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Republic of the Philippines Southern Philippines Agri-business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology College of Agricultural

Sciences Matti, Digos City Annual Work Plan and Budget For the year: 2013 College/Unit/Team: Education Department
Key Result Area Area Name R.1 Project/Activity/Re/Train ing Meeting with Educ. Faculty Re-echo seminar workshop on IM preparation with output Quantity 9 Faculty Output Quality 100% attended Location Time Frame Resource Requirements Responsible Unit/Person Dept. Chair with Educ. Faculty Prof. C. Garcia Dr. S. Camposano Arlyn J. Omboy All representativ es Speaker: Dr. C. Rosil Dr. S. Camposano A.J Omboy Prof. C. Garcia College Dean Department Dept. Chair. With selected students Budget


J F M A M J J A S O N D / Attendance


9 Educ. Faculty 4 DAS Faculty

Output presentation -Produced 2 IM



Laptop, LCD, Certificates 2 lunch and 4 snacks

Php 3,900.00

Seminar on TOS Construction

40 Faculty

Upgraded/Updat ed and enhanced knowledge



Laptop, LCD, Certificates, bond paper

Php 5,000.00

R. 1.2 R. 3.1

Increase Enrolment -Faculty Monitoring -Conduct Faculty Evaluation

5% Daily -students -Peer

New students and transferees Well monitored 100% attendance CAS Performance

/ /


Credentials Beadle slip Evaluation

C/o Admin.

500/ head R. 3. documentation Portfolio DTR Dr. Chair All Faculty Subject teacher S. 5.K.500.-Supervisor R. DTR’s and other related reports Prof. K.00/studen ts Php 7.1 R. Clanes Php4. Omboy Reviewers Dean Dept. 5. S. 8 Supervision -on time submission of reports 9 Faculty 9 Faculty 100% will supervised 95% submitted on time CAS / / / TOS.A Dept.1. 3. Bello R. Chair.2 Teaching Strategies Utilized Integrated of Gender Development and Climate Change Preparation for LET review conducted (CAS) -Final Coaching -Briefing Conducted for LET takers -LET Exam At least 5-7 Selective Subjects 25 reviewees enhancement Teaching/Learnin g Enhancement Social awareness Knowledge individual 100% expected to pass the mock board exam -100% -80% will attend -Above National Passing 100% well prepared for mock board exam Institution Wide System Wide CAS / / / / / / / / / / / / / instrument Integrated in Syllabus References books Review materials / / / -attendance assigned Dept. Clanes Educ. Gina Fe Nazareno Ms. S.1 / / -25 reviewees -72 LET takers -72 takers CAS CAS CAS Php112.1.500.0 0 R. Samples of test questionnaire.K. Students Funds .00/ head 72 Graduates Increased passing rate in LET 100% Digos/Dav ao / / / / / Reviewer/Revi ew Materials Review Centers R.1 -Conduct comprehensive review for graduating students (major subjects) -Final Review at Accredited Review Centers 72 Graduating Students CAS / Reviewer/Revi ew Materials Php 300. 5.2 Practice teaching 72 Graduating students DCNHS / / R.1. Clanes A. J. A.3 Field Study Observation 120 100% DCNHS / Porfolio Narrative Report. Chairman VPAA PRC Ms. S. 5.

000. CESAR A. J.200. Faculty A.MFO3: Extension Services 1. Soong CAS -Ingredients for Demonstration -Snacks -IEC Materials -Baseline Survey -MOA Ingredients Snacks IEC Materials A. OMBOY Educ.200.00 Submitted by: Noted by: Received by: ARLYN J.000.00 Php 15.Number of LGU’s/Communiti es Assisted 3.Number of training/extensio n activities conducted on schedule Production : -Extension Program Project -Tutorial Classes (Math and Reading) 1 70 pax Housewives 100% attended -Enhance skills 100% (identified) 30.200. Omboy 3rd AFE students 4th year AFE Php 1.Reading per semester/year 100% attendance Brgy. Tubod Bansalan Brgy. J.Chairman DR.reading 70 pax/training Puto-Pao Production 9 production cycle 100% attainable Brgy. Dept.00 Php 1. Omboy for production Dr. J.00 -Raw Materials A.00 Php 1. Soong 2 area 1-tutorial 1. Bato DCNHS (Extension Matti) Brgy.Math 30. LIMBAGA College Dean CLARA ACEBES. Omboy 3rd AFE students DAS Faculty with Educ. Number of Training on Food persons trained Preparation and (for training) processing 2. AE MPS Planning Officer . Nasibog Project Documentation Manager Php 20.