-Rock Africa is a story about six young men who worked as garbage collectors whereby they get inspired to do something extraordinary to pay the bill for one of their friends mother who had cancer and needed to undergo surgery urgently, -They came up with an idea to form a rock band because of one of their friends extraordinary passion for rock music, but they didn't have enough money to buy instuments, since they were determined and under pressure to save their friends mother they decided to buy local instuments like traditional drums and guitars forming a band -They decided to do rock music because they thought that American bands have let down Africans by not coming to entertain their fans thinking there are no Rockfans in Black Africa. They saw lacking convincing them to play rock music giving themselves hope that they sound better and unique while trying to raise money in a community that hates them because of the drama they have done to the locals -It is blended superbly to see how the six boys struggle with their own challenges as individuals and the challenges the band faces when they are together, its like six different stories combined to form one major story of hope and determination -Rock Africa is a fun filled comedy movie thats educative and very informative with a wild theme that connects to the world from its purely African touch blended with the American/european culture that breaks race barriers

-The Movie is a wild ride full of ups and downs and unexpected turns leaving audiences with something to smile and hope about in life,


-Hard rock music playing on a black screen

[3 doors down kryptonite]

-shots of a slum in Nairobi and estate blocks in the outcasts of Nairobi city as introduction to the story

INT. SLUMS JACK'S CRIB - DAY -shotS of the slums to a house inside the slums -shots of Jack sleeping turning side to side putting his hands inside his pants scratching his balls -He wakes up takes a wooden tooth brush and applied toothpaste and stepped outside the house while brushing his teeth

EXT. ESTATE BLOCKS - DAY -He meets with 5 of his friends just outside carlifornia estate Nairobi -Different shots of them entering diffent blocks picking up big polythene bags full of garbage, pilling them up outside one block with a handcart beside the garbage pillings -shots all of them sorounding the garbage pile putting the garbage into the handcart -shots of hands till the handcart fills up -Jack takes out a smalll radio with big earphones. He turns on the radio and wears the big earphones putting the radio in his groin -Sound track becomes louder and faster as Jack pulls the handcart down hill quickly running the estate blocks of

EXT.DUMPSITE - DAY -shots of a dumpsite where Jack disposes the garbage -They take off the garbage from the handcart as Jack took off his earphones after the song was interrupted by the radio presenter, He hangs the earphones on his neck and continues to off load the garbage while talking to his friends

JACK TO ZINO;yo Zino i fail to understand why rockbands never come to perform in


ZINO ;Africans do not listen to rock music therefore, they know they dont have fans in Africa

BABA ;south Africans listen to rock

ZINO ;Not the whole of south Africa Baba, a little bit of south Africa infact white south Africa

DEDE ;I have a probem listening to rock music because all i ever hear are the noisy guitars i cant get what they are saying

JACK;Thats because that is what you want to hear Dede, have you ever tried soft rock DEDE;I cant tell the difference honestly jack

JACK;Do you know the first people to rock were Africans? the white man stole rock from us

KEVIN;Africans? the first ones to rock? do you think we are that stupid

-They all burst into laughter JACK;No seriously Kevin, but not like the ones we have today a littlebit soft and the instruments nowardays ofcourse are not the same from the first ones

MARTIN;By the way why do you keep on insisting about rock music? always trying to say something nice about rock music i don't know this and that, i think you were born on the wrong place you should be hanging out with white folks

KEVIN;what am saying is that you have never given yourselves a chance to listen to rock, its no secret im in love with rock music, i feel like its the kind of music i can connect to. The things they say makes sense to me

ZINO;The problem with you is that you dont consider yourself African

-Zino holded his nose pretending to talk like a white man


ZINO;I was thinking of singing you a song

-They all burst into laughter Jack shaking his head like guys your crazy

Scene 2

INT. JACK'S CRIB - DAY - shots stove, frying pan ,hand putting cooking fat into frame ,tomatoes into the frying pan, then beens lastly eggs

- shots inside Jacks house highlighting pictures of rock stars Three doors down ,bon jovi ,Linkin park , Avril lavigne , Dido and Nickleback

- shots of all the six friends seated on torn coutches bored just

chatting while Jack cooks. Zino was sitting on the far right just beside Jacks bed

ZINO;You know in the country side where we lived before we came to the city there used to be this huge white man living on the mountains who used to pass outside our home with his, you guys know harley davidson bikes?, they are big bikes not hondas

KEVIN;Yeah, yeah i know harley davidson bikes,

ZINO;Yes those ones, one day as he was passing he saw a female child on top of a guava tree without an underwear [they all became attentive] the white man stopped and asked the women who were there to show him the mother of the child,when the mother came the whiteman gave her 10 dollars and told her to buy some underwears for the child. One of the women who were there thought like, if he can give ten dollars for a child without an underwear what about a grown woman, what about me! The next day the woman climbed the guava tree without an underwear and waited for the whiteman. when the white man came he saw the woman on top of the guava tree without an underwear. He looked for more than a minute then told the woman to come down, the white man gave the woman one dollar and told her to buy a razor blade and shave because he didn't see clearly

MARTIN;Bursts into a funny laughter which sounds like magnificent mutley the cartoon the others not finding the joke funny

-Kevin slaps Martin on the back of his head who was sitting on the far end on a three seater coutch just beside Kevin

KEVIN;Stop laughing for nothing mutley [imitates the laugh] and talks like mutleys boss "you are not a super hero"[lmitates the laugh again] i hated that cartoon maybe when your were born your mother wanted to call you mutley, and he called you that because you gave her that laugh when you were born but people heard Martin

JACK;Guys, guys, i think we need to do something serious with our lives [talks while serving the food in one big aluminium plate]

MARTIN;Yeah lately their are things running in my knees from right to left and i think they are children we need hot chicks

-kevin slaps Marting on the back of his head again

MARTIN;Aiishh whats up with you?

KEVIN;We are talking serious shit mutley stop day dreaming

MARTIN;would you mind not calling me that

JACK;This garbage thing i don't think its taking us anywhere, unless we do something else we will waste our lives, look, we just get bored and waste a whole afternoon

BABA;And what else do you think we can do in the afternoon as a part time job

JACK;I don't know but we waste alot of time doing nothing, we just eat, sleep, and talk alot of shit we need chicks i mean we are the last

people to get noticed doesnt that bother you

KEVIN;I think im getting noticed Jacky, looks at me weirdly nowardays

DEDE;[said slowly] That girl who looks like an egg plant

-Martin applies his weird laugh Kevin slaps him on the back of head as usual

KEVIN;Zino tell your small brother to watch his mouth

JACK;We need something that can make beautiful girls scream at us, just imagine if we could do that

-Martin applied his laugh again and Kevin looked at him and smiled

JACK;Think of anything else we can do, we can discuss it tomorrow again

Scene 3

EXT. ESTATE BLOCKS - NIGHT - night shots in estate blocks -Martin comes to a house on the first floor of the estate blocks took his arm round the iron gate an and opens it, he took out a key from his right sock and opened the door. He gets in finding his sister watching a comedy on the television and his dad reading a newspaper both seated on a three seater coutch at the far ends

MARTIN;hello Dad

[greeted his father with a low unsure tone while he goes to sit on the right hand side on a single coutch on her sisters side]

-His father doesn't answer, insted he looks at Martin arrogantly and resumes reading

-Her mother comes from the kitchen quickly carrying a bowl of white

rice taking it to the dining table which was on far left corner of the living room

MARTIN;hii Mum

MARTIN'S MOTHER;Hey Martin what have you discovered today?

MARTIN'S FATHER;Where were you today martin?

-Her sister answered,

MARTIN'S SISTER;he was with the garbage boys, he smells funny

-Martin pinched her small sister to shut up

MARTIN'S SISTER;outch he pinched me!

MARTIN'S MOTHER;Martin can you please help me with some plates from the kitchen

-Martin goes to the kitchen looking at her sister like you better shut up.He brings the plates to the table as his mum called them to the table

MARTIN'S MOTHER;why dont you please come to the table, supper is ready


the table there was white rice, marshed potatoes, boiled arrow

roots, chicken stew, mixed fruits, two jars, one with water the other with passion juice and each one was serving himself from the bowls to his plate.

-His father took one leg of the chicken with a little bit of stew placing it on his plate on the other hand Martin was putting rice on his plate while starering at his fathers plate. His father saw Martin starering at his plate

MARTIN'S FATHER;For your punishment today Martin your not going to eat the chicken until we have had enough!

