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Practice Paper
for the
Version 4


RCF Advanced Level Exam in Radio Communications

This exam consists of a single paper with 52 questions

You will


a copy of the Licence bandplans for 2m and 20m formula sheet calsulator blue or black pens

Try to set aside 2 hours when you will not be distracted by phone calls, pets, children, cups of tea. Before you begin, visit the loo.
For each question, put a tick in the [ ] alongside the correct answer. Make sure your tick does nat cover two boxes. If you change your mind, scribble over the box with the first tick; then tick the correct box.

Any calculations can be done on the back of this question paper.

I 2 3

Go through the whole FE*€r,

answering all the questi**s you are sure of.
Go through the paper a seccnd time. Thi*k about each remaining question and answer it if you can.

the paper a third time. For each question that is still unanswered, ellmi*ate any options that you know are wrong; then rnake an intelligent guess at the correct answer. Each question carries one mark. Ftarks are not deducted for wrong answers.
Go through

S* do not leave any q$estions unanswered.

4 5


y**r calculations.

Look over your answers until tirne is up.

Start time

Duration 2


End time

Sources of the reference material needed for the Exarn (Licence, bandplans, formulas) can be found at http ;l/freespace.virg i n. netlmuray. g 3kzb This website also gives details of other Practice Papers.


2012 QADVPP1 Version4

indecent or obscene. . provided that Shi{fr af ttreidlcxing conditions apply to rnessages sent by Radio {1} I?r€y rnust *et *e {2} lhey nnrst nst be {3} They. At I (1) and (2) only.3 D Ofcom may revoke the L*c*rrce if the Licensee does not confirm that the relevant details are still correct after a lap* of A I I Syears B I I lOyears C D t t I ] 15 years 20 years PPlpageZ . t ] at the requst *f a Frxn Maritime Mobite in international waters D t I if operating . {2} and {3} onty. Type approval of the Radio Equipment from HM Revenue and Customs. Notification to Ofcom of the name oF the Vessel.. mrlst not be Amateurs? of a menacing character. The Licence recornmends that any *mmunication links to remotely controlled *adio Equipment should use bands above * t ] tfn Liw*sre ho{ds the microphone B [ ] * r-r:eximrlnr po$rer of 5OW (17dBW) is emp{oyed { t} * I] S€ traf}sr*lssion lasts no longer than 5 minutes A II 3oMHz 100[.tHz B{ j tI otI C 200MHz 4aout1'z the Licensee has direct supervision I lYhat is needed before installing Radio Equipment in a Vessel? A permanent record (log) of the operation of Radio Equipment must be kept A t ] duringacontest A B C tI tI i I tI A certificate of insurance for the Radio Equipment. I {I C[ I D{}&}. grossly oftensive.1threecfthem.The Regional Secondary Locator in the callsign GM8KZB indicates that the Radio Equipment is being used in CEPT Rec*mmendation T/R radio amateurs who are 61-01 relates to t Bt Ct Dl A I I I l The Isle of Man A II temporary visitors to another country operating /MM on a Vessel not registered in the UK permanently resident abroad retaying fttessages via amateur Scotland England 8i I {[ Guernsey I *[ ] The Salvation Army and the WRVS are among the organisations designated by the Licence as satellits t I VoluntaryBodies B t I AuxiliaryAgencies C t 1 Relief Operations D t I UserServices A A persc* an a Rmgnised Foundation Training Cource is perrritted to aperate the Radio Equipr*e*t cf a Fu*i Ucence holder. 3t ] C when funciioning as a beac*n authorised by Ofcom The written permission of the Vessel's master. (1} and (3} cn}y.

