Electric Shaver Buying Guide

The Exclusive Report

Hi I’m Tyler.
Thanks again for reading this exclusive report on electric shavers. I hope you find it useful. As a note, I need to mention again that I’m just a sample size of one, and that everyone’s preferences are a little different. These reviews have a big advantage over others because of the comparison basis (I’ve tested them all out!), and all the feedback I’ve received, but there’re still no guarantees. Also, I have absolutely no affiliation with any of the shaving companies. This information is all based on my personal experiences and opinions. Lastly, you will find links to websites where you can purchase products from Amazon. They tend to have the best prices when shopping online. I personally buy all my own products there. I do have an affiliation with this store so I will earn a small commission if you purchase products through those links. I don’t earn any commissions on products I personally buy for myself or for these reviews.

A Note on Anecdotal Evidence:
You’ll notice that I sometimes make a point not to take anecdotal evidence (information based on a person's experience) from others, but then offer my own recommendations, which are in fact partially based on anecdotal evidence. The reason I do this is because my “testimonials” offer more. I’ve actually bought and tested all of the best selling models, so I have a much better basis for comparison. Typical users are expressing their opinions based on 1, 2 or maybe 3 shavers. I’ve tested much more than that. I’ve also received a lot of feedback and information from a wide range of people through my websites which all factors into my recommendations. What I want to make clear is that it’s best to get a combination of information, and not to rely solely on anecdotal evidence. Other people’s experiences can certainly help, but it’s much better to combine them with specific information about you. Having full detailed reviews of the shavers helps too :)


Table of Contents
F oil vs . R otar y W et vs . Dry How Thick is Your Beard? Recommended Electric Shavers F or Thic k B ear d s B r aun Seri es 7 Panasonic ES LV F or Med iu m B ear d s B r aun Seri es 3 SensoTouch 3D F or Lig ht B ear d s



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How to Use an Electric Shaver Electric Shaver Tips B eard Trimm er Gu i d e How to Trim a Beard Pre Shaves F inal Word s

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Foil vs. Rotary
L e t’ s en d the d ebate.
When it comes to foil shavers versus rotary shavers, guess what?.. There is NO clear winner.

Some people like foil shavers better, while others prefer the rotary design. It’s all based on personal preference, which can really confuse a lot of people. When someone says: “Rotary shavers are better for the neck”, it sort of sounds like a fact. If I were new to electric shavers and I found a forum discussion where everyone agreed, I would likely assume it to be true. The only problem is that it’s not a fact, it’s just an opinion. The more you look into it, there are contradictions all over the place. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence out there, and nothing’s concrete.

So don’t buy a shaver based solely on these “stories”, you need to factor in a few more pieces of information. Really, foil vs rotary is too broad of a topic. There are so many different foil models, as well as rotary models. As soon as you examine all the different shavers in each category, there are just too many factors to consider in order to make any type of factual statement.

It’s best to compare specific models head to head, rather than debate over the designs. Some theories are composed of personal opinions, and the actual shaver model is not even mentioned. We need more specific information.

Some people like foil, some like rotary... and some even like both.
That’s the one factual statement you need to take away from this.

I personally prefer foil shavers.
I’ve always had better results with foil shavers over rotary shavers. For me and my beard type, it’s just a better match. The thicker your beard is, the harder you need to press in while shaving. To get that super smooth finish, even when rubbing your hands against the grain, requires a little bit of muscle, and foil shavers work well with this technique.

(The lighter your beard, the less important added pressure is). Rotary shavers on the other hand work best with more of a gliding motion. Light circular strokes is usually the recommended technique, rather than adding pressure. (We’ll get into more details in the “how to” section). So with a thick beard, I’ve noticed that foil shavers have an edge in the smoothness department. I’ve tried many techniques with the rotary models, and to get the

least amount of irritation a light circular stroke is best, however with a thick beard you may not get as smooth of a finish.

A general recommendation would be to stick with what works. If you’ve always used a foil shaver stick with them, or be prepared to take some time to get used to the change.


Wet vs. Dry
It’s all about personal preference.
If you read the foil vs rotary section, I’m guessing you know how this is going to turn out... When it comes to wet shaves versus dry shaves, there’s NO clear winner. It’s all about personal preference. A wet shave does not give you a closer finish. The end results from wet shaving and dry shaving are the same. So it’s not about the final product. If you do a wet shave with a Braun Series 3 for example, and the next day do a dry shave, you’ll have the same final results.

It’s about the process, not the final results.
Some people seem to get more comfort out of wet shaving. They enjoy washing their face with warm water, and rubbing in shaving cream. They find the process more enjoyable and perhaps more comfortable. But the final results won’t be much different. Again, it’s a personal preference.

I personally enjoy dry shaves better. I find them quicker, less messy, and if I’m using the right shaver, the comfort is not an issue. However if I’m using a rotary shaver, I experience less irritation when shaving wet with shaving cream. So this is something you will need to test. Most new shavers have the wet shaving option, however some popular models don’t, so it’s still a bit of a factor in the buying decision process.


W e t Sh ave s vs . Dry Shaves
Here are some things to consider when deciding on these two options. Remember some of these are based on personal preferences. We’ll discuss more shaving techniques (wet/dry/foil/rotary) in the “how to” section. Wet Shaves Pros:
Similar to traditional shaving Process may be more comfortable Can wash your face before shaving Can potentially shave in the shower Can use shaving cream designed for your skin Cleaning is usually easier

Dry Shaves Pros:
Fast No mess Better visual on your facial hair Easier to do touch ups

Takes longer Can be a messy process Need to buy shaving cream Harder to see with shaving cream on your face

Need to make sure your face is dry Process might not be as comfortable A more thorough clean is required 8

How Thick is Your Beard?
OK, it’s time to start talking about you!
The first thing you need to figure out before choosing an electric shaver is your beard type. To keep it simple, we want to categorize your facial hair as either: Thick Medium L igh t The problem here is that depending on your facial hair type, a lot of the models might not work well for you, even if they’ve received hundreds of 4/5 star reviews. This is such a crucial step, especially for those with a thicker beard. I’ve received so many requests regarding choosing a shaver, and most forget to tell me what kind of facial hair they have. It’s not even that they forget, it’s that they don’t even consider it. Unless they send a specific request on which model to choose, the usual path to finding a shaver is searching for the “best of”, or “top 10 list”, and reading other people’s reviews.


The problem with only relying on user reviews...
They don’t disclose their type of facial hair They’ve usually only tried 1 or 2 shavers Unfortunately, a few really good, or really bad reviews can sway your decision the wrong way. Now, I’m not saying you can’t find yourself the right shaver by just checking the best selling models, but you definitely run a higher risk of picking the wrong one. Here’s a quick example... Amazon is a popular online store for buying electric shavers. At the time of writing this, their best seller was the Panasonic ES 8103 S. It has over 700 reviews and looks like it almost averages a 5/5 star rating. Lots of people like it because it works well, and is really affordable. But it’s definitely not recommended for everyone. If you have a thick beard, there are much better options. You might get “OK” results with this unit, but you will get noticeably better results with a more advanced shaver.


I know that the Panasonic ES 8103 S is not the best option for thick beards based on my own experience (I categorize myself as having a thick beard). I’ve tested it out and the more advanced models perform better, no questions asked. For a thick beard, it’s not really recommended. Those with a lighter beard will see good results, as is evident by all the reviews. So it’s crucial to take your type of beard into consideration. If I had just followed the best seller’s list and the user reviews, I would have wasted 70 bucks.

Choosing a shaver is different than choosing other products.
Many products will list a set of specs and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get them. You decide on the features you want, check out some user reviews, and you’ll most likely be happy with your purchase. (There are many examples of products where this works pretty well.) For electric shavers it’s different. The specs don’t guarantee a good shave. It’s a much more “personal” product, and certain factors about you need to be taken into account. If we examine your facial hair first, then work around your budget and other requests, I truly believe it will improve your chances of finding the right shaver.

