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Practice Paper 2
for the RCF Advanced Level Exam in Radio Communications
Version 4

This exam consists of a single paper with 62 questions

You will


a copy of the Licence bandplans far Zm and ZCm forrnula sheet calculator blue or black pens

Try to set aside 2 hours when you will not be distracted by phone calls, pets, children, cups of tea. Before you begin, visit the loo.
For each guestion, put a tick in the I j by the correct answer. Make sure your tick does not cover two boxes. If you change your mind, scribble over the box with the first tick; then tick the carrect box.

Calculations can be done on the back of this question paper.

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Go through the whole paper, answering all the questions you are sure of. Go thncugh the paper a second time, Think about each remaining question and answer lt if you can. Go through the paper a third time.

For each question that is still unanswered, etiminate any options that you know are wrong; then make an intelligent gums at the correct answer. Each question carries one mark. Marks are not deducted for wrong anslilers. 5o do not leave any guxtions unanswered. Check yourcalcutations. Look over your answers until time is up.

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Sources of the reference material needed for the Exam (Licence, bandplans, formulas) can be found at http ://freespace. virgin. netlmu rray. g3kzb This website also gives details of other Practice papers.
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3 If the Lieensee ccntr*is the equipment. tz) a*d {3} only. D [ ] If the Licencee holds any UK Amateur Radic Licence. C t ] Only if the Licensee holds a Intermediate or Full Licence. The top l*kHz ofeach band in Schedule I of S]e Ucence. DI I All three of them. The callsign given in the Licence. under what eircurnsta*ces rtay a non*licensed person talk into the microphone? . Only if the Licensee holds a Fuli Licence. C t ] (2) and (3) only. unsupervised use of the Equipment. AII three of them.Vhich of the following conditions apFly to messages sent by UK Amateurs? (t) t Bi Ci DI I I I i onty. D I I A Hotice of Variatian to the Licence rnust be obtained for Ofcom. together with a Regional Secondary Location if appropriate.5 watts in Power. B t j (1} and {3) only. In a designated danger area. I J It must not allow other Amateurs t I It must only be used with a Club callsign. On the instruction of the vessel's master. t1) and (2) (2) They must be un-encryPted (3) They must be free of menace They must be in English A I I (1) and (2) only. The bands a}located by the ITU in the region where the vessel is located.1 A Licensee may append the suffix'/P'to callsign when operating A the t What frequency bands are available to a Full UK Licensee operating $ttM in international waters? A t B[ C[ Dt I ] ] I with hand-held equipment frcm a temporary l*c*tion away from mains frorn a parked pswer [ ] B[ ] {i tI The bands al]$at€d for use in the UK. {1} a*d {3} only. The bands set aside by the ITU for /MM operations. A circumstances. At I l0minutes B[ ] l5minutes C[ ] 30minutes PP2PaseZ DI I4Sminutes . [ ] B[ ] U*der n* ttlthich one of the fsllowlng restrictions applies to the Remote Control of Radio Equlpnnent by a Full Licence holder? A B C I J fhe control signal must not exceed 0. 4 When must a'Maritime Mobile'operation cease? A B I I If the vessel is carrying flammable a cargo. vehicte C D 2 In which of the fcllowing happenings rnay a Licensee use the Radio Equipmeat to assist communications? In times of (1) national emergenry (2) international emergenqf (3) disaster A 6 \. must be transmitted at intervals not exceeding [ ] CI I DI I When entering harbour or canal.

3. A A circuit consisting of a resistor and inductor in series has a time constant of 12msecs.sO0MHz. After voltage is applied.0 3.000 ohm source. - :l I I 100ka. B [ ] 200ka.00O required by a duly authorized officer of Ofcom necessary to prevent undue interference to users on adjacent frequencles t I What is the phase difference between the voltage and current shown on this graph? 10 ttYhich one of the following bands has an allocation to the Amateur Satellite Service? AI I B[ ] Ct j Dt I 11 1'810 * Z'oo0MHz. 145. What ratio of transformer is required? A tI B[ ] 3Omsecs C 60msecs t ] 9Omsecs Dt I l2omsecs ?pzpasei A[ J 5:1 B[ ] 2o:1 ct I 250:1 Dt I 5oo:1 .ed if a damping resistor is added tc a resonant circuit? A[ ] Bt I 13 spf 10pf CI I Dt I tzef 15pf t I Bandwidth. the final value of the current will be reached after approximately L7 A 15 ohm loudspeaker is driven frsm a 6. A[ ] Ca B[ 1 Cb C[ ] D[ ] Cc Cd t2 {Hl-The combined capacitance of these two capacitors in series is 20pf 16 Which one of the following is decreas. A Rr :oos: R2 In this figure. what value of Rz will make the voltage at the junction of Rr and R2 3V? Which capacitor decouples this amplifier from the rest of the circuit? tI Dt I c 60pf 300ka.0MH2.00 -144. Bt I Qfactor.00MH2. C I ] Resonantfrequency.sO0 A[ ] Bt I 15 90" 18O" ct I Dt I 2?oo 360o 50. D t ] Phaseangle. 400kQ. 52.The frequenry of a transmission must be as stable as A t I technical development reasonably permits BI ] C[ ] D 1partin1OO.