i 3t Ct Dt A I GraphA.2Q L2 A capacitor is formed of 2 parallel plates.86MHz 51. ctllev. 14 An alternating current in the form of a si*e What is its RMS yalue? AtlLTv.OV. B { } 1570ohms. S{ } Ct I D{ ] To prevent eddy cxrrents. the PS betv*eea its terminals falls to 486.20MH2 145.[ ] l782ohms. I GraphD.0MH2 A [ ] 1464ohms. C . To increase the ?er$. I 3 1576 ohms. When 15A is drawn fror* it. B I I o. . I ] Addi*g te the number of turns on the coil. Making the diameter of the coil smaller.6n c t I 0. Double the area of the plates and halve the distance between them. Halve the area of the plates and double the distance between them. Increasing the spacing between the turns. What should be done to make the capacita*e four times as large? AI ] Bt I Ct I Double the area of the pfates and double the distance between them.1O On which one of the following frequencies a Full Licence holder permitted to use 400w (26 dBw)? is 15 t*fhat ie tf*e inductive reactance of an inductor of 1S misehenries at a frequency of 25MHz? [Take p{ as 3"14] A tI BI I 1.ea D I I 1. The source resistance of the PSU is D. Halve the area of the plates and halve the distance between them. 11 A Power Supply U*it has an ElttF *f S*$.5V. D[]20v.45MH2 i I Dt ] C 70. Dt I 1? Why are the iron laminat*or*s AI I in a rnains transformer coated with v"amish? To isolate the primary and secondary windi*gs. A t I o. I GraphB. PPTpage3 . DI I lfftrich one of these grapfls shows the innpedance of a patatlel resonant circuit? 13 Which one of the following actions will increase the inductance of an inductor? AI I Bt I C Removing the ferrite core.}e*}itity. BIl18v.sf. To minimise corrosion.

C i I CircuitC. The bandwidth of the signal will increase. then 23 In a receiver employing direct digital synthesis. circuits are built with a combinatiortr of components with negative and positive temperature coefficients in order to grcuit(1) E- *tm* Neither of them. Circuit D Which of these circuiG matches the graph? A I I CircuitA. B t I CircuitB. npntra*sistor. what is the effect of increasing the number of digits in the synthesiser? AI I BI ] C the depletion layer widens and no current flows the depletion layer widens and current flows the depletion layer narrows and no current flows the depletion layer narrows and current flows PPTPage4 i AI I BI I Ct I More current will be draw* from the power supply. :r -I Circuit A Circuit ts cllrEr. The purity of the signal will be improved.t8 21 Whish o*e ef the fotlowing would be the best choice as the input of an electronic voltrneter? A i I Bt I D pnptransistor.-.1- -r 22 II trisdsvafve. # il t Circuit C j . Dt I ZO If the p-n junction of a transistor is reverse biased. D t I CircuitD. Cfrcuit (2) onfy. to change from transmit to receive and vice versa- t I Dt ] D t I It will take less time . Cirtuit {2} 19 Oscillator A B C D II i j tI Ij Which of these rectifier circuits would give a half-wave output? maintain oscillation aeross a wide frequency range obtain maximum frequencry stability minimise the current drawn by the oscillator stabitize the circulating current At I Ct I B I I Circuit (1) only. Both of them.

t Bt CI DI A ] intermodulationproduct I selectivity I noisefloor I cut-offpoint 'Key clicks'on a CW transmission are caused by A t I an unstabilized power supply I t I se{ective refractions from the ionosphere C tI I] the carrier rising and falling too rapidly sending the Morse at too many words per minute tFjhat sort of D reeilrer has this block diagram? At ] B tuned radio frequenry (TRF) tI (single)supertet C I I doublesuperhet PPlpageS D t I direct digital synthesis . I SSB and FM. Dt I I j intermodulation B I I frequencydrift C t ] excessivebandwidth D I I parasiticoscillation :f tfr€ *o€kd focp in a frequency faik to tock. A To reduce distortion.24 Why are frequency multipliers biased in Class C? 28 Unplanned resonances in a amp[ifier can result in At ] BI ] Ci ] To geaerate harmorics.--> broadest 3* ph* Atl B ['J AM SSB SSB FM FM AM ctl DI] 26 rlir AM ssB AM ssB FM I Bt CI DI A I tk frqtx*ry display witt fiash ] @'*itlbe. I AMandCW.iloousut I the carr*e. To stabilize the &quency. then synthesiser 25 What are the relative bandwidths of these modes of modulation? narrowest <------. To minimise the current. I AM and SSB.r urii$ be {lfi-n?*dtr*ated I the fieqtm:cy$-t$t* transr"*Issioa rritl dri* Which of the following modes of modulation require a power amplifier to be linear? 3{} The lesr*l af tft* h*s eoming out of a receiveds loudspeaker when no signal is present is known as its t Bt ci Dt A 27 I CWand FM.

