Everyone was born in nude.

When an infant comes to the world, He/she brings in to the world with nothing, Even not a single piece of cloth, Don’t mention to those cars, houses, and other valuable items. In that sense, it is quite true that all men are created equal. It is not equal in rich, but equal in poor. Being a poor creature in the beginning, every infant feels that he/she comes to a world of suffering. For that reason, that The first thing an infant could do is to cry. Then, the gene of “selfishness” turns on immediately. And the infant quickly realizes, Even though that small brain has not yet well developed, Or, it is only semi functional, That he/she has to seize something, possess something, and eat something. But, he/she has no teeth yet at that time. So, he/she could only suck, - suck the milk from his/her mother. I believe that the gene of “selfishness” has not yet been studied extensively. However, one could image that That gene had been coded in one of 23 pairs of human chromosomes. Perhaps gene of “selfishness” is a rather important gene. Individuals without expression of that gene Could have been extinguished long, long ago, Since the law of natural election explained by Darwin in his “Origin of Species” is ruthless. Gene of self-protection shall be at least favorable to those individuals In the struggle for survival. All living things that have acquired better ways to protect themselves (including their offspring) should prevail against those Who are more intended to be self-sacrifice in the struggle of life. We can not under estimate the difficulty in curing a genetic epidemic like “selfishness”, Although we can preach to people and call on them to be benevolent, kind, sacrifice every day. Through the human history, many a great man had tried to teach people To be kind and benevolent, to serve the people whole heartily, Or, even to declare war upon individualism. However, corruption craws in various countries. May I ask: Could the bright brain conquer gene express or gene control brain function?...... THE ABOVE VERSE WAS SELECTE FROM THE PREFACE OF THE "PREDICTION OF STOCKS WITH GAO'S EQUATION" BY JOHNSON K. GAO IN 2004.