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Spring 2013

What a semester!
Our spring semester ended a couple weeks ago and it’s hard to believe that it is already over! It seems like just a week ago we were at the Denver Christmas Conference sharing our faith on 16th Street in Downtown Denver! This semester was full one, especially for me! From Bible studies to discipleship, speaking at AMP (our weekly meeting) and helping students to organize outreaches I had my plate full. But it was so fun! God did amazing things this semester! We hosted a large outreach called “The Bible; it all really happened” where renowned scholar Dr. Craig Blomberg spoke to over 150 students and community members about reasons to believe the historical accuracy of Christ. A handful of students responded with a desire to get together to talk more about Jesus! Please pray for these students!

Summer Adventures
We have more students heading off to serve Jesus with their summers than ever before! There are 11 students (pictured above in header along with Scott and Natalie Slade, our new staff in Denver) using their summers in very diverse ways for the glory of God. Here are a few highlights:
Kristen will be in San Diego and Serbia serving as leadership for a Cru summer project Marietta will be in Kazakhstan, a closed country, teaching English as a branch to share the gospel. Nick and Evan will spend 2 weeks serving a community in Costa Rica Kensey is participating in Master Plan’s summer project called Crush Fear where she will receive intense evangelism and discipleship training Jake will be interning with Reach Records in Atlanta, a Christian hiphop label seeking to bring the gospel through music

Nick sharing his testimony

The Bible Outreach

The Bible Outreach

Soularium Outreach Table

Stacie will be working at Camp Redcloud, a Christian family camp in Lake City, CO

Serving with Master Plan Ministries in Denver, CO · 720.224.6892 · ·

Ministry House Update
This has hands-down been one of my favorite years of ministry because of these amazing girls! Living together in intentional community for the sake of the gospel has brought growth and community to our campus and in our home. My favorite part (besides endless laughter) was our “encouragement board”, a dry-erase board where you could constantly find uplifting notes such as “Kristen is doing great at befriending new people at AMP” or “I’m grateful for how Tina holds me accountable”. I am constantly surprised at the sacrificial love these girls show to each other and the students involved in our ministry. It has truly been a humbling experience! We will say good-bye to Elizabeth and Tina at the end of July and hello to Stacie and Rachel in August. Please pray for us as we look for a house! We are hoping to move in August to a house close to campus with ample room to host our weekly Friday Night Dinner and Discussion.

Family Update A million thank-yous for praying for my brother Garrett. I am over-joyed to share that he came to know Christ on a retreat this year!! He recently graduated from Smoky Hill High School and is heading to The University of Wilmington in Delaware for college. He has grown tremendously in his faith and is reading the Bible often! Together he and I have began praying for our many other siblings to know Christ!

Support Raising Update
This summer I’ll be back out on the support raising trail! Unfortunately, due to varying circumstance a few wonderful friends can no longer be a part of my financial support team. I’m trusting God to continue to provide (He always does!). I’ll be raising around $1000 monthly support. Would you pray for me? Especially that I will be able to meet my goal by the beginning of our Fall semester? If you know anyone that would love to hear neat stories of what God is doing on campus and how they might be involved prayerfully or financially would you give me a call at 720.224.6892 or email me at