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A. Movable Property (Concept of “Consumable” and “Fungible”) Laurel v Abrogar , 576 SCRA 41 (2009) B.

Property in Relation to Owner: Property of Public Dominion (Art. 420) – for public use; for public service and for development of National Wealth Sacay v DENR (DENR v Yap), 568 SCRA 1654 (2008) Manila Int’l Airport Authority v City of Pasay, 583 SCRA 234 (2009) Manila Int’l Airport Authority v CA, et. al., 495 SCRA 591 (2006) Esperanza Barreras Barrido Brieva

C. Ownership in General: Actions for Recovery of Possession Immovable: forcible entry or unlawful detainer – Rule 70, Revised Rules of Court Possession in Fact – within 1 year Accion Publiciana – right of possession – after 1 year Modesto v Urbina, 633 SCRA 383 Francisco Madrid v Edgardo Bernardo v Spouses Mapoy, 596 SCRA 14 Spouses Padilla v Velasco, et. al, 576 SCRA 219 Spouses Canezo v Bautista, 629 SCRA 580 (2010) D. Right of Accession: Accession Continua (Right to Things Attached or Incorporated) Immovables: Benedicto v Villaflores, 632 SCRA 224 (2010) Briones v Macabagdal, 626 SCRA 300 (2010) Tuatis v Spouses Escol, 604 SCRA 471 (2009) Spouses Narvaez v Spouses Alciso, 594 SCRA 60 (2009) Ingusan Agasang Ganan Aguilar Cabangon Cahilig Barillo Fronteras

497 Villaruel Garcia . 585 SCRA 329 (2009) E. 560 SCRA 351 (2008) Rights of Each Co-Owner: 1) Limitations on Co-Owner’s Right (Art. v Tanjuatco.Lessee is not deemed builder in good faith Mores v Yu-Go. al. 487) Plasabas and Malazarte v CA. “aliquot” Dalisan v CA. al v Vicente T. 582 SCRA 686 (2009) John Abing v Juliet Waeyan. 486) Cruz v Catapang. and Cuevas. et. et al. 625 SCRA 291 (2010) Alluvium: Natural Office of the City Mayor of Paranaque v Ebio. 484. v Spouses Limpe. Lim. 494 SCRA 95 (2006) F: Co-Ownership Concept (Art. 544 SCRA 512 (2008) Iruguin Mendiola Aguila Esperanza Barrido Pedrosa Bernardino Reyes Recamara 2) Right to bring action in ejectment (Art. 557 SCRA 400 (2008) Ragasa v Roa. 493) – the right to common dominion which 2 or more persons have in spiritual part (or ideal portion) on a thing which is not physically divided. Jr. Inc. 476 – meaning of Cloud. 557 SCRA 306 Clado-Reyes. Sources: Teofisto Ono. Quieting Of Title: Differences between Action to Quiet Title and Action for Removal of Cloud – Art. 614 SCRA 514 Lucasan v PDIC. et. 621 SCRA 555 (2010) New Regent Sources.

629 SCRA 550 (2010) Cahilig 7) Procedure for Partition (Rule 69. bad-faith – aware. Jr. state of mind determined by overt acts or conduct of the possessor . 553 SCRA 66 (2008) Austria v Lichauco. al. et. 493) Republic. 545 SCRA 174 (2008) Balingit. v Pascual. 524 SCRA 699 Quimpo v Abad de Beltran. 634 SCRA 154 (2010) Aguilar Recamara 2) Possession in good faith vs. 526) – good faith – not aware of any existing flaw or defect in his title or mode of acquisition. et. al v Heirs of Francisca Dignos-Sorono. 496) Monteroso v CA.SCRA 202 (2006) 3) Alienation of Co-Oqned Property (Art. 525) Lamsis v Dong-e. possession in bad faith (Art. 494) Heirs of Juanita Padilla v Magdua. Cabangon 630 SCRA 573 (2010) 6) Action for Annulment of Partition is 4 years Feliciano v Canoza. et. which flaw or defect renders it invalid. 487 SCRA 405 (2006) G. 520 SCRA 401 Ungab-Valeroso v Ungab-Grado. Revised Rules of Court) Parcel v Prudencio. possession as holder with ownership belonging to another (Art. al. 549 SCRA 58 (2008) Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. Possession 1) Possession as owner vs. 547 SCRA 246 (2008) 4) Partition (Art. Tiglao Bernardino Joaquin Reyes Aguila 5) Prescription in favor of Co-Owner (Art.

