Disccusion Questions and Answers of the Bermuda Trianlge What islands are near Bermuda?

Big pine key, key west, horseshoe island Who made up the Bermuda Triangle myth? I think you are all afraid of the truth. But even selected programs like Nova, have only come with artificial explanations as to who made up the Bermuda Triangle. When did flight 19 disappear in the Bermuda Triangle? December 5th, 1945. Is there gravitational force in Bermuda triangle? The planet Earth exerts a gravitational force in the Bermuda triangle which is (almost exactly) the same as in any other region... What is the Islamic point of view about Bermuda Triangle? Bermuda Triangle has nothing to do with any religion, Islamic or Christian or Jewish or any other religion. Do planes fly around the Bermuda triangle? Yes, stupid. What is the Bermuda triangle made out of? The Bermuda triangle isn't made out of anything. How long has the Bermuda triangle been standing? It was first found by Christopher Columbus in 1492 but its probably been around longer. ... What climate does the Bermuda Triangle have? Fly over it and see for yourself. How does the Bermuda triangle work? it is a triangle and it swallows people planes ships and boats

.. Does Bermuda triangle change formation? No. its always been that way as long as it has been discovered. "Bermuda had a per capita murder rate in 2009 more than five times that of London". Though myth and. When did the Bermuda Triangle first start? The first record that suggested that there was something unusual about disappearances in the area of Bermuda was an Associated. Why have airplanes and ships disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle and why is it such a mystery? Some people think that when the planes and ships go into the triangle that the magnetic force is so strong tha it just crushes.000 people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.. Is there only one Bermuda Triangle? for all that researches know there is only one Is there a black hole in the Bermuda triangle? no because if their were earth would be inside out When was the last time someone was killed in the Bermuda Triangle? According to the Bermuda Police Service.. the magnetic field induction is so high that it.. Is the Bermuda triangle a connection to Atlantis? Atlantis and the Bermuda triangle . many people say (without providing any proof) that at Bermuda triangle. this has not been proven...How many people disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? It is claimed that more than 1. What has disappeared in the Bermuda triangle? Ships and aircrafts What is the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle? Actually..

it emits waves... And if somebody passes through.well Spacecraft c riss-cross.Bermuda Triangle.. What incidents happened in the Bermuda triangle? In one famous incident. 'The Deep' 1977 What causes the ships and planes to sink in the Bermuda trangle? . They disappear in the sea near. Far enough above the harmful effects.. which was 0ctober 21... Why do people fear the Bermuda triangle? It was said by the people that . So. What is the latest ship to be lost in The Bermuda Triangle? "What is Bermuda triangle?"..... and a point near Melbourne.. 2007.. Puerto Rico. Who gave the Bermuda triangle its name? Noted and now deceased Fishing commentator Vincent (Gadabout) Gaddis is credited with popularizing the phrase. Why doesn't technology work over the Bermuda Triangle? A matter of diminishing forces at the square of the distance.Is there any recent disappearance in Bermuda Triangle? The most recent disappearance was the boat of Mariana Bay 7 disappeared 3 days ago. What do scientists say about the Bermuda triangle? They say there is no such thing.. How many lives have been lost in the triangle? Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Bermuda. there is a dragon under the sea .. a squad of six US Navy planes on a training mission "lost contact".... that waves. and at least one search plane. Boats and planes can disappear anywhere in the seas and oceans.are you serious??THE Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area of the Atlantic ocean bounded by What is the name of a movie set in the Bermuda Triangle? The Triangle released in 2005 starring Eric Stoltz and Catherine Bell 'The Devil's Triangle' 1974..

