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Project 2 Information Sources Table

Names: Carlos, Andres, Esteban, Martin

What is it

Description and where you used it.

Search Operators Used


“Copyrighted” material © Yes? © No? Reason

http://ww /en/peac ekeeping /mission s/unmik/i ndex.sht ml
https://www. y/publication s/the-worldfactbook/geo s/kv.html

For the first 2 slides to find information about organisation working in Kosovo

Info Kosovo + conflict

Very reliable as it comes from a un organisation working in Kosovo. It is highly unlikely that it will give biased information as it is a world org not from any especific nation

Yes because the un copyrights there info shown by the symbol

Use for geographical information and society and culture used in strating slides Use to know more about6 the political situation and conflict used for perception slide

Kosovo UN American perception or serbian perception

Reliable as it is a government site and a renown site for accurate info

Yes because it belongs to the Us government specifically CIA Yes as newspapers protect their info so it does not get coppied

http://www.b ws/worldeurope22522257

All in title: Kosovo feeling betrayed

Very reliable as it is from a renown new mail in Britain and Internationally with author and date written. For its reliable qualities it is also known as one of the major newsletters worldwide with experienced reporters. Furthermore there one of the few newsletters which are liberal and probably support the UN due to their ideology contributing for the most peaceful solution dependent.c orld/europe/t ml

General knowledge and facts about the conflict and its history

Kosovo conflict or Kosovo UN perception

Very reliable as it shows the author and date published. It also belongs to a renown news sight in Britain

 

Yes as newsletters protect their articles to prevent getting copied

This was used to get an idea on American perception on Kosovo + conflict + tary/rm/2010/ UN involvement perception + us 07/ in Kosovo used m for perception slide To get information from the diplomatic side and international affairs To get the pictures of the people of the infografic The face of the infografics

http://www.e about-us

Info: Europe kosovo

Extremely reliable for a number of reasons. Firstly it is from the us government which always provide good information that supports UN as they are behind the idea of freedom. It is also reliable because it shows the date it was published. Furthermore it’s from are known politician Hillary Clinton that has a major say on US international affairs Reliable as it is from an organization that is made up of former politicians and diplomats that are experts in the area of international affairs specially in regards to Europe. However there is no date. They have a peaceful +liberal perception and just want to improve the peoples living standards and relation with the EU Its reliable by the following reasons, it has its date and author. Its not so reliable because its an opinion also its on a blog which means its more personal. Also the Website does not have the author name or date.

Yes as newsletters is protected their article of getting copied

Yes because its an article from the EU perspective and government N o because its meant that people copy the pictures No because its meant that people copy the pictures art12233.html http://momsh ieb.wordpres 09/20/i-likeyour-face/


Clip art boy or girl face

http://www.k n/News/UNDPlaunchesPerceptionsonTransitionalJustice-inKosovoReport2012-1400 http://www.hi storytoday.c om/robertbideleux/kos ovos-conflict

For the info

Inurl: preseption Kosvo

This website is reliable because it’s from the UN organization, which means that they look for peace and the information will be reliable.

 Yes because it belongs to the UN

Kosovo conflict +perception

http://www.n o/ m

Kosovo site:

This link is reliable because it mainly has the author who created it and the date it was published. It’s also reliable because the information in the link isn’t a opinion, which means it is not personal information, which means the information is reliable. It’s very reliable since the link has the author name and the date when it was published. The author name in the website is linked to another website were the information of the author is located, this is very useful to know it a link is reliable or not because by knowing the author you could know the purpose of him writing this information either true or false.

Yes because is a news paper article

Yes because its form Nato organisation they protect its information