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above and beyond accord and satisfaction aches and pains Adam and Eve addition and subtraction

again and again ages and generations aid and abet aid and comfort airs and graces alive and kicking alive and well all in all all or nothing an arm and a leg an eye for an eye apples and oranges apples and pears arm and a leg/an arm and a leg arm in arm armed and dangerous around and around assault and battery assets and liabilities[1] back and forth back to back bacon and eggsbag and baggage bait and switch bait and tackle ball and chain (old ball and chain) balls and strikes bargain and sale baubles and beads beams and balance beans, bullets, and bandages beck and call bed and breakfast[1] beginning to end beginning to end bells and whistles bells and whistles belt and braces belt and braces belt and suspenders better or worse better or worse bewitched, bothered and bewildered big and bad big and small big and tall big or small billions and billions bird, ball, and chain bit and bridle bit and bridle bit by bit bits and bobs bits and bobs black and blue black and blue black and white black and white bling-bling block and tackle blood and gore blood and guts blood and guts blood, sweat and tears blood, sweat and tears board and lodging bob and weave body and soul bold and beautiful bottle and glass bottle and glass bow and arrow bow and arrow box and cox box and cox box of rocks boxers or briefs

boys and girls boys and girls brace and bit Brahms and Liszt Brahms and Liszt bread and butter bread and butter bread and circuses break and take bull and boar bump and grind bumper to bumper bumper to bumper burger and fries butts and bounds buy and sell by and by by and large by hook or by crook calm, cool and collected cap and gown car and driver cash and carry cat and mouse cats and dogs cease and desist chalk and cheese chalk and talk charts and darts cheek by jowl cheek to cheek chicken and egg chips and dip chop and change church and state clean and tidy clean and tidy cliques and clans closer and closer coast to coast (from coast to coast) coat and tie come hell or high water/hell or high water come, come coming and going coming and going cool, calm and collected cops and robbers cops and robbers could've, would've, should've Cowboys and Indians cowboys and Indians crash and burn crash and burn cut and dried (dry) cut and run cute and cuddly dawn till dusk day by day day in, day out day or night day or night day to day days and nights dead or alive dead or alive deaf and dumb death and taxes devil and the deep blue sea (between the devil and the deep blue sea) dine and dash do or die do or die dog and bone dog and bone dog and pony show dog eat dog dollars and cents doom and gloom dos and don'ts down and dirty down and out

drawn and quartered duck and cover Dungeons and Dragons dusk till dawn each and every Eagle, Globe, and Anchor ear, nose and throat ear, nose and throat (E.N.T.) eat, drink, and be merry elbow to elbow elbow to elbow end over end end to end even Steven eye to eye eye to eye eyes and ears face to face face to face[1] far and wide far and wide fast and furious fast and furious fast and loose fast and loose fat, dumb, and happy feast or famine fight or flight fight or flight fingers and thumbs fingers and thumbs fire and ice first and foremost first and foremost first, second, and third fish and chips fish and chips fish nor fowl (neither fish nor fowl) five and dime flesh and blood flesh and blood flesh and bone flip-flop floor to ceiling floor to ceiling flora and fauna flotsam and jetsam flotsam and jetsam food and drink food and drink footloose and fancy free for days and days for weeks and weeks foreign and domestic forever and a day forever and ever forgive and forget form and function four-by-four (4x4) fraud, waste, and abuse free and clear friend or foe frog and toad frog and toad from ear to ear front to back fun and frolics fun and frolics fun in the sun fur and feathers fur and feathers fuss and bother[1] ghosts and goblins give and take give and take give or take give or take[1] go, go, go gold, silver, and bronze good and evil good and plenty good or bad guess and check

