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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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T o r o n t o , O N - There's a famous scene in the Office where Michael Scott, so enraged by modern technology that he stops thinking, follows his GPS blindly and drives his car...right into the river. When he comes back to work, he tells the entire staff--"We are never using any technology again, ever." Unless you want to be like Michael Scott, no company achieves success without having the right tools to reach a desired destination or outcome If youre like Sandy Richardson, a key road map helps you keep your eye on your destination while staying open to taking those unexpected (but exciting!) side-trips. Richardson, a business strategist and author of the book Business Results Revolution says,It's one thing to have a plan, it's quite another to have the right plan--especially in today's marketplace. Many business leaders are looking for a GPS that will tell them exactly what steps to take to achieve success, but when the road is changing, blindly following that GPS can lead you in the wrong direction. Or worse. To a dead end. Richardson teaches a master class at the University of Waterloo to start up business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as working with top end companies in Canada. She offers the ultimate simple road map solutions in her new book Business Results Revolution and a downloadable workbook is available on her website to get people started. In the meantime start with these: Employ this little-used tactic to make your company an irresistible customer magnet: Ask your competitors customers what they wished your competitors did/offered and then fill the unmet customer needs that get the most frequent mentions To supersize customer loyalty levels, dont leave your customers experience to chance design it so that every interaction leaves each customer feeling pleased and happy without fail by asking yourself: What specific things must we do to ensure that every customer experiences these feelings

Sandy Richardson is a recognized expert in the areas of strategic planning, strategy mapping, performance measurement and management, accountability and governance framework development, and organizational alignment. She works with Business leaders and executives of large companies. She has acted as a Guest Instructor on strategy mapping and the balanced scorecard for the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Program at CBET, at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. She is also a frequent conference speaker and invited blogger, commenting on the process and benefits of strategy execution excellence and building a strategy focused

every time they come in contact with us? Help your employees remember and apply your business strategy every day in their work by making it sticky simply share it in a strategy story that appeals to the emotions and provides concrete images of what your business strategy looks like in action So when you head out on your vacation this year, dont forget that as business leaders you are faced with detours, potholes, and dead ends, but a good map is still the best option if you stick to it.


-3 0 To learn more about road-mapping your business and to download your workbook visit and T o b oo k a n inte r v ie w c o nta c t Rachel Sentes, Publicist 604-366-7846 Books are available for review in hard copy and PDF/E-pub formats M e d i a K it : V i d e o S a m p le Ignite Waterloo- October 2012

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