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High-Voltage Hysteresis Selectable Temperature Switch
General Description
The RT9726 is a temperature switch with wide input voltage range. The over-temperature threshold point is generated by a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor and a setting resistor. The RT9726 provides an active-low, opendrain logic output. OT goes LOW when the NTC pin voltage is lower than 50% of the REF voltage threshold. The RT9726 provides the selectable hysteresis mode that can be set by the EN pin Input voltage. The IC is available in SC-70-6 package.

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Wide Input Voltage Range : 4.75V to 25V 0.5μA Shutdown Current 2 Selectable Hysteresis Threshold Reference Output for Thermal Threshold Setting Open-drain Logic Output RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

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Ordering Information
RT9726 Package Type U6 : SC-70-6 Lead Plating System G : Green (Halogen Free and Pb Free)
Note : Richtek products are :

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Notebook Temperature Monitoring Microprocessor Thermal Management Temperature Control Fan Control Electronic System Protection

Pin Configurations

RoHS compliant and compatible with the current requirements of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020. Suitable for use in SnPb or Pb-free soldering processes.


Marking Information
A1= : Product Code W : Date code


Typical Application Circuit
5V 100k VIN 4.75V to 25V Chip Enable 3.3V 1 C1 0.1µF 6 EN VIN OT 4 System SHDN#

RT9726 5 REF 3 R1 570 Thermistor ß = 4250 10k



System shutdown switch @ Temp = 100°C for default hysteresis 30°C

DS9726-01 April 2011 1

1 2 3 4 5 6 Pin Name VIN GND NTC OT REF EN Pin Function High Voltage Power Supply Input. OT will go LOW when NTC pin is lower than typical 50%REF over-temperature threshold. Reference Output. This pin should connect with a resistor to NTC pin to set the overtemperature threshold.1μF capacitor to ground. This pin can be used for the over-temperature threshold hysteresis setting. www.RT9726 Function Block Diagram VIN REF REF EN Hysteresis Control OT NTC + GND Functional Pin Description Pin No. Open-drain and active-low output. Chip Enable (Active High). The NTC pin will sense the external thermistor cross voltage and provide typical 50%REF over-temperature threshold for OT pin.richtek. Ground pin. This pin should be bypassed with a 0. This pin should connect a thermistor resistor to ground. Tie the ground pin close to temperature sensing 2 DS9726-01 April 2011 .

OT = Low Shutdown Set Hyst1 Mode Set Hyst2 Mode EN Input Voltage EN DS9726-01 April 2011 www.022 2 0. OT = Low Mode = Hyst2. EN = GND VIN = 4. θJA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lead Temperature (Soldering.3V to 28V −0.75V to 25V. EN = 5V.5 70 -1. EN to GND ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Power Dissipation. unless otherwise specified) Symbol Test Conditions VIN = 3 .) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Junction Temperature ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Storage Temperature Range -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ESD Susceptibility (Note 3) HBM (Human Body Mode) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MM (Machine Mode) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Note 4) −0.5 ---- 2.5 62.3V to 6V 0.2 2.3W 333°C/W 260°C 150°C −65°C to 150°C 2kV 200V Recommended Operating Conditions z z Supply Input Voltage.978 --47.75V to 25V.RT9726 Absolute Maximum Ratings z z z (Note 1) z z z z z VIN to GND -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NTC.richtek. VIN = 7V. 10 sec. OT.5 67.75V to 25V Junction Temperature Range -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- −40°C to 125°C Electrical Characteristics Parameter Input Supply VIN Shutdown Current VIN Quiescent Current REF Output REF Output Voltage REF Output Current Logic Output OT Output Low Voltage Temperature Threshold Configure Over-Temperature Threshold Over-Temperature Recovery Threshold REF IREF IVIN IQ (No load on REF. TA = 25°C. No Load On REF No External Load In 1% REF Drop OT Sink Current = 4mA Min --- Typ -100 Max 3 150 Unit μA μA 1.4.5 75 0. REF.4 -- V mA V % % % V V V NTC/REF NTC/REF OT = High Mode = Hyst1.2 52. VEN = 5V. PD @ TA = 25°C SC-70-6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Package Thermal Resistance (Note 2) SC-70-6.4 2.9 2 --50 65 72. VIN -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