guys and gals hale and hearty hale and hearty[1] hammer and sickle hammer and sickle hammer and tongs hammer and tongs hand and blister hand and blister hand and foot hand in hand hand in hand hand over fist hand to hand hand, foot, and mouth handy-dandy handy-dandy hanged, drawn and quartered hard and fast hard and fast haughty and high minded head over heels[1] head to head head to head heads or tails heads or tails healthy, wealthy, and wise heart and soul heart and soul heart to heart heart to heart hearth and home hearth and home heaven and hell Heaven and Hell helter skelter hem and haw hem and haw herbs and spices here and there here and there here nor there (neither here nor there) here, there and everywhere here, there and everywhere[1] hide and seek hide and seek hide and watch hide nor hair (neither hide nor hair) high and dry high and dry[1] high and low high and low high and mighty high and mighty[1] high and tight higher and higher hill and dale him and her hire and fire[1] his and hers hit or miss hit or miss hither and thither hither and thither hither and thither hither and yon hither, thither and yon hocus pocus hoi polloi hoi polloi home and dry home and dry home and hosed home sweet home hook and eye hook and loop hook, line and sinker hook, line and sinker[1] hop, skip and jump hop, skip and jump horror of horrors horse and buggy

horse and carriage hot and bothered hot and cold hot and cold hot and high hot to trot house and home huff and puff huff and puff hugs and kisses (XOXO) hurry up and wait hustle and bustle hustle and bustle I came, I saw, I conquered ifs, ands, or buts (no ifs, ands, or buts) in and out in and out in sickness and in health intents and purposes intents and purposes Jack and Jill Jew and Gentile jot or tittle (not one jot or tittle) judge, jury and executioner judge, jury and executioner kill or be killed kill or be killed kill or cure kill or cure king and queen king of kings kit and caboodle kith and kin kith and kin kith and kin[1] knife and fork knife and fork knife and fork ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen lakes and streams land and sea last but not least last will and testament lather, rinse, repeat law and order law and order leaps and bounds leaps and bounds left, right and center[1] Lend-Lease Lend-Lease less and less let bygones be bygones lick 'em and stick 'em lies, lies, and more lies life and limb life or death life or death little by little little by little live and learn live and let live lo and behold lock and dam lock and load lock, stock and barrel lock, stock and barrel long and short long and short loud and clear loud and clear love it or leave it love nor money (neither love nor money) lower and lower mad, bad and dangerous mad, bad and dangerous make and mend/ do and mend make do and mend make or break make or break[1] man and boy

man and boy man and wife man and wife man to man man to man mean, green, fighting machine measure for measure meat and potatoes meat and potatoes meet and greet meet and greet milk and honey milk and honey mix and match mom and pop more and more more and more more or less more or less mortise and tenon mouth to mouth mouth to mouth mum and dad my way or the highway namby-pamby namby-pamby name and shame name it and claim it names and faces nasty, brutish and short nasty, brutish and short naughty or nice near and dear near and far near and far neat and tidy neat and tidy neck and neck neck and neck neither fish nor fowl* neither here nor there* neither hide nor hair* neither love nor money*/love or money neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow never say never never, ever nickel and dime night and day (difference) no fuss, no muss no ifs, ands, or buts nook and cranny nook and cranny nook and cranny north and south north and south north to south nose to nose noughts and crosses now and later now and then now and then null and void null and void nuts and bolts nuts and bolts odds and ends[1] odds and sods odds and sods off and away off and away old and new on and on on and on on your mark; get set; go (get on your mark; get set; go) once and for all once and for all 'one way or another onwards and upwards onwards and upwards open and shut oranges and lemons

Orgy Porgy out and about out and about out and out out and out over and done with[1] over and out over and over over and over over and under park and ride part and parcel part and parcel peace and quiet peace and quiet peaches and cream peanut butter and jelly peanut butter and jelly peas and carrots peas and carrots peas and carrots peas in a pod pedal to the metal pell mell pell mell pen(cil) and paper pestle and mortar/mortar and pestle pick and axe pick and choose pick and choose pickles and ice cream pig in a poke pillar to post pillar to post pins and needles (on pins and needles) plain and simple planes, trains, and automobiles pork and beans prim and proper prim and proper pros and cons pros and cons Ps and Qs Ps and Qs publish or perish pump and dump pure and simple pure and simple rabbit and pork rabbit and pork rack and pinion rags to riches[1] rain or shine rain or shine raining cats and dogs rank and file rank and file rant and rave rant and rave ranting and raving rape and pillage read and write read and write reading, writing and 'rithmetic ready to rumble ready, willing and able ready, willing and able red, white and blue red, white and blue religion and politics rest and recreation (a.k.a. R'n'R) rest and relaxation (a.k.a. R 'n' R) rhyme or reason (without rhyme or reason) right and wrong rise and shine rock and a hard place (between a rock and a hard place) rock and roll rock and roll room and board