.. What are What are facts about the Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda triangle is one of the most mysterious and dangerous areas of the earth's oceans. I don't know for sure but wouldn't.. for the disappearance of. What happens when a bird flies over the Bermuda Triangle? Magnetic north is farther from true north in the Bermuda triangle than in any other place. Puerto Ricoand Bermuda Is it true that if you enter the Bermuda triangle you will disappear? .When you go back through the records of the disasters that have happened in the part of the Atlantic Ocean that everybody calls. they cant find them! Did the Marie celeste disappear in the bemuda triangle? no i didn't it dissapearred near genoa Italy Can birds fly through the Bermuda Triangle? Yes they can.. How long have people been disappearing in the Bermuda triangle? People has been recorded going missing inside this area since 1492. Where do ships end up in the Bermuda triangle? basically they sink but after a few hours there harder to find therefore.. blamed. Where exactly is the Bermuda triangle? The Bermuda triangle is located from the end of Florida to the start of Puerto Rico.. Cause and effect of Bermuda triangle? waver What are two countries that border the Bermuda triangle? Florida.

.. Coast Guard answered more than 8.. Many are not known to the.S. Did Christopher Columbus die in the Bermuda Triangle? Yes Is the Bermuda triangle in the Atlantic Ocean real? Yes... "Bermuda enjoys the third highest per capita. What Muslim scholars say about Bermuda triangle? Muslim scholars have little to nothing to say about the Bermuda triangle. According to the World Factbook. it is. What fish live in the bermuda triangle? many kinds.... The Woods Hole Oceanagrapic science page has some interesting methane hydrate How many planes and ships have gone missing in the Bermuda triangle? 100's because of magic trolls that make huge waves when they pass gas How many ships have sank in the Bermuda Triangle? at least 24 Is the Bermuda triangle the center of the Earth? no. but if you fly there it's the end of the world! . especially plankton.no one knows for sure that is why it is a mystery A more rational perspective: The "Bermuda Triangle" is an area of.. Is it against the law to fly over the Bermuda triangle? There are all sorts of laws and traffic restrictions which apply to commercial and military air travel.000 distress calls in the area and that more than. What is the force in the Bermuda Triangle? The most important force in Bermuda is finance.. Muslim scholars focus on the study of the history. What ships have disappered in the Bermuda triangle? Some researcher reported that in 1973 the U..

. Puerto Rico..... How does one get stuck in the Bermuda triangle? cause meterologists say is like an electric fog What type of land does the Bermuda triangle have? Miami. He wrote a book on. Where is the Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. . The Bermuda Triangle is no more dangerous than anywhere else.. Who created the Bermuda triangle and for what reason 3 Justin bieber? Noted Fishing writer and commentator Vincent ( Gadabout) Gaddis coined the term in an Argosy article in l964. the Bahama Islands. there is a legend where people say a triangle is opened by leftover Atlantis technology and leads you to Atlantis. =) What is the effect that acts on the Bermuda triangle which causes the missing or the disappearance of ships or airplanes that crosses this area? Well... Can you fish in the Bermuda triangle? no Do people get lost at the Bermuda triangle? no one knows. and regarded as anything between a series of. Why is Bermuda triangle associated with aliens? Because one manufactured mystery deserves another.What happened to the ships that got lost in Bermuda triangle? the ships that got lost in the bermuda triangle had sinked or maybe landed on a hidden island we still don't still know what.. others. they never came back.. What are some other names for the Bermuda triangle? It is referred to as the "Devil's Triangle" but an author may have been trying to catch the attention of a wider market.. and Bermuda are usually the land areas that are included in most versions of the Bermuda.. given the.

