improved understanding of musical structure  Analyzing the tonal structure of a piece, including keys, intervals, chords, and cadences.  Understanding the underlying foundation of music composition including major/minor Improved knowledge of other instruments and musical terminology  Exposure to ensemble scores (incl. vocal and strings) and transposition for brass and wind instruments  Understanding of all Italian, French and German musical terms along with essential

musical notations for volume.  Extremely proficient at academic exam preparation and simplifying difficult concepts without loss of content.  Registered RCM teacher (#58393). Summary of Biography:  Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) in both violin and piano performance.hong@live.  Admitted to the Harvard MD/PhD class of 2017. please contact me for more information.  Included: 2006-2013 practice examinations (format of questions stay the same) Contact Information:  Email: james.  6 years of teaching experience in music performance. modes and modern scales. Extra office hours will be available for students needing assistance. history and  Mobile: 416-876-5586 . tempo and style. current violin/piano teacher at Stay at Home Music.scales.  Class size will be capped at 8 (multiple classes available). Course Fees:  $380/student (covers 20 hours of instruction). What age is suitable for this course?  Students of age 11 and above with an ability to focus for 2 hours (with a 10-minute break) on a weekly basis.  Scored with First Class Honours with Distinction (90%+) on Advanced Rudiments and History 1-3. $35 textbook  Individual lessons at your home are available.