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Chakra Quiz

Money is a the subject on most peoples lips Either "We have it" or "Don't have enough" "Thoughts of what needs to be paid" or "What can't be paid"

This is a good factor to work with when seeing which chakra is strong or weak.

For through your chakras You can create your financial means to meet your needs and beyond!

Take this quiz to find out which of your Chakras are Strong Supportive & Weak You will also be able to understand your personal destiny and link it with your money making style.

1 . You will score the quiz after taking it! There are no right or wrong answers just Your answers as this is a deeper look into the self! . 0 means "I completely disagree" 5 means "I completely agree". which chakras Help you & which ones need Tending to.For the best way to make money is by: Doing what you love that brings your Mind Body Spirit As One! Be honest with yourself & this will reveal which chakras are your Power tools.66 are divided into eleven Categories at the end & the scale is from 0 to 5. ***Enjoy!*** You will need a pen & paper to write down your answers.

I would consider myself a physical person . 012345 3. . 012345 2.Ready? Lets go. I consider myself a mystic. 012345 5. it is more important to be creative than to make/save money. 012345 4..I like to exercise & be active. 1. To me. My feelings often tell me what is important in my life. magical & supernatural things fascinate me. Love is more important than money is most important when helping others.

012345 7. I must pray or meditate about it.012345 6. I can picture. Before I make a decision. I consider myself a visual person. . I am an idealist for only ideals are important. needs & desires in my head. I'm happiest when I buy something solid and tangible with money. I need to speak or write to make my financial goals for them to happen. 012345 9. ideas. 012345 8. 012345 10.

I would only invest in a product/company if it is run in a businesslike fashion & I can account for every penny. I would like to become a healer. 012345 13. I think I should be able to command money out of the air. 012345 12. Plain and simple. 012345 14. .012345 11. I would spend any amount of money on a hurt animal. 012345 15. if that means helping people become more loving in one way or another. Money is power.

012345 16. 012345 18. 012345 20. I would be open to hear guidance from the invisible realm. this is more important to me than anything else. . 012345 19. 012345 17. I am a spiritual person. I am a feeling person and feel all my feelings deeply. I need to imagine or visualise a goal before I work for it. I would like to perform miracles whenever I want.

012345 24. 012345 22. . I am always aware of my own and others' relationship needs. I think that everything in life works to a higher ideal. 012345 25. I can't stand it when a plant or animal is hurt. 012345 23.012345 21. To make a difference in the world you need to produce a service/product that is tangible & practical. It is important to gather & analyse data before making a decision.

I believe that there are other worlds. I usually make decisions based on logic and analysis.012345 26. 012345 28. planes & dimensions and I want to be the connecting point between them. 012345 29. 012345 27. I love to communicate & hear what others have to say. I could never spend money on anything that could damage the . 012345 30. I believe the main goal of making money is to take care of my loved ones & other people.

I would like to transform any negative situation into something positive with my own will. Sometimes.environment. I feel others feelings as if they are my own. Money is only useful when it furthers the Divine plan. 012345 33. reasons that certain people . I can sometimes sense the presence of God/s or other spirits. 012345 35. I believe that there are patterns to life. 012345 34. 012345 32. 012345 31.

012345 39. 012345 37.come together or not. 012345 40. 012345 38. 012345 36. property or anything you can touch. Making money is a long-range objective: I can put up with short term fluctuations for long term gain. durable goods. such as. I only understand money when it is in my hand. I believe the safest investments are the most tangible. I can't do cheque books. I like to constantly read or hear about how my investments are doing. Living an ethical life that supports my value system is the most .

for example. 012345 43. I like to invest in endeavours that are logical. Before I invest or make money. 012345 44. I'm like a bolt of lightning: I leave a mark of humour or sarcasm 012345 . I need to create a long term plan. 012345 41. I know what is right by how my body reacts.important thing. intelligently explained and well organised. I'll get a physical reaction when I don't like or not liked by someone. 012345 42.

45. you can change the properties of any substance at will. 012345 47. I like to budget and mange my money logically. 012345 48. I like to invest my money in creative endeavours. Good & Bad just like Black & White are not what they seem. I can tell the difference no matter what people say. There is no such thing as "bad" or "blood" money. 012345 49. 012345 46. 012345 . I would like to donate a huge sum of money to a charity.

