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Judge Earlene Green Seeks

Traffic Court Re-Election

Adjudication plus Education
equals sound Judgment
By Helen Blue

“Go Green! Retain the Best…. Moving Forward Responsibly,” is the campaign
mantra for Judge Earlene Green who seeks re-election to Philadelphia Traffic Court
in November.
Elected in 2003, Green, a Democrat, has served on the Bench with distinction
and pledges to continue her mission to not only administer fair judicial decisions,
but to educate citizens as it relates to Traffic Court and Penn Dot rules, regulations,
and laws.
A former community organizer and social work professional, Green said
she believes her experience in community advocacy and social work brings a
“community-grounded” voice into the Philadelphia Traffic Court system, which
has the responsibility to administer (transportation) laws that guarantee the safety
and well-being of Philadelphians.
“My job as a jurist is to be fair and reasonable and to render decisions that
uphold the law,” she said. I also feel there is a need for (judges) to offer an
educated response to violators who are uninformed about Traffic Court law and
the rules and regulations of Penn Dot (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation).
Even when I’m not on the Bench, I find myself an educator as much as a jurist.”
Judge Green said when she ran for office six years ago, she did so because
she had a notion that a disproportionate number of poor and minority citizens were
showing up in Traffic Court. However, since then she has discovered that while
that notion is essentially correct, the assumed reasons for this phenomenon were
not what she had suspected.
“I saw that while people of color and poor people were showing up in Court
in disproportionate numbers, the reason for this was not necessarily due to being
singled out, but rather due to an overwhelming unawareness of Traffic Court law
and state regulations,” said Green, 59.
Green said she is seeking retention to continue her mission to “educate as well A graduate of Temple University, Green holds a master’s degree in social work
as adjudicate.” Pointing out that while motorists know that running a red light or and has served the Philadelphia Community for more than two decades providing
making an illegal turn is a violation, most cases she hears involve driving without psychotherapy and crisis intervention for individuals, families and couples. She is
automobile insurance, driving with expired or suspended vehicle registration, a member of the National Alliance of Black Social Workers, The National Bar
expired inspection and emissions certificates and driving while suspended. Association Judicial Council, Clifford Scott Green Chapter, the Philadelphia Bar
“Motorists understand that a decision to drive while suspended, drive an Association, the National Alliance of Marketing Development (NAMD), and
uninsured or unregistered vehicle is wrong,” Green said. “But they may say ‘yes the NAACP.
I know my license is suspended, but if I don’t go to work, I won’t be able to take Green has received numerous awards and citations including, but not limited
care of my family.’ Maybe a motorist doesn’t know what it takes to get a license to a citation from Council of the City of Philadelphia for many years of dedicated
reinstated and needs help navigating those waters.” and outstanding service to the less fortunate of our City, induction into Temple
Green said if Traffic Court, like most other courts in Phildelphia that publish University School of Social Administration Gallery of Success and the “Shirley
a brochure explaining how the Courts work, violators may feel more empowered Chisholm Award” by the National Congress of Black Women.
when appearing in court. “Municipal Court, Common Pleas Court, Superior Court, Green maintains her LSW license and PA Certification in Addictions Counseling
and Supreme Court all have customer service brochures that inform about them. and sits on the Temple University School of Social Administration Alumni Board.
While Traffic Court has improved greatly in it’s efforts to serve the populace, She noted that as she sits on the bench, she keeps in mind the lessons she learned
more is sometimes better, and community outreach from Traffic Court might be from her social work background.
the answer to educating citizens about itself. It is The People’s Court.” Married to Dwight Macklin, Green has three adult children and two
“An educated consumer needs to now how to navigate Traffic Court, the Parking grandchildren.
Authority and Penn Dot. That person will come into Court with understanding of Philadelphia Traffic Court has seven sitting judges. There are no vacancies.
the regulations, and presenting documentation and evidence,” Green noted. Green and one other, Administrative Judge Bernice A. DeAngelis are running for
“An educated consumer can come into Court and defend himself,” she said. retention. Voters vote yes or no to retain them.
“An uneducated or uninformed consumer won’t have a clue.” Information needs Visit the Friends of Earlene Green website at for
to be available in other places besides online. Everybody doesn’t have access to further information about Judge Earlene Green, and links to Philadelphia Traffic
the Internet.” Court, Philadelphia Parking Authority, Penn Dot and PA Voter Registration.

