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Assignment 1 (TMA1)
Date due: 30 May 2013 Length: You should answer two questions from this assignment. The answer for Question 1 will be worth 40% of the marks for this assignment, whereas the answer for Question 2 will be worth 60% of the marks. The total length of your answers to this assignment should not exceed 1,500 words. (To gain high marks, you should make your answers close to the expected lengths. Answers deviating significantly from the expected lengths will lose marks.)

This assignment has been designed to help you understand the communication theory and business writing fundamentals discussed in Units 1–3. You will also find that part of the examination is designed to test this area of your knowledge. By completing the assignment carefully and reading your tutor’s comments, you will also be preparing yourself for the examination. Remember: 1 2 You are expected to apply the concepts you have studied on the course. You should write your own answers appropriate to the situations given. You are encouraged to use the relevant terms used in the course; however, at the same time, you should be careful about plagiarism.

Note: Answer both Question 1 and Question 2.

Question 1 (40 marks)
The following items contain errors/possible weaknesses of grammar, word choice, etc. Please: i point out the errors/weaknesses in each item,

ii explain clearly why they are errors/weaknesses, for example, what writing principles are violated, and iii provide possible corrections/improvements of the errors. (i– iii: no more than 600 words) a If you have any questions concerning the above, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms Chiu, the beautiful young lady you have met before.(Hint: two errors/weaknesses) Pursuant to our telephone conversation this morning, please be advised that the new quotation and order form will deliver to you by next Monday. (Hint: two errors/weaknesses) In the presentation, Eric clearly demonstrated how to use the new report template and inputting the data. This new template will help



Terry. (Hint: three errors/weaknesses) Question 2 (60 marks) Read the following case and answer the questions that follow. It is now 5:30 pm in a Friday afternoon. but she is planning to take Terry to a few more therapy sessions in the afternoon. Two days ago. Carter told her that there are precedents. Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: (knocks at the door) Hi. OK.400 plus some money for return freight charges for the executive desk that you recently purchased from us. Wendy decides to talk to Dannie and gain her permission for working half-time instead of full-time. working in the Human Resource Department. my son has just been diagnosed with autism. I am sure that you will be happy to know that we have decided to refund $10.) Well. and what she needs is Dannie’s permission for doing that. I just need 10–15 minutes’ time. she chatted with Carter. Wendy. Wendy’s boss. Wendy’s four-year-old son. Therefore. Only very recently. about her idea. Wendy is competent and well-liked by her colleagues and clients. She likes to attend to details and hesitates to change.2 BUS B103 English and Communications for Business I our employees with a easy to read format and organization. she wants to switch from working full-time to half-time. Sit down. her friend. She has been with the firm for over three years. Dannie. is a very careful person. has recently been diagnosed with autism. Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: . … (Dannie is hesitant. What’s AS? Autistic sickness? Autism … Asperger syndrome … a type of autism. Wendy. Dannie Zhang. (Wendy sits down. Wendy has already enrolled Terry in a special school for the morning. Here is the conversation that Wendy has with Dannie. (looks up from her computer) Hi. we found that he has AS and … Sorry. (Hint: three errors/weaknesses) d Thank you for your complaint letter dated 10 May.) What do you want to talk to me about? Well. Wendy Thomson is an accountant for a large accounting firm. Could you spare me a few minutes? Liza (Dannie’s secretary) told me that you don’t have any appointments after 5 pm.

… In fact. He told me that there’re precedents … Why did you talk to the HR before you talked to me? Well. have you … Dannie. I want to help. See you there.Assignment File 3 Dannie: I see … I’m sorry that your son is autistic. Maybe. I’m sure you’ll be OK. yes … You know … Carter said it’s not complicated at all. … Hi. Wendy … I think we need to have some more thoughts on that … Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: Dannie: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: . it’s just a casual chat … Carter’s a friend and I had lunch with him the other day … That’s fine … but I think I need to find out more information about this. Jen. just chatting with my staff. (The telephone rings. thanks for your care. the Personnel Officer. Dannie. I could give my friend a call and get some information for you. What can I do for you? Well. (picks up the phone) Dannie speaking. I really appreciate that. Dannie. I talked to Carter … Who’s Carter? Carter. Oh. … No. What I need is your permission … I could … Easy. but … I’m not sure the HR will allow such arrangement … Well. I’m thinking about working half-time with the company … I want to get extra help for my son … you know … say. Sorry. Where? … Ha-ha … you bet … (continues the telephone conversation for a few minutes) Good. I need your help. go to some therapy sessions in the afternoon … Wendy. … My friend has an autistic daughter and he is coping with it very well. Where’re we? We’re talking about my switching to half-time work … Oh. Sure.) Excuse me. … Dinner? Sure. nothing urgent.

drop a question and expect me to give you an answer right away! (backs off) Sorry. (no more than 100 words) Using the concepts you have studied in the course. (Wendy walks out of Dannie’s office. but I need to make a decision quick … (becomes a bit annoyed) Look. I’m a mom too … How about … let me discuss with the HR first and I’ll get back to you asap … (looks a bit disappointed) Wendy. I want to help. Thanks. (You will be given more credit if you are able to show how workable the solutions are. how the barriers you have identified in your answer to part (b) of this question could have been overcome or minimised. with clear explanations. but you can’t just come in. I didn’t mean to be so pushy … I’m just worried about my son … (shows sympathy) I understand.) Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: Wendy: Dannie: a b Using the Rhetorical Model of Communication. Classify them as psychological. Go home. we could work out something that can help you and at the same time doesn’t affect our department.4 BUS B103 English and Communications for Business I Wendy: Dannie: (becomes pushy) I know. OK. Hopefully. Wendy. Dannie. Take a break. Bye. identify five communication barriers in this case. Have a nice weekend! You too.) (no more than 400 words) c . We’ll discuss this further next week. Dannie. Dannie. (no more than 400 words) Suggest. and explain why they are barriers. Wendy. I promise I’ll talk to you about this next week. analyse the communication situation described above. thanks. physical or semantic barriers. Dannie. I really appreciate that … Sorry that I wasn’t … That’s OK.

• • • • .Assignment File 5 Checklist for Assignment 1 Have you answered Questions 1 and 2? Have you proofread your work carefully? If you send the assignment to your tutor by post: Have you correctly filled in all parts of the TMA form and attached it to your assignment? Have you put enough postage on your assignment to get it delivered to your tutor? Have you included a stamped acknowledgement card? Have you posted your assignment to your tutor’s correct address at least three days before the due date? If you send the assignment to your tutor by online submission: Have you named your file properly? Have you submitted your assignment online through the Online Learning Environment (OLE). not by email? How this assignment will be assessed For both parts of this assignment you will gain marks for: • demonstrating that you can apply what you have learned so far about the communication theory and business writing fundamentals to a practical situation the quality of your answers how well you have organized your discussion good presentation and acceptable length good English.