Q1 (a) (b


What do you understand on engineering economy? Engineering economy analysis is important to choose preferred alternative. Explain briefly on the engineering economy analysis procedures. Cost is one of criteria need to be considered in engineering economy analysis. Brief any four (4) of the following type of cost: (i) Book Cost (ii) Maintenance Cost (iii) Recurring Cost (iv) Investment Cost (v) Disposal Cost (vi) Fixed Cost (vii) Indirect Cost (viii) Incremental Cost


Q2 (a)

Compound interest is most commonly used type of interest nowadays. Explain the differences between compound interest and simple interest. Suppose you borrow money of RM 150,000 from a bank in order to start a business. Assume the loan interest is at 12% per annum. Calculate the amount of your debt at the end of the fifth year according to the calculation of both types of simple interest and compound interest


Q3 (a)

Determine how much would you need to invest in an investment fund that paying 5% interest if you needed RM10,000 seven (7) years from today. Assume that you are an engineer in a factory making electronic components and are required to manage purchasing of a new machine that cost RM100,000. If financing for the purchase was from a bank with an interest rate of 6% per year and a repayment period of 20 years, calculate the total repayment to be paid by the factory. Syarikat MEKAR Sdn. Bhd. applies for a RM150,000 loan to build a new factory. Interest on the loan is 9% per annum compounded monthly. If the company can afford to pay RM2500 a month, calculate how long it takes to pay off the loan.



His bank has offered the following three choices: 1.000 in 5 years 3. disbenefit.000.000 for investment purposes. Put the money in a savings account that will have an interest rate of 12% per year compounded monthly Make a recommendation to Ali using present worth analysis. Additionally.000 and RM15.000 per year for the long route and the short route. A special saving certificate that will pay RM100 each month for 5 years and a lump sum payment at the end of 5 years of RM13. regardless of which route is selected. RM1. Assume an infinite life for each road. (b) Two routes are under consideration for a new highway segment. using a conventional B/C analysis. The short trans-mountain route would span 10 km with an initial cost of RM45 million. Q5 (a) Classify each of the following each cash flows as a benefit.000 2.000 per year.000 per year maintenance by highway construction company.000 per year increase of revenue by small company because of saving in moving time of using new highway.000 vehicles per year. Maintenance cost are estimated at RM40. determine which route should be selected.000 per year loss of revenue by fruit traders because of highway construction. 3. 1. RM800. .Q4 (a) Ali has RM12. an interest rate of 6% per year. or cost. respectively. Buy a share that will be worth RM20. a major overhaul and resurfacing will be required every 10 years at a cost of 10% of the first cost of each route. 2. and that one of the roads will be built. If the vehicle operating expense is assumed to be 35 cent/km and the value of reduced travel time for the short route is estimated at RM900. RM600. The volume of traffic is expected to be 400. The long route would be 25 km with initial cost of RM21 million.

Calculate the present value (PW) investment for the two systems considered based on the expected MARR of 20% per year.000.000. The first option is to upgrade to a fully automated system with an initial cost of RM 80. a SME company plans to upgrade their food processing system based on two moderate term option. The system operating with higher costs.000 per annum. Thus. Table : Cost Factors of alpha-mixing plant equipment Cost Factor Average hauling distance Monthly rental of site Cost to set up & remove Equipment Hauling expense Flag person Authority Permit A 8 miles B 4. The second option is to upgrade to a semi-automated system with an initial cost of RM 40. Determine the most economic operating system for investment purposes. Refer to the table below for the factors relating to these three sites.50 per cubic metre mile (m3-mile) to haul the asphalt-paving material from the mixing plant to the job location. RM 12. One of your tasks is to set up the asphalt-mixing plant equipment which has a choice of three sites.50/m3-mile Not required RM 500 RM 10000 RM 90000 RM 3. Q7 You are appointed as a contractor for a Highway project.000. life cycle of 5 years without any residual value. ii.50/m3-mile RM 110/day RM 500 RM 8000 RM 73000 RM 3. B and C. You estimate that it will cost RM 3. . Three sites available are A. that is.Q6 (a) The increase in R&R in the north-south highway has a positive impact on the demand for cakes like ‘pau inti’. System operating cost is RM 7. i. You are given by your client to complete in five months (20 weeks of 6 working days per week). life cycle of 5 years with residual value of RM 15. The delivered of paving material is paid for RM 50 per m3.000 per annum.50/m3-mile Not Required RM 1000 The job requires 150000 m3 of mixed-asphalt-paving material.5miles C 2 miles RM 5000 RM 57000 RM 3.

Identify which slurry pump should you select with reasons. and increasing RM and increasing RM and increasing RM 400/yr thereafter 350/yr thereafter 750/yr thereafter Useful life (years) 10 8 6 Market Value RM 7500 RM 3500 RM 1000 (Disposal Cost) a) Draw cash-flow diagrams for all three types of pumps (Grundfos ST12. i) ii) iii) Compute all fixed costs and variable cost for all three sites . (The MARR is 20% per year) Table: manufacturers. B and C. Ebara TU25 and Shoufu HM11). In this case. Calculate how much cubic metre you have to deliver before you start making a profit for the site you already chose in (b)(ii). you have three lined slurry pump units as the details in the table below. b) c) . B and Cby using linear equation y = mx + c Assume that Total Revenue (TR) is equal to Total Cost (TC). RM 1900 in year 1.a) b) List fixed cost and variable cost from the cost factor listed in the table. lives and costs. however they are different in terms of manufacturers. Those pumps have equal output capacity. Identify the site you will choose. RM 1500 in year 1. c) List Total Cost (TC) equation correspond to the site of A. lives and costs of three lined slurry pump Pump Model Grundfos ST12 Ebara TU25 Shoufu HM11 Capital Investment RM 42500 RM 37000 RM 32000 Annual Expenses: Electrical Energy RM 1500 RM 2800 RM 4200 Maintenance RM 900 in year 1. d) Q8 (a) As a member of an engineering project team. Justify why do you choose the site in b)(ii). your task is to design new processing facility at Western Digital (WD).A. Calculate Annual Worth (AW) for all pumps according to MARR = 20%. The design project involves the portion of the catalytic system that requires pumping heavy metal slurry that is corrosive and contains abrasive particles.

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