By how maay times is the po!iler increased? AI I Bt I Stimes. Also produced (and filtered out) is an unwanted mixer product on D i BI Ct BI A I I I I 6. .5O5 of its maximum value 0. Ct I lBtimes.The cut-off frequency of a low-pass filter is defined as the frequenry at which the output voltage has fallen to I B[ Ct Dt A I ] j I 0. DI IZ7times.606 of its maximurn value 0-707 of its maximum value This is the circuit of a 19 The power gain of an amplifier is gdB.3 MHz ?3'5 to 23. then A B C [] [ ] [ ] I I the depletion layer is widened and the capacitance is increased the depletion layer is narowed and the capacitance is increased the depletian layer is widened and the capacitance is decreased the depletion layer is narrcwed and the capacitance is decreased Within a transmitter.8 MHz). AI B[ Cl Dl I ] I ] 1.8 MHz 15.0 to 10'3 MHz. Grid. it is mixed with a synthesiser signal on 10. a modulated signal is produced on 5.0 to 32.5 to 6. I I BI I C[ ] Dt j A bufferamplifier freque*cysynthesiser crystalsscillator variable freq**ary +sciliator If the reverse bias on a varicap diode is i*creased. Heater. DI ] ClassB" ClassC.3 MHz 21 In which class of transistor amplifier does coltector current flow all the time that votrtage is applied? 25 The bandwidth of an amateur AM signal is approximately At I CIassA.0 MHz. what will haBpen to the current through the rectifier? 26 From which part of a triode valve are electrons emitted? peak current duration of current increase increase decrease decrease PPZpageq AI BI Ct DI I I ] ] increase decrease increase decrease t B[ Ct Dt A I ] I I Anode. Cathode. To give an output on 80m (3.404 of its maximum value 0.5 to 3.8 MHz 32.0 to 15.5kHz 3kHz 6kHz 12kHz If the smoothing capacitor in a halfrwave rectifier circuit is in increased in size. Ct I B[ J ClassAB. 12times.

] fhe response has a dip at its centre. Voltage controlled oscillator. AM. Allows particular frequencies to be stored in memory. how is the audio produced? [] Dt ] Limits the peak value of the RF. Prcgrarnrnabtedivider. C 31 In a superhet SSB receiver. the AGC circuit in a receiver can also be used to A[ ] B[ ] C[ ] DI I drivetheSmeter change the receiver bandwidth irnprove the SWR remeve spikes of interference 30 'SINAD'in a receiver is related to its A t I B[ ] Ci I Dt I selectivity dynamicrange signal to noise ratio 35 What d*es the RIT control en a receiver do? A imagerejection [ ] B[ ] Varies the receiver bandwidttr. ?4 As well as altering the gain. I Self oscillatien accurs. Tunes the receiver over a narr*w ranlle. Phaseccmparator. A t Bt Ct DI I I I I The IF rnixes with the CIO. ] Sensitivity is at a maximum. PP2pageS .27 With which mode of transmission 'chirp' associated? is the fault 32 What happens if two IF coils are overccupled? A[ ] B[ ] *[ ] 28 Cw. c[ ] ssB. The RF mixes with the IF. FM. [ B[ C[ DI A ] An AGC voltage is produced. A notch filter can be used to A B [ ] [ ] t ] t I separate the CTCSS sub-audible tone from speech e*terirg a repeater reduce excessive bandwidtlr caused by overdriving a linear amplifier remove one particular harrnonic from the output of a transmitter remove 50 Hz mains hum from an audio stage 33 D+ubl* st"rperhet receivers have A B t I a low first IF for image rejection and a high second IF for sel*ctivity a high second IF for image rejection I J a low first IF for selectivity and t I t I C C a high first IF for image rejection and a Iaw second IF for sefectivity a high first iF for selectivity and a low second IF for image rejection D D eg From which part of a frequency synthesiser the'out-of-lock' indicator obtained? A is t I Bt I Ci I DI I Crystal refere*ce *scillatar. The CIO mixes with the LQ. The LO mixes with the RF.