The last thing we want is someone with thick facial hair wasting $70 on a model which will never work for them, or someone with very light facial hair having buyer's remorse after spending $200 on a system they really don't need. So, this leads us back to the question... How thick is your beard? To help you figure this out, we’ll look at some pictures, set a few benchmarks for shaving frequency, and discuss the “feel” of your beard. If you don’t know how to classify your facial hair already, this should definitely help.
- If for any reason you’re still unsure, feel free to send me an up close picture of your beard with 1, 2 and 3 days worth of growth so I can help you figure it out.

http://www.facebook.com/ electricshaverguide

Beard Thickness
Picture Test
The picture test is simple. Just identify which set of pictures resembles your beard the most. If you have that dense stubble look, then you have a pretty thick beard. If your facial hair’s a bit more patchy and needs to be longer in order to be very visible, it’s most likely more of a medium beard. Lastly, if you don’t have much growth and it’s only in certain spots, we’ll consider it light.





Thick Beards
Here are some examples:

You can see that the facial hair is quite dense. Even though it’s sometimes short, because it’s so dense it can still make up a full beard in some cases. Some people can still have thick facial hair but not be able to grow a full beard (See the third picture). It’s not dependent on whether you can grow facial hair in all the areas of your face. It’s really determined by how dense it is in the areas in which it grows. If you get that short stubble look within a few days of shaving, you should classify yourself as having thick facial hair.


Medium Beards
Here are some examples:

Here the facial hair needs to be longer to be visible when compared to the thick beards. There’s no short stubble look. It’s a bit more patchy and light. The first example is a bit of a close call. The man can grow a full beard, but looking closely it isn’t that short dense stubble growth. Its a bit longer and thinner. In these examples the men have probably grown their facial hair for at least a week, maybe more. If you can get this type of growth in 3 or 4 days, you might want to categorize yourself as having a thick beard. Remember, it’s always recommended to put yourself in the thicker category if it’s a close call. If your beard resembles example 1, then I would review the recommended shavers for thicker beards as well.

Light Beards
Here are some examples:

These beards are very patchy, and the hair is very thin. Usually, if you can only grow facial on your mustache and chin, it won’t be very thick. The facial hair may look quite long, but you can see it’s still very thin. Example two is perhaps a close call. Although there’s no growth on the cheek, there’s still a fair bit on the neck. Here you might want to review the medium beard recommendations as well.


Shaving Frequency and Feel
These are more ways to find out how thick your beard is. If you need to keep a clean shaven face for work, and you shave every day, you most likely have a thick beard. If you rub your hand on your face, against the grain, and it has a sandpaper feel, you have a thick beard. Some people have this after 12 hours of shaving, while others may have it a few days after shaving. If you need to shave 3 or more times per week, and your facial hair has more of a dense type of look rather than a long and thin look, classify yourself as having a thick beard. Some people may still need to shave 3 or more times per week, but their facial hair is not very thick or dense. In this case you probably have a medium beard. If you don’t have that sandpaper feel and you just feel a few soft whiskers each morning, then it’s probably not a thick beard.

Again, if you’re on the fence, consider your beard to be on the thicker side.


Recommended Electric Shavers
Here are the recommendations for each beard type.
Thick Beards Medium Beards Light Beards

High End Shaver

Mid Level Shaver High End Shaver

Budget Shaver Mid Level Shaver

If you have a thick beard, you will get much better results with a high end shaver. You might be able to use a mid level shaver, but you will definitely appreciate the more advanced models. Medium beards have the benefit of seeing good results with a mid level shaver, and a high end shaver. You have the option to save money, however your results will generally be better with a more advanced model. For light beards, I would not recommend the expensive electric shaving systems.

For Thick Beards
These are the best shavers for thick beards. Compared to all the other models I’ve tested, these two are noticeably better. I personally fall into the thick beard category, and I only use these two shavers regularly. The only other recommendation I would make would be the Panasonic ES LA models (the predecessor to the ES LV models). We’ll touch on that in the Panasonic review. You won’t see a rotary shaver in this category. I cannot get the same smoothness with a rotary shaver, as I can with these foil shavers. Rotary shavers require you to glide over your facial hair and not press in very hard, and based on my experience, this does not produce a super smooth finish with thick beards. These foil options are slightly better in my opinion. Braun Series 7 Panasonic ES LV


Braun Series 7
This is my favorite shaver.
Just the other day I got a message from a women thanking me for recommending the Braun Series 7. It wasn’t for her, she bought it for her husband, and he absolutely loves it. The majority of positive feedback I get is from Series 7 users. Most people really like it. For me, this is the shaver I keep going back to. After reviewing lots of models, I still enjoy using this one the most. Apart from the other recommendation for thick beards (Panasonic ES LV), I definitely notice a difference in quality with the Braun Series 7. W h at ’ s in t h e b ox ?
Braun Series 7 Razor Electric Cord Cleaning Brush Traveling Case Clean and Renew Base Clean and Renew Liquid Pack Set of Instructions

#1 Recommenda

Sensitive Skin

ti o n fo r

790 vs. 760 vs. 720 All the different model numbers can be confusing. What you need to remember is that a Series 7, is a Series 7. All these shavers will perform the same. It’s the extra features which make them different. A 720 will shave the same as a 790. So here’s the low down on the model numbers:
720S has no cleaning station 760cc has a cleaning station 790cc has a few extra features

Anyone who has a medium to thick beard should really consider this shaver.

I would avoid the 720S because it does not have a cleaning station.


The 790cc has an improved display and a quick clean feature over the 760cc. Normally I would say these features don’t matter, but many popular online retailers list the 790cc for less than the 760cc, so I always recommend you go with the 790cc. What about cc-#? There is a newer version of the 790cc called the 790cc-4. In Europe it’s usually 790cc-3. This will have a few extra speeds (light and turbo). This is the most widely sold Series 7, and the one we’re recommending here. Just remember that there isn’t much of a different between the 760cc, 790cc, and 790cc-(#). Depending on where you are, your area might have a different model number.

Shaver Design The shaver fits well in the hand and has a high quality feel. There’s no cheap plastic on this model.

This, along with the Power -Comb technology helps lift hairs off your face for easy shaving. The combination really helps you get a very comfortable shave. On the bottom there’s a display which shows you how much battery life is left, and how clean the shaver is. Once both of these are full and the shaver is in the base, it will go on stand-by mode. A full charge should last you about 50 minutes of shaving time.

The Pulsonic technology refers to the 10,000 microvibrations per minute that are generated from the shaving head. It feels like you’re washing away your stubble.

Just get a Series 7 with the cleaning station and you’ll be fine.

Y o u c a n u se i t w i t h t h e electrical cord which is ideal for traveling.

Braun Series 7

One downfall with the design is that the blades and the foil are one unit.

Br au n Cle aning Sy st e m The cleaning system is great. Every time you finish a shave, simply put the shaver in the charging base, hit a button and it’s cleaned, sterilized and ready for the next shave.

The cleaning sessions won't begin until you hit the start button. This allows you to charge the shaver without running it through the cleaning process. This is important because you can manually clean the razor as well. What’s the extra cos t? There is a monthly cost to running the cleaning system. It’s not much, and I think it’s well worth it.

This makes cleaning it manually a little harder, and it's why I always recommend you go with the cleaning station.If you can, avoid the 720 S which is just the shaver without the cleaning base. It also comes with a pop up trimmer which is pretty standard. It’s useful for edging or trimming down small areas, but if you want to remove a full beard, I’d recommend you have a beard trimmer on hand.

There are 4 types of cleaning modes. I have found that a normal shave will just require a light cleaning session. If you have a few days worth of growth then it may require a medium or a more thorough clean. These 3 cleaning sessions take 30 to 40 minutes to run through. There is also a quick clean feature which cleans the unit in 25 seconds.

You'll receive one pack of cleaning liquid with the initial purchase. This will last for approximately 30 cleans. So if you shave every day, and clean the shaver every day, you're going to need to replace the liquid cartridge every month.

Page 54

Braun Series 7

But this is unlikely... Most people don’t shave every single day, and even if you do, you don’t HAVE to run it through the cleaning system. You can do a few manual cleans each week to make 1 cleaning cartridge last for over 1 month.

What’s the actual cost? This will depend on where you can purchase Braun Clean and Renew cartridges from. Online retailers in the US list a pack of 3 for as low as $15. So if you use 1 cartridge approximately every 2 months, that’s $2.50 per month. If you can’t order directly from Amazon.com (they can’t always ship this item to Canada) you might be paying more at local shaving stores. A price around $5 per month may be more realistic for shoppers in Canada.