-Martin ate the plain rice just looking secretly as his father eating the chicken leg, her sister was eating the other leg making sounds of sweetness to annoy his brother. His father was almost finishing the meat from the chicken leg, he said

MARTIN'S FATHER;you know what, why don't you take out the marrow from this bone maybe it will help grow stronger

[Throwing the chicken bone in martins plate] -Martin struggles with the bone trying to crush it but couldn't

MARTIN'S FATHER;look he can't even crush a chicken bone

MARTIN'S MOTHER;com' on why don't you give him a break [snatching away the bone from Martin and taking a piece of the chicken from the stew placing it on Martins plate] David you know the bone is hard

-Her sister crushes his bone hard notices and sighs

looking at Martin, Her mother

MARTIN'S FATHER;Life is harder than that bone Martin, you must be strong to be able to take the out the marrow out of anything. Your sister should have been the boy of this house instead of a weak thing like you,

MARTIN;Mum, please pass me the marshed potatoes

MARTIN'S FATHER;mhhh marshed potatoes?, i knew it, easy to chew, easy to swallow

Scene 4



-shots outside a local night club, some people with old cars parked outside drinking beer chating with their friends, girlfriends, a short cue of people waiting to get in the club, others on the corners kissing, some chatting, drunk people making noise, beautifully decorations of lights outside the club, loud music playing in the background,

- inside the club the D.J playing some local tunes people dancing. On the dancing crowd the camera spots Kevin walking through people to a small bar inside the club . He buys a beer and turns to the crowd

thinking what to do next, then Kevin saw Jacky in the middle of the crowd dancing, showing her two friends Kevin with her eyes, then said something to them, Jacky's friends then waved at Kevin. Kevin waved back and Jacky called him

-Kevin got nervous which made him talk to himself while going where Jacky and her friends were

KEVIN;oh God, shit, shit, shit

-When he reached, Kevin greeted Jacky and her friends warmly smilling

KEVIN;hii [saying loudly because the music was loud]

JACKY;Hii, i didnt expect to see you here, are you alone?

KEVIN;aw no, no am with two of my friends but they are outside, i didn't expect to find you here either

JACKY;oh this are my friends [Kevin being introduced] This is sharon, cristy and Maya [Kevin saying hi shaking their hands] -Maya acted sexy while shaking Kevins hand sending signals of interest directly at kevin

KEVIN TO MAYA;hi i am Kevin how comes ive never seen you?

MAYA;-maybe that's because you don't look

-Jacky grabbed Kevin and asked him

JACKY;would you like to dance?

Kevin ;yeah yeah definately

[starting to dance slowly looking at maya secrectly]

- shot [wide shot] outside the night club panning down to a close up back shot of Zino and Dede seated on a half fallen wall looking at the drama infront of the club. They had beers drinking and smoking mariwana too

[drinked his beer holding the weed in his other hand and said]

ZINO;you know what my bro, ive got a letter from mum and dad

-putted the weed down just beside where he sat took out a folded envelope from his pocket, unfolded it, taking out a letter stretching it nicely showing to his younger brother

ZINO;here it says [reads it for Dede] Zino please take care of your small brother because we have leaved him at your hands as a guardian and a good example to lead him on the right way, blah, blah , blah

[he picks up the weed and smokes it in and passed it to his little brother and before he blows it out he talks to his bro]


shit, they want me to take care of you they all burst into laughter

[He blows out the smoke and looked at his younger brother]

DEDE;Your taking good care of me as far as i know [fades away while they continue to drink]


- night shot of the slums


-Inside the house Baba was sitting on a stool next to him on the right side a woman lying on the bed Baba trying to give her porridge with a spoon from a plate. Besides the woman lying on the bed sat a young beautiful girl who had folded her legs covering them with a shady blanket sitting at the end leaning against the wall but in the middle of the bed. then the woman spoke slowly WOMAN;-

Baba my son i don't think we are going to make it, i need you to promise me you will be looking after your sister

BABA;just try and drink the porridge mother


SARAH;yes mum

WOMAN;your brother Baba is all you have you need to be taking care of each other at all times. don't leave your sister Baba like your father did 15 years ago i've heard romours he married another woman and has three children [ she starts to cry] we've got no one but ourselves we are on our own

BABA;'Stop talking like that mama, you are not feeling well and its going to make you feel worse. Sarah where are the x-rays

-Sarah gave baba a big khaki envelope. Baba opened and took out a big x-ray picture took the lamp and placed it behind the picture to see through

SARAH;the doctors said they are not sure about the right breast but the left one is the most affected at the moment she needs to go through that process soon before it could reach the heart

-The woman started crying silently, Baba holding down the x-ray while looking down

-camera zooms out slowly outside the window to the skies jibs down finding Jack sitting on top of his roof looking at the beautiful scennery of the ghetto [slums]

EXT. SLUMS JACK'S CRIB - NIGHT -shots of Jack sitted on his roof top thinking looking at the ghetto's landscape

Scene 5

EXT. APARTMENT BLOCKS - DAY -morning shot sun rising on top of the ghetto, morning movement shots,people pulling thier handcarts ,some going to their jobs ,the psv's rushing people to work,

-shots clean apartment blocks Dede was talking to Jack going up the stairs,

DEDE;people tend to think maasai herdsmen are stupid

JACK;And why do you think they are not?

DEDE;There was this maasai who was arrested by police for taking his cows grazing into an airport. before being prosecuted the judge gave him a chance to defend himself about the incident, he said i've got only one question your honour, did the cows eat the aeroplanes or grass?

-They were down at the front yard packing up the pillings on to their

handcart, Jack notices Baba is in a very low mood. He took Baba aside to see if he had something troubling him JACK;is everything okey? whats wrong with you today? Are you sick?

BABA;no , not exactly im just thinking

JACK;About what?

BABA;My mother has cancer, breast cancer and i looked at her x-rays yesterday she needs to go through some kind of a process soon before it reaches her heart. The doctors said it might get there in three weeks

JACK;oh God! like an operation?

BABA;yes, but not exactly that, but she needs it urgently before it reaches her heart

JACK;Is she in hospital?

BABA;aw, no, no

JACK;What do you mean no, she can die!

BABA;yeah i know, but there is little we can do, the treatment process is too expensive com' on look at us

-Kevin, Martin , Dede and Zino were busy loading the garbage into the handcart. Jack looked down then looked at the boys working and thought for a second

JACK;How much is it? How much will the whole process cost?

BABA;Around 200 hundred thousand shilllings

[speaks loudly] JACK;Guys, guys , we will pick them up later, i need you here for a moment

-They all left what they were doing and attended to jack

JACK;[spoke normal] Babas mother is sick, [spoke softly] she has cancer and she might die if she she doesn't go through a certain process soon [spoke normal]you should have told us early Baba, she is like our mother too. Boys what do you think?, can we raise 200 hundred thousand in three weeks?

ZINO;we haven't been able to raise that kind of money in three years!

JACK;Thats because we didn't have a purpose and a plan, Baba is going through a tough time we can't just leave him alone in this

MARTIN;We are all like brothers and we are going through this together, guys what do you say, we go visit Baba's mum right now, thats a start

DEDE;yeah that's a nice place to start

KEVIN;Baba you better cheer up or we make you, infact why don't we take route 66 to cheer him up, though we haven't used it in a long time but it's a short cut to Baba's place

MARTIN;oh no, oh God please no

BABA;what! please guys not that way im cheered up look a'm laughing ha ha ha

JACK;we are taking route 66 to Baba's place, we must take out the sad faces besides we have to drop the garbage on the way. we can't go back all the way round and we can just pass through even if the market banned a


EXT. GROCERY MARKET - DAY -shots of a big market on a down hill stretching about a kilometre and a half. The only way through is overcrowded by people who were buying from wooden grocery stalls on both sides

-shots of the crowded people buying fresh fish, vegetables, fresh meat, allkinds of friuts were there , melons, bananas ,pineapples etc

-A sign board on top of the hill drawn a handcart and a red line through the hardcart written down NO THROUGH WAY

-A low wide shot puns up to the top of the hill establishing the market, Jack enters into frame carrying his friends at the back of the handcart. He stops puts down the hardcart and said to his friends

JACK;Guys, this is it, its been a long time since we did this, are you ready?

MARTIN;wait wait [he goes to his waist and tightens his belt] i,m okey

-Jack screams [ aaauuuuuuwii] making everything in the market to pause

JACK;com' on let's do this

-He lowers the hardcart slowly turning it slowly towards the downhill pushing forward

-One old man selling fish saw the hardcart and shouted loudly

FISH SELLER;"The garbage boys are back"!!

-All over sudden the market erupted into chaos everybody moving out of the way as the hardcart gained speed going the was now moving fast making the people in the market jump aside passed through

-Jack was shouting get out of the way while the others were just screaming like girls. the wagon was in full swing Jack trying to control it but couldnt.

-The people in the market threw tomatoes ,water melons ,eggs and they were hit with even fish as they passed through hitting stalls going side to side. Some two old women almost got hit as they jumped aside escaping the wagon cursing the boys

OLD WOMAN;[shouted] not yet not yet i won't die today, suddenly she gets a heart attack faiting

MARTIN;oh God she's dead

-Onother woman jumped aside as the wagon passed shouted i've marked your faces"

"It's not over

-Infront their were 4 old men who were preparing a spiked police barrier, 1st oldman shouted as he peeped outside to see where the wagon was

1ST OLDMAN;come on move it guys, it's here,

2ND OLDMAN;dragged the barrier across the way being helped by the other three old men running and laughed showing his frontless teeth after leaving it on

the way while he was on the other side

- Jack saw the barrier making him scared shouting

JACK;oh shit , oh shit ,oh no they have a barrier

-When jack reached he jumped over the barrier leaving the tires bursting like grenades making the whole market go whoo

-The wagon lost complete control making it swing from side to side Jack trying to step on anything to keep it on the way. infront of the them the way had been blocked by old wooden crates rotten friuts garbage and anything they could find waiting for the boys at the back of it all with wooden sticks, and pangas [like knives]

KEVIN;[shouting] They have blocked the way Jack! its a trap

MARTIN;oh God please, what have i done to die this way, please forgive me, forgive me

DEDE;Jack on your left there is a corner go to the left, go to the left

JACK;alright a'm trying im trying shut up!

