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Lee 1 Works Cited Galinsky, Ellen. “Texting, TV, and Tech Trashing Children’s Attention Span.

” The Huffington Post. Huffington Post, 12 Nov. 2012. Web. 12 June 2013. <>. This article starts out by mentioning that studies have been performed that show a shortened attention span among kids who have been “overly” exposed to digital media. It goes on to discuss a teacher's response to the shortened attention span, saying that “I have to do a song and dance to capture their attention.” This article, much like many, are conveying how important it is to teach the proper use of technology. This article will work really well in order to backup my opinion on the matter. “Is Technology Producing a Decline in Critical Thinking and Analysis?” ScienceDaily. Science Daily, 29 Jan. 2009. Web. 13 June 2013. <>. Quotes: “No one medium is good for everything.” I like this article because, unlike most, it has a neutral view on technology in the classroom. The article states that technology is not a panacea (remedy for all that ills) it has to be used, along with other forms of teaching, to establish a “well-rounded” skill set. The author says that reading is the key to building strong “ imagination, induction, reflection and critical thinking, as well as vocabulary.” I agree that reading greatly helps to develop these skills, and that these skills are valuable for aiding in education. Lytle, Ryan. “Emerging Technology Has Positive Impact in Classroom.” U.S.News & World Report. U.S.News & World Report, 14 June 2011. Web. 6 June 2013. <

Lee 2 technology-has-positive-impact-in-classroom>. This article helped with showing how digital technology, when approached with a positive attitude, can be a proactive tool to aid with enhancing education.