Tips for saving money If you wanted to be really thrifty, you can actually use the liquid very sparingly. Run it through the system say once per week, and just manually clean it the other days. This will significantly reduce the added cost.

I personally run through a cleaning cartridge every two months. This seems to be more of a standard lifespan for the cleaning cartridges.

Prices are generally a little more expensive in Europe as well, however a pack of 3 cartridges has been listed for approximately 13 pounds at Amazon.co.uk.


B o tto m l in e , it’s a l ux ur y c o s t w h i c h i s n ’t r e a l l y t h a t expensive.

Once the Clean and Renew liquid is setup inside the shaving base, after about 8 weeks whether you use it or not, some liquid may evaporate. If you want to conserve the liquid then remove it from the base when you're not using it and put the cap back on. This will allow you to store it safely.

Braun Series 7

Manual Cleans Most people will be fine using the cleaning station normally, however a manual clean once and a while can help. Actually, doing a small manual clean before you use the cleaning station is recommended.

Shaving Performance I really only have positive things to say with my overall shaving experience. No shaver is perfect, but this is really as close as it comes in my opinion.

A big bonus is that it produces little to no irritation. All shavers take some time to get used to them, but the comfort level with the Series 7 is very high. One problem area for a lot of users is the neck. With electric shavers it can be hard to get every single hair.

I always recommend that people remove the foil cap, blow or gently brush away any stubble (don’t directly brush the foils), then put it in the cleaning base. You can also gently tap it on the counter or rinse the shaving head under running water if you want. I personally don’t rinse it.

With my thick facial hair it does a really good job with a few days worth of growth. No electric shaver is good with longer hair, so if you have a thick beard shaving more often is recommended. It’s definitely one of the most comfortable models available.

If your hair grows in different directions, you need to shave in those directions. More strokes will lead to more irritation, however with the Series 7 it is absolutely nothing compared to what I experienced with razor blades. If you’re having irritation issues, this model is highly recommended.

Braun Series 7

FAQ One question that always comes up is: “Can you use this shaver wet with shaving cream?” The short answer is no. This is not designed as a wet shaver and Braun does not recommend it. And to be honest, you don’t need the added comfort. That being said, people have told me that they use it wet with shaving cream and it works fine. I personally don’t, and I don’t recommend you do either. There’s actually a 799cc-6 which is a wet version of this model, however at the current time it’s not available worldwide. Again, you don’t need to use this model wet. Dry shaves are comfortable enough. Fin a l T ho u g h t s For anyone with a thick beard, or those with a medium beard who want the best performance, should really consider getting this shaver. After reviewing many models, this is my favorite, and I highly recommend it, especially for the thicker beards and sensitive skin. I continue to get the most positive feedback from this model.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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Panasonic ES LV
The most advanced shaver.
The Panasonic ES LV models are also known as the Arc 5. That name refers to the 5 blades which makes it the most advanced shaver. It also comes with the highest price tag, but if you want a premium product, you need to pay a premium price. With the advanced features and a large price tag you would expect these models to deliver a really smooth and comfortable shaver... Fortunately they do! W h at ’ s in t h e b ox ?
Electric Razor Safety Cap Traveling Case Electrical Cord Set of Instructions

Shaver Design Taking an up-close look at the design you'll notice that everything is basically the same as the previous model except of course for the new 5th blade.

There are two LV models. The ES LV81 K is black and comes with a cleaning station, and the LV61 A is blue and is the shaver only option. These model numbers are standard around the world, however the colors may change.


The shaving head looks quite big and impressive, and has that powerful and very advanced look. It really makes you want to test it out. The 5 blades are made up of a cutter in the center and 4 foils, along with the two inner blades. They're all designed to do something a bit different. Some tackle longer hair while the others shave the shorter stubble. All these blades along with a pivoted head are designed to deliver a nice smooth shave with little irritation. Plus it still comes with Panasonic's most powerful motor. On the back there are a few settings which lock the head into place and pop the trimmer up. I personally always keep it on the "free" setting which lets the head pivot 360 degrees. Lastly there's a lock feature on the front which keeps the unit from accidentally turning on.

Charging For safety reasons you can't turn it on when it's plugged in. This seems to be standard on the models with wet shaving capabilities.

Cleaning There are two ways to clean these shavers. You can clean both models manually, or use the cleaning station on the 81 K. A manual clean is really straight forward. Just turn it on and rinse it under running water.

A charge should last 1 hour, and it should give you about 45 minutes worth of shaving time. Don't worry about overcharging. When it's fully charged it will go into stand-by mode. This is one improvement from the previous model where the lights would blink when it was done charging.

Remove the foil cap and shake away any large water drops and set it to dry. If you want you can also apply some liquid soap and do a thorough clean. I blow and brush away stubble then do a rinse. I apply some liquid soap maybe once a week if I was using it often. Also, don't directly brush the foils.

Panasonic ES LV

Setting up the cleaning station is really simple. First you will want to fill up the water container and slide it in the back of the cleaning base. Once that's done, insert the cleaning cartridge in the lower back of the base. When you install new cleaning cartridges you need to change the water. With the initial purchase you're given one month's supply of the cleaning cartridge. This should last you about 30 cleans. So if you run the cleaning station everyday, you will need to replace the cartridge. You can buy a pack of 3 for around $15, maybe more in certain areas. So the cost is really the same as other stations.

The cleaning station is pretty good, but it’s pretty much the same as the previous model’s. I personally feel the Braun Series 7 cleaning system is better, so the “razor only” option with these models is something to really consider, especially because manual cleans are quite effective. Shaving Performance Overall my shaving experience was great. I really noticed that there was little to no resistance around my cheek and lip areas.

process easier. I didn't have to press in very hard and I felt the shaver just motor right through my stubble. Those with thicker facial hair will really be able to tell the difference between this model and some less powerful units. Wet Shavi ng Opti on If you want to try it wet, just use the same routine you would if you were shaving with disposable razor blades.

Even around my chin and neck area where facial hair can be a bit more dense I noticed that the 5th blade seemed to make the

Apply warm water to your face, rub in some shaving cream, and rinse off the shaver as you go.

Panasonic ES LV

5 b la d es v s . 4 Are you willing to pay a premium price for a better shaver, and will you even notice the improvement? Before the LV models came out, Panasonic's best shavers were the ES LA models (ES LA93 K and ES LA63 S). In the past I recommended them, even for those with thicker beards. Now that a new unit has come out, it doesn't change my previous recommendations. Bottom line, the ES LA models are still really good, and I still recommend them. The only difference now is that there's a new product available which is better. That's usually common when new products are released, except there's another twist here: Is it really worth it to upgrade considering your beard thickness? I would imagine that for a lot of people, the LA models offer enough power and performance, and some people will hardly notice the difference with the added blade. So for those people it may not be worth it.

However, those with thicker beards will notice the difference, and will appreciate it. So before this gets too confusing, here are my final thoughts: If you have thick facial hair which is similar to mine (shave 3 or more times per week), you will appreciate the 5th blade and notice the difference. The ES LV models will give you better shaves. Those with a medium or average type of beard growth probably aren't going to notice too much of a difference, and the ES LA models are "good enough". So for those with a heavy beard, if you're willing to pay a bit more you will get better results. Those with medium beards will get betters results as well, but it's probably not as noticeable when compared to those with thicker beards. The ES LA models will always be recommended, especially for those that want to save a bit of money.


Panasonic ES LV

Br a u n v s . Pa n a so n ic In terms of performance, they are very similar. The experience is slightly different, but I wouldn't say one is clearly better than the other. The Panasonic is louder, and it's almost as if you can feel it buzzing through each individual hair, where the Braun sort of just numbs and vibrates the hair right off. So perhaps the Series 7 is a little more comfortable, but I'd say the ES LV shavers feel a bit more powerful. Again, I can't really say one performs better than the other. If you want a cleaning station, I would personally recommend the Braun. I find the cleaning station works better and overall is a better system. The ES LV is better if you want a “razor only” option. It can be cleaned manually very easily, which is better for traveling. Those looking to shave wet with shaving cream should consider getting these models as well.