-Jack took a sharp left corner banging them on the stalls on the right side gaining control escaping into the slums

Scene 6

EXT. BABA'S HOME - DAY -They were all outside Babas home, their hardcart parked just beside them, Zino was washing his face from a 20 litre jerican which was outside, Martin removed his shirt remaining with a vest

-Jack knocked the door getting in finding Baba's mum lying on the bed with Baba's sister Sarah sitted on a stool reading a book. Jack greeted Baba's sister hii giving her a hand while the other boys got in doing the same


JACK;hey mother how are you doing? Hello sarah

BABA'S MUM;- [asked Martin] Hello my children, you boys smell funny, and where is your shirt

MARTIN;me! oh shirt, i applied an expired perfume i didn't check the expiry date, it smells funny -Jack sits on the bed beside Baba's mum takes her hand and rubs it gently

JACK;it's going to be okey, we are going to do whatever we can to take you to hospital, i promise

Baba's mum nods her head yes tears falling uncontrolably appreciating what Jack was saying

-They all gave thier goodbyes to Baba's mum and waited for each other

outside. When they all came out


JACK;Guys you know we must do something quickly, how much do we have in the bank?

MARTIN;Around 30 thosand shillings from start to finish

ZINO;30 thousand! damn, what can we do with thirty thousand?

KEVIN;we can start by giving out that money to the hospital,

DEDE;Then what?, if it took us three years to have that money besides it's not even half of the deposit

JACK;guys, guys, guys remember what i told you earlier to think about anything we can do to make money, like a business, did anybody get any ideas?

BABA;i was thinking of a grocery in the market

KEVIN;do you think they will even rent us anywhere after all we have done?

MARTIN;laughs his weird laugh [Kevo slaps him in the back of his head to shut up]

JACK;yeah they woun't even let people buy from us, any other idea?

-They looked at each other with blank faces no, no, no , nope

DEDE;why don't you give us your idea.

[Jack started walking and they followed him chatting]

JACK;my idea? you mean what i think?ive thought about something for long, but, beforet that, i want to let you know what im thinking right now. I have never met my parents because i found myself in a home, when i asked about them they told me a woman brought me when i was young and never came back, i was wondering what kind of a mother would do that?

KEVIN;I lost both of my parents to HIV aids my grandfather died before i was even born all i have is my grandma who we take care of each other, what im saying is that you can be without parents for many reasons

ZINO;when we came to the city with my small bro Dede our parents thought we had come to heaven take the money and bring it back home now it has been more more than 6 years we cant even dare to go back because they expect so much from us, Instead, look what we are doing, just picking up garbarge and roaming around like orphans, we can't even afford tickets to go back home


my father believes i'm weaker than my sister, He doesn't want me to hang out with guys and thinks a'm wasting time picking up garbage with you guys he wants me to do computers but i know i will prove him wrong one day

BABA;my mother is all i have and i love her very much, i will go whenever i have to, just to see her get well DEDE;She is like a mother to us all and we will do whatever we can to make sure she's in hospital

JACK;I thought of something last night, what if we start a rock band

ZINO;what!! are you serious?

JACK;Why not? look there are very many rock fans who have never been to a rock concert don't you think that's a problem? and let me tell you a secret guys whenever there is a problem the solution is always money. Example you get sick that's a problem to be cured you need money, getting food is a problem to eat you need money, getting clothes to

wear that's a problem to offer a solution is getting money, don't you get it? To make money in this world the first thing to do is to find a problem.

MARTIN;And how does it connect that making a rock band is making a solution?

JACK;In many ways, first, most rock bands in the world are white and having a black rock band we will easily be noticed all we need is a plan that will expose us, besides their are many rockfans who would love to see a live show but haven't got the chance because the rockbands in America and europe think that Africans don't listen to rock, oh it's third world how can they afford us, i ain't got time for charity shows and so on and so forth. See that's a problem, but it comes as an advantage to us because we will be the only thing around, the only solution, i tell you, picture this if we make our break we can tour all over Africa Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, who doesn't want to see Namibia, all of us want to go to Namibia and do a great show over there or do you want to stay in this little town selling vegetables and tomatoes till you die, com' on guys think

ZINO;damn, i have never thought of something like that, i think that's genious, one thing i can tell you bro, you have vision and if we are serious we can make it happen. One thing i've always known if you see it in your head you can have it in your finger tips, i don't care what

it takes but i've seen where we are supposed to be and i'll make sure we get there

MARTIN;i love to travel see the wildlife hyenas, he he he

[slaps Martin on the back of head]

KEVIN;com' on guys can we do this seriously?, i want to be a superstar, have alot of chicks

DEDE;[Shouted] yeah we can do it, we are going to be rockstars

KEVIN;If you think we can do it let me hear you shout yeah we can do it

All of them shouted ;yeah we can do it, yeah we can do it it yeah we can do it, yeah we can do

BABA;how long is it gonna take before we pay the deposit?

[The mood was shut down, and they all came back to reality]

JACK;yeah yeah about that i think we can start by getting the band together first

ZINO;Then what?

MARTIN;We can organise a fundraiser, which we can perform for the people who will come, we can entertain the guests

KEVIN;yeah that's a nice place to start, guys we have to get this thing moving soon as possible i mean time is running out we have to take a patient to hospital

scene 7 INT. BANK - DAY -shots of a bank, 10:00 AM inside the garbage boys were all nicely dressed sitted on leather coutches arranged in a U design with a glass table in between

-They were all anxiuos Kevin was sweating Jack stamped his feet slowly but anxiously

-A bank attendant came with some forms and sat beside them placing the forms on the table

BANKER;you are withdrawing all your money, why?

JACK;yeah yeah we have an urgent problem we need to take care of

BANKER;O.K i understand, you are aware of the procedures of a joint account

JACK;yeah i know, all the signatories are here

BANKER;OK sign here, sign here, taking the forms across them all sighning them ,alright that's it, wait a moment please [ he went back inside for some minutes then peeped calling Jack to one of the counters] here is your money 123456789 ten thousand 123456789 twenty, thirty thousand

JACK;thank you alot, thanks alot

BANKER;your welcome boys, anytime, we loved keeping your money

-Jack comes to his friends with the money and places it on the table

JACK;here this is all we are worth , thirty thosand shillings account closed.

ZINO;now what are we waiting for? we need to buy a band and we are in town let's go shopping

MARTIN;yeah i love shopping he he he

[slaps martin on the back of his head]

KEVIN;shut up freak you sound like a girl

BABA;- [speaks while leaving the bank] we can first go down town things are a little cheaper that side of the town

DEDE;I have been the drummer for traditional group for two years in the country side

JACK;really ?

DEDE;yeah seriously

JACK;Then you are the best person to test the drums for us

DEDE;No problema my broda

[fades away]

Scene 8


-shots of a music shop, the boys were outside looking at the name of the shop, They look up and get in


-shots inside the music shop, drumsets, guitars, pianos , mics, while they walked through the shop admiring the instruments

-Dede saw a beautiful white drumset which he couldn't avoid the temtation to test . He jumped at it taking the playing sticks which were placed in the two middle drums and played the drums a little

DEDE;How's that sound?

ZINO;It's more than perfect, sounds like pure money

-At the far right end a shop attendant who was talking to some customers noticed Dede on the drumset . She excused herself from the customers she was attending and came to Dede quickly SHOP ATTENDANT TO DEDE;excuse me, your not supposed to play anything before buying

DEDE;oh i'm sorry [He came down asking ] but how are we supposed to know how

they sound

[still admiring the drumset]-Jack tapped the shop attendant on her shoulders,

JACK;hi, we are all together, how much is the drumset? i tried to look but i can't see the price tag

SHOP ATTENDANT;the drumset complete is 400 thousand shillings

Jack ,Dede, Kevin, martin , Baba ,Zino what!!


SHOP ATTENDANT;They are infact on offer they were 450 thousand

MARTIN;Is that zimbabwe money or Kenya money?

-The shop attendant starts to leave

JACK;wait, wait, wait please, how about the cheapest guitar?

SHOP ATTENDANT;You mean that one {pointing to one guitar} thats the cheapest you can take it for 50 thousand only

Jack ,Dede, Kevin, martin , Baba,Zino ;what!!

SHOP ATTENDANT;you guys get amazed alot [imitates like a duck what! what!] are you from the countryside?

Jack ,Dede, Kevin, martin , Baba,Zino ;what!!


