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ABAP and SE80 to consume a Web Service - Example to demonstrate simple creation process

Below are the steps required for consuming a webservice WSDL with ABAP and SE80. It is using a webservice called Currency converter available on the website, but the concept can be applied to any webservice you find, as long as you have the url of its WSDL. Step 1 - Access ABAP proxy creation wizard via SE80 Execute transaction SE80 and within the the 'edit object' popup screen select Client proxy from the 'Enterprise Services' tab and press create.

Step 2 - Create ABAP proxy You should now be presented with the first screen of the ABAP proxy generation wizard where you need to enter URL/HTTP Destination and press continue.

Next you need to select URL, enter the url of your webservice WSDL and press continue. For this example the WSDL will be

Now enter the package details or just click the local object checkbox and enter a prefix of 'ZES_'. When the auto generation occurs SAP only has a finite number of of characters for the name of the proxy, this prefix helps ensure it does not encounter any duplication problems when it trims dowm names to fit in the field available. Now press Continue and on the next screen press Complete.

Your ABAP proxy should now generate and you should be presented with the following screen. Save and activate it!

Step 3 - Create a logical port Execute transaction LPCONFIG and within Proxy class enter the proxy you just created ZES_CO_CURRENCY_CONVERTER_SOAP in SE80. Then with the Logical Port enter an appropriate name such as CURR_CONV_XMETHODS. Tick the Default Port checkbox and press create.

Step 4 - Setup Call parameters Within the 'Call Parameters' tab select URL and enter the url of the WSDL again (

Step 5 - Setup Operations Right this is where it gets a little messy as now we need to add the reference from

the actual WSDL code into each operation. Basiaclly within the WSDL there is a section which details each operation and specifies a soapAction url. We simply need to find this soapAction url and enter it into the operations tab for the appropriate operation. I am just going to set up the 'GET_SUPPORTED_CURRENCIES' operation but feel setup the others at any point. To do this select the GET_SUPPORTED_CURRENCIES operation and enter the SOAP Action as "". This was found in the following section of the WSDL: <wsdl:operation name="GetSupportedCurrencies"> <soap:operation soapAction="" style="document"/>

Step 6 - Test your webservice ABAP proxy Make sure you save and activate the logical port and return to your ABAP proxy with SE80. Hit the test button and enter CURR_CONV_XMETHODS as your logical

port name and GET_SUPPORTED_CURRENCIES as the method name (action). Now press execute!

Step 7 - Enter input details As this method/action of the webservice does not require an input values simply press the execute button again.

Step 8 - Enter input details The webservice results should now be displayed, a list of all the currency codes supported by the webservice.