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I stand transfixed in mute awe at the silent majesty - the dark wings of the night, Stretched wide, A velvet

blanket of silence on raven wings descending to enfold me in its embrace... Deep within, a coalescing pattern unfolds, A shimmering whisper of movement birthed from the silence like a dream, A spark of light kindled within this vaginate void, Pulled towards this bright summoning -a golden thought -strands of concupiscence woven tight A seductive kiss of grace pressed upon my lips, Stirred by the winds of desire, Imminent within the brocaded silk of the night, Measured by the passion that subtly laces the air, A spark lit, slowly smouldering within my chest, The caress of intent playing the harp strings of my soul, Starlight blossoming like falling raindrops, Or sweat from a lovers brows, Each drop bearing the sweet taste of a anticipation, A savory bouquet rolled upon the tongue, A kiss upon the soul, as I am enveloped within the dark wings of this blanketing night.

She coalesce -manifest Within this dreaming night,

Instinct without constraint, Gluttony without cease, A licentious wave of passion inhaled upon the avaricious breath of the dark, Rising from the aphotic desires of my dreams, Gently floating like a leaf upon the soft sigh of the wind, Rising… Rising like a spirit through the dark to stand within this pregnant moment, Where, with the subtlest of motions… … She begins to dance, A dance of seduction, Flowing with an easy grace and sensual rhythm into the heart of my dreams, Graceful as a swan in flight, Moving with a feline’s grace, Smooth as the touch of moonlight upon the skin, Secure within her element; ensconced within the living night, She is a picture of focused will, Of elegant precision, The eloquent sensuality of her beauty, The succulence of her movements an epicurean combination of -wanton sexuality, and -reckless abandon A breath of sensuous grandeur, stirring my ardour to life.

She beckons with silken movements of allure -the fluid gestures of her arms

-the sultry play of light and shadows upon her muscles -the hypnotic roll of her hips -the erotic breath of her passions -the provocative curve of her lips -the seductive smile of her eyes In the arch of her back, Breast swaying in a suggestive manner as she stretch forth into the welcome of the night, She holds a promise within the smouldering depths of her eyes, Of intent within the lush dance of her body, Of building anticipation within the voluptuous rhythms of her movements, Saporous curves, whispering to me of pleasures to be had at her touch.

She is motion in stillness, A thought forming in the heart of my desire, A shadow at the edge of my vision, A deeper darkness in the flush of this sensuous night, Movement smooth as a sheer silk gown, and Irresistible as honey slicked upon ones lips, Lush and evocative she dances within the abyssal reaches of my heart, Stirring from the depths the naked agony of my need, A flowing current of libidinous hunger, Sucking me spiralling, into the prurient world of my most hedonistic dreams.

A dark marvel of lubricious passion, Provocative, she moves with an animal sensuality,

An imploring beauty of matchless perfection, Timeless as the silent breath between stars, As the still moment between heartbeats, She holds me tight, Embracing me with her allure, Embracing me in the velvet darkness, Like that found behind closed eyelids, Embracing me with the power of her dance, The sybaritic flow of her hands weaving a tale of beauty, A story writ in shadows upon the desires of my soul, Her body a vibrant song of seduction, A glittering aria of unfettered succulence … … of grace as she languidly caress the currents of dark, Breast the midnight passions of my fantasies, Swirling them with the gyrating rhythm of her movements -the decadent sensuousness of her dance.

She glows with the fruits of her labour, A glow that lights the dark, Caresses with the slow sure touch of a lover, The delicate kiss of lips to flesh, Heated touch eliciting a sighing flush of pleasure, It is a light which is one with the dark -pressed in upon -opened wide

Penetrated by the atramentous night, Turning in upon herself, Constricting into a flaring star of ecstasy, With shadows draped upon her like a diaphanous gown, The shadows conforming to every curve of her body, Yet parted by a flaring turn as she pirouettes, So that I may come into her and so taste the climax of her rapture, A crescendo of light within which stands the dark flower of my need, Shivering in the wind of my hunger, That hunger… A song of yearning, To match the dance of sensuality she exhales with every movement of her body.