Get the hell out if you ain't buying something

EXT. MUSIC SHOP- DAY -Shot outside the shop the boyz being thrown out of the shop by a security guard and remained standing at the door

ZINO;- [shouting at them] they are not even good they can't even play jazz

-They all looked at Zino like what!


JACK;com' on let's go, there are many shops

EXT/INT . MUSIC SHOPS - DAY -shots of different music shops, the boyz getting in and out interacting with different shop attendants, shop attendants shaking no their heads

-shots of the boys entering from shop to shop being thrown out again,

Scene 9 EXT . NAIROBI CITY -DAY -shots of an idlers area in town, people snooring, others slept while reading, stressed people holding their heads looking down among them the garbage boys bored everyone on his own thinking what to do

ZINO;we can't even buy one guitar with our money, life is not fair

MARTIN;we can't even buy plates

KEVIN;[slaps him on the back of his head] and what are we going to play with those fool


we can never get out of this little town, that's a fact of reality

BABA;I don't care about getting out all i'm thinking about is how we are going to take my mum to hospital

[was holding his head down with both hands thinking]

JACK;guys , guys , please shut up! I'm thinking of a way out of this, shit shit shit [he stood up hitting an iron sheet with his hand making a big fat man who was sleeping wake up in shock]


-Establishment shot of sunset all of the boys in shadows walking towards the sun jack talking to them

JACK;Listen guys when things get tough or hard you can't just quit, loose hope that easily, i know there are ways around this, it's just that i

can't figure it out right now, [fades away] by tomorrow we will know what to do

scene 10

INT. JACKS CRIB - night shots, Jack was in his bed just starering at the roof thinking. he looks at his pictures on the wall [pictures of bon jovi, avril etc] . he suddenly thought of something which broadened his eyes, removed his blankets and seated saying

JACK;Yes! i knew it

scene 11 INT. MARTINS HOME - NIGHT - night shot, Martin in his room practising some lyrics written on a note book. giving them a tune while correcting

-His father suddenly came in, Martin hiding the note book on his bed sheets

MARTIN'S FATHER;What are you doing?


MARTINS FATHER;I thought i heard something, listen to me my boy, i don't want you to be like those useless boys you hang out with. I want my son to do something, constructive, because i know you are smart, and smart boys don't pickup garbage or hang out with people who like laughing like wild hyenas all the time

-Martin just nodded his head yes to please his father and avoid an argument

-The camera zooms out of the house to a wide shot of the that block Martin father audio continues

MARTINS FATHER'S VOICE;most of the garbage boys have got no home i've heard complains from

many people that they [ fades out]

scene 12



- shots of all the boys walking on a pathway [pedestrian way] of a busy road in town Jack was taking to them,

JACK;God says from the worst he will bring out the best and from the best He brings out the worst, example is like when you throw a corn seed into a cows shit, see that's a cows shit but it will bring out a healthy corn than the one in normal soil

MARTIN;what if you put a corn seed into a dead fish and plant?

-All of them looked at Martin like what!


I don't know what will hapen martin, anyway, we might not have the best band, but we will shine like the corn seed in the cows shit

EXT. CURIO MARKET - DAY -By the time Jack said that, they were standing at the gate of a large curio market

JACK;Therefore i give you destiny [opening his arms to the market]

-All of them looked at the market wondering some admiring

ZINO;what the hell is this?

MARTIN;wow! cool, how comes i've never come here?


This is a pure African market, this where you find your ancestors

ZINO;I've always tried to escape my ancestors thats why im in town but seems like they always find me

-They walk into the market jack still exited

JACK;From the 47 tribes of kenya and more, each tribe with their own musical instruments, we have a tough job to choose the instruments that will make our band

BABA;But Jack! i don't understand, we will sound different, Rock must be played with an electric guitar, electric drums

JACK;Baba think,trust me sounding different is another bonus advantage, nobody will sound like us we will be unique, one and only

-Jack saw Dede looking at masks

JACK;what the hell

-They all wear the masks making funny faces

MARTIN;imagine if the market people came to our fundraiser and see our faces after all we have done he he he

DEDE;Guys we need masks just in case , for emergency

KEVIN;True, Dede has a point we need masks their are people who hate us

JACK;The market people are selfish, they can't come, but lets just buy them they look good on you. how much?

VENDOR;200 shilings each

JACK;OK we are taking six, that will beee, Ok guys, let's move we have to find an instrument that will replace the guitar

-shots of traditional guitars from different tribes the vendor explaining the tribe and how the guitar is played

-The guitar they liked the most was the nyatiti

VENDOR;The nyatiti is from the luo tribe, it is played while sitting and an iron bolt is worn on the right thumb of the leg fingers and played while banging the leg on a piece of wood or metal

BABA;can you play it while standing?


yeah,anyway you like, you can customize it

BABA;what do you think guys i think i've found my instrument

Jack ,Dede, Kevin, martin, Zino;-they nodded yes, thats cool, its gonna do fine, yeah yeah yeah

JACK;how much?

VENDOR;five thousand ,

JACK;five thousand? let me give you three

-He bargained and bought it for three thousand with onother instrument called orutu

JACK;And give me that too i really liked the way it sounds making it eight thousand right?


DEDE;Can we go now,

-They stopped at a place where there many drums

MARTIN;drums please [imitating a host of a show]

DRUMS VENDOR;you know most of this drums were played by hands, in African culture most tribes prefered to play with hands but some used sticks

DEDE;if you play with sticks the drums that are played with hands; will they still sound good?

DRUMS VENDOR;It can sound exellent depends on the player

DEDE;Can you please help me with drumsticks i want to feel them

-The vendor gave Dede drumsticks and he played quite nicely

DRUMS VENDOR;you know how to play i've never heard it sound that way

DEDE;ahh it's no big deal i used to be in a traditional dance group in the country side i broke up when i came to the city seems like the drums always finds me

-They were carrying their drums guitars and the other instruments they bought leaving the market, just outside the gate Dede said


Guys we have to passby the shop and get the plates their are no replacement for those and without them the drumset is not complete, its not going to sound good

JACK How much were they?

DEDE;they said the set was five thousand

JACK;We've got only five thousand left we can't go home on foot with these things!

ZINO;Yes we can, why not?

scene 13 EXT. MUSIC SHOP -DAY -shots of one of the music shops in town, the garbage boys were outside the shop with their drums down, Martin got in and came out with the

plates banging them together. JOURNEY

A bus passed by with a sticker on the

back of a man smilling waving goodbye written on the side HAVE A NICE

Scene 14


- In the estate blocks shots of Maya, Cristy, and sharon walking looking very stylish so fly, Maya thought she saw someone she knows far ahead

MAYA;Are you seeing what am seeing? is that.....

-The garbarge boys were walking on the streets carrying drums on their backs, their legs could barely hold up making them bend closely to the ground, Small children following them making fun of them asking questions, there was one kid on a bike going across Martin making him loose his footing

KID ON THE BIKE TO MARTIN;How comes garbage boys get old so quickly

MARTIN;Good question why don't you ask your father

-One man from the bulcony of his house shouts

MAN IN THE BULCONY;Hey garbage boys you haven't picked up your shit for days, What are you thinking?

JACK;[shouts with exhausion] We will pick them up tomorrow sir

-Onother man comes with a polythene bag full of garbage

THE MAN WITH THE POLYTHENE GARBARGE BAG;Thank God i saw you, this things stinks in my house,[giving Kevin a polythene bag full of garbage] your working hard boys keep it up

KEVIN;thank you mr bernard

MAYA;oh God this is embarassing, we can't let people see that, they know us, com' on this way [ changing direction to an icecream shop on their right side]

-Meanwhile the boy with the bike was crossing all over Martins legs making him loose his steps

MARTIN TO THE KID ON THE BIKE;hey stop it , i won't tell you again , i will.

THE KID WITH THE BIKE;Nya nya nya bu bu la lla la

-Martin waited for the boy to go behind him he took out his mask from his groin and wore it, soon as the boy came riding from behind to pass infront of Martins legs Martin turned suddenly the boy meeting with the mask face to face , The boy got scared losing control falling down hurting his leg crying. Martin gave his wicked laugh and continued moving

-Kevin bumped Jacky

JACKY;oh God Kevin? what are you doing?

-she took the drums and garbage from Kevin and helped him,[ when Kevin wanted to stand up straight it was painfull because he had bended for long]

KEVIN;oh God oh no thank you God thank you

JACKY;where are you boys coming from?

KEVIN;We can walk while i tell you, it's a long story

-They walked passed Maya and her friends licking ice cream laughing at them, Jacky felt bad while Kevin was admiring Maya's lips while she licked the icecream

MARTIN;oh God i can't take it anymore that's enough

-Putting the drums down, stretching his waist leaning backwards , thats when he saw his father passing with his car starering at him, Her mother was on the left seat but busy with something in her purse, Her small sister was on the back seat telling martin with hand sign that you will see

-Martin looked in disbelief with his mouth open

MARTIN;oh God ,Oh God Im dead

JACK;Dead for what?

-Jack stood up and saw Martins father looking at them


who is that Martin?

