CV Writing

-- Richa Goyal

Types of Resumes • Chronological resume • Functional/Skills resume • Combination resume • Online Resume .

Advantages and disadvantages of chronological and skills resume? .

Job Objective Do not be needy/self-absorbed: • To obtain a position that will allow me to advance my potential while seeking new challenges. . Show what YOU will contribute not what you’d GAIN: • An entry-level position in mechanical engineering where strong leadership ability and good communication skills are needed. • Vice-president of aerospace engineering in an agency where extensive knowledge of thermodynamics and heat transfer are needed.

• Advertising assistant with multimedia emphasis requiring strong customer contact skills.Attitude? “You” attitude: • A software sales position in a growing company requiring international experience. .

. direct phrases to highlight what you can bring to a new employer • Ten years of experience in commission selling. effective closing techniques.Summary of Qualifications Alternative to a statement of career objectives Short. and solid customer service. consistently meeting or exceeding sales goals through creative lead generation.

Experience Section Use parallel structures for experience: • • • • • Was responsible for staff of ten Present reports to consultants New reporting system was developed Leader of monthly staff meeting Coordinate monthly review .

Use Parallel Structures 9 Managed staff of ten 9 Presented reports to consultants 9 Developed new reporting system 9 Led monthly staff meeting 9 Coordinated monthly review .

Avoid Weak Statements Weak Statements Responsible for developing a new filing system I was in charge of customer complaints I was involved in developing a new product idea I won a trip to Europe for opening the most new customer accounts in my department Member of special campus task force to resolve student problems with existing cafeteria assignments Active Statements Developed a new filing system that reduced paperwork by 50% Handled all customer complaints and reduced follow-up complaints by 75% I contributed to the development of a new product that increased company sales by 40% Generated the highest number of new customer accounts in my department Assisted in implementing new campus dining program that balances student wishes with cafeteria capacity .

Computer Skills ¾ Software programs and proficiency (Word. AutoCad …) ¾ Programming languages (include Visual Basic. …) ¾ Abilities (based on experience) ¾ Languages and language ability . Other Experience. Special Skills. PowerPoint. FrontPage. PHP.Use the Skills Section Work-Related Skills. Language Skills. HTML. Excel.

Special Achievements/ Activities • Editor's Choice Award. Student Literary Competition 2010 Hobbies and Interests • Reading and creative writing Referees • .Optional Sections Professional Affiliations • I am a registered member of the Australian Association of Editors and Publishers.

Remember Ask at least three or four people to read your resume .

Improve the Ineffective Chronological Resume .

Scannable Resumes • Use a clear sans serif font such as Arial and size it between 10 and 14 points • Make sure the characters do not touch each other • Don’t use side-by-side columns • Avoid italicization. %. underlining and shading • Don’t use &. foreign-language characters or bullet symbols • Put each phone number and e-mail address on its own line • Use more noun phrases • Print on plain white paper .

) • Use it to complete online application forms . (A PDF file could be attached or a hyperlink to your HTML resume could be included. • Include it in the body of your e-mail message when asked to e-mail your resume.Plain-Text File • Create a plain-text file of your resume for mailing a scannable resume.

Cover Letter Writing .

or new procedures. . • Refer to publicized company activities. • Show how your strongest skills will benefit the organization.Unsolicited Cover Letters • Describe your understanding of the job’s requirements. • Mention the name of a person known to you and highly regarded by the reader. achievements. changes. • Use a catchphrase opening if the job requires ingenuity and imagination.

Thank You .

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