The Honorable Earlene Green At A Glance

Experience: Education: Clifford Scott Green Chapter
• Master of Social Work, Temple University 1989 • National Bar Association
• Judge of The Philadelphia Traffic Court 2004
to present • Bachelor of Social Work, Temple University 1988
• 20 Year Professional History in Social Work Personal
Professional Memberships
Administration and Counseling • Married
• Philadelphia Bar Association
• 30 Year Community Advocate, Education • Three Children
• National Bar Association Judicial Council,
and Organizer • Two Grandchildren
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Greening the Green campaign

Go Green! Retain The Best.. Moving Forward Responsibly, more than a slogan
By Sumaya Shakur

What, you may ask, does going green, retaining the best and moving forward
responsibly have to do with a re-election campaign for a Philadelphia Traffic
Court Judge? Friends of Earlene Green, the political action committee for
Judge Earlene Green would answer everything!
Back in December when the fledgling campaign committee began to
organize, it was quickly decided the campaign would be conducted in a new
way. Several of its members had already embraced recycling, ate food devoid
of chemicals, switched on earth-friendly light bulbs, used paper bags at the
supermarket and understood the urgency in changing lifestyle for the good
of mankind.
Why not merge environmentally-friendly practices with the rough and
tumble of Philadelphia politics? Using Go Green! as a slogan was a natural
first step that quickly turned into an avalanche of ideas on how to put
together a winning re-election bid for Judge Green by embracing the
green movement.
“It was an easy decision to decide to on this course,” said Green, who
was elected to her first term in Traffic Court in 2003. “The natural resources
of the planet are declining in large measure because of the actions of
humans; now it’s time we all started making adjustments in how we conduct
our lives and activities.”
As the weeks rolled on, Friends discovered a plethora of ways to
contribute to the worldwide movement. The walls of the North Broad Street
office were colored with paints minus harsh toxins, the floors covered with State Representative Jewell Williams, Dr. Mahn Suh Park
carpet lacking petroleum-based chemicals, plants were brought in to and Judge Green clebrating victory.
improve the air quality and individual plastic water bottles were replaced
with a single earth-friendly water bottle and paper cups. give away. The Campaign also developed an 8-page newspaper, Green
Most important, committee members and volunteers stopped being Times, which is used as an information and campaign promotion tool.
paper pushers. A decision was made to use as little paper as possible, the Printed on recycled paper, the paper replaces high gloss campaign
amount of campaign literature was slashed and committee members began brochures, saving money and trees.
using the computer and internet as a major way to communicate with others A work in progress, the greening of the Green campaign has become an
and to publicize the campaign. evolving adventure for every one. There is a conscious effort to car pool and
A website was established and Friends of take public transportation to meetings. Old habits are having digital
Earlene Green joined social networking sites, face book and twitter. All reincarnations and the baby boomers in the group are making headway into
press releases are emailed and contributions can be made on line through the 21st century, lol, (laugh out loud).
the website. Meeting notices and announcements are emailed and meeting For the Friends of Earlene Green, Go Green! Retain the Best. Moving
notes are recorded on laptop. If not yet paperless, the Committee has Forward Responsibly, is more than a slogan - it’s a commitment.
drastically cut down on its use. For more information on how to go green in every aspect of your life
Posters are a smaller size than normally seen and palm cards are a major visit:

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Office address: Webmaster:

Friends of Earlene Green Jessica Ekundare dba
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Mailing address: Barbara Easley Cox, Campaign Manager
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Bro. Errol Muhammad Printed on recycled paper, Go Green!