MARTIN;thats my father and hes going to kill me

Jack ;-

Even if hes your father all you have to do is respect but him,

not fearing him listen i know he is your father but he cant decide what you will be or what you want to be, youve got to stand like a man with your own two feet and fight for who you are

-Thumped Martins back slowly said

JACK;Im afraid thats the only way

scene 15 EXT. ESTATE - DAY

-sunset shots of a plot, its the kind of a plot whereby everyone lives in a single room, there is a cemeted compound in the middle of the plot and water supply is in the middle of the plot compound. The toilets and

bathrooms are in one end [corner] two bathrooms two toilets the whole plot shares. there are about twelve to forteen rooms in each plot. The peolpe living there normally fetch water and keep them in 20litre jericans besides their doors.


-Inside one house their was a oldwoman sewing with a crotchet wearing glasses talking to Jacky while she was cooking

Oldwoman;- My dear, when Kevins Mother died i knew my son would be next, i worried alot but i knew panicking would cause more harm than good ,I was the only one around to look after Kevin and i said to myself if im going to be sad Kevin is going to sad the rest of his life, since then me and Kevin are like brother and sister, so my darling how did you get here?

JACKY;Kevin had given me the direction long time ago, so i wanted to see if i could remember besides i was bored and i needed a stroll

KEVIN'S GRANDY;Thats very good of you, girls like you used to exist in the old days now all i see everywhere are brats and girls who apply maaake up 6 in the evening like vampires

-shot of Kevins home plot Kevin grandys audio only

KEVIN'S GRANDY'S VOICE;My angel please fetch those two jericans and go home before its too late

JACKY;ok grandmaa , and what time does kevin come?

KEVIN'S GRANDY;i dont know darling he comes when am asleep

scene 16


-shots estates block to a window on the second floor of the block, the lights were on in the house

-Kevin threw a small stone at the window, the curtain was opened and

Maya looked down, Kevin waved hii, aand Maya came down meeting with kevin

KEVIN;hey Maya,

MAYA;hey kevin

KEVIN;Im im sorry ive come late, i know its late but i ,but i needed to talk to you or rather see you

MAYA;its okey so what did you want to see me for?

KEVIN;Yeah yeah ahhh see like oh God oh shit

MAYA;[ came closer to Kevin and and said seductively] are you trying to say something Kevin?

KEVIN;No, Like what, yes , oh God, you kill me maya [as he saw mayas clivage]

MAYA;[seductively placing her lips closer to Kevins and asked] tell me what your thinking

KEVIN;ahhh, ahhhh ,ahhhh i think i like you Maya

MAYA;what about Jacky?

KEVIN;Jacky? what about her?

MAYA;Shes in love with you, are you in love with her?

KEVIN;I dont know ,i mean no, no, no ,no she has never told me

MAYA;if you really like me bring me something nice, like a gold ring that fits my style then [she takes her lips closest to Kevins] then ill think about kissing you [And she went back inside]

Scene 17


-Martins father was in the big coutch eating popcorn waching a horror movie, people being slain, her sister was asleep her head lying in his fathers thighs

-Martin was in the kitchen helping her mum to cook, his father called him from the sitting room loudly

MARTINS FATHER;[ loudly] Martin, martin


yes dad


-Martin left peeling the onions and left her mother looking at him with concern. he was tensed because of the earlier incident

Martins father ;-

martin, today i saw you with drums, carrying drums,

[Shouted] my son carrying drums like a beggar! you should be in college doing your diploma in computer engineering, Martin you are an embarassment to this family

MARTINS MOTHER INTERVENED;charles, Don't be so hard on your son, what did he do?

MARTINS DAD;your the one who is spoilling Martin to behave like a girl, look the boy cant even talk for himself

MARTIN;I dont want to do computers dad

-It all went silent for a moment, Martins father not believing what he just heard

MARTINS FATHER;Did i hear something or its my ears

MARTIN;I dont want to do computers dad,

MARTINS FATHER;At least i can hear some balls, but who do you think you are to tell me what you want and what you dont want, listen to me carefully, you do what i say [shouted] or you get the hell out of my house

MARTIN;Im going out dad, but dont confuse fear with respect

-Martin went to his room packing some of his stuff into a postman bag and and started leaving just on the door her mother was crying


[silently] stop crying mum ill be fine

-Martins mother cried painfully but silent as Martin left banging the door

scene 18

EXT. JACK'S CRIB -NIGHT - knuckles knocking Jacks door at night. The door was knocked again

-Jack opened the door looking sleepy wearing a vest, seeing Martins

JACK;Martins what are you doing here?

MARTIN;My father chased me

JACK;Oh no come in,but , you did the right thing

Scene 19


- Dede sleping with Zino at the same bed, Dede was sleeping facing the wall while Zino was awake starering at the ceiling thinking of what her mother told him on the letter, remembering how it read

Womans voice/Zinos mum audio on a C.U shot of zinos face;- I want you to take care of your small brother and be as a guardian and a good example

-Zino turns over looks at Dede sleeping and remembers giving his brother marijuana and tossing up beers laughing saying

ZINO;Slaps his forehead hard, what was i thinking, what was i thinking [Dede wakes up talking slowly

DEDE;whats up Zino? , Why aint you sleeping

ZINO;oh its nothing just a bad dream now i cant get back to sleep


-Kevo, Zino, Dede, and Baba were on their way to Jacks place passing through the estate blocks

KEVO;Its funny i passed through Martins place in the morning and her sister told me that Martin did not sleep home before i could ask her why, his father came took her inside and told me to never come looking for Martin again

BABA;sounds strange, why would his father do that?


Yesterday dreamt that Dede was drowning and i couldnt help him because i thought it was a joke , before i knew it he was dead

DEDE;why didnt you tell me that you had this dream?

ZINO;Why? do you think it means anything?

-Kevo saw Maya at the other side of the road

KEVIN;hey Maya Hey! [Kevin jogged to the other side of the road]

KEVIN;Hey maya its so lucky to see you in the morning



its no big deal i just thought its luvly to see your face in the morning , about yesterday, what you said, you know its going to take some time before i can [Maya Jacky coming from behind looking at them] find ways to to get.....

MAYA;dont worry about that [ she comes closer to Kevin] i was just asking you to see if you can do it for me [she kissed Kevin on the chicks when Jacky reached] Thanks any way for being so nice

-when Kevin saw Jacky she was in disbelief started crying and ran away leaving Maya smilling, Maya turned Kevins face

MAYA;so will you come to see me tonight

KEVIN;Yes yes yes ofcourse [looking at Jacky running away] bye maya see you later, [leaving maya standing catching up with his friends]

-Maya thought for a moment and left

scene 21

EXT. JACK'S CRIB - DAY -Jack was talking to Martin just outside his door drinking black tea, on the background drums and other instruments were all over

JACK;So what do you think do you think is gonna happen

MARTIN;i seriously dont know, you know i believe in what we are doing if it fails then ive lost it all, my life would be empty doing things i never wanted

Kevin , dede, Zino and Baba arrived

ZINO;Whats he doing here?


you guys are late

KEVIN;ive been at your place but your father......

MARTIN;My father chased me away yesterday

BABA;but why?

JACK;Because of you guys and what we are doing

DEDE;did you tell him about the situation of Babas mother?

MARTIN;He does not want to hear anything that comes from me

ZINO;Ahhh if he doesnt want to hear to hell with him youve got us and you are our brother, we can take care of him right boys?

ALL THE REST ACCEPT ZINO AND MARTIN;yeah yeah why not? Yeah weve got your back, Yeah dont worry, Yeah to hell with him you can stay

JACK;Yeah, soo, com on guys weve got lots of stuff to do, weve got to form a band and we need alot of practising to be able to perform at the weekend at the fundraiser

KEVO;what about posters guys?

JACK;yeah we need posters, how will people know about the fundraiser if we dont have posters? but the problem is putting the posters in the market

MARTIN;We can do it at night

JACK;Enough has been said boys, [shouted] lets get this thing to work, if you are with us let me hear you scream yeah -All of them;- Yeah

JACK;Lets get to work boys


-Different shots of them going to dump garbage with their handcart

-Different shots of them practising their songs, playing drums , singing organising themselves -Shots of a printing machine printing posters

-Shot of Zino snatching away marijuana from his little brother while quarreling

-Baba talking to her mum comforting her

-Kevin going to bed thinking

-Jack and Martin thinking in bed because they were staying together

-Scenes of them mixing wheat floor to make glue for the posters, Scenes of the boys sticking up their posters in estates, At night at the market being chased by dogs

-Scenes end with the boys practising Dede playing the last kicks on the drumset

Scene 23


-They were just outside jacks house relaxing after reheasing


The fundraiser is tomorrow, i cant wait, im so eager to do this

ZINO;jack whats the eagerness about? me im scared to hell weve got no mics, No stage, No tent, No lights, No electricity, no nothing, look at the posters they have no name of any band, even our band has no name, This scares the hell out of me

JACK;Look Zino, everything will be fine be confident [Jack looks at them for a moment] Wait, we can do this now

-Jack goes inside his house quickly to where he keeps his clothes and searches for something vigourously throwing his clothes all over, he paused standing after not finding what he was looking for. He looked at his white bed sheet thought for a second took it off and went out with it,

MARTIN;Jack what are you doing? thats our bedsheet,

JACK;[looked at Martin} I know, Trust me we will get onother one, Hold it


Martin holds one end as Jack bites it in the middle and tears it into two

DEDE;Please Jack can you tell us what you are doing?

