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ART AND IDEAS 192 Second Quiz Information

Rosenzweig Spring 2009

1. Revision of Syllabus information:

The Chapters to be included on the second quiz are: tag end of Chapter 9 (pp. 274-282), Chapter
10, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12 to page 357.

2. Ringling Museum of Art:

The second quiz involves a visit on your own to the Ringling Museum of Art:

A. You will be given a pass from me for the Museum (one-time use only), which you present at
the visitor’s entrance; you will need to show your RCAD student ID also. The special pass will
be gathered by the entrance personnel.

i. Required work at Ringling Museum:


a) the permanent exhibition of the Rubens’ works, and

b) the permanent exhibition of the 19th century works of art (European or American).

From each exhibit, select one work which is particularly appealing or challenging to you.
Write an essay which:

a) introduces the work (artist, date of work, title of work, style, composition), then

b) discuss why you choose it.

Hand in this essay as part of the second quiz. Each essay should be 1 ½-2 typed pages
each, with your name and folder number at the top of each page; staple all pages together.
20 points each, 40 points total of the second quiz.

ii. Extra credit work at Ringling Museum:

To hand in by 3/24 (Tuesday class) or 3/26 (Thursday class):

If you view the special “cassoni” exhibition, write up an explanation of what they are, and
select a particular one to discuss. See requirements for extra credit work on your Syllabus,
page 4.

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3. Proposed required works for second quiz:

A. List of works by textbook chapter number:

9-30 10-6 11-3 12-4
9-36 10-9 11-12 12-5
10-16 11-14 12-10
10-21 11-19 12-12
10-31 11-25 12-14

B. Be able to compare:
10-6 and 12-14 11-3 and 12-12
10-21 and 11-19 11-25 and 12-10
10-31 and 11-12

4. Proposed required terms for second quiz:

(Terms NOT starred are NOT required. “Page” refers to textbook page.)
Page Term
285 *Baroque, Hapsburgs/Habsburgs
286 Triangular trade, *characteristics of Italian Baroque
290 *Mystical saints, Jesuits
298 Flanders
299 Antwerp
300 *Dutch Republic, *Amsterdam
301 Middle class, Calvinists
302 Group portrait
303 *Pyschology of Light
306 Camera obscura
307 *Vanitas
309 Grand Manner of Classicism, good judgment
310 Divine right
317 Revolutions, *Neoclassicism, *Romanticism, *photography, *Rococo
319 *Enlightenment
320 Doctrine of empiricism
321 *Modern art, modernity
322 Grand Manner portraiture
325 *Neoclassicism, Grand Tour
326 *French Revolution, Napoleonic Empire
329 National architecture, *Romanticism
330 Sublime
336 *Industrial Revolution, Picturesque
338 Hudson River School
340 Prefabrication, *photography
346 *Realism, *Avant-garde
351 *Academy, *academic art
354 *Impressionism
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