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DATE: June 18, 2013 I, Ramiro Martinez, a law enforcement officer for the City of St. Louis, State of Missouri, knowing that false statements on this form are punishable by law, state that the facts contained herein are true. 1. I have probable cause to believe that Charles Jermaine Freeman, a Black Male DOB: XX/XX/85 Age: 27, committed one or more criminal offense(s). Count 1: Aslt/atmpt-l/e, Etc.2nd-no Wep/inj (Class C FELONY) RSMo 565.082 ON 6/11/2013 Time: 10:57 PM Place: 32XX WASHINGTON AVE (SCC 13113) Count 2: Assault In The Second Degree (Class C FELONY) RSMo 565.060 ON 6/11/2013 Time: 10:57 PM Place: 32XX WASHINGTON AVE Count 3: Unlawful Possession Of Firearm (Class C FELONY) RSMo 571.070 ON 6/11/2013 Time: 10:57 PM Place: 32XX WASHINGTON AVE (SCC 13031) (SCC 31065)

Count 4: Resist/interfering With Lawful Stop Or Detention-subst Risk (Class D FELONY) RSMo 575.150 ON 6/11/2013 Time: 10:57 PM Place: 32XX WASHINGTON AVE (SCC 27025) Count 5: Tampering First Degree: Motor Vehicle, Etc. (Class C FELONY) RSMo 569.080 FROM 5/31/2013 at 5:40 AM TO 5/31/2013 at 5:50 AM Place: 36XX BOWEN ST (SCC 23013) Count 6: Resisting Or Interfering With A Lawful Stop Or Detention (Class A MISDEMEANOR) RSMo 575.150 ON 6/11/2013 Time: 10:57 PM Place: 32XX WASHINGTON AVE (SCC 27040) 2. The facts supporting this belief are as follows: I was informed that Sgt. R. was attempting to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle operated by the defendant for failure to display proper license plates. Defendant took off at a high rate of speed, eventually turning westbound onto Washington Avenue. I was further informed that, while driving at a high rate of speed on Washington Avenue, defendant swerved into on-coming traffic and around several other vehicles. Sgt. R. was following defendant’s path but not chasing at a comparable speed. I was also informed that Officer N.B. was responding to a call for “Officer in need of Aid” and was travelling northbound on Compton Avenue in a marked patrol vehicle with his emergency lights and sirens activated. As Officer N.B. entered the intersection of Compton and Washington Avenue, defendant’s car approached at a high rate of speed and was struck by Officer N.B.’s car. I was informed that Officer N.B. responded to defendant’s vehicle following the accident, at which time he observed defendant in the driver’s seat of the vehicle holding a revolver. I was informed that defendant ignored commands to put the gun down and show his hands and instead tried to flee the vehicle. I was informed that defendant was apprehended by Officer N.B. and Officer P., at which time defendant kicked his legs and attempted to gain leverage by kicking off a small retaining wall in an effort to escap e the officers’ grasp. I was informed that one of defendant’s passengers, R.B., was ejected from the vehicle in the collision and suffered multiple injuries requiring medical attention, including broken bones, bleeding in the brain and large lacerations. I was informed Officer N.B. also required medical attention although his injuries were less severe.

I have been informed that defendant is a convicted felon, in that he was convicted of Resisting a Felony Arrest in the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court on February 2, 2003. I have also been informed that defendant did not own the vehicle he was driving and he did not have permission from the owner of the vehicle, F.H., to be in possession of the vehicle. Sgt. R. identified the car involved in the collision, which was being driven by defendant, as the car that had fled from him minutes earlier. Ramiro Martinez PRINT NAME (Original signed) SIGNATURE