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Allow the Self to Do Nothing
Video Journal

This is odd – or it will be seen to be once all of these new written journals are recorded and uploaded – which will be I-don't-knowwhen. Been self observing – of course. Was watching self pushing self – well, I guess that would be mind pushing self – to get something recorded. It didn't feel good – so was watching that – looking to see what was under there. Didn't take much checking to know we're in a high-speed solar wind right now. Earth has been buffeted by one such wave after another, amounting to about 5 days of different solar wind storms – if we could call them that. So anyway, the body is feeling kinda slow – not wanting to get up or do much. As we all know, there are ALWAYS things that could be seen as needing to be done. Well, I prefer not to see them that way, anymore. Instead, in my world they have become options , become potentials for ways I could invest my attention. So, since going slow seemed the thing, I laid back and watched a bunch of Abraham clips I'd loaded up, yesterday. Was fun. I find I agree with them pretty much whole heartedly. I just stay away from the ones with titles about rockets of desire and such. My gosh, they've got so much valuable info out there, there's enough to please anyone – even me. On further self-observing, I find it very reasonable to just let the body not do anything if that's what it wants. Makes me wonder why I was letting mind push me into feeling so uncomfortable while doing nothing , before. This thing about how loving the self really changes your life – well, I find that to be the case. You're just much nicer to you.

You take more time to understand the self – the feelings that come up, or the non-feelings in this case – and you're gentle with the whole thing. I notice how I allow a minimum of mind-pushing to go on before I tune in to it, these days. I highly recommend you loving you . It's awesome! There – just about wore myself out putting the exclamation point on the end of that last sentence. Oh, did I tell you the body is in low-energy mode? Guess I did. Anyway, it's not the laying-downnot-moving-at-all thing right now – just being really slow and low energy. Furthermore – though I've checked into it a bit, and can say I'm aware of a few things contributing to it – all of that doesn't really matter – not at all. It just is what it is, ultimately. Can you see how that is so? So who knows, perhaps once I am a further rung up the spiral of Light, I won't even bother to check up to see what might be behind how my Now feels. Heck, I don't know (IDK). That doesn't matter, either – thankfully. LOL. Sometimes life gets down to the minimum . Sometimes that's all the energy you have in you to deal with it. And that's fine. I want you all to know that none of this is whining or fussing or complaining or any such thing. If you see that in it, then my dear – look within. Everyone, let's get down into Heart . I haven't the energy to herd you there this time – so you'll have to do it, yourselves. Oh, that's rich, isn't it? Am I laughing? You bet. Not very energetically. Well – actually, I don't know how many of you are energetically sensitive to it, but I do a lot more than just write words down on a page in these journals. It would be fun for me if those of you who are aware of this would comment to let me know – what it feels like on your end, there. I just know how it feels, here – until you share ;) So, I started out saying how odd this journal or journaling situation is. What did I mean by that? Well, to have all of those journals – wait, I will go count them – that's pretty low energy, LOL – there are 7. This makes 8. Okay, so – to have all of those journals having come through in the

last very few days – and instead of recording one, to be writing another one – that seems pretty odd. But then, it's also darned odd to be this low-energy and to be writing at all. You'd think laying down would make more sense. IDK. Maybe I'm just looking for things to be reasonable – to make more sense. Isn't that silly? I think it is. Honestly, now – what part or aspect of me would be doing that? Three guesses? Yeah, of course it would be mind . I guess mind is having a rather hard time with the way things keep refusing to go along the same – the same as every yesterday, never mind a few years ago. Oh well – poor mind. Hey, I can relate. We all can. We all have been deep in mind when it was having a hard time with things. We surely know what that's like. Meanwhile, I love this selfobserving thing, which lets me spot mind at work – and back away from it. I don't have to bathe in its pain. I get to be me, instead – what the heck ever that is. Ha! I won't even touch that one. None enough energy for that – LOL. So, anyway – well, maybe there's no more to say. Hearing a bit of silence, here. I like that. Mind is pouting, over there in the corner, LOL. You know how misery loves company – well, don't give in to it. There's really no need. And, on top of that, the only reason I can see that you would give in to it is lack of love for the self . So do you get the sense of how self-Love – the divine kind, not the 3D variety that mind thinks it understands – can be ever so good for you? You Loving you will help bring a whole lot of previously unnoticed self-abuse to the fore – where you can at least notice it. Until we see something, my friends, what can we do about it? It's like you can't ask the questions you don't know to ask – catch 22 sorta thing. This is also a good plug for divine vision, while I'm at it. I've seen more things being changed, just by being seen via Heart Vision, than I can begin to record, here. Sometimes it's even shocking – the power of such vision to manifest change. Now, it's not done in a linear mind sort of way – so don't let mind get a hold on this. Be sure to keep it to Heart . The kind of change brought about by divine Vision is higher dimensional – more a being and an is-ness thing than anything going from a point A to a