richtek. Stresses listed as the above "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may remain possibility to affect device 4 DS9726-01 April 2011 . Devices are ESD sensitive. The device is not guaranteed to function outside its operating conditions. www. Note 2.RT9726 Note 1. Functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Handling precaution is recommended. Note 4. Note 3. θJA is measured in the natural convection at TA = 25°C on a low effective single layer thermal conductivity test board of JEDEC 51-3 thermal measurement standard. These are for stress ratings.

com 5 .45 VEN = 0V. CIN = 0.50 102 101 0.richtek.40 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 100 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 Input Voltage (V) Input Voltage (V) Start Up from EN Over Temperature Recovery Threshold VEN (5V/Div) VREF (2V/Div) OT (5V/Div) VEN (2V/Div) VREF (5V/Div) OT (5V/Div) VNTC (1V/Div) VIN = OT = 5V. CIN = 0.55 103 0.60 Quiescent Current (uA) Shutdown Current (uA) VEN = 5V.1μF VNTC (1V/Div) VEN = 1.8V.1μF Time (1ms/Div) DS9726-01 April 2011 www. CIN = 0. Input Voltage 0. Input Voltage 105 Shutdown Current vs.3V. No Load 104 0.RT9726 Typical Operating Characteristics Quiescent Current vs. No Load 0.1μF Time (5ms/Div) Time (1ms/Div) Over Temperature Recovery Threshold VEN (5V/Div) VREF (5V/Div) OT (5V/Div) VNTC (1V/Div) VEN = 3. VIN = OT = 5V. VIN = OT = 5V.

8V RHYST 100k 1 VIN RT9726 REF 5 R1 6 DS9726-01 April 2011 . Table 2.15 +75 273. For example. By adding a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor from NTC pin to GND and a resistor from REF to NTC pin. set EN pin voltage at 3.4V.richtek.9V to 70% VREF 5. NTC Over Temperature Threshold POR and Shutdown Power-on reset (POR) occurs when input voltage rises above 3.5% VREF −20°C to 2.29kΩ 1 1 ⎞ − 4250×⎛ ⎜ ⎟ ⎝ 273. the OT pin goes low.1µF Chip Enable 1. The RT9726 provides a selectable hysteresis mode that can be set by controlling the EN pin voltage.9V (typical). As shown in Table 1. When the NTC pin voltage is lower than 50% of the REF voltage threshold.29k Thermistor ß = 4250 10k OT 4 NTC Pin Voltage > 50% VREF ≤ 50% VREF OT Pin State Pulled High Low 6 EN NTC 2 GND 3 Over Temperature Recovery Threshold The RT9726 supports two temperature recovery thresholds as shown in the Table 2.75V to 25V C1 0.5V Note 1 : Thermistor β = 4250 and temperature threshold is set at 100°C. Fan Control Application 1 1 ⎞ β⎛ ⎜ − ⎟ T1 T2 ⎝ ⎠ RT1 = RT2 × e RT1 : The resistance of NTC thermistor at T1 (Dk) RT2 : The resistance of NTC thermistor at T2 (Dk) β : The coefficient of NTC thermistor If the thermal shut-down threshold is set at 75°C and RT2 = 10kΩ (under 25°C) with β = 4250.75V to 25V. Design Example Figure 1. a temperature-dependent voltage can be achieved. Recovery Mode and NTC Recovery Threshold Voltage Fan control switch @ Temp = 75°C for hysteresis 20°C Figure 1. It is set by EN pin voltage.RT9726 Application Information The RT9726 is a temperature switch with wide input voltage range from 4.15 + 25 ⎠ www. When VNTC > 50% of VREF.4V VEN = Hyst 2 −30°C 2. By setting the EN pin voltage below 0. shows the typical fan control application circuit.3V then OT pin will be released if VNTC rises to above 70% of the VREF.2V 62. 5V VIN 4.) VEN = 1. Over Temperature Threshold Setting The OT pin state is an open-drain logic output. the OT pin will be released when VNTC is higher then 50% VREF. the OT will go low to turn on the fan. the OT pin will be pulled high by the external resistor. It provides an accurate reference output voltage. When the NTC pin voltage is lower than 50% of VREF. R1 can be calculated by using the equation as follows : Recovery Mode Hyst 1 EN Input Voltage NTC Pin Recovery Recovery Temperature Threshold (1) Threshold Voltage (min. the REF pin voltage goes low and then the RT9726 will be shut down. the OT pin will go low and shut down the RT9726 when VNTC ≤ 50% of VREF. Table 1. R1 = R(T1 = 75DC) = 10k × e = 1.