Requisites: Mendiola .Tan v Ramirez. Easements or Servitudes One of the Elements: Divinigracia Tiglao 1) Imposed only on property of another and never on one’s own property Privatization and Management Office v Legaspi Towers 300. 629) Goldcrest Realty Corp v Cypress Gardens Condominium Corp. to the payment ofindemnity to the owner of the land burdened by the right. – the rightgranted to a person or a class of persons to pass over the land of another by using a particular pathway to reach the former’s estate.. 521 SCRA 68 (2007) H. e. however. contract or will Bicol Agro-Industrial v Obias. 626 SCRA 327 (2010) Sps. must be a juridical act. i. 603 SCRA 173 (2009) Pedrosa One of the Rights and Obligations of Owners of Dominant and Servient Estates: 1) Non-impairment of Servitude (Art. liberality.g. donation. 593 SCRA 382 (2009) Barrido One of the Modes of Acquiring Easements: 1) Continuous non-apparent easements (Art. et. which have no adequate outlet to a public highway subject. and sense of neighborliness. 584 SCRA 435 (2009) Legal Easements: 1)Easement of Right of Way (Arts 649-657) – right of way may either refer to the easement itself or to the strip of land used as a passageway. al. Chua v Soriano. 622) – requirement for title prevents imposition of an easement by pure tolerance.

Inc. Occupation 1) Lost Things (Art. Right of way for purposes of construction. 656)—provided for temporary easement Fausto R. 494 SCRA 547 Voluntary Easements: 1) Release from obligation to bear cost of work required for use of servient estate (Art. Jr . Donation 1) Concept. repair. Fronteras et. al. Corp. Preysler. 520 SCRA 290 ii.. Inc. et. 719) – movable properties. al v Masaito Devt.308). Inc. al. v Arb Villaruel Construction Co. 529 SCRA 612 Iruguin (2007) National Power Corporation v Agasang Tiangco et. Palero-Tan v Urdaneta. Finders Keepers. 544 SCRA Ingusan 494 (2008) Obra v Sps Badua. etc of a building (Art. 514 SCRA 674 Woodridge School.Anti. 725) – deemed a contract and a bilateral act because it requires acceptance but unilateral because the obligation is on the donor Kinds: based on effectivity Ganan Balingit.fencing. Jr. 555 SCRA Guillen 28 (2008) J. 593 SCRA 230 (2009) I. 560 SCRA 332 Barillo (2008) St. v CA. Michael School of Cavite. Elements (Art. 547 SCRA 263 (2008) Quintanilla v Abangan.. 516 SCRA 176 (2007) National Power Corporation v Garcia Bongbong. Theft = (Art.. 693) – renounce or abandon the property Unisource Commercial and Development Corporation v Chung.Valdez v Tabisula.

. 316 SCRA 393 (1999) Marin 2) Persons Who May Receive/Give Donations i. Double Donation (Art. 1544 applies – if movable.Donation inter vivos – take effect during the lifetime Donation mortis cause – take effect upon death Imperial v CA. Pedro Lumbres v Sps. Pedro B. Jr. first in possession or oldest title. if nor registration . Col. first in possession in good faith if immovable. first to register in good faith. Marciano Blanco v Felimon Rivera. 516 SCRA 575 Maglaque Barreras . Tablada. 744) – rule on double sale under Art. 488 SCRA 148 (2006) Sps.