JACK;we are going to write the name of our band in this two pieces, so tell me whats it gonna be?

KEVIN;[imitates the voice of a host of a show] Ladies and gentlemen boyz and girls, the first all black rock band out of Africa to rock live at our own backyard please put your hands together for.......

BABA;That sounds like a bomb waiting to explode

DEDE;We now have an official name guys, we just need to prove ourselves

MARTIN;I know we are going to nail it down tomorrow we will prove to this community that we are more than just garbage boys

JACK;[pulled up the white sheet showing the name of the band written on the sheet] How does it look?

Scene 24


-It had been written ROCK AFRICA BAND Jack and Martin holding it , Camera puns down from that shot to ,the banner being hanged on top of a stage with a roof made of sacks and four poles, the front ones being DONATE FOR PEOPLE WITH CANCER taller holding the banner, beneath on the front of the band the other piece of the sheet was written stretched on the infront of the drumset. Just outside their shaggy tent was a cookie jar with a white sticker reading DONATE HERE a few

children like 12 in number looking at the garbage boys, one of the kids was the kid with the bike and had came with it, they were just silent starering at the boys, the boys starering back,

KEVIN;i can't believe no one has come till now

MARTIN;I see children, we can entertain them

KEVIN;How can we perform for children, they don't understand anything

MARTIN;Children are honest, if we cant impess them we can't impress anybody

JACK;Why don't we just assume we are on the daily practising, OK guys

-They all agreed nodding their heads, Jack said to the children,

JACK;Do you want to hear a song?

-The kids just stared at Jack and the band looking bored the kid with the bike sleeping in his bike, Jack turned back giving his friends signs of a certain song

-When Jack faced forward they hard rocked abruptly shocking the kids making them run away crying

MARTIN;What happened? [Going forward to look at the direction the kids went] We didn't scare them did we?

Martin looked at the right side the children were gone, when he turned left he saw a group of people coming, he looked closer seeing the people from the market coming, mojority being old men and women, He rushed back

MARTIN;Guys we are dead, You can't believe this the market people are coming

KEVIN;How many?

MARTIN;Very many

JACK;Ok do this take your masks and stand still don't panic, i repeat do not panic

-The people from the market arrived being puzzled looking at the boys and their masks, The boys just stood still looking at the market people martin being scared to death talking to Jack silently

MARTIN;Jack, Jack, they have noticed us

KEVIN;shhh shut up you fool

-They just stood there starering at each other, one old man from the market people broke the silence

OLDMAN;What is this? a freak show or a fundraiser, [the second Oldman commented]

2ND OLDMAN;yeah why don't you open your faces so that we donate, [an Old woman said]

OLD WOMAN ;I want to hear that music before i donate

-The boys looked at each other

JACK;Guys what do you think we play or what? [They rest nodded yes] Ok we start slow these are old folks, we play song number two,

Jack turned to the crowd just as Dede had started with the plates [a fat middle aged man interfered]

MIDDLE AGED MAN;Wait, what kind of music are you playing?

JACK;It's rock sir [Another old woman}

2ND OLD WOMAN;Why can't we see your faces?

3RD OLDMAN;They look like them God damn garbage boys [Martin interferes]

MARTIN;We all burnt badly when we were young so it's disgusting for you to see our faces, can we play now sir?

3RD OLDMAN;You can go on i don't wanna see your ugly faces anyway, maybe i wont spot the difference if you remove your masks anyway

-The boys started rocking slowly the market people following the rhythm slowly, After sometime it was all crazy the market people being taken over by music the boys were playing, the tempo was high rocking to the fullest

-Dede finished the show with playing his drums exellently, now looking forward for the donation

OLDMAN NO 1 ;sure that was a hell of a show it reminded me of them days we had good bones, sunce u've impressed us so much we have decided to donate a little bit more than we had planned, [He looks behinds and asks his people] {CONTD} aint that right?

[they all nod yes]

-The oldman is given a small polythene bag with an old woman beside him

OLDMAN;we have decided all this as our donation [putting the coins in the cookie Jar one by one]

ZINO;what! those coins for that show? I mean we can't take anyone to hospital with that kind of money

OLDMAN;young man you should be glad because that's all weve got

ZINO;[Removed his mask saying angrily] Thats a lie i know you get alot of money from the market

MARTIN;oh shit we are busted!

[They all removed their masks slowly]

3RD OLDMAN;I knew they were the God {stammers] sent garbage boys

3RD OLDWOMAN;I knew there was something freaky, you boys almost broke my leg with

your stupid wagon, youve got no Goddamn burnt faces but it is still disgusting to look at you,

JACK;Look, we are sorry for what we have been doing to you, all we are saying this is not the time to bring our differences forward [Jack grabs Baba and brings him forth] our friends mother is sick, she has cancer and if she's not taken to hospital soon she might die, please i am begging you this time lets put our differences aside and donate genorously to her mother, please

3RD OLDMAN;[looks at Jack for a moment] Look here young man, those are strong words you said young man, but you need to understand we donated what we had, im sorry we cant be of any help further, [He tapped Jacks shoulder and they all left leaving the coins on top of the jar still in the polythene bag]

-Baba started crying as the market people were leaving, his friends trying to comfort him all hope having died

-When the whole crowd cleared slowly one strange looking man remained, He had an old school suit big googles with heavy lenses looking at the boys


[said loudly because he was in a distance] I lost my mother to cancer too because of the bill, [All of the boys came to his attention] but what you did here today reminds me of what i should have done, i wish i had this idea back then but it never crossed my mind,

DEDE;And who are you?

STRANGER;Who i am is not important, but i happen to be someone who is willing to help, {he takes out a card and gives jack} im the chief sergion at the general hospital

JACK;yeah it says that in the card, so

STRANGE MAN;[He smiles] I know of ways to clear that bill, i can pay for the operation or i can do it myself

JACK;[looks at his friends] you got to be shittin me, no this is not happening! yes! yes! yes

CHEIF SERGION;You have made me proud boys, Im sending an ambulance right here then you will pick up yuor mother and bring her at the general hospital, is that OK with you boyz

JACK;Is that possible?

[He looks at the boys and started leaving]

JACK;- {CONT'D} Yeah anything is possible

[ He took a few steps and remembered something]

JACK;- {CONT'D} and oh please could you please write down the account number for me

[ Baba took out the bill from his pocket and gave it to the chief


BABA;Its right there sir, in the bottom

Chief sergion looks at the bill and said

CHEIF SERGION;Your music sounds strange you know, {He looks up to the boys} Use that card call me if you need anything

JACK;OK sir, thank you, thank you

-The man went to an old mercedes benz and left. The boys started screaming and shouting while dancing feeling happy


-That evening at Babas home, ambulance parked outside facing their door, Babas mother was taken out by doctors in a stretcher

- The stood in disbelif

as the ambulance took away Babas mother

scene 26


-That evening Martin decided to go home, his father was inside the house watching TV.

-Martin came close to the door but his heart was undecided he wanted to knock the door but he couldnt, his heart was heavy

-Martins father got feelings that someone might be outside, he tried to ignore but the feeling went above him, he stood up just to look outside to satisfy his ego. When he opened the door there was no one. He looked outside for a moment, thought a little then went back inside

Scene 27


-Shot of a window in estate blocks being hit by a small stone, the curtain was opened and Maya looked down

-She got out meeting with Kevin

KEVIN;Hey Maya

MAYA;Hey Kevin, have you missed me already?

KEVIN;Not exactly but i, i, i wanted to talk to you about something, see the problem is i dont reaaly think i luv you Maya, i,i mean i thought i did but it wasnt love, what i felt for you was something else. Ive just found out the person i have always Loved i never thought i did

Maya Stared at kevin became a litle bit sad and said MAYA;Ok

Maya went back inside

Scene 28

EXT. SLUMS DEDE'S/ZINO'S CRIB - NIGHT -Dede came out of their house looked around and went to the backyard, He took ot a piece of marijuana folded at the bottom of his jeans. He admired the piece before putting it in his mouth smilling, he went to his pockets and took out a lighter, just as he was lighting it Zino appeared from nowhere snathing the marijuana piece from Dedes mouth

ZINO;I told you i aint going to let you smoke this things

DEDE;Whats wrong with you! whats this act going on for days pretending to be an angel? you cant tell me what to do and what i cant do!

-Zino threw it down stepping on the piece of marijuana thoroughly

looking straight at Dedes face

DEDE;You are not my father or mother, im going to do whatever i want to

He takes steps going back insideand Zino said

ZINO;yeah we will see who will remain big brother, you cant do drugs in my sight you will have to kill me first

Scene 29


-Baba was inside their home kneeling down with her sister. He took a cross holded it together in their hands and prayed silenly

Scene 30


-Jack was lying on top of a wrecked cars roof just thinking starering at the sky,


morning in estate blocks where the boys were standing beside a phone booth, Jack took out a card and said

JACK;Ok lets call him

-He dialled some numbers all of them listening carefully, the phone sevsral times and picked up

SECRATARY;hello your calling thev general hospital how may i help you

JACK;hello, yeah i wanted to talk to Mr kennedy the chief sergion

SECRATARY;Do you have an appointment?

