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Library Reserve Book List

Instructor: Daphne Rosenzweig Course: AH451-01 Looking at the Landscape, Fall 2008

Library Shelf No. Title Author

SB 470.5.J44 1995 The Landscape of Man Geoffry & Susan Jellicoe
SB 470.53.J64 1991 Modern Landscape Architecture: Redefining the Garden Felice Frankel & Jory Johnson
SB 472.S685 1998 The Language of Landscape Anne Wheston Spirn
ND 212.G47 1991 (v.1, 2,
Art Across America (vols. 1-3) William Gerdts
ND 210.5.I4 G476 2001 American Impressionism William Gerdts
TR 654.M667 1986 The Most Beautiful Places in the World Jay Maisel
TR 647.P67 P67 1987 Photographs and Their Text Eliot Porter
N 6494.E27 B64 2002 Earthworks: Art and the Landscape of the Sixties Suzann Boettger
ND 1942.T8 A4 2000 The Great Watercolors Eric Shayne
American Sublime: Landscape Painting in the United
ND 1351.5.W55 2002 Andrew Wilton,
States 1820-1880
ND 497.W8 D36 1999 Joseph Wright Stephen Daniels
N 7650.G66 2002b Artists, Land, Nature Mel Gooding
NB 497.G64 G64 1999 Midsummer Snowballs Andy Goldsworthy
SB 458.O373 2000 Japanese Gardens of the Modern Era Haruzo Ohashi
Masterpeices of Japanese Garden Art (v.1 Western
SB 458.M5813 1992 (vol.1) Mizuno Katsuhiko
Nature and Culture: American Landscape and Painting,
ND 1351.5.N68 1995 Barbara Novak
ND 237.L27 A4 1972 Fitz Hugh Lane Fitz Hugh Lane
N 8214.5.U6 A47 1980 American Light: The Luminist Movement 1850-1875 John Wilmerding, ed.
ND 237.K15 S67 1996 Wolf Kahn Justin Spring
ND 237.H7 H7x Winslow Homer: A Retrospective Exhibition Winslow Homer
ND 192.R6 R67 1975 Modern Painting and the Northern Romantic Tradition Robert Rosenblum
ND 237.B585 B3 Albert Bierstadt Matthew Baigell
N 6537.O39 W43 1984 Georgia O'Keeffe, The Artist's Landscape Todd Webb
F 591.A53 1990 Art of the Golden West Alan Axelrod
In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World, from Henry
PS 3042.P64 1962 Henry David Thoreau
David Thoreau and Eliot Porter
Independent Spirits: Women Painters of the American
ND 225.I53 1995 Patricia Trenton, ed.
TR 647.P475 A4 1981 Altered Landscapes: The Photographs of John Pfahl John Pfahl
NB 497.G64 A4 1993 Hand to Earth: Andy Goldsworthy, 1976-1990 Andy Goldsworthy
NB 237.S572 A4 1981 Robert Smithson: Sculpture Robert Carleton Hobbs
TR 140.A3 S63 1995 Ansel Adams and the American Landscape Jonathan Spaulding
Navaho Sandpainting: from Religious Act to Commercial
E99.N3 P35 1991 Nancy J. Parezo
The Art of Utopia: A New Direction in Contemporary
N 7401.B65 1991 Michael Boulter
Aboriginal Art
Earthworks and Beyond: Contemporary Art in the
N 6494.E27 B4 1984 John Beardsley
TR 647.W44 A4 1994 Weston's Westons: California and the West Karen E. Quinn
N 6847.5.B3 A32 1994 Barbizon School and the Origins of Impressionism Steven Adams
N 7650.G66 2002 Artists, Land, Nature Mel Gooding
ND 237.H58 W44 1999 The Kingdoms of Edward Hicks Carolyn J. Weekly
Green Woods & Crystal Waters: The American Landscape
ND 1351.6.A7797 1999 John Arthur