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INSTITUTION EDUCATIVA NORMAL SUPERIOR DE MONTERÍA ENGLISH EXAM NAME:__________________________________________ GRADE:_________ 1) Write in front of these nouns

countable (C) or uncountable (U): a- Milk____ b- Cherry____ c- Salt_____ d- Hamburger_____ e- Coffee______ f- Bread______ g- Lemonade_____ h- Peach______ i- Money_____ j- Butter_____

2) Read the text and answer the questions below: Some people think you need a kitchen to cook dinner. But you can make easy, delicious meals outside over a campfire. One easy campfire meal is a baked potato. You wrap the potato in tin foil and put it under the flames in the hot ashes. After an hour, the heat from the fire will cook the_____(6)____. Open up the tin foil package and you have a baked potato! It is also easy to roast food over a campfire. You can put hot dogs or sausages on sticks and hold them in the fire. The flames will cook the meat. For dessert, you can roast marshmallows on sticks. Hold them near the fire until they turn golden and begin to melt. But do not leave anything in the fire too long, or it will turn completely black and taste like ashes. There are many nice things about campfire meals. To make these meals, you do not even need to know anything about cooking. Some people also say that food tastes better when cooked and eaten outside. But the best part of these campfire meals is there are no dishes to wash afterwards. 1) As used in paragraph 2, which is an example of a package? A. French fries are served on a tray in the cafeteria. B. A new toy comes wrapped up in a plastic box. C. Cookies are easy to remove when there is tin foil on the cookie sheet. D. You can use a knife to cut open an orange instead of peeling it. 2) The author warns that if you leave anything in the fire too long it: A. can get burned. B. can be dangerous. C. will melt. D. will fall off the stick.

3) After reading the passage, we can conclude that: A. you do not need much to cook a campfire meal. B. cooking over a campfire is more fun than in a kitchen. C. roasting food on a stick or wrapping it in tin foil is the only way to cook a campfire meal.

D. if you do not cook in a kitchen, you do not have any dishes to wash. 4) According to the author, the best part of these campfire meals is that they A. are easy. B. are delicious. C. taste better outside. D. use no dishes. 5) The opposite of the word easy is : A. Simple. B. Difficult. C. Effortless. D. Soft. 6) The missing word in the text is : A. Potato. B. Bed. C. Yogurt. D. Cheese. 7) The word marshmallow is: A. Adverb. B. Adjective. C. Noun. D. Verb

NEW VOCABULARY:             Campfire: an outside fire which is made and used by people who are staying outside or in tents. Wrap: to cover or surround something with a paper, clothe or other material. Tin foil: Shiny metallic material, as thin paper, which is used for wrapping food in order to store it or cook it. Flames: burning gas which produces yellow light. Ashes: the soft grey or black powder that is left after a substance or wood has burnt. Heat: The quality of being hot or warm, or the temperature of something. Roast: To cook food in an oven or over a fire. Sausage: A thin tube like case containing meat which has been cut into very small pieces and mixed with spices. Stick: A thin piece of wood. Marshmallow: A soft, sweet pink or white food. Melt: To turn from something solid into something soft or liquid. Turn: Move in a circle round.

INSTITUTION EDUCATIVA NORMAL SUPERIOR DE MONTERÍA ENGLISH EXAM NAME: __________________________________________ GRADE:_________  Complete the meaning of each word: 1) Hunger: _______________________________________________________ 2) Malnutrition: __________________________________________________ 3) Starvation: ___________________________________________________ 4) Poverty: _____________________________________________________  When can I see these advertisements? 5) A young child walks alone. A) In a restaurant. B) In a Hospital. C) In the streets. D) In a museum. 6) It is the opportunity to donate food for poor people. A) In a school. B) Social organization. C) In a stadium. D) In a movie theater.

 Read the conversation and answer the questions 7, 8 and 9 based on it: 1- Poor child: Thank you so much. 2- Man: Sorry boy, I do not have anything now. 3- Poor child: Good morning Sr. Do you have something to eat? 4- Man: But you can go to my house, I will give you some food for you. 5- Poor child: Please, give me at least a piece of bread. 7) The correct order of the conversation is: A) 1,3,5,2,4. B) 4,2,1,5,3. C) 5,1,3,2,4. D) 3,2,5,4,1. 8) The underlined word in the dialogue is considered: A) Uncountable noun. B) Countable noun. C) Singular noun. D) Plural noun. 9) The topic of this conversation is about: A) Education. B) Health. C) Starvation. D) Politics.

 Read this short article and answer the questions from 10 to 12. More than a billion people suffer from chronic malnutrition. In spite of official pledges to halve the world's hungry, the trend now runs in the opposite direction. More than thirty million people die of ______11______and starvation every year nearly 100,000 every day. The Emergency Food Relief System addresses the most acute food crises that arise from war, natural disasters and famine. 10) In the first sentences of this article who are the most affected by malnutrition: A) Women. B) Government. C) Teenagers. D) Children. 11) What is the right word in the gap? A) Headache. B) Malnutrition. C) Violence. D) Food. 12) Food crises is raised by: A) Hurricane. B) Destruction. C) Drought. D) Violence.  Read this short article and answer the questions from 13 and 14. U.N. Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon says the steeply rising price of food has developed into a global crisis. He says the U.N.-sponsored meeting in Bern must find solutions to a problem that is increasing poverty, hunger and instability in the world. The United Nations estimates about 100 million of the world's poorest people cannot afford to buy food. Because of the spiraling costs, the World Food Program says its original budget for this year is not enough to feed all the hungry. It is appealing for an additional three quarters of $1 billion to meet the extra expenses. 13) What is the main caused of hunger in the world? A) Poverty. B) Malnutrition. C) Starvation. D) Discrimination. 14) What does the writer say about the problem of hunger? A) We can find a solution for hunger. B) Poor people cannot buy food because of high prizes to the products. C) Government does not help poor people. D) Poor people cannot but food because they do not have a job.