point B. Don't look for this stuff to make mind sense, my friends. Heck, if I cared about my YT (YouTube) stats then I'd pay one heck of a lot more attention to making this stuff mind-literate. Do you see what is meant, there? If YT is to be believed, then I lose subs practically every day. Last month they said I gained 8, over all – meanwhile I get notices of like 20 or more subbing – so go figure, right? If that's true, then I guess they might like something initially – but quit after watching the next video. Something like that. Now, do I care? No. Does mind care? Well, yeah – I catch it going and looking at the numbers, so I've got to say mind still retains some interest in that. It still looks at the number of thumbs up, too – things like that. But folks – can you separate out from your minds a bit? That doesn't mean that you still don't have 'em – minds, that is. Of course you do! And of course they will do silly crap – like care about stupid analytics that are likely either ginned up or messed with severely, anyway. Now, how brilliant is that? Can you say, Not? So why am I sharing this stuff? It seems really silly and pointless, doesn't it? I guess because I still have a functional mind that hasn't quite given up, totally. Oh, it well knows that it doesn't get to run things, anymore. We've been through that tussle more than a few times, and it knows. Those days are done. And it's mostly gotten over the rabid terror it felt at first. Hey, learning you are being deposed – well, that can't feel very good – ya know? So it was a very unhappy camper for a good number of months – maybe even more than a year. Not so good with time things. Anyway, just because it knows it can't permanently run the show, the way it once believed it always would – doesn't render it brain dead – as I'm sure many of you already know. So sure, I get bugged by mind. To think you wouldn't may be – IDK, mind you – but it may be a bit like those who are expecting awakening to be a thing of perpetual bliss. Ain't happening.

Okay, so you guys know me pretty well, by now – many of you. You know my thing is to be as transparent as possible – even at & maybe especially at risk of being a fool or seeming like one. Hey, in order to illustrate the inner workings of my life – well, you have to see the up side along with the other side. Else you may think it's all rainbows and roses, here. Can't have that. Why not? Oh, I've got a great answer for that one – because then you'd not realize that you're likely awakening or even awakened, yourself. You'd not realize it is yours, there to claim. If you read enough of the words of the Masters – I'll use Nisargadatta for an example – you'll realize that they, too, were just regular people. They, too, had to sit on the pot, and they belched. A bit (interesting 'typo' for big) part of what's been done to humanity – now, no resentment, now, since we joined in the doing – a great deal of it is making us put all excellence, all hero type stuff outside of the self – to externalize that. They had to make heroes seem bigger than life – to air brush the babes, make them impossibly skinny and gorgeous – just to make it totally unreachable – to us. Do you see how this works? We're made to think we're nothing, we're biological accidents on an unimportant little planet with a mediocre sun – we're nobody special, see? Then, to phony up the supposedly special ones til they were so far out of reach as to be impossible of attainment. That would keep us from ever believing in the self, loving the self, and knowing that simply anything truly is possible . Oh no – we couldn't be allowed to think like that. Well, guess what? If you didn't see it before, then now you're on to it. And especially if you're viewing this from Heart, it will have a deep effect on you. It, all by itself – just the seeing of this – will create alchemical change , deep within you. That assumes that you're willing, of course. Free will still runs this show. So, like it or not, there's how I see it. I notice the self getting stronger and stronger in her willingness to share how she sees things. I rather like it like that – even if it is a bit unusual. Oh well – may as well ditch that word – unusual – yeah, right. So even if the YT numbers are right, and I offend more people than

I attract, friends – so what? It just does NOT matter one bit. Once we get this clean feel of just standing up and speaking our truth – well, no stats can take control of that. They get to be what they want to be – we get to be real . We, my friends, get to be the divine one that we are. And there's just no analyzing that. There are no numbers that can be put to what it feels like to be real – to be true and honest to you, with you, and with more and more of everyone – until one day it's with just everyone – well, perhaps. There are often family things that seem pretty sticky. And ya know what? So what to that, as well?! Just follow Heart, my friends. Do what makes YOU feel good – now that's you, not your mind , so be sure to center down, first . Mind loves to wreak havoc with this stuff. Mind is always so sure it's right – that it understands whatever it is that's been said. Well, just see that you don't go that route. You be in Heart, in touch with that beautiful Humility that's there. Besides, when you stay always open, you don't ever play the know-it-all. So that energy at work is a sure sign someone's mind is acting out. Okay, under these circumstances, this is long enough. I'm taking a break. Will report back in – heck, whenever I do, I guess. I have no idea. I'm just going to continue loving the self through all of this big changing that's going on. I suggest and hope that you will all be doing the same. Cut yourself loads and loads of slack in these challenging days, my friends. Be good to you! Namaste ~♥~


low strength or energy, body is detoxing, laugh a lot, lots of doing nothing, self pushing self, take your power back, separate out from mind, Love the self, solar wind & DNA changes, bodies upgrading, cut yourself loads of slack, catch mind at work, don't accept self abuse, be kind to you, Source God or Spirit, OWN being divine, watch and observe, awaken or enlighten, flexible perspective, live from Heart

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