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Down Memory Lane

Judge Green with Former Traffic Court President Judge Green with Reverend John Coger Judge Green with Traffic Court Judge Green with Retired City Hall
Judge Francis Kelly New Hope Temple Baptist Church President Judge Thomasine Tynes Traffic Police Officer

State Representative Jewell Williams with Judge Green

2008 Philadelphia Traffic Court Panel of Judges
attending a Community Appreciation celebation

State Representative Jewell Williams, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown

State Representative Jewell Williams, Former U.S. President Clinton and Judge Green
and Judge Green

Judge Green and Family attending Robing Ceremony Judge Green with husband Dwight Macklin
4 The Green Times 2009

Chinatown biz owners voice

parking woes
By Helen Blue

Mei Ren (pronounced May Wren) has a delightful melodic-sounding

name that reminds a Mt. Airy visitor to Chinatown of a small bird flying
through the hustle of the community’s busy streets.
A native of Fujian, China, Ren is a successful businesswoman and an
active civic leader with so many responsibilities she could probably us a pair
of wings to get her from one meeting to the next. And while that might be a
legitimate reason to need wings, she’d more than likely tell you she really
needs the ability to fly to wing her way over the snarl of traffic and parked
cars that has come to be a hallmark of festive Chinatown.
“It’s just too much,” she said recently over a cup of steaming jasmine tea.
“There is just no where to park, not enough meters, not enough parking lots.
Not only that, it’s expensive, of late a quarter only gets you 7.5 minutes. We
are losing business because people leave when they can’t find a parking space;
or, they will leave after diner and not shop because of the same reason.”
The three other Chinese American businessmen dining with Ren nodded
in agreement - if there is one thing you can get Chinatown merchants to
agree on, it’s the parking situation with which they must deal.
They say they are losing business, and their restaurants and shops are
nearly empty during the week. The declining economy coupled with the
parking nightmare forced many of them to curtail activities for the three-
month long New Year’s celebration which begins in January and runs
through April.
“It is the time we make the most profit,” said Ren. “We cancelled our street
celebration because the City fees were too high and business was down.”
The Chinese were dining with Traffic Court Judge Earlene Green who
regularly visits the area to dine and shop. The complaints are not new, but
Green suggested to the group they may want to request an official survey
be conducted to determine if more meters could be added to the area.
The group said it would also be helpful if there could be free parking in
Chinatown on designated days, not unlike the free parking available on Mei Ren ( pronounced May Wren) Chinatown business woman with Judge Green
Wednesdays in other parts of Center City. at Fujan Association of Greater Philadelphia Chinese New Year’s celebration.
Green later attended a Town Watch meeting at the 6th district police
station in Chinatown. She addressed the group of mostly young volunteers groups on ways to understand and interact with Traffic Court is part of the
and gave them a birds-eye view of Traffic Court. Speaking before community first term judge’s education commitment to communities throughout the City.


Attorney at Law

215 - 324 - 7779
The Green Times 2009 5

drivers to help us achieve this goal."

