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Answer any three of the following in about250 words each a. Discriminating policies are 203=60 government necessary in a


Setting up a Defence Technology Commission (DTC) is expected to provide a major boost to military research Defence Comment and development in of

coalition era. Up to what extends this statement holds well in a democratic India b. Independence of CAG is hindered by the discretion of political administration like b.



The recent notification of law permitting investments by citizens and companies of the

executive. Give your opinion c. Planning process accommodates aspirations of all sections of

neighbouring country issued by the Department of Industrial is

Policy and Promotion (DIPP)

people in India. Comment 2. Answer any one of the following in about250 words each a. 20 4.

likely to give new direction to South Asian economic integration. Do you agree? Answer any five of the following in 150 words each a. 105=50

Influence of social and religious reform movements in India was limited to a small group of people. Analyse the statement with respect to their social

Persistent organic pollutants and alternatives to endosulfan


Implications of total child labour prohibition law

objectives and its implications on political movements in pre c.

New national water policy

independence India b. The partition of British India in to two was a natural culmination of our freedom movement. How far the argument holds good to describe the motive behind the formation of two sovereign

d. The Concept of Common But Differentiated [CBDR] e. Rastriya Abhiyan f. Differentiate Planning between Committee District and Planning Uchhatar Shiksha Responsibility

republics in 1947. 3. Answer any one of the following in about250 words each 20

Metropolitan Committee.




Answer any three of the following in about150 words each a. The issue of 103=30 environmental


The interventions under the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM)

refugees in India b. Climate variation and its impact on the cropping patterns of 8.


Umeed project

Attempt the following in not more 35=15

than 30 words each a. b. c. Sattriya dance Alaiminar Qawwali

southern plateau region of India c. El Nino Modoki and its effects on cyclones in India d. Discuss Indias solar power

potential and its contribution to the energy mix 6. Write the following in about 30 words each a. b. c. 7. College Party Sangat Sabha Tinkatia System 23=6

d. Arabesque e. 9. Ragamalas

Write notes on the following topics in 102=20

about 125 words each

a.Geo politics of Indian ocean region b.Globalization and Indian handicrafts

Comment on the following in not more than 50 words each 56=30 a. National Cyber Coordination Centre b. Environmental governance in India c. International Environment Sustainable (iCED) d. Draft National Telecom Policy Centre Audit for and