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Blackhall. John Haase,August


Hobart Valparaiso Valparaiso Crown Pt. Valparaiso Hobart Hobart Hobart Hobart Crown Pt.

FIQllL"rg, A.A.
W.H. and E.J. (partnership) _HaJrward, Hayward, W.H. (Warren) Hayward, W.H. Mclellan, John W. Menill. A.O. Naumann, J.J. (John) Portmess, J.E.(Jacob) Showman,L.K.(?) (Showman'sGallery)

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Ca. 18726 Ca. 1873E

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Vilmer. William E.

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" The B]ackhallMansion" TheHobart Herald 26 htg.1954.1852 given asthe dateofhis comingto Hobart. ' Ibid. 1893given asthe dateofhis retirement. ' "Local Drifts," Ilob.trt Gqzette 28 Nov. 1902.HaasebuysA.o. Merrill s studio in Hobart. ' "AugustHaaseStudiosold to J.J.Naumann,"Hobart News30 oct. 1913.Articles statesHobart haclbeenwithout a photographer for abouta yearbecause Haase's failing ey_e-sight had caused give him to photography up -a t"t i, c'"ry - r. ) Advertisement. Hobart News 4 Dec. 1919. "l"t " of Genealogtand Biograplry oflake County,Indians, With a Compendium - 1904 of History 1834 :B;\.Encyclopedia (lg!4). t.t. boughtout fle interestof E.J. Haywardandcontinuedbusiness in Valpo. i 1iL ""-*cl toIbid. tr 1910 census: occuPation photographer,-ovn studio.Ancestry -com. 1g-1T-united States Federal Censuslddabase -Tbirreenth on-line]. provo, UT'-usA: operationsInc, 2006. original data: census;ith" u;t# il;"-,,"6t'o 6ana .i".orurolls). Recordsofthe Bureiu ofthe census,Record-Group 29. National Archives, washingtorl D.c. Plll"3t"i 16?1' 1J78 " Died July 26, cook county, Ilinois DeathIndex, lgoa-;dgJdutub^" *-t"A pr;"", UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.Original dara:Cook CountyCte*. Cook Cou"ty CiiiC"i""i6, ii*rar. CookCormtyClerk,s Office, Chicago,IL: Cook County Clerlg 200g. " Goodspeed andBlanchard'counties of Porter andLake- Historical and Biographical (lgg2). This dateis not quite consistent with Ball's accountof Hayward,s career. (3tCya1s2 Cia Oirectory (potk, 1885). Last directorytisring I havefound. ii " "Local Drifts," Ilobart Gazexe,2gNov. 1902.SeIs Aobart Jtudioto gaase. a. '" "AugustHaaseStudiosold to J.J' Naumann,"Hobart News30 oct. 1913.Articles statesHobarthad beenwithout a photographer for abouta year because Haase's fairing ey3-sreht had caused him to give_up, photos"prry -ot"t" in-u cary m r. "'TJ' Narmrann to Take up NewLineof work" Hobmt ":"t News:rrL. rsri. "Nir ii"i" iJtii"l"iuir; oot fromthe articlewbether be will continue his photography "i*-F business. "rear ';:;:f;E:tr'l|j:fl?S:" but iarliesl appiaranceadvertisingphotography servicesin Hobart newspaper. "stolen andpaid For,,, JeArrcestry'com' 1ziiana Deatln' 1882--1-920 onJinel. Provo,ur, USA: Ancestry.comoperationslnc, 2004. ldatabase oiginal data: VariousIndianacountydeathrecordsindexedby the IndianaWorks projectsAdministration. Indiana:circa 193g-1941. ^ Hobart Gqzette Souvenir Edition(1898). " Ibid. County,1906(tuanscribed at iyy"leyJlttry-91take "Diedl0Dec. 1918, oeaihs,l88z-lg2o frtatabaseon-linel. [6vo, uT, USA: operationsInc, 2004.original data:various Indianacourty deathrecordsindexra ty tl" iiolu"" w"riisio.lects Administration. Indiana:circa 1938-1941.