JACK;No ,no, no but could you try to tell him its the rock africa band

SECRETARY;Hold on sir while i try to connect you

The boys make jokes of Jack calling themselves Rock Africa band by rubbing his Jacks head making noise

MARTIN;Rock Africa band heee, weeew weeeeee

JACK;shhhh guys guys guys

Heavy, hoarse VOICE;hello

JACK;hello id like to speak to Mr kennedy


JACK;you sound differnt on the phone sir

MR KENNEDY/CHIEFSERGION really? ha ha ha so how are you doing boys?

JACK;we are fine sir we just wanted to say thank you for your support it means so much to us

MR KENNEDY/CHIEFSERGION;I talked with a friend of mine about your music and he got really interested in seeing you on stage, i didnt have any contacts of you so i gave him your friends Babas postal adress, He is having a big event and i begged him to invite you, you need to be checking that mail if hes going to give you details

JACK;sure we will sir, thank you, thank you

-The phone was hanged, Jack looked at the phone and hanged his too

-Kevin saw Jacky coming from the other side,

KEVIN;Im coming guys

MARTIN;Is that coming or going

KEVIN;mind your own business freak

Kevin jogged alittle crossing to the other side to meet Jacky

KEVIN;Hey Jacky?


JACKY;I havent seen you for days grandma is asking for you

JACKY;Just tell her ill come visit

Jacky started leaving

KEVIN;Why are you acting like this?

JACKY;I don't know. Why do you act like you've been acting, why don't you figure out that first

KEVIN;What! how have i been acting?

JACKY;I dont know why dont you tell me

-Kevin wanted to say something but jacky had gone far, he opened his mouth but the words wouldnt come out

Scene 31


-shots of a local post office, At the entrance the garbage boys get in while talking

ZINO;Baba why dont we check our mail then yours?

BABA;Ok on which side is your locker

ZINO;Its on the the left side

BABA;Mine is on the same direction com on quick

-They reached Babas locker first,

BABA;we start with mine because its right here

-They took out old letters from the locker one looking new

JACK;Gosh! when was the last time you checked you mail, this is from last year, this one too looks expired, this recent one is from Bluesky entertainment, Baba whos Bluesky entertainment while he goes through Babas mails

-The 3rd Oldman from the market bumped into the boys



Everywhere i go its just like i get to see your ugly faces, you the one with the big head can't you see your standing on my way

-Kevin gave way to the oldman

KEVIN;sorry Oldman

THE 3RD OLDMAN;Who you calling Oldman? why don't you leave me with your girlfriend and see who's old

-He passed slowly with his stick in his hand but as he passes he remembers something

THE 3RD OLDMAN;-{CONT'D} And Ohh what you did , the fundraiser, that was good its like it replaced all the nasty things youve done to us

continued walking but remembers something,

THE 3RD OLDMAN;- {CONT'D} but you with the big head stay away from me i still hate you

KEVIN;Damn , that Old brat burns me when he calls me big head, Guys do you think ive got a big head?

-They all looked at Kevin and burst into laughter

Scene 32

EXT. POST OFFICE - DAY -Jack and friends were outside the post office walking and talking while Jack was going through the letters

DEDE;Did you see how the oldwoman was shaking her ass, she was like the bomb

MARTIN;She made me soo horny

They all looked at martin like what! MARTIN;What!!!

-They all burst into laughter

JACK;oh my God, Oh my God i cant believe this

He was reading the letter from bluesky entertainment

-They all asked Jack What! What! What! Jack Shouted

JACK;oh my God weve been invited to a concert, a real concert guys

MARTIN;Hold up let me read this

Martin reads a little bit and jumped up in hapiness yes! yes! He grabbed an old woman who was passing by and kissed her hard

-The pedestrians got amazed with the way the boys celebrated

Kevin was reading the letter while they were going

KEVIN;Here it says the concert will be the biggest in East Africa its sponcered by many big companies UN, DANNISH EMBASSY, THE FINNISH

ZINO;what about the date?

JACK;End of the month three weeks from now but they will discuss the payment after we perfom,

DEDE;Whats that supposed to us, if we perform badly we wount get paid

KEVIN;Do you expect being paid for whack music, lets prepare something nice for the people

Jack talks to himself

JACK;Africa here we come, the garbage boys will rock it like it has never been seen before, this will be a warning to all of the bands in the world especially American bands. watch how it's being done African


-Different shots of them practising, singing

-Different shots of them visiting Babas mum in hospital

-Shots of Babas sister bringing them food while practising

-Shots of them playing to the end of a song, they all clap


MARTIN;tomorrow is the D-day the one day we will prove ourselves to everybody that we are ROCK AFRICA [He shouted YEAH] i cant wait to do this. Guysi really think i miss my family, I feel like i really need to see them, its not like i dont like your company i do appreciate but there is something missing i want to share the special day with my family, i dont ,i dont

Kevin thumped Martin on his back

KEVIN;Com on i really think you should go and see your family go, go, go

-Martin ran as fast as he could to his home, He knocked the door her

mother opening disbelieving to see his son. She gave Martin a big hug taking him inside, her sister came running at Martin giving him a big hug soon as she saw his brother

MARTIN'S SISTER;i missed you Martin [while hugging Martin]

MARTIN;don't worry im now back

-All the exitement died when Martins father appeared from the bedroom,

MARTIN;- {CONT'D} Hello dad

MARTINS FATHER;said hii slowly, went to the fridge got himself a cold glass of water and went back to his room

scene 34

INT. HOSPITAL WARD - DAY -shots of hospital, inside ward Baba was speaking she had recovered a littlebit

BABA;We are going to perform on a big concert tomorrow, i wish you were well so that you could come see us,

BABA'S MOTHER;dont worry ive asked one of the nurses to bring me a radio tomorrow, i will listen to capitol fm they will bring it live

BABA;who told you that?

BABA'S MOTHER;Your sister

-Babas sister was just outside the wards door on a bench talking to Jack

JACK;What do you say after the concert tomorrow i take you for a movie or something


JACK;yeah i'm serious why not?

BABA'S SISTER;And why would you wanna do that?

JACK;Its going to be a special day and i want to be with special people

Scene 35


-Zino and Dede were seated just outside their home talking

ZINO;Mum said on the letter that she might be coming soon

DEDE;Why do you act like an angel to me nowardays?

ZINO;i, i, i guess i should have told you the truth, you know your stll my younger brother right?

DEDE;yeah yeah

ZINO;Mum told me to take care of you and sometimes i acted very stupidly, ignorant and selfish now i realizeed i really need to take care of my little brother, i hope you understand how i feel and tomorrow please dont let me down ,we need this more than everybody else, we need to nail it down

scene 36

INT. KEVIN'S HOME - EVENING -kevin was at home too helping her Grandy to wash the dishes just outside their door on their right. Her grandma was inside sewing with a crothet

KEVIN;Grandma do you like Jacky?

KEVIN'S GRANDY;Yes ofcourse why are you asking

KEVIN;she is kind of mad at me

KEVIN'S GRANDY;[paused a little bit] WHY?


she saw me talking to another girl, i mean she had not tell me that she loves me , though i suspected

KEVIN'S GRANDY;Its not easy for a girl to tell you that she loves you, but couldn't you see it?

KEVIN;I saw it but i wasnt paying attention, anyhow i feel kinda ive missed her, i really think she should come at the concert tomorrow

KEVIN'S GRANDY;why dont you tell her to come?

KEVIN;Im afraid, besides her parents are tough they wount allow me to talk to her

KEVIN'S GRANDY;If i knew where she stays i could have talked for you,but anywho ive got my radiohere with me, tomorrowim listening to my boy livei know you will perform nicely

KEVIN;you know what grandma i dont care about her parents im going to tell her now!

KEVIN'S GRANDY;what about the dishes?

KEVIN;Later grandmaa

Scene 37

EXT. JACKY'S HOME ESTATE BLOCKS- NIGHT Kevin was outside a nicely painted house in the block estates ringing the door bell, a woman came out

WOMAN;can i help you,

KEVIN;Yes i need to speak to Jacky

WOMAN;And who are you to call my daughter outside at this time,

KEVIN;see me and Jacky are, are

Jacky appeared, JACKY;his name is kevin and he is a friend of mine

-Jackys Mum looked at Kevin seriously and said

JACKY'S MUM;Ten seconds

And went back inside

KEVIN;-Damn your Mum is scary

JACKY;What do you want Kevin?