and Puerto Rico. it starts at fort lauderdale. The first use of the term.It may have been caused by some Possible Reasons Where did the Bermuda Triangle come from? its already part of the world you can't see it. What are the borders for the Bermuda triangle? Canada... you'd be lost or dead. How long has people known about the Bermuda triangle? First dissapearence:1502 ship in the Spanish Armada vanished. then to..may or may not be windstorm. Is The Lost City of Atlantis in the Bermuda triangle? i dont think so i think it is on an island Where do the missing things in Bermuda triangle go? No one who has been sucked into the Bermuda triangle.. It describes the shape and approximate location... . Where is the other place that is like the Bermuda triangle at? There is a Great Lakes Vortex *( roughly a cyclonic force field. Porto Rico.it got named as Bermuda triangle by a place called bermuda to florida and puerto. Is the Bermuda triangle safe to fly over? Lots of people believe that if you flow over the Bermuda triangle. Why is the Bermuda triangle called the Bermuda triangle? Its just a regular name like everything has a name. And some believe that the.. Mexico. fla.it does not show up on weather. Is there such thing as Bermuda triangle? the Bermuda triangle is just as real as the sun... and goes to San Juan....What are some explanations as to the paranormal activities in the Bermuda Triangle? There's some people who think that the Bermuda Triangle is a place where a magnetic field is fluctuating because of heavy metals.

. Bermuda itself. and san Juan (Puerto Rico).. it is located near the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean. Why it is called Bermuda Triangle? The name "Bermuda Triangle" first appeared in a 1964 Argosy Magazine article by Vincent Gaddis. A widely reprinted 1967 National. What is the reason behind the name of Bermuda triangle? Also known as the Devil's Triangle. What is the Distance from Florida to the Bermuda Triangle? about 500km What points of land make the Bermuda Triangle? Miami (The southern tip of Florida. The aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean. It roughly covers around 500. USA). 0000 square.. .And also the rescue plane. Where are the three points located in the Bermuda Triangle? The three points are claimed as: Bermuda. What is the most famous or well know aircraft that's disapeared into the Bermuda triangle? The aircraft of Flight 19 in December 1945.What was the second ship to get lost in the Bermuda triangle? Yor grandmas cats raft. and San Juan (Puerto Rico). Popularity: 10 • Tools: Recategorize Is the Bermuda Triangle a black hole? No... Miami (Florida. How does the Bermuda triangle work exactly? when you go near it it suck you or anything else into it. US). Is the Bermuda Triangle have a large gas pocket? I have never heard this theory but anything is possible.. it is not a black hole because if it is a black hole there would be no animals or human beings on Earth.

Is Maine closer to Bermuda than Florida? If you're here because you saw it on awesome facts. Did Amelia Earhart disappear near the Bermuda triangle? No. aircraft and.. How do you escape the Bermuda triangle? There is no answer to that question because the Bermuda triangle is a mysterious triangle that make people. Many people have been in it though you can't technically see it.. What happens to people who go to the Bermuda triangle? Nothing unusual. What is the history of the Bermuda triangle? The history of the 'Bermuda Triangle' began with an Associated Press article by Edward Van Winkle Jones in 1950 that there was.. the accident statistics there are not significantly different than any other ocean area. boats.000 square miles. she disappeared in the Pacific ocean. well the answer is false. What do you think happens in the Bermuda Triangle? There are several different theories but the one that seems most plausable is a magnetic field in that area that causes ship and. Florida is obviously closer to Bermuda than Maine. How long is the Bermuda triangle? The Bermuda Triangle is 500. Has anyone ever seen the Bermuda triangle? The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the North Atlantic.. near the Marshall Islands.. Can all mysteries be solved? it depends on how much time you have to kill!:) .

Bermuda is located in what ocean? The Atlantic Ocean .000 ships have disapeared while flying over the Burmuda Triangle. How many airplanes have disppeared in the Bermuda Triangle? More than 75 aircrafts have disapeared and over 1. particularly the area known as The Bermuda Triangle People dissappered in the Bermuda Triangle? the Bermuda triangle is large triangle that sucks you in and makes you become a fish person and live in the lost city of Atlantis.How many explorers have been lost in the Bermuda triangle? 12464654 Why none returns when go in Bermuda triangle? There has been a theory that aliens abduct humans and leave the vessel to sink Can you see the Bermuda triangle from New York? No What could be causing the strange phenomena that occurs in the Bermuda Triangle? Computer studies of ocean floors around the world.

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