q B[ ] soa c[ ] 73a DI I 300Q 38 The'traps'in a HF trap dipole antenna are [ ] Bt I the earth's magnetic field iet streams where the troposphere and stratosphere m*et solarernissions t BI C[ Dt A I I ] I low pass filters Ct I Dt I oyer-the-horizon radars high pass filters series tuned circuits parallel tuned circuits 43 The longest range obtainable by Eround wave propagation is normally over A 39 Vf and Vr ore the fsrward and reverse voltages measured on a Standing Wave Ratio meter.r: *.4 Fi*Fr 2 . The SWR = t I deserts B{ I seas C [ ] rnountains DI I r*inforests When a receiver is tuned to Fr a fai*t signal on a higher frequency of Fi can be heard at the same time.l.36 4 turns------4 turns-------- 40 The'roller coaster'form of variable inductor is commonly found in A 8 turns- -* This is the diagram of a I I B[ ] C[ ] Dt I an Antenna Matching Unit a Standing Wave Ratio rneter anoscilloscope a transverter {HF tolfrom VHF} At I 1:lbalun B I I braid breaker CI I lFtra*sformer D t I harmonicfilter 37 The feed point impedance of a loaded five-eights wavelength antenna is approximately vertical 4r. What is the frequency af the local oscillator? p. Ihe amount of electromagnetic energy falling on a* area of 1 squara metre is called the AI j B[ ] Ct I Dt I fieldstrength velocityfactcr power flux density incidentpower At I 37a 42 Ionisation in the atmosphere is caused by .# cr I *:* Vr xVr Vr *Vr 44 Bf 1 Vf-Vr Vr*Vr Di l Ai I Fi- Fr Ct I tlt Fi *Fr Bt l PPZpage6 .

lpFpolyester. 2. l0pFpolystyrene. a comrnon mode current flows A B problems on a neighboufs carnputer and the neighb*ur is not willing t+ c**perate in fi*d**g a cilre. All three ways. CI I Low-passfilter. Front and rear screen wipers and washers. t I B[ ] C[ ] D Head a*d rcar lights. 51 if a Radio Ar*ateur's signals are causing 47 In a cable containing two wires. . To cure the interfereftcef tvhich s*e of the following capacitars should be wired acr*ss the base-emitter leads? A 50 In which part of a car's electrics dses induced RF pose the greatest hazard? A I Bt Ci Di ] ] I I 1nF disc ceramic. None of the power [s csntained in sidebands. 4'?6 volts per metre. B [ ] Attenuator. lO0OpF electrolytic. the Amate*r should advise him to contEct I I in alternate wires on alternate cycles of AC I J in both wires but in opposite directions C i j only in one wire D I I in the sarne direction in both wires 48 If a 2 metre signal is breaking through onto a TV. Dt I High-passfilter.08 volts per metre. (1) and (3) only. t ts [ CI DI A I ] I I 1'O4 volts per metre. PPZpageT $rays can a Packet Radic rylessege reaclr its d*sti*ati*n? (1) directly if withi* range {2) via a mailbox {3} using a digipeater I Bt CI DI A ] I I I (1) and {2) only. t I In-car broadcast radio. D I I The duty cycle of the carrier is small. A 40 watt transmitter is feeding an antenna with a gai* cf 6dB through a feeder with a 3db loss.45 Why is an FM signal less likely to cause cross-modulation in receivers than other rnodes of modulation? A B 49 [] [ ] The amplitude of the carrier remains constant. 46 Tests have shown that a base-emitter junction in an audio amplifier is acting as a rectifier far an RF signal. What is the field strength 60 metres from the antenna? C [ ] It is not possible for an FM signal to be CIver-modulated. 3. (2) and (3) only. what should be fitted in the TV dcwnlead to prevent this? A At I B[ ] CI I Di I RSGB Ofcem Citizens Advice Bureau Trading Standard Department of the local council 52 By which ef the f*lt*wi*g I I Balun.12 volts per metre. Engine management system.