. I am happier in nature than in anywhere else. 012345 54. 012345 55. 012345 53. 012345 52. I trust my ability to analyse and go by my "gut sense" to make my decision.50. 012345 51. Making money is vital to being successful and feeling accomplished. I like to make something creative with my time and money. I put relationship needs before money. I often convert my thoughts into pictures.

I would invest it in environmentally safe businesses. I usually make decisions based on how my choices affect relationships. music & anything that helps me communicate with the outside world. If I had one million pounds to invest. Money is only useful when it supports an ideal. 012345 57.I love to spend money on books. 012345 .012345 56. 012345 58. 012345 59.

012345 63. I often see patterns in what is occurring around the world. 012345 62. People have always said that I am a good communicator. 012345 . 012345 64. I would like to use spiritual forces to get money when I want it. 012345 61. I have to visualise an idea before I can understand it.60. You must be powerful to make a difference in this world. although you might have to change other worlds to make a difference here.

I believe I have the power and the right to change the weather when it is necessary. 54 Category Four .1. 27. 59 Category Five . 012345 Scoring Time: Add up your scores in each of the following eleven categories Category One . 41. 56. 47. 50. 29. 37.11. 12. 55 Category Two . 43.65. 23. 012345 66. You should never surrender you value system to make money. 24. 9. 28. 34.3. 17. 25. 20. 49. 38. 5. 62 .2. 52 Category Three .6.

42.15. 35. 39. 64 Category Seven . 61 Category Nine . 22.24 Category Two .30 . 60 Category Ten . You need the gifts within them to actively express your spiritual purpose & to attract the financial abundance you need & want to achieve your destiny. 21. 33. 63.8. 32. 26.30. 14. 53.7. 48. 65 Category Eight .13. 45. 66 Your strongest & most developed chakras are vital for a reason. 57 Category Eleven . 40. 46. 44.4. 16. Create a table and put your scores in the spaces Here is an example: Person X Answers Category One . 51. 58. 36. 18. 19. 31.Category Six .10.

28 Category Nine .20 Weak ~ 1 .30 Supportive ~ 11 .20 Category Eight .20 Category Six .6 Category Eleven .20 Category Seven .28 Category Four . 7 11 4. 3 9.10 Great! Here is a run down of what each chakra represents in relation to your spiritual nature. 1 6. . 5.14 Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Score 30 28 24 20 14 6 Category/Chakra 2 8.6 Category Five . 10 Strong ~ 21 .24 Category Ten .Category Three .

Relater (You are the healer & relationship expert .Here we are working with the 7 major chakras and 4 outer ones: Chakra One .Thinker (You are the analyst & an excellent manager of money) Chakra Four . Others ask & it is given.Communicator (You govern networking & have incredible presentation skills) Chakra Six .Manifester (You are the most physical & also the best at making & understanding money) Chakra Two .Spiritualist (You are connected to the Divine & spirit realms) .Visionary (You are the seer and planner.Feeler (You are the most feeling based & understand how others feel under differing financial conditions) Chakra Three .financial and otherwise) Chakra Five . You see & it is made manifest) Chakra Seven .

money is to the physical as power is to the mystical) Chakra Nine .Chakra Eight . money too!) Chakra Eleven . They interpret life through feeling. huge strength in problem solving) Chakra Ten .Commander (As a transmuter and commander of forces.Idealist (You are one of the worlds harmonisers. through all there is.Naturalist (You know that ancestors are still animate. you can bend the invisible to your will) *** How do you use what you have just decoded to help you in abundance? I will use the example in the above table: *** Person X has Chakra Two (Feeler) as their strongest chakra. .physical & mystical .Shaman (You walk between worlds .

Teaching.Thinker) This person will do well in work such as Counselling.Chakra Eight) & marry this by thought (Chakra Three . . behaviour & intuition through your chakra system. attitudes. This marriage of the Mind Body & Spirit will open abundance & help them fulfill their destiny on this plane. *** The same is true of You! What do you see from your table? How does this relate to the job you are in now? Can you see how marrying the Mind Body & Spirit will help you to be where you want to be? By tracking your goals.They also deal with Earthly wisdom (Shaman . You assure yourself the monetary support you need to live an exciting & fulfilling life. Massage etc Chakra Four (Relater) is one of their weakest chakras by working in one of the professions above. they will also tend to their weakest chakra and help build it up in the process.