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The Work under this Section shall consist of furnishing and installing a complete master antenna television system as shown on the drawings and as specified in this section. Provision shall be made for connection to satellite dish antenna (By others).


1.02 REFERENCES A. NFPA - National Fire Protection Association NFPA 70 Art. 800 Art. 810 Art. 820 B. National Electrical Code Communication Circuits Radio and Television Equipment Community Antenna Television Distribution System and Radio

UL - Underwriter's Laboratories Inc. UL 813 UL 1410 Commercial Audio Equipment Television Receivers and Video Products


ANSI - American National Standards Institute ANSI 287 Precision Coaxial Connectors


EIA - Electronic Industries Association All relevant Codes and Standards


Material and Systems with equal quality to ANSI, NEMA, NEC, and UL but made to SASO, IEC or ISO are acceptable and can be quoted for.

1.03 SUBMITTALS A. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's data on television system and accessories.

16785-1 MATV System

C.01 GENERAL A. receivers.04 WARRANTY A. manufacturer for the period of 5 years from the date of substantial completion. 2. capacities and channel/frequency as indicated on the drawings or as required. consisting of receiving antennas. C. The guarantee shall cover the repair and replacement of defective materials and workmanship as directed by the Engineer. Outlets shall have 75-ohm input and 75-ohm output. Wiring Diagrams: Submit wiring diagrams of television system including interconnecting signal units and electrical power connections to equipment and components. of types.04 SPLITTERS A. performance. and related accessories shall be by others. B. 60 Hz. amplifiers. Provide master antenna TV systems. VHF and UHF Channels 2-60. Shop Drawings: Submit layout drawings of television system showing components and spatial relationship to associated equipment.PRODUCTS 2. with frequency gains as required. Splitters shall be 75-ohm backmatched hybrid signal 16785-2 MATV System .02 AMPLIFIERS A.03 FEED-THRU OUTLETS OR TAP-OFFS A. with built-in power supply and input of 220 VAC. cabling. 1. Feed-thru outlets shall be flush-mounted type. signal dividers. antenna supporting structures. 2. Output shall be solderless automatic plug. 2. Supply and installation of all equipments of the master antenna TV system such as dish antenna. Submit written guarantee signed by the contractor.B. Amplifiers shall have an impedance of 75 ohms. PART 2 . and shall be for indoor use. Amplifiers shall be multi-band for FM. feed-thru outlets or tap-offs and other components required for a complete installation. VHF/UHF/FM band separators. matching transformers. 2.

PART 3 . Frequency range shall be 10-216 megacycles. foam polyethylene dielectric. It shall be sweep tested by the manufacturer. B. Master TV antenna elements shall be constructed of gold anodized heavy gage.07 MASTER TV ANTENNA A. C.EXECUTION 3. plugs and other tools and accessories necessary for a complete master antenna TV system shall be provided. 2. Coaxial cable shall be 75-ohms impedance and shall be marked with manufacturer's name. Provide factory-assembled multi-band Master TV antenna for VHF and UHF Channels 2-60 and FM radio.05 CONNECTORS. Individual drain wires shall not be accepted in lieu of braid. No discontinuity shall exist within the TV frequency bands 5 to 890 MHz on the cable. ADAPTERS AND PLUGS A. Connectors. aluminum braid shield and polyvinyl chloride jacket. be wall-mounted sub-channels with or mounted inside All connectors shall be low-loss VHF type. 2. adapters. The entire master antenna television system shall be 16785-3 MATV System .01 INSTALLATION A. seal elements and boom ends with end-caps. B. D. Master TV antenna shall be of design to provide high signal gain as required. 6063-T4 aluminum tubing for maximum protection against corrosion and weathering.06 COAXIAL CABLE A. construct to withstand wind velocity of 100 MPH. and shall be of the types as recommended by the system manufacturer.splitter/mixers for VHF and 2-way provisions for power feed-thru. 2. Master antenna shall be installed on painted galvanized steel mast of design as approved by the Engineer. Cable construction shall be copper-clad center conductor. 3. aluminum-mylar foil tape. B. Splitters shall junction boxes. and certification shall be available as required.

Other electrical work requirements shall be as specified in Section 16050 .BASIC MATERIALS AND METHODS.) shall be such that when testing with a field strength meter. splitters. etc. National Electric Code and approved drawings. tap-offs. all signals on all takeoffs in the system for all channels shall not be less than 0 dBmV (100 microvolts) or more than 20 dBmV (10. Installation of the system shall conform to the equipment manufacturer's written instructions.02 TESTING A. cables. screening. 16785-4 MATV System . The aerial array shall be positioned in order to take into account the presence of any electrical interference. 3.000 microvolts). END OF SECTION B. Provision shall be made for connections to Dish Antenna. The system components (amplifiers.installed by specialized sub-contractor approved by the Engineer. or reflection from structure of any type. The cable antenna television system shall be tested as recommended by the manufacturer to have an operable and acceptable system.