l#hat fraEtion of a wavelength is the l*ngEtr gf eac* side of the square? What mde of transmission is this circ*it desigrdrte demodulate? AIjcu.32 The overall sensitivity of a receiver depends on the sensitivity of its 36 What is the approximate A I I 3'5metres B I I4-Smetres C t I6. .5 MHz has an IF of 45'0 MHz.5 When cutting as antenna to size.5 and 235-5 t4Hz 12O-5.95 tI 3A A guad a*tenna is constructed in the form of a squ*r:. and 291.5 37 MHz MHz 100'5 and 190.75 ctI D x0. rxhat is the'end factor ccrrection" that has to be applied to the free space l*ngth? 1rS.0 MHz? A II BI I Ct I DI I 90.5 and 135.85 x0.8metres D I I 9'Smetres I I R.65 xo.Fstage B t I localosciltator C t I mixer D t I lFstage(s) A 33 A receiver tuned to 145. What are the two possible frequencies of the local oscillator? length of a half wavelength of coaxial cable with solid polythene dielectric at 29.5 MHz A tI Bt I x0. s{I&!{ t Ioneeighth B I l onequarter C t I onethird D t I onehalf A c{lssa DIJfi 33 Which of the following formula relating to Return Loss at a transmitter is correct? A tI (Feederloss) + {Return Loss at antenna) 3 t J (Return Loss at antenna) - {Feder Loss) C Box Z contains a tI tI 2x(Feedert-o'ss) + (Retum l-Ess at antenna) D (ReturnLosatantenna) I I transverter B t I high-passfilter C t j balun D t I antenna matching unit A - 2x(Feeder Loss) pptbige.

7 Circuit 43 At what time during a 24 hour period is the D layer of the ionosphere likely to be most strongly ionised? At I Bt I Mfctnigt1t. Dt I Sunset- 44 Circuit C Circuit D 10. D i I CircuitD.*:r *-'g* . Satellite. Circuit B C I I N**n. The proper name for the'rusty bolt effect'is 42 Signals prqpagated by a single refraction from the E layer of the ionosphere may be heard up to a distance of about I I blocking B I j overtoading C { I coffimon rnod* i*teference D I I Fassi\relnterrlsdnlatic* A t I Z000km B I I 4000km C t I Boo0km D t I 120o0km A 47 The special type of 'voltage depende*t' resistors found in mains filters t I stabilize the output ts ?3SV B t ] cut off spikes of high votrtage C t I set a maximum value of current A through the filter D PPlpageT tI present a low impedance to the incoming 50Hz . Cfr:cuitc. Tropospheric. CircuitB.7{z ard 4S5 kHz are frequencies commonly used for A tI pagsrs radio c*sttrcltd rn*dels beaccrs fur lYhich a*e of tllese Antenna Tuning Units has a pi circuit? Bt ] Ct I Wp*at*"n rcsearcb AI I BI I C{ I CircuitA. A Daybreak. +f radi* amateur signals is laast tikely to cause crossmodulation in other devices? 41 Allcw What sort of communieation uses a helical antenna? c[]ssB DtIrM B[]AM 46 t BI Ct DI A I j I j Shortskip. Dt I IFs of dor*st*c {e{e*Yers 45 Whiitl nrede af r:rodula&i.40 ..

C t ] $*Iy stattment {2} is trs*. B [ ] &r4r seabrxrent {1} is 51 On receiving a complaint about interfercnce to a nearby radio. 1CIf.7O volts per metre.0fcom. 49 An antenna is radiating a power of (50W). Gffir{ES. Special event station.48 The simplest way to increase inductance of a wire is to the 52 Which one of t}1e fellowing could be the callsign of a ffiai$bex? A t I connectaceramiccapacitor between it and earth At ] B GB3KU& I I applyahighervoltage C t I increase its diameter D t I clip a split ferrite ring over it B tI GBsrsB. the generation of unwanted mixer prcducB C t I Talk-in station for a rally. O.37 volts per metre. {2}'k*trtr atdio @uencies t I Dt ] C 1. D I ] Both statenrents arc true. pp*ageg . * t3 Ystatementistrue. 18MHz(17m). the first thing a radio amateur should do is A t I fit a ferrite ring on the mains lead of the radio 55 fr* wfuich **s of k A f.stlffiir*g bands do contests take place? B t I sit down and talk it through with the neighbour C t I find out if the radio is under guarantee tI BI I Ct I 7t4tz(40m).98 volts per metre. What is the field 17dBW strength at a distance of lkm from Ylatlid: cf Ure folf*wing statemer:ts isfaee trse ab6ut {TCSS in connection witk repeaters? (1) continuotrs during access the antenna? At I Bt I 0'05 volts per metre. 0. D t I Sarsw$mtbn s&aticn at a consult the Ofcom website Dtl24t4tlz(12m). Dt I www.ttlz{30m}. ct] Dt I 33 ffi?KEB. 5{ Which one of the following types *f station always requires a particular callsign issued specifically for the occasion? 50 A possible cause of EMC problems in arr unbalanced system that does not arise with a balanced system is At ] C ahighSWR of harmonics B I ] the radiation t I Dt I RF curent on the coax outer At I Bt I Clubstation.

