Elizabeth Baayewah 21-378 Dufferin Street The Pas – Manitoba R9A 1K4 Tel: (204) 809-6156 High

Commission of Canada Visa Section Post Office Box 1639 Accra-Ghana June 19th, 2013 Dear Sir or Madam, Re: Visitor’s Visa appeal and Re-application(UCI:90594171, APPLICATION # V302962760 My recent letter of an invitation to my Auntie has been refused and I would like to seek some clarification on the reasons cited for her refusal, please refer to the above quoted UCI and application number for your reference. I tried to appeal the decision here in Canada but I was told by the agents at the CIC to seek clarification from the Officer and then reapply. I would like to inform your authority that the reason given for my Auntie’s invitation is genuine and it is about my health and that of my unborn child. The Pas, where I live in Manitoba is a remote township on an Indian Reserve and I have no network of support that can assist me in my current condition; hence, the need to bring my Auntie over to offer me a short term assistance. I did include my Doctor’s note to ascertain the reason given for my Auntie’s invitation. For the officer to infer that the purpose of my Aunties visit is unjustified shows lack of compassion as my situation demands assistance. Please note that my Auntie’s arrival in Canada would not only give me the necessary assistance but also she would be able to share the joy of my newborn with me. Denying my Auntie the visa because she had never travelled to another country before is arbitrary and I hope the Officer would rescind his/her decision as it is discriminatory. I belief there is always first time for everything and I don’t think there is any immigration policy in Canada that states that any visitor coming to Canada should have a prior travel experience before being admitted as a visitor to Canada. My Auntie, until my invitation had no plans to travel abroad and to hold that against her is discriminatory and unfair. How can one build his or her travel history without having to travel for the first time? If Canada has become a country for the rich and the well-travelled individuals, then please make a policy so that people would not bother

both extended and the nuclear which she belongs to. What would be the meaning of these Canadian values when immigrants and naturalized citizens cannot invite their family. the Officer’s assertion that she has no ties with her country of birth and citizenship is unfounded and arbitrary. What I know about Canada which I have chosen as my home is that it cherishes family and has compassion for the needy. accommodation and transportation will be my responsibilities as the host which I also explained in the affidavit and the letter of invitation which were duly notarized by a Commissioner of Oaths. it must be noted that the reasons given are arbitrary.applying for their friends. Ghana-West Africa . She also has her family. While I respect the Officers decision made earlier on. It is true as a retired farmer and a widow she has no money to fund her trip to Canada. The onus is on me to proof that I can support her as promised. family and relatives to visit them knowing that they are poor and lesstravelled by “your Canadian standards” as being applied to my Auntie application.. Thus. therefore. Other basic necessities such food. She has one grown up daughter whom she declared on the additional family information form. friends and love ones to visit them for the reasons that the people being invited are poor and less-travelled? I would like to reiterate the need to have compassion for the needy as I need my Auntie to be here before my child is born to relief me of the pain and agony I am going through. vague and discriminatory. Jamasi-Ashanti. I would like to conclude by appealing to the visa section at the Canadian High Commission in Accra to reconsider my Aunties application as it is vital that she is allowed to come to visit me as soon as possible as I approach full term of my pregnancy. My Auntie is a retired farmer and a Widow. Elizabeth Baayewah Cc: Dora Yaa Arkoh. She is a bona-fide Ghanaian citizen and. A medical insurance policy has been purchased for her to cater for her health needs during her stay in Canada. my Auntie is not going to be a burden on the Canadian government for her survival for the period that she will be in Canada. Post Office Box 148. Yours Sincerely ………………. I clarified in my letter of invitation that the cost of the travel and her living expenses for the three month period is being borne by me as her host.

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