Right now the Series 7 has a lower price because it's been out for quite some time. The initial cost on the ES LV models is much higher, however if you take a longterm look the price will probably even out over 2 or 3 years because of the cleaning cartridge expense of the Braun Series 7. But based on initial costs, the ES LV is higher at the moment. Bottom line, they're both really good, and I think you'll be happy with either one. Hopefully there's enough information here to help you make a decision. As always, whichever shaver you do choose, I hope you get good results.

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For Medium Beards
These are the recommendations for medium beards.
If you have a medium beard, you have more options. You will see great results with the recommendations for thick beards, but you’ll also see good results with these options. Generally, shaving performance always improves with a more advanced shaver (5 blades are better than 4), but as your beard gets lighter, the returns are smaller. Most medium beards will see good results with these options, however if price is not a big factor for you, I would still consider upgrading. For those who have always used a rotary design, the SensoTouch 3D is recommended here.

Braun Series 3

SensoTouch 3D


Braun Series 3
An excellent mid level shaver.
The Braun Series 3 is great for anyone who has a medium to light beard, and who wants to spend less than $100. If you have a thicker beard, I really recommend you extend your budget and go with a more advanced model. Which m o d el t o c h o o se If you go with a Series 3, you'll need to figure out if you want a cleaning station, the wet feature, or just the basic "razor only" option. 390 vs 340 vs 320 It's a bit of a tough choice and recommendation. All the models have the same shaving performance, so you need to factor in some other things. Do you want to pay a bit of extra money for some additional features? Basic mode l 320 S4 Because I’ve already done all the research I’ll include a breakdown of the different models. You can jump ahead to the actual 340 S4 review if you want. The different models:
The 390cc, 370cc and 350cc all come with a cleaning station. The 380s and 340s are the only models which can be used wet. The 370, 360, 330 and 320 all seem to be very similar with slight differences in color and battery displays.

W e t f e at ur e

340 S4

Cleaning Station


I personally bought the Braun Series 3 - 340 S4. This is the wet option and the one I’m reviewing here.

Here’s my little formula for narrowing down choices:


First deciding if you want a cleaning station. I tend to usually recommend you get one. It's not totally necessary but cleaning is very important, and a manual clean with some models is a little more difficult than others (the cleaning station is always recommended with the Braun Series 7). So this is the first recommendation, unless you don't want to spend that much.

The 390 has one extra feature on the display screen over the other two and will have a bit of silver coloring as well. It usually costs $10 or $20 more, however sometimes it’s actually priced the same, or lower (always compare between these models). If you don't want the base (or don't want to spend over $100) I usually just say take price into account against the differences between the features on the remaining options, but with the Series 3 there's another twist: The wet or dry option. If you want to shave over the sink wet with shaving cream or gel, you will need to get the 380 or 340 S4. These are the two options for a wet shaver. The differences between these two is that the 380 comes with some silver coloring, a precision head lock, a protective travel pouch and a slightly more advanced battery display. You don't really need these extra features, however the price difference is usually only $20, so again you will need to decide if it's worth it. I would just go with the cheaper 340. If you don't want a cleaning station or the wet feature, you're left with the dry “razor only models” in the 320, 330, 360 and 370. What's a little confusing here is the 370 is just the shaver, but you can get the 370cc which comes with a cleaning station. So watch out for that.

Some people are looking at these particular options because they're actually interested in saving a bit of money, so it's understandable if you want to avoid the extra features.

Once you've decided if you want a cleaning station or not, next just take price into account. The reason why I recommend focusing next on price is because the other features really don't matter too much. So if you want the washing base you will need to choose between the 390cc, 370cc or the 350cc. The "cc" represents this feature. The 370 and 350 are the same except for a color difference

Braun Series 3

The 360 is the same as the 370cc just without a cleaning station and one less visual display indicator so therefore it's basically the same as the 370. I'm not sure if that extra display option is only with the 370cc or with the 370 as well. Either way the 360 and 370 are basically the same. Also, the 320 and the 330 seem to be the same, just with different colors. Other than colors and different battery display screens, I couldn't find anything that makes all these models different in terms of shaving performance, and that's probably why they are all priced around the same. Luckily, most of these model numbers are standard in American and in Europe. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing. Remember shaving performance is the same between each model.

W h at ’ s in t h e b ox ? - 34 0 S4
Electric Razor Electrical Cord Charging Stand Cleaning Brush Safety Cap Machine Oil Set of Instructions

There are two foils and a cutter which all pivot side to side making the shave more comfortable than other models which don't have this feature.

Shaver Design Taking an up close look you can see it has that typical Braun design. It fits nicely in the hand and actually feels quite durable. It's shiny and has that plastic look, but it feels really sturdy which is a little surprising. On the back there's the typical pop up trimmer which is good for trimming your side-burns or some light facial hair.

Braun Series 3

Charging and Cleaning Charging can be done with the charging stand, or by directly plugging in the electrical cord. You can't turn it on when it's plug in. The first charge should take 4 hours, and that should give you 45 minutes of running time. The next charges should take about 1 hour, and once every few months you should fully drain the battery. When it's fully charged the green light will glow. It flashes when it's charging or when it's being used. It will flash red when the battery is low, but you'll have enough time to finish your shave.

Cleaning this model, and all the others from this Series is done the same way. Just be careful not to fully submerge the models which aren't fully waterproof. Even these wet shavers should probably not be fully submerged.

You can also clean it with the brush. Gently brush away any stubble and shake or softly tap the foil cap on the counter top. Don't brush the foils directly.

Shaving Performance With about 1 or 2 days worth of growth, I personally found it did a good job. I might be satisfied with using this on a regular basis, but I'd have to use it often. Shaving every day gave me better results.

First option is to simply rinse the head under running water. You can have it turned off or on for this, and you can also apply some liquid soap once and a while. Remove the foil cap and rinse it off a little bit as well. Make sure to shake away any large water drops and let it dry.

W i t h a t h i c k er b ea r d, y o u w i l l def i ni t el y a p p r ec i a t e the more advanced shavers.

Braun Series 3

Remember, this is recommended for a medium to light beard. I could definitely tell the difference when compared to some more advanced models, but I found it still did a good job. If you have facial hair which is similar to mine or a bit thicker, you will find it takes a longer than other models, and requires you to go over certain areas a few more times. If you have very sensitive skin this may lead to a bit more irritation.

As I've mentioned above, I'm not a huge fan of wet shaves, but if you're looking for a Braun shaver you can use wet, this is the model for you.

This is common for most products around this price range. The thicker your facial hair, the more you need an advanced model. For wet shaving you want to set up exactly how you would with a traditional blade. Wash your face with warm water, and rinse the shaver as you go. I find it a little messy, however some people do find it more comfortable so it's definitely worth trying. So for me, I would need to shave with 1 or 2 days worth of stubble for the best results. Obviously your situation might be a bit different, but from my experience, if you have thick facial hair you will have a bit of trouble with a few days worth of growth. But if you only shave a few times per week, you should be happy with the results. Again, this is why it’s recommended for medium to light beards.

On the other hand if you don't need to shave every day, then I think you'd be quite happy with the performance. Anyone with a medium to light beard should like this.

This model shows its limitations with 3 days worth of growth. It took much longer and required more passes over certain areas. It also tugged a bit on my facial hair around my lip area.