KEVIN;yeah [mhhh clears throat] Its about tomorrow , we are going to perform at a concert at freedom gardens grounds, would you come please

JACKY;Im busy tomorrow besides what makes you think im interested in your music thing

KEVIN;look Jacky im sorry if i did something wrong to you but i need you there


KEVIN;I want to tell you something please come

JACKY;ill think about it [as she goes back inside] bye Kevin

-she closed thedoor and went back inside

Scene 38 EXT. CONCERT -DAY -shots day of the concert

-Shots of a large crowd, big stage ,curtain raisers performing, lots of artists back stage including Rock Africa band

-Jack and friends were getting prepared on backstage an event orgarniser came

EVENT STAFF;What group are you ?


The event staff confims from his book

EVENT STAFF;OK your going in after two hours

JACK;Okey well be ready [shouted] are you ready to rock boys whhooo hooo They all shouted accept Baba , Jack noticed

JACK TO BABA;Whats wrong your not syked

BABA;i have a terrible feelin i don't know why my moods just collapsed

-suddenly her sister comes crying so hard she could hardly speak onto Jacks shoulder

Jack holds her on both shoulders looking at her

JACK;What is it! com'on What is it!

BABA'S SISTER;Mom has died

JACK;Oh God 'oh no, no no no this cannot be happening

he holds Babas sister on his shoulder, Baba turning away and started crying while squatting, even when Kevin wanted to comfort him Baba chased him away

BABA;please leave me alone kevin

-It was all tears and sadness for the band, after sometime they were all seated far from each other eveeryone bearing his own sadness

EVENT STAFF TO JACK;com' on you guys you need to be ready in less than half an hour

JACK;We are not going in, we are not performing today


Jack points at Baba JACK;his mother has died a few minutes ago and he is one of our band members

-The event orgarniser looked at Baba crying and said


Im so sorry guys don't worry there will be a replacement, thank you

-Then he left JACK;Thank you for understanding

-Martin saw her mum looking for him

-Martin shouted

MARTIN;Mum we are here

-They came to where Martin was surprisingly his Father was there too

MARTIN'S FATHER;i, i , i wanted to say im sorry son i've heard about the findraiser and all you boys have been doing is good im sorry i should have listen and tried to understand you

MARTIN;its too late dad now, she died some minutes ago, We are not going on stage,

MARTIN'S FATHER;Is that why you guys look like this? Com on youve got to do this, Im sad too shes dead but you need to move on , stop concentrating on what you cant change, com on this is a chance to be where youve always wanted to be, i dont believe this is happening

-Kevins grandma suddenly appears

KEVIN'S GRANDY;ive been looking all over for you guys, whats wrong with the faces

KEVIN;Grandma what are you doing

MARTIN'S FATHER;Baba's mother has died

Kevins grandma ;- Oh God no, thats so sad

MARTIN'S FATHER;Thats not all they are not going on stage ,they think they cant perform because Babas mum has died

KEVIN'S GRANDY;Oh hell no you are going to go on stage and your going to do your best, this is always what youve wanted [She went closer to Baba and talked to him holding his shoulder] com on Baba this is what your mother wanted for you, do you want to give it up yhe last minute. your mum has been taken by God and she is now watching you from a higher place, tell me is this what you want her to see of you, make her happy

-She's interupted by a big skretch of bus brakes of a bus and dust plus smoke everybody looks on to see who will come out

-The bus had leaves tied on the front empty 20 galons tied at the back chickens on top, the door of the bus opened up people eagerly waiting to see who will come out

-First came out an Oldman in his 60s with a Godfather hat and country boots full of countrys red soil,

ZINO;oh my God DAD!

-second came out a woman with a purpledress a white scarf long socks, orance shoes full of countrys red soil.



Zino and Dede both shouted ZINO AND DEDE;Mum Dad we are here,

they both rushed at the door to their parents and brought them to where every one was

ZINO;Dad i thought you were...........

His father interupts him

ZINO'S DAD;We had gone to where you stay and everyone told me you are here , they are all waiting for your show

ZINO'S MUM We heard you are performing with a band and we decided to bring the whole village with us

-The whole village came out of the bus

ZINO;Oh God no!, one of our band members mother has died we can't go on stage

ZINO'S MUM;What! where is he [She moves with all the villagers sorounding the boys] we came all the way and you want to tell us you woun't get on stage the whole village is with us, you need to do this, not for us, but for the one who has died , do this for your mother please

-The band members looked at each other, when they looked at Kevins grandmother she said



MARTIN'S FATHER;you need to do this

Jack saw the event organiser preparing onother group to go on stage, he rushed to him

JACK;excuse me, am sorry we had personal issues but we are okey now, we are ready to perform is our chance still there

-event orgarniser stared at Jack for a moment then said

EVENT STAFF;Ofcourse it's still there

JACK;Ok thank you

EVENT STAFF;but, hurry up your going on stage in less than a minute

JACK;Oh gosh

jack came quickly

JACK;-{CONT'D} clapped his hands twice, okey okey guys we are giong on stage right away

-He paused alittle bit and said


Thank you all forgiving us courage to move on

-They all nod yes in appreciation but it was tense because nobody knew how the show will be, but as they got in on stage martins dad started cheering

MARTIN'S DAD;Enjoy the show guys don't be tensed

-The whole villagers cheered plus the crowd infront too

-As they were on stage preparing their instruments the host was entertaining the crowd

HOST;Young people of Africa this is our time com' on say this is our time

CROWD;This is our time

Host ;-

Its been a long time since the youth since the youth in Africa nation for

take charge of their own issues, the oldfolks have led this

decades full of corruption and we the youth now think weve had enough ,We want to thank the UN THE DANNISH EMBASSY THE FINNISH government for sponsoring this event, these people need new direction so are the young. we need a new tune , talking about new tunes how many of youn want to hear a new tune

CROWD;goes soo loud

HOST;The people of kenya please welcome the first all blacks african rockband please welcome Rock Africa

-The garbage boys started rocking hard making the whole crowd shout at their tune, Jack came to the mic

JACK;Hold up, hold up

telling the band to lower the sound a littlebit pointing backwards

-The band takes it low and slow to allow jack to speak to the crowd

JACK;Before we rock i want to take your precious minutes to tell a little about us. See we startedthis band because onev of our friend in the band had cancer, Baba please come forward. We wanted to take her to hospital so badly thatwed do anything to make sure shes treated [Baba goes back to his position] her mother died some few hours ago, we believe no should go through what we went through. as of today i want to dedicate this show to her loving mother who we know is watching us right now

-The music gets louder harder and faster

JACK;we want dedicate this show for all the youths who are fighting for just a meal that seems hard to find

-The music gets louder harder and faster

JACK;above all we want to dedicate this show to the ones who their hopes and dreams never die

-The music gets louder hitting the climax hard rock, they play hard rocklike the chorous then it calms

JACK;-{CONT'D} How many of you like rock music

CROWD;goes so loud, screams and hand high above

JACK;My friend told me there are no rock fans in africa, how many of you think thats a lie

CROWD;goes so loud, screams and hand high above The music gets louder harder and faster

JACK;Hold, hold up,

Jack calms the band,

JACK;Today we want to send a clear message to all the rockbands in the world especially american rockbands

-The music gets louder harder and faster

JACK;-{CONT'D} We want to tell them if they woun't, we will

-The music gets louder harder and faster

JACK;-{CONT'D} [He sreams] We will rock Africa so hard that they wished they would have come here long time ago

-They rocked the instruments so hard that the crowd kept screaming

-Shots of the Band performing onother song

-shots of the boys coming off stage people acknowledging the show

COMMENTS;Thats explosive,thats a good show it was unique

THE BAND;thank you thank you

-Kevin notices Jacky and smiles Jacky smiles back, Kevin rushed to Jacky and said

KEVIN;Im so sorry i didn't see what you were saying to me see

Jacky puts his finger and closes Kevins mouth



she kissed Kevin so hard , while on the other side Jack was kissing Babas sister

Baba saw Jack kissing her sister BABA;How could he do that?

Martin holds Baba not to interfere

MARTIN;If she told you to kiss her would you?

-we establish the whole jubilant mood, people, then puns up to the sky

VOICE;It is our greatest honour to celebrate the life of our sister, we know that the lord has kept him in a better place

scene 39 EXT. CEMETERY - DAY

-The camera puns down to a cemetery of Babas mother funeral, They were all wearing black suits, pastor continues

POSTOR;As we lay her to rest on this day we pray that the lord Jesus will be holding her hand on the day of ressuretion

-Choir sings as they lower the casket into the grave slowly, everyone poured a handfull of soil into the grave

-Kevin was with Jacky holding hands, Jack was with Babas sister comforting her, Martin was with his family, Zino and Dede was with his Mum and Dad ,While Baba was busy with his mothers funeral

-After the funeral the boys excused themselves and met on the sidelines

ZINO;guys i have something important for us

Zino took out a letter from his pocket

ZINO;-{CONT'D} guys how would you feel to curtain raise for 3 doors down in America

ZINO;-{CONT'D} What!! weve been invited to America!!, they saw our tape now they say we need to prove ourselves in their land if we really can

THE END -On a black screen

MARTIN'S V/O;Here it says first class tickets can you believe this

BABA'S V/O;I wish my mother could be here to see this

ROCK MUSIC 3 DOORS DOWN The end credits