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Symbol world
Stories / games / cooking
instructions / news http://www.symbolworld.org/

Interactive IWB and computer activities for numeracy / literacy / phonics / science / ICT / geography / history / RE (a yearly fee is charged) http://www.iboard.co.uk/

Interactive IWB activities for numeracy / literacy / phonics / science / ICT / geography / history / RE http://www.topmarks.co.uk/

Ngfl Wales
Excellent interactive computer and downloadable corresponding resources and worksheets for all areas of the curriculum. www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk

Primary resources
A selection of worksheets, games and ideas for all areas of the curriculum. http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/

Excellent resources for all areas of the curriculum. http://www.tes.co.uk/

E2BN Gallery
A huge range of royalty free images and videos! http://gallery.nen.gov.uk/

818 fun, cool games for learning.


It Scotland
A good range of images.

http://wayback.archive-it.org/1961/20100803 081305/http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/earlyyears/ resources/illustrations/flowers/index.asp http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/ grownups/about/specialneeds/

BBC grownups
Including switch games and mouse &keyboard games to build skills.

Mrs Pancake
IWB, interactive and worksheet resources for all areas of the curriculum. http://mrspancake.com/

SEN Teacher
Fantastic! selection of printable for literacy, numeracy and other topics. You can make them online to suit! http://www.senteacher.org/

co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/games/questionaut/pop. http://www.html Harry Potter Switch Game Play Quidditch with space key or switch. http://www. http://www.gamequarium.shtml Scott Mckay – Switch games Excellent switch games for free! Football / Carnival /Spiderman.html Cbeeies Switch Games One switch games – ok but not the best.kent.bbc.co.org/ngflwebsite/ sennew/software/ng_software/SENSwitcher/ index_updated2.uk/children.org/dir/Gamequarium_Junior/ Questionaut A wonderful animate game with questions – for adults or Gifted and Talented in KS4 (maths/English/science) http://www.multimap.com/ .woodlands-junior.primarygames.com/puzzles/action/monkeygohappy/index.crickweb.northerngrid. http://harrypotter. http://www.shtml# Happy Go Monkey A wonderful animate game using stratergy for make the monkey happy – for KS1/2/3/4 http://www.com/ NGFL Switch games Variety of easy switch games cause and effect skills focus.co. stories and ideas for all areas of the curriculum.uk/freegames/index. games.org.shinylearning. http://www.bbc. http://www.uk/cbbc/games/by/ type/switchgames Georgraphy Nature Grid Exploring woodlands / pond/ eco / plants – quizzes and questions.co.Woodlands Junior A selection of worksheets.html Multi Map Aerial photos from around the world.warnerbros.uk/ games/quidditch/chaser.uk/ Gamequarium A selection of online activities linked to key stage and curriculum. http://www.naturegrid.co.htm Switch accessible Shinyle Learning Excellent switch accessible and keyboard operated games for free! www. EXCELLENT FOR HEAD MOUSE / SWITCH / EYEGAZE / KEYBOARD. http://www.scottmckay.uk/ Crickweb A selection of online activities linked to key stage and curriculum.sch.

e2bn. with mobiles. http://museumbox.org/ .chatdanger.jp/labo/flower_garden.procreo. emails etc.org/ Histories Hero’s A variety of well known people in history.org/ Abolition Project Look at the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Thomas Clarkson who fought for emancipation of enslaved Africans in the British colonies.e2bn.kidsmart. http://www.uk/children. http://www.e2bn.thinkuknow. http://vcp.swf Play Kids Games Free games to build mouse skills.org.org. parents and teacher to encourage children to be smart online.e2bn. parents and teacher to encourage children to be safe online.org/ ICT TUX Paint Free noisy painting program http://tuxpaint.History Playing History Exploring woodlands / pond/ eco / plants – quizzes and questions.com Kidsmart Activities and ideas for pupils. www.html Museum box Look at and make a box of objects to show the life or time of and era or person. Timelines/images/a day in the life. their stories (read online) and timelines. http://www.org/ Procreo Only one program but great for making a flower garden with a mouse or touch screen.com/ Think U Know Top 10 tips to encourage children to be safe online.playkidsgames.org/ History Cookbook Fun videos from all eras from prehistoric to post war.naturegrid. www. http://abolition. http://cookit. Some games are particularly aimed at learning the alphabet.uk/ Chat Danger Activities and ideas for pupils. http://historysheroes.e2bn.org/historycookbook/ Victorian Crime and Punishment Prisoner database and records and case studies. http://www.