Braun Series 3

F i n al Th ou g hts
This Braun Series 3 is a true "mid level" shaver which is definitely worth the money. Not everyone needs the most expensive and powerful units. I think a lot of people will be satisfied with this. On a personal note I would be “OK” using it, but I would need to be consistent and not let my beard grow in too much. For short or thin stubble it does a good job, but it does struggle with thicker facial hair. If you have thick facial hair consider upgrading to the Braun Series 7. Which model to choose? It's a bit of a tough choice and recommendation. All the models have the same shaving performance, so you need to factor in some other things. Do you want to pay a bit of extra money for some additional features? With sales listings, the differences between the prices really isn't that much anymore. If you had to purchase them at their retail prices it would have been an even harder decision because price would be much more of a factor. So decide if an additional 20 to 30 dollars for some extra features is something you want.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii Looking for the basic model? Get the Braun 320 S4 If you want the wet feature go with the Braun 340 S4 If you want the cleaning station consider the Braun 390cc

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SensoTouch 3D
Shaving technique can make a difference.
I’ve improved my results with the SensoTouch 3D, however for my thick beard, the advanced foil shavers are better. This is why I recommend this model for medium beards, not thick facial hair. When I first used this shaver I really didn’t like it that much. But after testing it for a while and trying different techniques, I really improved my results. This might be something you’ll need to do, with whatever shaver you choose. With the SensoTouch I found using it wet with shaving cream, and applying very very light circular strokes produced a much more comfortable shave. The only problem is this takes almost 3 times as long when compared to shaving dry with a high end foil shaver. Also, if you have thick facial hair, light circular strokes won’t produce that super smooth finish. Again, this is why the SensoTouch is not recommended for thick beards, however those with medium beards should consider it. W h at ’ s in t h e b ox ? Here I’m reviewing the 1250xcc.
1250x Razor Safety Cap Small Brush Set of Instructions Traveling Case Electrical Cord Jet Clean System Jet Clean Solution Charging Stand

125 0 vs 1280 vs 1290 Keeping track of all the different shavers on the market is pretty tough, and there's even some confusion with just this one specific model! So let's briefly review some of the main differences among the models. Firstly, the 1250xcc and the 1280xcc are the two units with the Jet Clean System. This is represented by the "cc". The cleaning system in the 1250xcc is a standard system which comes with one setting, while the 1280xcc has three different settings and works faster. Because these can easily be cleaned manually, the Jet Clean System is not completely necessary, and therefore all the models are sold with just the

razor itself. So you can purchase the shaver without the base, which comes in these models: 1250x, 1260x, 1280x and 1290x. The differences between these will be within the battery display screens, and the finishings. The 1280x and 1290x have a digital display screen, and instead of a plastic finish they have a chrome and zinc metal finish. In my opinion, the biggest decision would be between getting the cleaning system or not. If you want to save some money you can just get the razor itself, however the cleaning system is pretty cool, and very convenient. So basically I would personally choose between the full shaving system in the 1250xcc (like the one we're reviewing here), or just the 1250x razor by itself.

The extra money for the mo d e l s a bo v e the 12 5 0 is not necessary in my opinion.
Shaver Design The design is what interests a lot of people, me included.

It comes equipped with a standard precision trimmer which is good for straightening out side burns, and as we mentioned the display screen will vary with the different models. One of the new features is called the Ultra Track, which refers to the inner blades within the shaving heads. They are designed to cut short, medium and long hairs. The other feature which is noticeable is the Gyro Flex 3D Head. This refers to the 360 degree pivot of the head, as well as the inward and outward pivot of the 3 individual rotary heads.

It’s very high tech and is quieter than some of the other shavers in this price range.

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SensoTouch 3D

charge it up. It isn't too big, however it won't fit into a small traveling case. The charging stand does have some nice suction cups which really helps it stick to your bathroom counter top. So you can charge it right side up in with the stand, or you can flip it around and charge it within the cleaning base.

Setting up the base is really easy. Pressing in the buttons on each side of the base, you simply remove the top and reveal a canister which the unit sits on. All you have to do in pour in the Jet Clean Solution up to the indicated line, and place the unit back on top.

You can clearly see through the demonstration on my palm that this feature will nicely fit the contours of your chin and neck area. Charging and Cleaning Charging can be done with the charging stand, or the cleaning base. Unfortunately you can't plug the electrical cord into the shaver itself. This is not a big deal if you're using it at home, however if you want to travel it's a slight inconvenience. If you do travel, then at the very least you will need to bring the shaving stand with you in order to

With the 1250x, a full charge should last you about 50 minutes in shaving time, while the 1280x and 1290x units will last 60 minutes. Also as we mentioned earlier, the 1250x will have a charging bar as a display, where the other models will have digital displays.

With the initial purchase you get 1 month's supply of the Jet Clean Solution. If you use the station everyday, it should last you about 1 month. Replacing the Jet Clean Solution will cost you around 5 dollars per month. Packs of 3 are usually sold for around 15 dollars online, however other stores might charge more. This is the standard cost of replacing

SensoTouch 3D

cleaning cartridges. For certain regions outside America it might cost more. But remember you don't always have to use the cleaning station. Based on my personal experience I would assume that most people don't use the station everyday, which really cuts the cost down. If you don't shave everyday, obviously you're not going to use the system, and a manual clean is very easy as well. Therefore, most people can easily make 1 month's supply last quite a bit longer. The cleaning process is pretty awesome and high tech. Once you turn it on, it lowers into the cleaning solution and it begins cleaning. During the entire session the shaver rises and lowers back in a few times. Once it's fully cleaned it will start drying. This is indicated with a flashing light. The manual says it takes about 2 hours to dry (1250), and about 1 hour to dry for the

advanced models (1280). These times are a bit longer when compared to other systems, however most people don't need to use the shaver again until around 24 hours so it's not that big of a deal.

Remember the Jet Clean System is not completely necessary. Washing these shavers is quite easy. The first step is to just rinse the head under running water. It should be warm to hot water and should be done for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. It's recommended that it's off when you do this.

When the solution is running low a display will indicate that it needs to be refilled. If this happens during a session simply remove the base from the canister and fill it back up, then start the process over. It's a little difficult to tell how clean it gets, or compare the "cleanliness" to other similar products, but I would say it does quite a nice job. Plus, it's a really cool process.

What you can also do is open each of the 3 rotary heads and rinse in between them. Once you're done rinsing you can click them back into place and shake off or blow off any water drops. If you want to do a very thorough clean you can actually remove the blades and wash them separately.

SensoTouch 3D

Shaving Performance

F inal Th oug h t s I recommend this for anyone who's been using rotary shavers in the past, or has a medium beard and wants to give one a try. Based on my personal experience I did notice that I experienced a better shave when using it wet. So be prepared to test it wet with shaving cream.

It’s so quiet. I remember the first time I u s ed it I did n't even know it wa s o n !
After testing this for many weeks and with different shaving techniques, I found a wet shave with light circular strokes produced the best results. As I’ve said before, it did not produce the same smoothness as other foil shavers in this price range, and that’s why it’s recommended for medium beards. I’m assuming you’ll probably need to test out which technique works best for you. As with any type of shaver you will need a few shaves to get used to it. If you’ve used rotary shavers in the past and have had good results, this is definitely the top of the line in this category.

iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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For Light Beards
Here are some less expensive options for light beards.
Light beards will see good results with the shavers in the other categories, however some cheaper options are worth considering as well. If you have a very light beard, it’s probably not worth getting a high end shaver like the Braun Series 7 or the Panasonic ES LV models. As beard thickness drops, there’s less “return on investment” with the expensive and powerful models. Basically, thin facial hair just doesn’t need all the power and technology in the high end shavers. You have mid range options as well as cheaper choices. With a light beard, there’s much less risk in buying the wrong shaver.

Br a u n Ser i es 3
The mid level shavers recommended above are also good for light beards, particularly the Braun Series 3 because it’s cheaper than the SensoTouch. Anyone who’s on the fence between the light and medium categories should consider this model.

Philips AquaTouch
This is a good rotary option for the light to mid beard. The models range from 700 to 900 series. Go with a higher series if your beard is closer to the medium range. Those that want a rotary shaver (and have a lighter beard) but don’t want to buy a SensoTouch should consider these options.

Panasonic ES8103 S
We referenced this shaver earlier as being a best seller. It has lots of positive reviews and for a light to medium beard it’s worth checking out. It’s very similar to the Braun Series 3. This one is sometimes listed for slightly cheaper, but they honestly perform very much the same.

B raun M 90
This is a super cheap electric shaver. It retails for under 25 bucks. It has a very basic foil design and runs off two double A batteries. Do not expect much from this shaver. Those with a light beard can get great value here, but those with thicker facial hair won’t find it useful at all.


How to Use an Electric Shaver
Proper shaving techniques can really improve your results.
If you’re new to electric shavers, you’ll find this section useful. Even if you’re a veteran, you might still find something new here. I always keep my eyes open for new shaving techniques. Sometimes the smallest changes can make a huge difference. There’s a lot of personal preference that goes into “what works” when it comes to shaving. So it’s worth spending some time testing various techniques until you get the perfect shave. Let’s start with using a foil shaver... Foil s h a v i n g t e c h n iq u e s Foil shavers are a bit easier to use in my opinion. The basic technique requires you to keep the shaver at a 90 degree angle to your face while you shave up against the grain. With foil shavers you want to shave against the grain for the best results. That’s the basic movement, however there are quite a few variables which come into play. How much speed and pressure? I’m guessing your speed will increase as you get more use to electric shavers. I seem to shave pretty fast these days, however when you’re first starting out this is not recommended. More speed may lead to more irritation, so like most things, it’s always best to start slow.