BOO MHz" 144. 5? The less RF radiation to which bn adult is exposed the better. fragile. centeins high 5{I The ovelall eccuracy of a di*ital frequency csrnter is limited by the A [ ] DI j Large currents are involved.000 to 144. By connecting a low value resistor in series with it. I I B I I 144. D[ ] 56 Why is speciai care needed vrhen dealing with equipment contai ning therrnionic valves? A t j B[ ] C Valves are mechanicalty Valved equipment voltages. and in the ranEe 10 to 146 MHz it shoutd never be more tiran I J Its Notice af Variation is revoked by Ofcom.11S At ] Bt I Ct I tsy onnecti*g a high value resistor in parallel with it.53 out'? A I I It is closed down by the Repeater What happens when a repeater'times Keeper. signal. By connecting a high value resistor in series with it.800 to 145. I I losses in the probe PPZpageS . By cannecting a low value restster in parallel with it. Replacement valves are n6w difficult [ ] number of digits on the display B I J stability of the gate time CI j inputimpedance D to obtain. C t I 145'200 to t45-5935 $4H2" D I j 145. D tj It stops re-transrnitting the incomlng t BI ci DI A I I ] I 14 volts per metre 28 votts per metre 42 volts per metre 55 volts per metre 5a In a PME rnains wiring system. the neutral conductor is 54 Intermodulation A products generated within receiver can be rninimised by a A [ B[ Ct Dt ] ] j I squelch switching in an attenuater turning back the reduclng the audio output increasing the IF t j B[ ] I ] t I isolated from earth connectd to earth at the electricity su&tian C connected to earth where the supp]y enters the house connected to earth at the electricity generator bandwidth 59 D 55 In which pa* of the 2m band do satellite cornmunicatians take pl*ce? A How cen a high voltage be rneasured with a IOBpA nrovi*g cail meter? t*Hz.400 to 144'49G MHz. c t I It transmits the current time in the B format used by MSF.

61 What happens when the knob labelled 'Y GAIN'on an oscilloscope is turned anti-clockwise? A I B[ C[ Dt I ] ] I Each sweep of the trace is slower. The trace becomes fainter. The height ofthe trace decreases. The earthed braid of the coax [ B[ C[ Dt A ] ] ] I reduces eddy currents maxirnises the sensitivity prevents voltage flashover minimises capacitive coupling End of questions PP2pageg . The whole of the trace rnoves down. 62 This drawing shows a current transformer asfound in an SWR meter.

4 7b.3 Note (d) 1{3} 3(4) e{5} e{6} Note {h} 1s{3} 13{1} 7{1Xa} Sc*:edule 1 Table C 31 328 33C 344 3sB 36A 378 38D 39C 404 A 65 63 65 7t 75 77 73 79 67.L 4n.5 7c.2 6c.7 3p.5 5d.7 6b.1 tr zd.61 3n.2 B D D B D www.95 9t1 C 96 10a"1 B 101 1Sb.92 4h. c 80 83 90 89 94 9!.QADV Practice Paper 2 Key Adva*ce! The Full Licence Manual Syllabus I I Licence I 1B 2 D I 3B 6 4 D 7 5C 7 6C I 789* 8B 9 9A 10D10 11 A 12D 138 L4A 15D 158 L7B 18D 19A 23 26 27 28 30 i I 2a.1 2e.7 2h.2 7b.1 13 Be.1 3e"5 3f.3 5c.arg/books.1 4p.1 4f.1 10e.1 4b.2 4n.1 4r.68 4k.3 x Note the correction to page 9 of Advance! 3rd edition given in 56 57 5A 59 60 95 7f .9c 35 438 44D 45A 464 47D 48D 494 508 51 52 53 54 55 42C 81 4r.1 5c.1 Zf.2 7a.L 11 Ba.4 3j-z 3k.1 2c.3 3h.f extraladvance.! 2g.1 2b.1 5e.1 4e.4 B 16 9d-1 c 17.1 7e.rsgb.3 39.1 89 8c.1 2i.1 5b.1 ?a.L 7a.1 3n.3 48 4h.1 4J 3d.1 2tA 4A 35 47 52 44.1 PPZpagefi QADVPP2 version 4 zALz .3 20c 22C 23C 248 25C 26C 274 2ac ?.1 B \4 9a.l L2 8b.2 57.2 43 4q.*2 86 15 6a.6 30c 61 4j.1 3o.3 55 4h.htm 61 62 C lOO D 98 10c.1 32 32 91 102 3i.