All the following safety precautions important.lnter.8v ts[]CI-4v The interior of a commercial static discharge device contains I Bt Ct Dt A ] j inertgas avacuurn 62 Why measure SWR? AI j To check the bandwidth of a transmission. l carbcndioxide ] compressed dry air BT J To prevent over-modulation. 59 To measure a large current with a moving coil meter Dl I A B C tI II I] tI connect a high value resistsr in parallel with it connect a low value resistor in parallel with it connect a high value resistor in series with it connect a low value resistor in series with it D PPlpageg . Cables of adequate current carrying capacity. LED At I Bt I Dt ] 61 Crystal callilrator. HeterodynewaYs$l€t€r. co{. Which one is the most important? are 60 Which one of the following would give the least accurate measure of frequency? Ai I Bt I Earth leakage trip. C t ] Digital frequency Absorptfon'wavemeter. ci J To measure the output from a transmitter. To monitcr the match on a feeder. What is the peak-t*-peak voltage of the wavef*r* shatrn? AIJS"AY Eg c[]0'5v D[]0. t I DI I C Double-pole master switch. 37 Reference Levels recommending A t j Ofcom BTIRSGB Ct I maximum safe levels of exposure to RF radiation for each of the amateur bands are published by Health Protection Agency Health and Safety Executive Dt I The ve*isaf amplifier in this oec**I*swpe is set to 200mV per division. or neon warning lights.

7 21 C 4L.2 28 D 57.1 598 96 10a.93 7b.6 30 c62 4j.1 424 81 6b"2 43C 81 6b.L 2d.1 8e.t Clause Clause Clause Clause Clause 2(2) 17(qq) 3(3) 9(4) 16(U zt.1 Za.L 4AD 91 7b.1 25 D 44-46 4f.1 l$e.L 24 A 49 4d.4 5d.1 3n.4 29 848 4h.2 46D 90 7a.58 4h.2 B 29 3h.3 548 13 55A 13 56C L4 9a.1 4m.1 2h.5 478 92.1 t2 A 24.z 3j.2 26852 49.3 5e.1 QADVPP1 Version 4 .1 57C 16 9d.1 Zc.23 3a.1 16 C 30.97 3n.72 7d.6 44D 90 7a.25 3e.1 8b.1 5c.1 5a.1 3m.1 8a.3 3k.1 15 C 22.1 23 B 48 4c.L Note (g) Clause 12(1) Clause 6(3) Schedule Table C 34D67 35A70 36A74 77D75 38876 39C73 40D79 31C64 32A62 33853 4k.1 58A L7 9e.1 50D 99-101 10b.1 27C59 4h.1 41.L c 26 3f.1 29.1 5c.1 Zj.t 50c 71.1 61 D le8 62 D 73 1$c"L 51 B 9s 52C 11 53D L2 7f .31 L7 D32 18 A91 19833 20A34 3i.1 2e.QADV Practice Paper 1 t(ey Advance! The Full Licence Manual Syllabus I Licence 188 2D8 3D 4 B 7 5A7 6DB 7A9 8C8 9A9 10D10 11 13 2b.1 8d.36 3p.28 39.1 40.3 49A 86 7c.L Note (h) 2i.1 4LB B0 6a.1 t4 A 27.1 4q.L 45D 89 7a.6 22 A 35.