Think of shaving like using a vacuum. You’ll pick up more hair if you go a bit slower.

Applied pressure will depend on your facial hair thickness and the shaver you’re using. Generally the thicker your hair is, the harder you need to press in, and the more passes you need to make. Also, using a more advanced and powerful shaver will require a little less pressure. So this is where you need to test what works for you. Try applying different amounts of pressure as you shave up against the grain. You might notice that around your lip area you don’t need as much pressure when compared to your cheeks. Always be testing. Pull your skin tight

Again this is optional, and you won’t need to use it on every part of your face. It works best on your cheeks and neck area. Rotary shaving techniques Rotary shavers are a little harder to use. It’s not just an up and down movement. I personally improved my results with rotary shavers by testing a lot of different techniques. My first approach was to just use them like foil shavers, however this produced a lot of irritation for me. It wasn’t until I tried a very light circular stroke that I saw some good results with rotary shavers. Up down, or in circles With rotary shavers, you’ll want to test a few different techniques. You can either shave up (like with foil shavers), side to side, or in circles. As I said, I found circular movements produced the best results.

With your free hand, you can pull your skin down and stretch it out in order to get an even closer shave.

H o w t o d o a w et s have
As we mentioned earlier, wet shaves are a personal preference. Your final shaving results with be the same (smoothness), but you might like the process of one technique more than the other. I personally like dry shaves better with foil shavers, but like wet shaves better with rotary shavers. So as I’ve previously mentioned, test to see what works for you. For wet shaves, you want to set it up exactly how you would with a traditional wet shave with razor blades. Wash your face with warm to hot water, rub in your favorite shaving cream, and shave with your ideal technique. Use similar techniques that you’re using for a dry shave and test to see what works. What you might want to do is rinse off every few strokes.

How much pressure? This is something you will want to test. Some people like shaving up against the grain with lots of pressure, while others really let the shaver do all the work. Generally, rotary shavers are designed to perform better with a very light “gliding” circular motion, rather than pressing in with lots of pressure. Very very very light circular strokes works best for me. At first you might think that there’s no way you’re going to shave any hair off, but it works.

So again, alway s be testing. Try to incorporate all these different techniques u n t il you f i nd s omething tha t wo r ks fo r yo u.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Some people rinse off after each stroke, while others actually don’t rinse for the entire shave. For rinsing just hold the shaving head under running water. You can have it turned on or off for this.

How to shave the

neck Area

You can see in this picture I have an area on my neck where the hair grows in all different directions (crown, swirl, whorl). With traditional razor blades this caused me a lot of irritation. With electric shavers, the irritation is almost completely gone, but I need to shave in many different directions on this area. I literally shave in 360 degrees, and this allows me to shave all the hair. Tilting your head, looking up, and swallowing can all help you get a better shave in the neck area. Stretching your neck by extending your jaw and pulling your skin with your free hand can help you get a smoother finish as well.

Shaving the neck causes people the most problems. Unfortunately electric shavers aren’t perfect. You probably won’t get the same results on your neck as you will on your cheeks. The first thing to keep in mind is that hair on your neck can grow in all different directions. If you’re using a foil shaver you will want to shave against the grain, and therefore you might need to shave in many different directions.

Keep testing these various techniques!

Electric Shaver Tips
Y o u mig h t f ind a few gems in this l is t.
After reviewing electric shavers for quite some time, these are the shaving tips that I have come up with. Most of them come from my personal experience, while a few I discovered from other sources. We’ll start with some general tips, followed by some operating tips and then a few buying tips.

Give it some time: If you've never used electric shavers before it will probably take you a bit of time to get used to them. Maybe a few shaves, or maybe a few weeks. Even if you're switching products your skin might need some time to adjust. When I test out a new model, it can sometimes take me a few days to get used to it.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

All instruction manuals will state it can take up to three weeks to get used to a new shaver, so if you

experience some irritation don't give up. Grind it out for a few weeks and hopefully your situation improves. Everyone's experience is unique: Don't expect to get the exact same results as everyone else. Although you would think that a particular unit should perform the same for everyone, it just doesn't happen. Some people like certain products, while others don't. Most of the top selling models get positive reviews, but there's always a few negative ones floating around. Change it up if things aren't working: This is sort of a general tip which applies to any type of routine. It's actually what lead me to electric razors. If you're not happy with your current results, change it up. There are so many options out there for shaving that you're bound to find one you love. This might require you to buy something new, replace some old parts, start using pre shave lotions, or use a whole different technique. Everyone should be able to get a nice smooth shave.

Learn how to use the product properly: Review the above section on how to use an electric shaver. Most people will eventually get the hang of it, but it’s worth reviewing if you're new to these products. Watch out for your sideburns: You've probably heard people complain about tugging or pulling from electric shavers, or perhaps you've experienced it yourself. This usually happens when you try to cut hair that's too long, so watch out around your side burns. It's best to take your free hand and slide up your side burns which will allow you to get in close with the shaver.

Shave against the grain: Yes you're supposed to shave against the grain (especially with foil shavers). It's usually not recommended to shave this way with traditional wet shaving, but with electric razors this is what you need to do. At first this is may cause some irritation, but once you're used to it you'll appreciate the smoothness and efficiency. Pull your skin tight: With your free hand, you should pull your skin down to create a tight sensation which will make the process more effective. You don't need to do this on all the areas of your face, but it works quite well around your cheek area. A bit of experience will help you find a technique that works best for you. Be gentle and patient: It's usually best to let the shaver do the work. Sometimes you will need to press in a little harder, but you want the machine to do most of the work. This

will come with a bit of practice but just keep in mind that the more you press in, the more irritation you may experience. A good analogy here is to think about using a vacuum cleaner. You might have the urge to go really fast, but you will pick up more dirt if you go a bit slower. The same thing applies with these products. Apply a pre electric shave lotion: If you feel you're not getting the most out of your particular unit, consider using a pre shave lotion. These can improve your shaves by helping your facial hair stiffen up and stick out, which makes shaving a little bit easier. They also contain ingredients which help reduce irritation. Don't wash your face or shower before hand: This tip only applies if you're doing a dry shave. If you're doing a wet shave then you will obviously want to shower or wash your face before applying shaving cream. But dry shaves should be really dry. This will help produce the best results.


So the best time to shave is usually first thing in the morning. I've found that if I shave after doing some activity, my body is a bit warmer and the process isn't as good. This is where a pre shave lotion might help in drying out your facial hair as well. Read the instructions manual: Every product will come with a set of instructions. All the information you need to use it and clean it properly is in the instructions. Sometimes the wording is a little hard to understand because it gets translated many times, but after reading something a few times you should get the gist of it. Drain your batteries to 50% (sometimes): Most units run off lithium ion batteries which I have been told last longer when they get drained to 50% every once and a while. An engineer actually sent me an email discussing how there's a slight flaw with many of the cleaning station designs because they don't let you clean the razors without charging them. So if you can, drain the battery to 50% a few times a month. I personally haven't noticed any problems with my batteries, but I wanted to share this tip anyways. If

you want to do this, you’ll have to clean it manually a few times a week. Clean up after every session: This is easily accomplished if you have a cleaning station, but most models have the razor only option and can be easily cleaned manually. You should definitely clean it after each use. Most of the time it will require you to remove the shaving head and blow and brush away any stubble, and rinse it under running water. Take the extra minute to get this done. Change blades when they're dull: A simple changing of the blades can improve the performance by quite a bit. This will cost you anywhere from 15 to 65 dollars depending on the model you have. If it's over the 1 year mark and you start to notice a drop in performance, it might be time for some new blades. Some people need to change their blades once per year, while others don’t change them for a few years.


