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Illuminati: Their Missions and Believes Revealed

The Illuminati is a secret organization which aim was to united all nation by means destroy all the religion and to make a world policy. The word Illuminati means that "the enlighten one". They believe them selves as the God by controlling the society. It is said that is secret organization is about fictious and historical. It is fictious because until now this organization remains secret and sometimes this organization became a fantasy to everyone. It is also historical because this organization was organized in 17th century and much of the member of this organization were Royal Blooded. Based on my research on different references, it is clear that this Illuminati exist. It can be traced that this organization started as early as the Era of Crusades. At the time of crusaders, the knights which fought with the Muslims Colonizer in Jerusalem are Illuminates. It is because they want to destroy Islam. They want to eradicate Islam because they see this religion as a big threat to their propaganda. Islam prohibites music, alcoholic drinks, premature sex, drugs, abuses and too much revenue in trade. While the Muslim sees life as time to worshiping God, Illuminati viewed life as being rich. They see their selves as the God. Illuminati had evolved as time goes by from the name Illuminati until this organization was banned. This organization continued to rise. They named them selves as freemason and later on they are being seen as knights. The Freemason which was said to be the architects who actually made a design in the palaces in Europe were Illuminates. It can be proved in their designs. They molded demons in their sculpture. They embedded several sign of illuminati such as the Demon, One Seeing Eye, Pyramid, Owl and much more. Nowadays, Illuminati had been secretly increasing their member. Most of the Famous people today are members of this organization. Just recently, there is a news about Charice Pempengco as one of the member of Illuminate. Also George W. Bush Sr., George W. Bush Jr., Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Rihanna, Iyaz are linked to be Illuminati members. Illuminate have so many invinsible propaganda today. Maybe you are wondering why i have said that Illuminate controls the world today. It is merely because this hold the banking system. Based on researches, World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) are part of Illuminate. It might not be believable but it is a fact. Also American Money has the sign of Illuminate as showned below:

" The execution of Iraq War also was a plan of Illuminati. . Now would you say that this is just a coinsidence or a reality. And that element is "OIL. The 9/11 Attack which was said that Osama Bin Ladin was the mastermind of this attack was actually a plan of Illuminati to start a war with the Muslims. The man will be attracted to make rape to another girl or have sex with other. As so as the happening in Libya which the Americans declared war to Muamar Gadaffi. Pornography also was one of the propaganda of Illuminati. The Americans sees that Osama Bin Ladin as the mastermind even do he denied it in a video tape he sent. just recent the UNITED NATION are talking of making a united money of the world. They want to kill Sadaam Hussien because they see Sadaam Hussien has a threat. Ellimination of Islam was also one of their plan.As you seen the American money has the sign of Illuminati. This means that they will promote world unity through having one money currency. The Illuminate promotes injustices in the society. They could control the market. It is a fact the Illuminati could rule the world. Allah (S. It is a fact that in Hadith of Prophet Mohammad.) was really great and the king of all creation." So the Muslims are quiet ready in the coming of Illuminati. As i have said earlier Illuminati want Islam to erradicate Islam. Speaking of the reality. Sadaam actually discouraged the Islamic Leaders to follow any american request in their souverinity. But no matters how they control the world. they cannot control the Muslims for the reason that Muslims hold the most valiable element for the Illuminati to rule.T. Having porn they would make the married couple separate.W. it was mention that there will be a time where a group of people will rise and will prepare the world for the coming of "Dajaal. Also they want to have the oil.

They want the people to forget about the God and they want the people to be attracted through their favorite singers and actress. They actually promote movies and music that is why many of the singers and actress nowadays are members of Illuminati. One of the invisible propaganda of Illuminati are the Movies and MUSIC. Their design was shown below: This research was based on website reference and books in google books.Promotion for Proverty also was one of the thing whcih was mentioned in my research. It was also pointed out in my research that the FACEBOOK Owner was linked to be member of Illuminati. The idea written in this research was the result of the gathered data. It is said that Illuminati could easily make the people follow if they poor. . It was proven in the their design in their Privacy last 2010. And they will make people poorer and poorer to make them follow.