The midnight wind blows with a sultry air, Caressing the night with a silken touch, Trembling the fabric of the night with keen anticipation, As my mind is gripped in a susceptible riot of inveterate –animal- thoughts, And the swollen moon pregnant with a milky-white argent glow, Pearlescent light piercing this liquid pool of darkness, Embracing with the auspices of the night, Bears witness as I succumb and loose myself, Loose myself to the decadent allure of her dance, Loose myself within compelling beauty of her movements, Loose myself within the seductive delectation of the moment, My eyes devouring; hoarding her radiance,

The scent of her essence a woven lattice of jasmine-sweet perfume lacing the air, The fecund potency of her musk, lush upon the tongue of my desire.

As she dance… The gentle swaying of her full breast promises, The smooth plains of her stomach beckons, The dark nest of her womanhood calls to me in a rush of blood that finds me distended, Engorged upon the altar of her licentious allure, And in the still silence of my soul, I watch the unfolding dream of her dance; A flowing discourse of movement as nimbly she turns, Each step a voracious move of seduction, Of manifest grace and beauty, Of elegance and eroticism, Ripe… rich with the efflorescent taste of her passions, Movements like the note of a melody, Rhythmically moving to the song of this darkness, Attuned to the heartbeat of the night, The moon, A revenent of light, washed dark against the aura of her light, She who is the architect of my arousal, She who brings the flower of my lust to verdant life, She who parts the cloying mist of sleep, Pulling me into the orbit, of her allure.

She draws me into the circumference of her dance, Draws me into the ageless darkness of her passions, Into the potent temptation of her enchantments, For she is the mistress of my dreams, Succubus of seduction, Sultry goddess of the night, A luscious light in this debauched darkness, An aphrodisiac invading my body with the vigor of a touch, And in the close darkness of the night, I sink deep into the spell of her delicious embrace, An embrace of movement… desiderate emotions, Spirits entwined, Bound within the glamour of this primal dream, Within the lush luminescence of her seductive promenade, She opens herself to me, Moving in an otherworldly state of beauty -ethereal, Languid as the moon… … rising to bestow voluptuous kiss of light upon the sable womb of the night.

Her presence washes over and through me, Like a puissant wind… … whispering with sinuous ease through prairie grass… Like a simmering song…

… of libertine passion… A voluptuous dance of grace, Of seduction tempered… … by the sensuous breath of the night… The kiss of the dappled moonlight -a sumptuous caressCasting shadows upon her flesh, Upon her arms, Sliding with infinite slowness over her breast, The susurrus slide of her footsteps, Vivacious sway of her body, A sultry prayer of worship, to the glory of the night.

She spins, Body in flight, Graceful as the clouds which sails the twilit heavens, She turns, -chasse Arms outstretched, bending her form into complex patterns; An abstract thought floating upon the breath of my dream, An expression of loveliness, swooping Diving, Feet extended in a graceful pirouette of such unsurpassed beauty, It’s as if she has been lifted up by the hand of the divine, Lifted on gossamer wings feathered with the aphotic touch of my desire,

A butterfly dancing through the air…. With focused intent and ethereal grace, To alight like a blessing, Upon the rising tumescence of my ardour, Perfumed with the sweet aroma of her musk, Shaping the direction of my dreams, This dance… Her touch… A form of seduction enflaming the force of my need, Where she leads and I follow, As the moon swollen with the vigor of the dark… … follows the libidinous nature of the night, Clasped within each other’s shadow, Spun drifting within the argent embrace of the moons light, Clothed in darkness yet knowing -sensing Each movement the other makes, The liquid caress of each intense motion, Of her touch -ecstasy Sparking flames of pleasure upon my flesh, The give and take, Push and thrust as we cleave into each other’s embrace, Only to fall still -static

Frozen within a single sparkling moment of time, With no end and no beginning, Only the endless measure… The silent eloquence of the night.

Within my dreams we are bound, Bound by the feral beauty and savage grace of seduction, Bound by a dance of exquisite passion, Bound by the brutal heat of desire, Together bound within the decadent womb of the night, Caressed of the dark, Embraced of shadows… … we dance, As the night wings forth in a velvet blanket of silence … we dance, Broken only by the breath of desire she exhales … we dance, Rhythmic cadence of movement born of grace, An unfolding flower of beauty, Of luxuriant sensuality glowing brightly in the dark … we dance, Bodies merged, Speaking the silent language of sexuality, Naked and raw, Rough with a restless passion, that captivates with a powerful allure…

… we dance !!!

Richard ‘Poetikz’ Burton 06/19/2013