Don't let your beard grow out too much: The more facial hair you have, the longer it will take to remove and the harder you will need to press in. I find I get the best results when I have small amounts of stubble. This makes it easier on your face, and easier on the shaver. Ultimately it leads to less irritation, and keeps your unit in good shape. I've found that many of the top products do a pretty good job at removing some thick and long facial hair, but it's much more difficult on your face and the shaver. If your beard's too thick and too long, use a trimmer first: If you have thick facial hair and you've let your beard grow for over a week, you will find most products will struggle with the task of delivering a smooth shave. This is when you should use the pop up trimmers. The only problem with this is that most pop up trimmers aren't that powerful. If you have a thick beard it could take you 20 to 30 minutes to trim it down. So this is when I would recommend you use a beard trimmer first. Fully trim your beard down with a Wahl or Remington beard trimmer, then use smooth it out.

So the main tip here is that electric shavers work the best on stubble, while beard trimmers are best for long and thick facial hair. Peach fuzz can be removed with cheaper models: If you have very thin or fine facial hair, you probably don't need the more advanced systems. Most brands have a wide range of products because they try and cater to the various types of facial hair out there. So I would say that most people who don't shave very often, maybe once or twice a week can be completely satisfied with a mid level product which has a price tag under $100. Thicker beards need more power and better features: This tip is sort of the opposite to the one above. If you have very thick facial hair and shave everyday, or several times a week, you will benefit from a more advanced product. I personally can't use the very cheap models because my beard is too thick. For me, and others with thick

facial hair, it's worth spending the extra money on the more expensive systems. Sensitive skin will usually require better shavers: If you have sensitive skin, you will most likely appreciate the top of the line products. Comfort and power is what you need because these are the things which reduce overall irritation. If you suffer from sensitive skin you will get much better results from the more advanced products. This doesn't apply to every single person, but those with sensitive skin will probably get much better results with a product upgrade.

Choose a shaver based on your facial hair: Your facial hair along with your budget should determine what you get. Obviously your budget will dictate what you can buy, but don't be scared to stretch your budget, especially if you have thick facial hair. As I mentioned above, thick facial will require you to get a more expensive and advanced shaver. There's no way around this. If you purchase a more expensive model you might be upset once, when the bill comes in. But it's much better to be upset once and thoroughly satisfied with your purchase as opposed to saving some money but having a bad experience that makes you upset on a regular basis.Those with thin or fine facial hair can get away with enjoying more of the less expensive options. Don't waste money on useless features: There are so many choices out there, and with some of them the only difference is an advanced display screen or a different color. Having these extra features such as better displays, luxury travel cases and fancy colors is not always recommended.

Don't let one bad review scare you: Often people with bad experiences tend to make their voices heard. So if a shaver gets say 10 positive reviews and one really bad review, don't let it affect your decision. Realistically, if it gets 10 positive reviews, there's probably many more people out there who also like it but just don't voice their opinion, while there's probably not too many more negative reviews around or you'd hear about them. Bottom line, don't let one bad review deter you from a product. If hundreds of reviews are made and most people like it, you're hopefully going to fall in with the majority (this assumes you’re taking your beard thickness into account). Buy products online: In general you will find the best deals when shopping online. The order links in this report will send you to online stores which have the best prices.

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Beard Trimmer Guide
W h at are your beard trimmin g g o a l s ?
The best beard trimmer for you, is not necessarily the best for me, or the next person. Everyone's facial hair is a bit different, and we're not all looking for the same thing. Some people just want to buzz off a beard after letting it grow out too long. Others want to style and design a goatee, or maintain a full beard. Once you factor in price, there isn't one trimmer that's best for everyone. Each model is a little different, and to find yourself the right one, you need to align your goals with how they perform. So here I've reviewed and compared 4 popular units side by side. If you know what you want, you’ll find yourself a good beard trimmer here.

Most people will be happy with one of these models. Obviously there are more choices out there, however these offer a good range of different features. They all function a little bit differently, and they have different prices as well.


4 popular trimmers:

1 . W a h l G ro o msm an

3. Philips Vacuum Trimmer

2. Remington MB 200

4. Braun Cruzer 6 Face


Neck line performance For creating a neck line, they all performed pretty well. The Wahl actually trims the closest out of all the other models, but its blade is the narrowest. The Philips Norelco QT4050 has the advantage in the clean up department with the vacuum, however because of this feature the blades don't protrude requiring you to shave up to get the best results.

The Remington has a design which helps with edging and creating straight lines, but it's slightly less powerful than the Wahl. The same goes for the Braun Cruzer 6 Face. So in this section, the Wahl has the power and sharpness advantage, but its surface area is a little smaller. The Philips Norelco has the clean up feature which is a bonus, but basically they all can perform this task pretty well. Shaping cheek lines Moving on to the cheek lines, the Wahl's power and sharpness does a really good job in this section as well.

It defines cheeks lines and general outlines very effectively. The Philips comes up short here because of the design of the blades. Because of the vacuum feature the trimming blades don't protrude making it difficult to create sharp cheeks lines.

But once you're used to it you shouldn't really have any issues. As a side note, the vacuum feature does work, but it doesn't collect every single hair.

The Remington is pretty good in this section because of its large protruding blades, however the lack of power is a bit noticeable. With both of these models you might need to use a razor blade if you want to get perfect cheeks lines. Lastly, the Braun Cruzer 6 Face really begins to shine in this area. Because of the versatility of all

the different features, creating and styling facial hair is very effective as we'll see more of later on. The small attachment is sharp and easy to get into tight areas, and there's always the option of getting a smooth finish with the small foil shaver.

stubble was quite uncomfortable. If you're looking to maintain a beard and trim the length down once and awhile, the Wahl is definitely not your best pick.

beard length settings, particularly with the lower settings.

So here the Wahl and the Cruzer Face definitely outperformed the others, however the Remington was pretty good too. Bear d Len g th Trimmin g Maintaining a beard length is where the Wahl sort of falls apart. The beard attachments are such a pain to get off an on, and to try and trim a beard down to a short

The other 3 all performed pretty well in this section. Obviously the vacuum feature is another bonus as it will collect most of the trimmings, but apart from that I thought the Philips and the Braun performed pretty much the same. They're both comfortable and if you don't rush you should be able to maintain a consistent beard length. As a minor note, I actually noticed that the Remington had the most

I noticed that you can get a shorter trim using the last two settings on the Remington when compared to the Philips and Braun. This difference may not matter to most, and you might be able to use the Philips and the Braun on their lowest settings (so without their trimming combs) to get a similar short stubble length, but I did notice that the Remington seems to have a few more short length settings with the trimming comb attached, which is something to keep in mind.


Styling Facial Hair For outlining a goatee or other facial hair styles the Wahl is really good because it's small and sharp, but it trims so short which is good for outlines. However, to get that short stubble look you'll have to use the attachments which are a pain, and which can be uncomfortable as well.

The Remington is a bit better because you can outline a goatee a little easier with the design of the blades, but it doesn't trim very short and lacks a bit of power. We mentioned that it does offer some

shaver is ideal for smoothing out all the areas. This is one model where you don't need a razor blade at all. It would be hard, but you probably could get similar results with the Philips and the Remington if you had a razor blade on hand, but it's just much easier to use the Cruzer 6 Face. Overall for styling facial hair, it is by far the best option. Fi nal Thoughts

good short stubble lengths, so this along with a razor blade could style most goatees. As we saw earlier with styling cheek lines, the extra features on the Braun Cruzer 6 Face really make designing facial hair and goatee styles much more effective than the others. The small attachment is great for outlining any style you want. You can trim the design to a short stubble, and using the small foil

Alright, let's cover some final thoughts regarding these 4 products. The Wahl had its good points and bad points. The positives were that it delivers a very close trim, which is good for creating a neck line and general outlines. It's great for removing a beard, but it doesn't leave any stubble behind.

The Philips isn't that good in this section either. It's OK for general outlines, but it's hard to get into small areas and you need to always shave up, so your vision can be impaired when trying to design a goatee or facial hair outline.

It's also good for outlining facial hair styles and a goatee because of the closeness, and the narrow blade. For trimming the length however, it's not that good. The attachments will get on your nerves, and the trim isn't very comfortable with them. The Remington can do everything the Wahl can, it's just not as short of a trim. The Wahl has a slight edge in power over the Remington, but that's about it. For trimming the length of a beard, the Remington is really good. The Wahl just doesn't compare. The Remington MB 200 is comfortable to use, and there are enough length settings for most people's needs. In fact, I noticed it had the best range of short stubble settings, even though most people wouldn't really be affected by this.