php BBC Schools Excellent selection of games.uk/index.abcya.htm Alphabetimals Just for Fun – link to phonics.e2bn.org/planning. adjectives that can be played as a class on the IWB.org/ KS2 BBC Bitesize Excellent English activities and quizzes.co.com/ Worksheet genius Make and print your own customisable English and Math’s worksheets.org.primarygames. http://ictearlyyears.e2bn.com/ Funbrain Literacy games focused on verbs.bbc. gallery and resources linked to play activities and creative learning approach.English Myth and Legends Excellent animation and interactive storyboard creator software for Free http://myths. http://www.worksheetgenius. ideas. http://alphabetimals.html .co.uk/schools/ks1bitesize/literacy/ Primary Games Lots of fun English language games! http://www. http://www.html Boggles world ESL Literacy games.com/ Early Years Sebastian Swan Interactive online stories about nature – Exploring animals http://www. with worksheets.html ICT in Early Years Plans. http://www.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/science/ ABCYA Online stories and games.com/reading.com/kidscenter. to teach KS1 Literacy topics.com/index.funbrain.sebastianswan. with lesson plans and worksheets. activities and worksheets for ESL http://bogglesworldesl. http://www.bbc. http://www.

funbrain. Worksheet genius Make and print your own customisable English and Math’s worksheets.primarygames. http://www. For more able.northumberland.org.htm KS2 BBC Bitesize Excellent science activities and quizzes. A good strategic game to practice adding.bbc.com/kidscenter. http://www. http://ngfl.htm Science Experiments Activity TV Science Videos.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/science/ .uk/schools/ks2bitesize/science/ http://www.gov.Maths Ace centre Math’s work sheets for non-mouse users.com/worksheets http://www.php http://www.com/math/make15/index.bbc.co. http://www.com/curriculum/science.worksheetgenius. http://www. KS2 BBC Bitesize Excellent maths activities and quizzes.html http://www.ace-centre. Lesson Corner Generate your own.activitytv.htm Science Primary Science Games Shows all science games with description and age level.com/index.primarygames. with lesson plans and worksheets.com/science-experiments-for-kids Sounds from Space Activites and songs on space theme.uk/index. with lesson plans and worksheets.uk/online/longshape3d.co.winner has 3 numbers that add to make 15. For more able.html http://www. differentiated worksheets.primaryresources.com/ http://www.cfm? pageid=3D586252-3048-7290-FEB12DC63FCDD7BD http://www.co.mathworksheetwizard.uk/music/soundsfromspace/default. Worksheet wizard VERY COOL! Generates worksheets. Funbrain Maths games that can be played as a class on the IWB. 3D buried shapes Identify shapes in the sand beautiful graphics! Make 15 Take on the computer .lessoncorner.

gov. WheelMate is powered by wheelchair users who add and verify every single location themselves.unclefred. http://www.htm Sounds from Space Activites and songs on space theme.primarydandt. http://www.Art + DT Uncle Fred Step by Step guide to use on IWB to show how to draw cartoons.tate.uk/music/soundsfromspace/default. Also available as a smartphone app.com/en/ .northumberland.com/ Tate Kids Games. http://ngfl. WheelMate gives you an instant overview of your nearest wheelchair-friendly toilets and parking spaces.uk/disney-junior/art-attack/attacks/ Primary DT A selection of downloadable booklets for teaching D&T.wheelmate. art ideas. http://www. http://ngfl. accessible toilets and parking spaces when on the move can be a real challenge for wheelchair users.uk/music/orchestra/default. which pupils can click on to hear. http://www. films. WheelMate is designed to change that. For more able.co.htm Accessibility Wheelchair mate Finding clean.org/resources/ Music Virtual Orchestra A virtual selection of nearly 60 musical instruments.disney. ensuring it works the way it should.gov. http://kids.uk/ Art Attack Art projects and ideas. projects.northumberland.org.

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