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Juxtaposition ~ The Contrast
NOTE: THERE IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE IN THE VIDEO JOURNAL, WHICH BOTH OPENS & CLOSES AS A LIVE JOURNAL ☼ The Honest Truth – Adyashanti 2:10:12 (you have to download this one to listen – but it is FREE) The Secret Behind the Secret – Abraham 3:05:06 Video Journal http://youtube/0hR6G1B6l6k

Okay, I give up. Now it's the 10 th written journal in the last 4 or 5 days. It's gone well beyond reason, but who cares? Time to stop counting, I'd say. What the heck? Will be fun, later on, to see what is behind all of this – what's going on. Meanwhile, hey, it's a great ride. No complaints, here :) This time – well, it was a time of quick manifesting. You know that recent live journal – the one that contains the first live 12D talk? Well, it also contains my musings on how to fit the new or current me in with the Abraham Hicks teachings. Not that I'm coming to you with total answers – nothing like that. But I do have a beautiful contrast to report. So by sharing that, I can at least state the current paradox more clearly. I'm including two very great links with this transcript, or Written Journal. I'm calling them that, now, instead of transcripts, since I ad lib so much – well, it just stretches the word “transcript” a bit too much. Anyway, one link is a 3-hour find, an interview of both Jerry and Ester Hicks – so you know it's not terribly current. Yet it's

as beautiful as anything you'd want to see. It's called The Secret Behind the Secret . The other one is Adyashanti's latest free offering. He likes to give one every month, in addition to his free satsang talks. Anyway, this one is two hours of satsang called The Honest Truth . When I make the video, I'm going to include a short clip of him reading an old poem, one by St. John of the Cross. I'll let him tell you about it. What this does for me is to put into sharp contrast the spot I find myself in. Though written by a Catholic monk – a Carmelite – Adya shares the poem as giving some of the best Buddhist teachings you can find. Interesting. Anyway, it speaks from the surrendered, the empty state. It speaks of and from the path that I have identified with all my life. So you'll get to hear a really good presentation of that. It really hits the spot for me. Then, most of you are already familiar with Abraham , so you need no introduction. For those who do, the other link is simply perfect. But even if you've listened to hundreds of hours of their teachings, this interview video is still perfect. In it, actually, I will share with you that I actually “met” Jerry. Now, that's a neat trick, since he's on the other side, now – having left his body behind fairly recently – in the last year or two, I think – something like that. Anyway, both he and Esther come through so beautifully in this video that they both brought tears to my eyes at different spots. I don't know about you, but I don't choose to watch such a long, powerful video all at once. It's too much to take in and process like that – so I like to take breaks . Anyway, at one point – right now I don't recall if it was – wait, yes – it was while listening to Jerry speak to the interviewer. There is something so fine and so beautiful there that this heart reached out to embrace the beauty that I saw. Well, you could have bowled me over when I felt him reach back . No kidding, I really felt his presence. We interacted for a few minutes. What a surprise! Not my first dead-person encounter, but I think it may be the first one who in this life was a stranger before the contact. Don't hold me to that, but it was still

most unusual. Actually, it brought me to tears. You know I live alone. I'm not used to having any close physical contact. So when I reached out to him, it was more of my heart's joyfilled Love and appreciation – for the Love and the beauty I saw in him. But when he reached out to me, it was to hug me. And I cried. Why? Well, first off, it was such a surprise. I'm not used to being hugged, even by living people, okay? So that was a big part of it. I guess it brought up some stuff I need to work through – stuff about getting physically close to people. I'm just not used to such comfortable expressions of affection. Anyway, enough of that, I guess. It's not why I'm here, but I do love coming clean with you guys. Early on it was pretty hard, first to just put the journals, which seemed so private, online. Then it was pretty hard to fulfill my desire to be truly transparent . Between those two moves – well, it has helped me work through a boat load of stuff – emotional stuff. Yet, now I find it's much easier. Sharing silly things with you – as if you were my best friend, and it was a private coze. Go figure. No wait – don't. That won't do anyone any good. Moving on. Actually, I might cut this kinda short. I may leave the rest for some live sharing, and just use this as an intro – but I don't know (IDK). It being 02:23, as in before dawn – well, not thinking too straight. I just wanted to get this said before laying down for some sleep. I only thought I'd given up on the clock, before. Now, it seems like the early morning hours find me at the journal, more and more. Oh well – just following Heart. I hope you're finding it easier to do that, yourself. Why else spread myself out before the world like this, huh? Actually, though, it's not really to benefit you – I've got to admit. It's very selfish on my part. How is that? I get such deep pleasure from following Heart, from Heart flow – from being danced – so that's what is doing this, not really me. That one's too tricky to explain at 2 am, so I'll just leave it there. Catch my vibe , as they say – that will explain it. Better yet, come find me, in Heart ;)

Namaste ~♥~

PS Was not able to figure out in time how to upload the clip of Adya reading the St John of the Cross poem. It's the first 5 or 6 minutes of the 2-hour file, The Honest Truth, though, so it is there for you. I felt good to be able to figure out how to record it – but then where to put it so I could give you a link, when I don't have a website?? Anyway, do at least listen to the first 10 minutes or so of Adyashanti in this clip, please. That poem is so beautifully empty – suitably divine for You ☼


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