Pennsylvania 'Move Over' Law will The law requires motorists to move to a lane that is not adjacent to the
enhance roadside safety scene of an emergency response, police stop or a tow truck picking up an
Motorists now required to move over or slow down for roadside incidents abandoned vehicle. If drivers cannot move over because of traffic or other
conditions, they must reduce their speed.
A state law that took effect this month requires Pennsylvania motorists The law applies any time an emergency vehicle has its lights flashing and
to move over or slow down when they encounter an emergency scene, traffic where road crews or emergency personnel have lighted flares, posted signs
stop or disabled vehicle, state Transportation Secretary Allen D. Biehler, P.E. or tried to warn motorists. Failure to move over or slow down can result in
said today. a summary offense that carries a fine of up to $250. In addition, fines will be
"The new 'Steer Clear' law simply takes what should be common sense doubled for traffic violations occurring in these areas. If that violation leads
and makes it a requirement for safe driving in Pennsylvania," said Biehler. to a worker being injured, a 90-day license suspension could result.
"Police officers, emergency crews and those working to assist stranded mo- In cases where law enforcement may not be present, the law allows road
torists must be given a wider margin for safety - and we are counting on all workers and emergency responders to report violations by motorists. Law
enforcement can issue citations based on these reports.
and as more renewables, such as wind are added to the system.
The future for cars is electrifying Further west, electric car business Tesla Motors Inc. took 711
reservations, at $5,000 a pop, for its model S sedan, due out in late 2011,
Plug-in, earth friendly cars almost here in the two weeks since it first showed the car.
That adds up to $3.5 million for the company, although the $5,000
Will plug-in vehicles lead us to improved energy independence and en- reservation fees are refundable.
ergy security? The sedan model will cost about $57,500 each, although owners will be
You bet they will! Every mile powered by the grid electricity is one less eligible for a $7,500 tax credit, cutting the cost to about $50,000.
mile driven on petroleum. The U.S. is currently 96 percent dependent on Using a $4.25-per-gallon guess at future gas prices, Tesla’s math says the
petroleum for our cars and trucks - more than half of it is imported. Elec- sedan “is equivalent to a gas guzzler with a sticker price of about $35,000.”
tricityis almost completely domestically produced-and from a variety of feed Meanwhile, bare-bones models of popular hybrids by Honda and Toyota
stocks (nuclear, natural gas, coal, wind solar, etc.) There’s no surer way to cost about $21,000 in the U.S., and with more features cost around $30,000.
improve America’s energy independence than to move off of petroleum as Tesla’s sedan will have a range from 160 miles to 300 miles depending
soon as possible. on the battery pack. Other, longer-range batteries will cost more, but the
Chevrolet has gone beyond the drawing boards and has developed a car company hasn’t said how much.
called the “Volt”, set for release in 2010. This vehicle will provide vast ben- Recharging the sedan takes 45 minutes, depending on the power supply
efit for the environment. For up to 40 miles, the drive - no matter if city or where it’s plugged in.
highway will have essentially zero tailpipe emissions. This is really important In March, Tesla delivered 100 of its $109,000 sports car, the Roadster.
for improved air quality in the areas where we drive. Upstream, electricity That makes a total of 330 sports cars delivered so far. One of the Roadsters
today is generated by a wide variety of different methods - from zero emis- went 241 miles on a single charge in a recent alternative energy vehicle rally
sion wind, solar, hydropower and nuclear, to coal and natural gas - which in the South of France and Monaco.
have varying degrees of emissions. Taken as a system, vehicles powered by Tesla plans to open a shop soon in the posh Knightsbridge district of
electricity have the potential to produce lower overall emissions than vehi- London, a neighborhood south of Hyde Park and near Harrods
cles powered by gasoline. And electricity production is getting cleaner every department store.
year as older coal plants are being replaced with newer, cleaner technologies Recently, Tesla said it will be building the model S in Southern California.


Upcoming News!
Philadelphia City Council’s Ban on Vehical Cell Phone Use • National Insurance Industry Report on Mini Car Crashes
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A scheduled hearing date is on the front of the issued citation but it is