The Philips vacuum trimmer basically does almost everything the Remington does, but it also catches most of the stubble. It's not perfect, but it does help reduce clippings on the sink. Some people find that useful, others don't. It was just as effective as the Remington in terms of beard trimming on most of the settings, but you can't get that really short stubble look unless you remove the comb. Again, this is probably not a major issue for most. Also, outlining is a little harder because of the design of the blade. For perfect cheek lines, a razor blade could be handy. Lastly, the Braun Cruzer 6 Face does almost everything the other models do, (apart from having the vacuum feature), but it also has the ability to style a goatee and create any facial hair style with ease.

You can create a great outline with the smallest attachment, trim the length down with the basic trimmer, then smooth the surrounding area with the small foil shaver. If you wanted the same results in terms of styling a goatee with the Remington or the Philips, you would need a razor blade and a lot more time on your hands. Definitely the most versatile model, and great if you want to style your facial hair. Prices Now, our final thoughts wouldn't be complete unless we took a peak at the price differences. As a side note, your shaving or trimming goals should always be your number 1 priority. This really improves the chances you're going to be happy with a product.


The Wahl is clearly the cheapest and if you need something to just completely remove a beard, it's well worth it at a sales price around 15 bucks. With the Remington and the Philips, you're paying about 15 dollars more for the vacuum feature. The other things were pretty equal, apart from the short stubble setting which I mentioned a few times, and the better blade design for outlining. With the Braun you are paying more, but you are getting what you pay for. Obviously if you just need to do basic tasks you can save money and go with one of the other options, but if you want the ability to style your facial hair, it's worth it in my opinion. Remember, this is a beard trimmer, not a shaver. The foil shaver is good for small areas, but if you have a medium to thick beard, it's not recommended for shaving your face. This is one reason why it gets a few bad reviews. People buy it as an electric shaver, which it isn't really designed for.

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How to Trim a Beard
A full step by step guide to trimming and styling a beard.
Here’s a basic outline for trimming a beard. We’ll cover everything from creating a neck line, to styling a goatee. You might not need every step, but if you’re growing beard, you’ll find something useful here. These are the products which were used for this demonstration: Philips Vacuum Trimmer B r a u n C r u z e r 6 Fa c e Panasonic ES LV61 A It's always best to work from the bottom up, so start low and slowly work your way up. I find it's best to move your neck and jaw around a little bit to get a really good visual, then choose a center spot and work your way to the sides. Get one side exactly how your want it, then try and match the

The neck line Whenever you're trying to outline a beard, it's always better to have more hair to work with. Below you can see I've let my beard grow in for quite a while, and this makes creating the neck line much easier. Where you put your neck line should depend on your jaw structure, and how heavy your beard is on your neck area.

Usually I need to bring my neck line right up to my chin because my jaw line isn't very big, but here I've let my beard grow out long enough and therefore can drop my neck line.

other side. Do your best to make it even, but remember if it's a little bit off, no one will really notice. Once you're satisfied, take an electric shaver or disposable blade and shave your neck.

When I've visualized where I want these lines, I like to shave one side and again try and match the other side as best I can. Basic trimmers do an "OK" job on this area, and some are clearly better than others. I like to slide the trimmer to the side and up, always being careful not to take too much off.

Some products aren't sharp or powerful enough to create a really nice edge, so this is where you might want to use razor blades instead. I've personally found using the Braun Cruzer 6 Face works really well at styling my facial hair, but you can just use a basic trimmer along with a razor blade.

Setting up cheek lines Once you've set up your neck line, you're going to want to outline your entire beard, and specifically your cheek lines. Choose a cheek line based on how much hair you have. If your hair doesn't grow in very much on your cheeks and connect to your mustache, you might want to drop your lines down.


Maintain a beard length Creating the ideal beard length is pretty straight forward, however you'll notice that certain products will trim shorter than others. Always start with a high setting, and slowly drop the setting down until you reach a length you're happy with. You might have to go over your cheek and neck outlines again, but it's always best to set those up while your facial hair is still long. So don't trim the length before doing the outline. Styling facial hair It's always best to outline your goatee before trimming it down. You also always want to aim at creating a wide goatee to start, then you can shorten it. So it's best to start wide and long. First remove the hair on your cheeks. When you start to style the goatee, your first outline should be on an angle up towards your mustache, rather than straight up towards your eye.

Come in from a low left/right position and angle up towards your mustache. This will prevent you from shortening out your goatee. Once you have this nice wide outline, you can do some touchups and find that desired width and style you're looking for.


Once I'm happy with the general design, I like to shave my neck and cheeks first, then go in and trim down the length. If you trim the length first you might find it harder to perfectly shave the outline.

Different styles

Once you have a general outline, there are quite a few styles you can create. Again, I found the Braun Cruzer 6 Face to work the best if you don’t want to use a razor blade.

l hair, a i c a f g n li y t s r o F I recommend the ace! F 6 r e z u r C n u a r B
IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIiii IIIiiiiiIIii

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Pre Shaves
Adding a pre shave lotion or powder “might” enhance your experience
Pre shaves are meant to improve the efficiency of your shaves, and also reduce irritation. They are designed to stiffen up your facial hair which makes it easier to shave off with electric shavers. Some will also contain ingredients which help reduce irritation and soothe your skin. These characteristics can really enhance some people's shaving experience, however they don't work for everyone. I would recommend trying one if you feel you’re not getting the most out of your shaver. If you’re experiencing some irritation, or you’re having trouble with hairs lying flat against your face, a pre shave might help you. W illiams L e c t r ic Sh ave The only downfall is that it has a strong scent and a powerful sensation when you apply it to your face. This only lasts a few seconds but some people have complained that it's a bit unpleasant. Because it's a pure liquid it is a little messy to apply, but if you can get past these small inconveniences I think you'll find it works the best. I feel it improves my shaves more than any other of these products, but that's just my opinion. In terms of reducing irritation I didn't notice a huge difference. Overall if you're having trouble with facial hair sticking to your face, this is worth a try.

Some people don't need them, while others refuse to shave without them.
I feel this product works the best at stiffening up your facial hair and making it stick out. Anyone who has thick facial hair which lies against their face can benefit from Lectric Shave.


Remington FaceSaver

well as Lectric Shave, however it's a good alternative for those who don’t want an overpowering smell and sensation which comes with other liquids. Eltron Pre/Aft Combo

I still don't think it works as well as a pure liquid at prepping your face for a shave, but I did enjoy the soothing properties it has when applying it after a shave.

If you’re looking for an improvement in your shaving experience, a pre shave is worth trying, considering their low cost. I personally don’t use them regularly because I don’t experience irritation, but there are people who swear by these products.

This is unique because it's a powder rather than a liquid or cream. It comes in a stick form which looks like chalk. You rub it into your face and evenly spread it around with your fingers. Compared to a pure liquid, it's much easier to apply, and it has a much softer scent. It smells a little bit like baby powder. I would recommend this if you're very sensitive to strong scents. I personally don't feel it works as

This is also different from the other products because it's a combination lotion. It can be used before shaving, and after. Out of all the products I've tested I would say this has the most neutral scent. It also is the easiest to apply and makes the least amount of mess.

From what I experienced, the liquid is the best at stiffening up your facial hair which makes it easier to shave off. I found this to be the main advantage.

Final Words
As alway s, whichever shaver you choose, I hope you get good results!
I decided to create this guide because I felt there was a need for it. There are a lot of people that really don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing an electric shaver. A few years ago, I was in that exact position. I was shaving with disposable blades, and every other shave I was getting razor burn. As my facial hair got thicker, the irritation got worse. So I decided to try an electric shaver and I went online in search for reviews. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any useful information. I found tons of fake reviews which just lead to the online retailers. No one was actually buying and testing the shavers. So that’s why I created my own reviews, which ended up here in this buying guide. I’m going to continue to buy and test out all the new shavers in the future, so as long as you stay on the email list you won’t miss any updates.

Joining the Facebook page is another eas y way to stay informed.

Th a n k y o u so m u c h !
I hope you’ve enjoyed this report as much as I loved creating it. I can’t thank you enough for your support of Electric Shaver Guide and the reviews I’ve created. I appreciate that you took the time to read this buying guide, and don’t hesitate to get in touch. If I could ask for one small favor, it would be to please share this resource! Share a link to:


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