rough and ready rough and ready rough and tough rough and tumble rough and tumble round and round rules and regulations[1] run and jump run, run, run safe and sound safe and sound saggy baggy said and done said and done (all's said and done) salt and pepper savings and loan scratch and sniff seek and destroy sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll shake and bake shake, rattle and roll shake, rattle and roll shits and giggles shits and giggles shock and awe short and sweet short and sweet and to the point shoulder to shoulder shout and clout shout and clout show and tell shuck and jive sick and tired sick and tired side by side side by side side to side signed, sealed, and delivered signs and symptoms signs and symptoms silly billy silly billy sink or swim sink or swim six of one, half a dozen of the other six of one, half a dozen of the other sixes and sevens sixes and sevens skin and bone skin and bone slowly but surely small, medium, and large smoke and mirrors snakes and ladders so and so so and so[1] soap and water socks and shoes song and dance song and dance sooner or later sooner or later sound and fury spick and span spick and span spirit and truth (in spirit and in truth) spit and polish spit and polish spit and shine stand and deliver stars and stripes Stars and Stripes start to finish start to finish stash and dash step by step step by step sticks and stones stop and drop

stop and go stop and go stop, drop and roll stop, drop and roll straight and narrow/ strait and narrow strait and narrow strength to strength strength to strength such and such such and such sugar and spice sugar and spice sugar and spice and everything nice sunshine and rainbows supply and demand supply and demand surf and turf sweet and sour sweet and sour sweetness and light sweetness and light tables and chairs take it or leave it take it or leave it tall, dark and handsome tall, dark and handsome tea and crumpets tea and crumpets the birds and the bees the birds and the bees the good, the bad and the ugly the good, the bad and the ugly the chicken or the egg thick and thin thick and thin thick and thin (through thick and thin) this or that this, that, and the other this, that, and the other through and through through and through thunder and lightning thunder and lightning tic-tac-toe time after time time after time time and tide time and tide time and time (again) time to time (from time to time) tit for tat tit for tat tit for tat tits and ass to and fro to and fro to and fro toe to toe toe to toe Tom, Dick and Harry Tom, Dick and Harry[1] tooth and nail tooth and nail top and tail top and tail top to bottom top to bottom touch and go touch and go town and country town and gown[1] track and field trial and error trial and error trick or treat tried and tested tried and true trouble and strife trouble and strife truck and trailer two and eight

two and eight two by two two or more up and about up and about up and coming up and down up and down up and up (on the up and up) up and up(on the up and up) up or down up, down, and sideways ups and downs uptown and downtown use nor ornament victory and defeat victory and defeat vim and vigor vim and vigor vim and vigor wait and see wake and bake wall to wall wall to wall war and peace war and peace[1] warm and fuzzy warm and fuzzy wash and wear washer and dryer wax and wane wax and wane way, shape, or form way, shape, or form ways and means ways and means wear and tear wear and tear wham, bam, thank you, ma'am whats, whys, and wherefores whinge and whine whiskey and soda whistle and flute whistle and flute wild and wooly willy nilly willy-nilly win or lose win, lose, or draw win, place, or show wine and dine wine and dine[1] wine and roses wine and roses wire to wire wire to wire (from wire to wire) witches and warlocks woman to woman woman to woman wrack and ruin X's and O's yea and amen yea or nay yes and no yes and no yes or no

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