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To everyone who helped make our visit from Raytown Christian Church a success, THANK YOU! Thanks to the Christian Education ladies for preparing dinner on Saturday evening, to Debbie Morgan, Sharon F. Rietmann and Terry Felda for preparing breakfast on Sunday and to the Diaconate and the whole congregation for the great potluck after worship! And thanks to Terry Felda again for letting us all come out to the ranch to see the sheep milking process and watch a movie on the big ‘screen.’ The group had a great time while they were here and I know we all enjoyed it immensely as well. Thanks for making it possible!

During the month of July I get to do two things that I absolutely love doing. The first is that I am going to General Assembly for the Disciples of Christ from July 11th to the 18th. This year it is in Orlando, FL and it is a bitter sweet experience for me. Two years ago when my mother, father and I put together that it would be there, we decided that we should ask my sister and her family to join us there along with Jason and Lily, and we would make a big family vacation out of it. Obviously, with the death of my father that plan changed and now, it will just be my mother and I going. It will no doubt be an inspirational experience, as it always is, but it will also be one of the only times I have been to this event without my father. I am looking forward to it, but know it will also be one more time of closure around my father’s death. The second thing I get to do is to direct high school church camp from July 27th to August 2nd. This year we are moving from Camp Whitebranch to Suttle Lake which is run by the United Methodist Church. I am so excited to explore a new camp and to experience the sacred space that church camp always allows for. The youth amaze me every year and I am always filled energy and excitement for a life in Christ. This means that I will be gone for two Sundays in July, the 14th and the 28th. I will miss you, but look forward to sharing with you about my journeys and to hearing about yours upon my return!

A Note from Pastor Stacy

On Sunday, June 2nd our confirmation class met for the first time. Six young people gathered with Pastor Stacy to talk about the Bible and grow in their understanding of what is in the Bible and why it is there.

Confirmation Class Participants
We spent time discussing the stories we already know and finding out the stories we don’t already know so we can look into them further. We reviewed the books of the Bible and talked about how they were chosen.

These kids are intelligent and interesting and are the future (and present) of the church. As such, here is some information about each of them.

Malinda is 10 years old and going into fifth grade in the fall. She was baptized as an infant and is named after her Aunt Linda. Her favorite types of music are Country and Pop and her favorite movie is Titanic. She likes the color red and prefers the ocean over the mountains and the desert.

MaLinda Kay Morter

Eva is also 10 years old and going into fifth grade. She was named after her great, great grandmother and would like to be a cupcake maker when she grows up. Her favorite movie is Iron Man and she likes Pop music. She is an ocean person. She likes the chicken burger, particularly at Route 74 and her favorite color is Neon Green.

Eva Rea Martin

Jake is 11 years old and is Emma is also 11 and going into sixth grade. going into the sixth He is named after his grade. grandfather, Loren, and would like to be in the military when he grows up.

Jacob Loren Heideman

Emma Kay Sayre Rietmann

His favorite color is red, he likes to listen to Rock ‘n Roll and if you’re making him dinner, he’ll have Nachos.

If she could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, it would be George Washington and they would eat Maple Bars (favorite food). Her favorite color is blue, she prefers mountains over the ocean, and she would like to be a Veterinarian when she grows up.

Austin is 14 and going into the eighth grade. He was named after his grandfather, Perry, and loves music of all kinds. When asked whether he preferred mountains, the ocean or the desert he responded, “all of the above.” He would like to be a farmer when he grows up and loves steak.

Austin Perry Morter

Ann is 15 and going to be a sophomore next year. She was named after her grandfather, Victor, and would like to possibly be an elementary school teacher. Her favorite food is cheesecake and she likes Country music. She likes the ocean over the mountains or desert and her favorite color is pink.

Victoria Ann Rietmann

Vacation Bible School
We are getting very excited about Vacation Bible School. It will be here before we know it and our teachers and other helpers are already gearing up for what will no doubt be a great week! Kids will learn about God in a camp-like environment where they will do nature walks, learn songs, do cool crafts, make new friends and learn about God. The stories this year include Jesus recruiting the disciples, Jesus walking on water, Peter and the crowing rooster and Peter healing a lame man. On Thursday the 8th everyone is welcome to come at 3pm for a concert and slide show of the week as well as a reception. Help us make this a great year for our kids by showing your support for them the last day.

August 5th-8th, 1-3pm

We will be having a booth at the Fourth of July celebration this year. Please look for the sign up sheets at the church for volunteering to ‘man’ the booth and to provide cookies. Each year we offer a place for children to come and work on a craft, have a cookie and just relax as the wait for the next big thing to happen. This year we will have coloring sheets and a 3-D star project. This is also a time when we like to share about our Vacation Bible school program and so we also pass out information about VBS. If this is something you can help with we would love to have you. The booth will be available from 10am until 2pm with a break for the parade at 1:00.

PO Box 346 Ione, Oregon 97843

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