Instrumentation Is a collection and their application for the purpose of Observation, Measurement and Control Term for devices or procedures used in the measurement and evaluation of industrial process which is also concerned with the theory and practice of industrial measurement and control Its first concern is therefore to be able to measure process variables and to know the information obtained is sufficiently accurate


Instrumentation and Systems Automation Society Scientific Apparatus Makers Association American National Standard Institute

Process Variables

Should be monitored and kept within limits which give satisfactory performance

ph or humidity Sensor Provide inputs from the process and from the external environment Convert physical information such as pressure. pressure.Instrumentation Is device that measures or manipulates such a flow. temperature. the control of these processes is one of the main branches of applied instrumentation Industrial Control Is used to define this type of system. flow rate. flow rate and . which automatically monitors manufacturing process being executed and takes the appropriate corrective action if the operation Is not performing properly Process Control One or more variables are regulated during the manufacturing of a product Process Control may include Temperature. temperature. liquid and solid level. level or pressure and include other devices which can be as simple as valve and transmitters and as complex as analyzers Comprises control systems of varied processes.

etc. . pumps. control and keypads Operates using supplied input information that may include emergency shutdown Signal Conditioning Circuit Involves converting input and output signals into a usable form Includes signal conditioning techniques such as amplification. Actuator Convert system output electrical signal into physical actions Have a process actuators that include flow control valves. etc.position into electrical signal Are related to a physical variable in a known way so that their electrical signal can be monitored Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Allows inputs from a human to set up the starting conditions are alter the control of a process Allows human inputs through various types of switches. attenuation. positioning device.

alarms. monitors. printers.External actuators such meters. Motion Control System Is an automatic control system that controls the physical motion or position of an object . batch and continous Batch Processing Is a sequence of timed operations executed on the product being manufactured Continuous Process One or more operations are being performed as the product is being passed through a process. pilot lights that indicates the state of the process Controller Makes the system’s decision based on the input signal Generates output signals which operate actuators to carry out the decisions Process Control Is the type of industrial control system most often used in manufacturing and are divided into two categories.

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