The wonders of creation cannot be explained in 140 characters or in a few brief words on a page.

The Mysteries of The Wonders of Creation : The sun and the moon and stars and the planets and the rest of the universe and the galaxies declare the wonders of creation. On planet earth we see an abundance of living organisms. Science tends to call them simple and complex living organisms. The Kingdoms of This World : We have the mineral Kingdom. We have the plant Kingdom. We have the kingdom of insects. We have the kingdom of reptiles. We have the kingdom of mammals. We have the kingdom of humans. We have the Kingdom of GOD. All these Kingdoms are created PERFECT. All these KINGDOMS from the mineral kingdom to the kingdom of humans were created by GOD and were created PERFECT by GOD and GOD placed man on planet earth to have dominion over the created things of this world i.e. over unicellular organisms , and the plants, insects, reptiles & mammals . Science unveils more and more mysteries of the wonders of creation everyday. Science without The Holy Bible cannot explain The Mysteries of The Wonders of Creation : Old Science Theories that briefly appeared to explain somethings are now found to be completely unreliable. For example, we see : [ i ] At one time Science thought that LEAD could be turned to GOLD. [ See #Alchemy & #Alchemists ]. [ ii] At one time Science thought it was impossible for man to fly , but then the Wright Brothers built the first Flying Machine and now we have aeroplanes and Scientists have built rockets that can go into the space and beyond. [ iii] At one time Science thought that automobiles should have a man walking in front of them waving a red flag. Today you don't see people walking in from of cars waving red flags !

[ iv ] At one time Science thought that the Big Bang explained the origin of the universe. Science now is trying to find a rational explanation for the irrational theory of the Big Bang. { See The #BigBang ; Matter Antimatter ; Quarks ; Leptons & so called ForceCarriers etc [ v ] Science is bring to understand the BigBang and how it relates to the universe and the origin of so called "…simple and complex Life .." via the Science Theory of so called #Abiogenesis then through the so called theory of #Evolution etc ]. The simple rule in Life is that if you start right you end up right. Science goes wrong when they start with a Bad Science Theory. Bad Science Theories cannot Explain The Mysteries of The Universe that include the Origin of Time, Space, Matter , Original Life, Light , etc Bad Science Theories do not explain the mystery of the atoms. Bad Science Theories do not explain the mystery of the molecules. Bad Science Theories do not explain the mystery of the DNA Code in both so called '..simple and complex life forms..". Bad Science Theories do not explain the mystery of the atom. Bad Science Theories raise more questions than answers. The Origin of Time, Space, Matter, Light , Life on earth and all things seen and all things unseen cannot be explained by Science. Science talks of #The_Quantum_Theory. Science Talks of #The_Theory of_Relativity. Science cannot EXPLAIN The Origin of #Time , #Space , #Matter. Science also fails to EXPLAIN the Origin of #Light and #Life on earth… Certain sections of Scientific Study deny #Creation and speak about #Evolution. #Atheists deny creation. Atheists refuse to believe in The Holy Bible. Atheists refuse to believe in anything that does not emanate from the mindset of Atheism. Atheists have exalted the Atheist Mindset above all knowledge and by so doing have exposed the fallacy of Atheism. #Atheism cannot be ISOLATED from the rest of the world. Atheists cannot explain the origin of Time, Matter, Space, Light and all Original Life on earth. Atheists cannot explain who designed the atom. Atheists hate the words ".. #DESIGN…" and The Words "… #CREATE..".

Atheists feel that if they acknowledge that the atom was DESIGNED or CREATED then they will have to acknowledge that GOD #Created and #Designed all things seen from things unseen. That is The Atheist Paradox ………[ #TheAtheistParadox. ]. That is The Atheist Confusion ……[ #TheAtheistConfusion. ]. That is The Atheist Dilemma …… [ #TheAtheistDilemma. ]. That is The Atheist Cornundrum ……[ #TheAtheistCornundrum ]… There are things that even atheists cannot Explain. There are things that even the Science Books that Atheist read cannot explain. The Electron Microscope unveiled the Mystery of The Atom etc [ See #TheHadronCollider ]. Modern Genetics unveiled the Mystery of The DNA CODE. [ See #DNACode & DNACodes ]. The Hadron Collider unveiled further mysteries of the atom.. [ See #TheHadronCollider ]. Do your own search and see how Modern Scientific Studies have looked at the wonders of the Minuscule World of the atom and are baffled by the properties of the electrons, protons, neutrons, etc What about the Higgs Boson …dubbed by Science as The GOD Particle ? [ See #TheHadronCollider ]. In The Holy Bible we read in Genesis Chapter One : "… In the beginning GOD created the #heaven and the #earth …". #Genesis 1:1 . The very first Chapter of The First Book of The Holy Bible Genesis Explains "…the ORIGIN of time, space and matter .." . [ See #Genesis 1:1 ]. The War of Angels & The CATCYLSMIC JUDGEMENT & The Judgement of ADAM & EVE and The SERPENT Revelation 12:3; Revelation 12:7-9 Luke 10:18 ; Isaiah 14:12-17; Ezekiel 28:12-19; Jeremiah 4:23; Isaiah 45:18 ; 1 Corinthians 14:33 ; 1 John 3;12 ; John 8;44; John 10:10 Genesis 1;1 - 5 ; Genesis 3 : 1- 15 etc In Genesis Chapter One, We read about events BEFORE DAY One of Creation, known at The Beginning { See Genesis 1:1 } and then when we put on our Thinking Caps we see by The Grace of GOD through The Revelation of GOD that between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 there was a CATACLYSMIC JUDGEMENT on earth that cast the whole earth that was created into darkness and then the earth was covered with water and was VOID. what caused the CATACLYSMIC JUDGEMENT between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis

1:2 ? There was a war between GOD and The Fallen Angels who rebelled against The Kingdom of GOD. { Please See Revelation 12 and read it with #Revelation and understanding . Also see #Isaiah 14 : 12 -17 ; and #Ezekiel 28: 12-19 ; #Jeremiah 4:23 ; #Isaiah 45:18 and #Luke 10:18 ; 1 #Corinthians 14:33 etc ]. "… GOD is not the author of confusion, but of peace…". [ 1 #Corinthians 14:33 ]. Yeshua the Only Begotten Son of GOD has come that ADAM"S FALLEN RACE ".. might have LIFE [ ZOE LIFE ] in abundance …". [ #John 10:10 ]. Satan is The Author of Confusion. The enemy satan "…sowed TARES among the WHEAT ….". [ See Parable of The Wheat and The Tares in matthew 13: 24-30 and then for the explanation that Yeshua [ Jesus ] gave to His disciples in Matthew 13: 36-43 of the said Parable…. ]. GOD is not the author of confusion. Satan is the author of confusion. [ 1 #Corinthians 14:33 ]. CAIN is not Adam's son , Cain was of the wicked one according to 1 John 3:12 . [ See 1 #John 3:12 ]. Satan is "… a murderer from the beginning and abode not in The Truth, because there is no Truth in him…" [ John 8:44 ]. The character of satan is to "… steal, and to kill, and to destroy…". [ #John 10:10 ]. The Origin of Light The Origin of Light shining on earth is given in #Genesis 1: 3 "… And God said, Let there be light: and there was light…".

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