PCB Layout Guide Maximum Power Dissipation (W) Single Layer PCB 0.30 0. The maximum power dissipation can be calculated by following formula : PD(MAX) = (TJ(MAX) − TA) / θJA Where T J(MAX) is the maximum operation junction temperature.25 0. The maximum power dissipation at TA = 25°C can be calculated by following formula : PD(MAX) = (125°C − 25°C) / (333°C / W) = 0. the Figure 2 of derating curves allows the designer to see the effect of rising ambient temperature on the maximum power dissipation allowed.05 0.10 0.15 0.40 Layout Considerations For best performance of the RT9726. do not exceed absolute maximum operation junction temperature. For recommended operating conditions specification of the RT9726. For RT9726 package.RT9726 Thermal Considerations For continuous operation. VIN C IN GND NTC 2 3 5 4 REF OT 6 EN Figure 3. PCB layout.00 0 25 50 75 100 125 SC-70-6 Ambient Temperature (°C) Figure 2. the input capacitor should be placed as close to the VIN pin and ground plane as possible to reduce noise coupling.richtek. The junction to ambient thermal resistance θJA is layout dependent. the rate of surroundings airflow and temperature difference between junction to ambient. The maximum power dissipation depends on the thermal resistance of IC package.35 0. the maximum junction temperature is 125°C and TA is the maximum ambient temperature. the thermal resistance θJA is 333°C /W on the standard JEDEC 51-3 single layer thermal test board.20 0. The input capacitor should be placed as close as possible to the IC. 0. TA is the ambient temperature and the θJA is the junction to ambient thermal 7 .3W for SC-70-6 package The maximum power dissipation depends on operating ambient temperature for fixed T J(MAX) and thermal resistance θJA. Derating Curves for RT9726 Package DS9726-01 April 2011 www. For SC-70-6 packages.

080 0. R.C. No. Chupei City Hsinchu.026 0. No third party intellectual property infringement of the applications should be guaranteed by users when integrating Richtek products into any application.O.000 1.018 Max 0. Minchiuan Information that is provided by Richtek Technology Corporation is believed to be accurate and reliable.richtek.089 SC-70-6 Surface Mount Package Richtek Technology Corporation Headquarter 5F.000 0.006 0.O.004 8 DS9726-01 April 2011 .650 0.250 Dimensions In Inches Min 0.260 0.800 1.031 0. www.044 0.016 0. 20.210 0.150 1.450 2. specification or other related things if necessary without notice at any time. R.460 Max 1. No.071 0.071 0.RT9726 Outline Dimension H D L C B b A A1 e Symbol A A1 B b C D e H L Dimensions In Millimeters Min 0.054 0.150 0.800 0.045 0.100 0. Richtek reserves the right to make any change in circuit design. Taiwan. Taiyuen Street.008 0. Tel: (8862)86672399 Fax: (8862)86672377 Email: marketing@richtek.C.010 0.100 1.003 0. 95.096 0. Taiwan. Hsintien City Taipei County. No legal responsibility for any said applications is assumed by Richtek.350 0. Tel: (8863)5526789 Fax: (8863)5526611 Richtek Technology Corporation Taipei Office (Marketing) 5F.400 2.800 0.