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Man of Steel Hidden Easter Eggs

By Jordan Eliason Ever since Iron Man revealed a cameo of Samuel L. Jackson as director Nick Fury in 2008, both DC and Marvel have been throwing in easter eggs to hint at what may or may not be in future films. Man of Steel was no exception, but some of them were harder to pick up on. I left the theatre disappointed that there was no post-credit scene but they hidden images made up for it hands down. Let’ see how many of these you picked up on.

The most obvious Easter egg is the many references to LexCorp. This, of course, is the company run by Lex Luthor, Superman’s arch enemy. We see this building, trucks and the like many times throughout the film. Could this be a hint that Luthor could be coming in a future movie? It is clear Luthor has a prominent stand in Metropolis making him ideal to have a heavy hand in the sequel, this could even set him up as the Justice League’s first nemesis.

The next one comes during the epic battle between Zod and Superman. As Zod learns to cope with the strange powers he is receiving on earth, he suddenly gains flight. As he and Superman battle out in the air they crash into a satellite, a satellite made by none other than Wayne Enterprises! This tells us one thing, the Justice League is forming! Though we do not know when the Man of Steel takes place with regard to the events of The Dark Knight Rises, but it’s a good sign that we see this on a satellite. After all Bruce Wayne designs the Watchtower.

Above is a picture of Christina Wren, who no one would recognize for she only had a small, small role in the film but a role with big implications. Toward the bitter end of the film we see Superman confront two officers about trying to find out his secret identity. The female character, who remarks on Superman’s departure “He’s hot”, is none other than Carol Ferris. Ferris is long time lover of none other than the Hal Jordan Green Lantern! This little Easter egg implies so much. On one hand it could hint further toward a Justice League film as the Green Lantern is the third founding member next to Batman and Superman. On the other hand it could give us another villain as Ferris eventually becomes one of the Lanterns greatest foes, Star Sapphire. Either way could end up making for one good film, only time will tell.

This is the hidden image, in the Zod/Superman fight scene, of Blaze Comics. That’s right, Booster Gold could be making an appearance in the near future of the DC Universe. Booster Gold is a time traveling hero from the 25th century. He is an egotistical man who loves himself more than anything, and when he isn’t fighting crime he is writing comic books of his adventures with the Justice League. Who publishes those comics? Blaze Comics. The Justice League just found it’s fourth member.

This next one may be one of my favorite hidden secrets in Man of Steel, the open pod. We see Clark enter the Fortress of Solitude for the first time he stumbles upon pods filled with corpses of his ancestors from long ago, except for one pod which is open. This open pod suggest that one of the travelers caught in this cryogenic sleep got out. This Kryptonian craft clearly landed hear long before Kal-El did, which brings light to the story of another extra-terrestrial’s comic origins. . . .Supergirl. That’s right Kara Zor-El, Superman’s own cousin, could be joining the DC Universe. The back-story of that ill-fated vessel. It seems that Kara Zor-El managed to make it out alive after defeating a rogue prisoner who was being

escorted to destinations unknown. Could the future Justice League have just found its fifth member?

These next few are hard to catch unless you go hardcore geek. This is a picture of Tony Gallo, owner of the Utopian Casino. Sound familiar? That’s because during Superman and Zod’s epic showdown we see a building adorned with a giant neon sign for the Utopian Casino. But Tony Gallo is more than just a successful casino owner, he is the beginning of so many troubles for Superman. Gallo is the first person to bring kryptonite to Metropolis. Now the producers of Man of Steel previously stated there would be no kryptonite in the film, but could this reference to Gallo be a hint at an appearance by the green power drainer in future films?

This Easter egg was very exciting for the future of DC. Richard Schiff played Dr. Emil Hamilton, the scientific arm of the military in the film. When Dr. Hamilton isn’t investigating Krypton he is one of the leading scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs. Who are they you may ask? S.T.A.R. Labs are the very creators of the half-human half machine hero known as Cyborg. Could this mean we could be seeing the robotic crime fighter in the future? Well Screenwriter David Goyer gave a statement to MTV that gives this idea substance. HE told MTV “We mention S.T.A.R. Labs at one point, that’s kind of a connection to Cyborg”. If you comic book fans remember Cyborg started out with the Teen Titans but in the new 52 series he has graduated to Justice League, could this be a future sixth member?

All you Smallville fans should recognize this girl. This is Chloe Sullivan, Clark’s best friend growing up. Chloe was a huge part of making Clark into well Clark. She grounded him in humanity that he desperately needed. In Man of Steel we see Kevin Costner talking to young Clark after he faced down some bullies. The sign on the building behind him is that of Sullivan Truck & Tractor. It is a nice gesture to Superman’s back story but I do not think it hints to anything in a future film. Well that’s all that I could find for hidden Easter eggs. If any of you geniuses saw something I missed with your eagle eyes drop me a message on my page Hero’s & Zero’s on Facebook!