Traffic Court Basics the responsibility of the defendant to respond within ten days to the issued
citation. A defendant can respond in person, by mail or by the internet. Fail-
Knowing the lay of the land will go a long way in helping improve your ure to respond will result in the imposition of an administrative fee of $25.00,
outcome and cutting down the frustration when you interact with Philadelphia license suspension, the issuance of a summons, and the issuance of a warrant
traffic Court. Here are some basic facts, numbers and websites that will help. for arrest.
The Traffic Court is responsible for the adjudication of moving citations
only. All inquiries concerning parking violations should be directed to the The Courts of Traffic Court:
Parking Authority at (215) 561-3636. Impoundment Court operates between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 7:00
The Traffic Court is located at 800 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, P.M., Monday through Friday.
Pennsylvania 19123-2690. The Court is open to the public between the hours Motion Court operates between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M.,
of 8:30 A.M. and 7:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. Monday through Friday.
The mailing address is: 800 Spring Garden Street, Post Office Box 56301, Drag Racing Court is specifically dedicated to trials for violators of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130-6301. Our main telephone number is Sections 3367a and 3367b of the Vehicle Code. The Administrative Judge of
(215)686-1674 or 1675. Traffic Court convenes Drag Racing Court as the necessity dictates.
Philadelphia Traffic Court attempts to offer the community the most Violators will be scheduled to appear in Drag Racing Court and may be
efficient service possible. Through extended evening hours and affordable represented by council. Fines and penalties of these violations are based on
payment plans, it is the court's objective to make resolution and payment of the severity and recurrence of the offense.
outstanding traffic citations as convenient as possible for responsible citizens. DA Court is held on Fridays at Philadelphia Traffic Court. Defendants
For more specific information, please visit the Friends of Earlene Green who have been arrested for warrants issued by Traffic Court or could be
Website: and go to the Philadelphia Traffic Court subject to incarceration are scheduled to appear for trial prosecuted by the
link for more information. District Attorney of Philadelphia. The defendant has the right to an attorney
Traffic Court Description Philadelphia Traffic Court is a summary court or to represent himself. A public defender may be assigned to a defendant
of limited jurisdiction and not a court of record. There are seven elected as long as they meet the proper requirements in this special court proceeding.
judges currently sitting as the Traffic Court Judiciary, trained by the Defendants in this court procedure are subject to further incarceration and
Commonwealth specifically to preside over and adjudicate citations issued fines as directed by the presiding judge.
within the County of Philadelphia, City of Philadelphia, as provided in the Vehicle Overweight Court operates two times each month. Citations
Title 75 Vehicle Code, set by the Legislature of the Commonwealth of issued to drivers receiving violation citations under Chapter 49 of the Vehicle
Pennsylvania. The original police officer that issues citations is not required code will be scheduled to appear for trial in Overweight Court. These
to be present at the Philadelphia Traffic Court trial of the defendant, violations are directed primarily to truck drivers and trucking companies.
however, a liaison officer from the same police department or division Fines and penalties are based on the severity of the violation as described
thereof shall represent the issuing officer and prosecute in the due process by the issuing officer.
of the trial. Upon appeal, the original officer will be summoned to appear at
the appeal process. SUSPENDED LICENSE
The Traffic Court is responsible for the collection of fines resulting from If your license is suspended, you must contact the Department of
the issuance of citations by the Philadelphia Police Department and other Transportation to request a letter listing all the requirements for restoration
various law enforcement agencies. This court will schedule hearings for these of your license. You may contact the Department of Transportation; toll
citations and will fairly adjudicate cases according to Title 75 of the free within Pennsylvania, at 1-800-932-4600. Outside of Pennsylvania, at
Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code. This court can issue warrants for unpaid 1-717-391-6190.
citations and arrest defendants with one or more outstanding violation(s) Upon receipt of the letter, you must appear personally at Traffic Court
on record at Philadelphia Traffic Court. Individuals may appeal all Traffic with a copy of the restoration letter with requirements.
Court cases and receive a trial de novo in the Court of Common Pleas. Visit, and go to the link for Penn Dot for
further information.

Joyce Cook & Family Spirit First Foods

Would Like to Congratulate 4505 Baltimore Avenue
the Honorable Earlene Green Philadelphia, PA 19143
on Her Retention as 215-939-3298
Judge of the Philadelphia Traffic Court
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