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Taylor is a national correspondent working in Australia. Nationals and Liberals coalition. • Coalition = liên minh, liên hiệp.

Power companies are warning of price volatility, threats to future supplies and even a multi-million dollar lawsuit unless the Labor Government gives them an increase in compensations of 3.5 billion dollars. The generators are conducting a lobbying campaign to convince the parliament to approve the bills proposed (mooted) by the government. A majority of Liberal backbenchers want a secret ballot in the partyroom to resolve whether or not to pass the amended proposition. • Secret ballot = bỏ phiếu kín • Backbencher = ng ko wan trọng trong Quốc hội # frontbencher. • Litigation = lawsuit = kiện tụng. • Instinctively (adv) = intuitively (adv) = predicated on instincts (intuitions) • Instill sth in sb/sth (v) = to make sb behave in a particular way over a period of time. Treatment of the electricity generation industry has remained one of the final points under contention. The Coalition has required the five-year compensation scheme for the generators to be extended for 10 to 15 years. Research has shown that adolescents are well-social if they have been instilled discipline by parents. Dire consequences of the current Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme were enthusiastically discussed at the Parliament House yesterday. Serious financial impairment of the assets of private investors, resulting in increased price risk for households and a wide range of businesses. Generators are coerced to sell electricity on the volatile (mercurial) spot market rather than throughout longterm contracts. The federal government is in danger of breaching a bilateral investment treaty with Hong Kong. • Treaty with sth = hiệp ước. This treaty stated that we would have to recoup the losses for Chinese when the scheme severely diminishes the value of assets (financial impairment). The president is aware of the claims about the potential litigation and he said that they do not have any merit to conduct it. When the white paper was released, the three energy market regulators all indicated that under this package, risks for energy security had been significantly mitigated (alleviated). Clean coal will continue to squeeze out a number of other kinds of renewable energy as an efficient and cheap source of energy, despite a cost of carbon many times higher than currently envisaged in the Rudd government’s emissions trading scheme. According to a secret independent report commissioned by the Labour NSW government, the abundance and efficiency of clean coal, along with the contemporary technologies, will undercut the price of electricity produced by solar or wind for many years. The emails also acknowledge the frustration of trying to find evidence to prove that climate change is manmade. Funds spurn infrastructure. • Spurn = loại bỏ, coi thường. Australian super funds are exploiting the strong dollars by investing overseas. Superannuation funds are extremely reluctant (grudging) investing their one billion dollars in local infrastructure despite growing pressure for them to take over major Australian assets. The newspapers released today claim that superannuation funds consider investing in the infrastructure is too risky, raising the possibility that most Australian assets will become foreign-owned. The head of federal government’s treasury has called for the massive consolidation of funds. He said that the Australian superannuation funds were directly missing out on many opportunities. More of Australian assets seem destined to fall into offshore ownership, as governments and official inquiries wrestle with legal barriers and boardroom rivalries that thwart (hinder) a faster consolidation of one-billion dollar superannuation funds. • Thwart (v) = cản trở = impede = hamper = hinder • Wrestle with (v) = grapple with (v) Investment decision-makers are very cautious (wary) when investing in overseas assets even though they have taken the advantage of strong Australian dollars. The complexity and disparity in the nature of bid processes are preventing the nation’s savings from being channeled into (diverted) economic development.

In theory (theoretically), private investment through super funds become a substitute for government funding of projects, and allows the release of government funds for other spending priorities. Australian super funds can have vastly different appetites for infrastructure investment and remain wary of promised returns. • Be wary of sth = be careful with sth • Address sth to do sth (v) = to think about a problem and find out a way to solve it. The federal government could address the current issues to open a way for more investment in infrastructure. Increasing transparency, reducing risks and clarifying regulations. • Agenda (n) = a list of important issues to be discussed The chief executive has dismissed the Mr. Cooper’s call for more direct investment in infrastructure as the suggestions are too risky. Infrastructure experts are strongly opposed (face with strong aversion) to strict limits on investment by superannuation funds in unlisted assets. • Intermediary (n) between A and B = vai trò trung gian • Financial institutions act as intermediaries between lenders and borrowers. • Intermediary (a) [only before nouns] • Stymie (v) = đặt vào tình huống khó xử. • Fallout (n) = bad results of a situation • Deplore (v) = strongly disapprove of sth and critize it • Deplorable (a) = appalling (a) = miserable (a) = very bad and unacceptable, deplorably (adv) The Green leader seeks a spark action on the issue. He would ignite a debate on squeezing the tax heavens and put a motion to the Senate that deplores the offshore tax shelters. • Bona fide (a) = legal • Ratify (v) = phê chuẩn = enact (v), ratification (n) • Govern (v) = manage. It is seeking to have a ratified treaty before the end of the year, or convince politicians to support an alternative legislation with no black-list. The major political parties must vote in favour or against his motion. • Remedial (a) = solving a hard situation [only before nouns] Remedial actions must be taken now as an effort to thwart slippages behind the schedule. • Remedy to sth (n) = a solution. Finding a remedy to unemployment should be debated at the Parliament House. • Remedy (v) = put right (v) = rectify (v) = to correct or improve sth • Remediable (a) = curable (a) # incorregible (a), incurable (a) • Weary of sth/doing sth (a) = not interested or losing enthusiasm. • Weary sb (v) = to make sb tired or lose enthusiasm = to make sb lethargic • Weariness (n) Our strategic gestation has been dramatically stalled by weariness amongst employees. The government made a bold promise in this year’s budget with its commitment to return the budget to surplus by keeping a lid on spending (by restricting extravagance). • Rein sb/sth back or rein sth in (v) = control sth/sb more strictly The new prime minister is reining in the national media industry. It is nearly impossible to rein in pension or medical costs as the population ages. • Courage (n) = bravery (n), courageous (a) = brave (a) # cowardly (a) Since the inception of group of courageous advisors, the Prime Minister has led the nation to the era of burgeoning development. She showed a true courage in this mission. I want it to be mentioned in your report to the prime minister. The pace at which we return to surplus is a function of political courage but nothing else. Applications of the theory postulated by prominent scientists are under way. • Postulate (v) = posit (v) = to suggest that sth is true, postulate (n) High birth rates and immigration levels will lift the population in 40 years time to 35 million people, compared with 28 million postulated last year. • Morph sth in sth (v) = to automatically transform into sth

• Dodge (v) = to avoid doing sth = thwart (v) They must strive to dodge the burgeoning spending. acquisition (n) = attainment (n) = a success in achieving sth Newspapers in Ningbo. revamp (n) = amelioration (n) We have had some contracts of revamping the historic building. It is regrettable to miss a chance to discuss politics with eloquent speakers.• Dodgy (a) = suspicious (a) • Dodgy (a) = not working well. Emily’s mercurial temperament makes her difficult to acclimatize herself to new classmates. • Strait (n) = a very difficult situation • Revamp (v) = ameliorate (v) = improve sth’s appearance. hauntingly (adv) • Rapture (n) = delight (n) = joy (n) • Mercurial (a) = volatile (a) = difficult to expect. There wan an air of fear gripped this city which had thriven as a hub of exports. • Haunting (a) = cannot be forgotten = vivid (a) = indelible (a). volatility (n) • Temperament (n) = tính khí Most Vietnam War veterans have been tormented by haunting memory overloaded by violence committed by them on civilians during the war. International Monetary Fund research says that the rise in long-term deficits equivalent to 2 per cent of GDP as the financial crisis morphs into the ageing crisis will bring higher interest rates. China’s leaders stonewalled American pleas to let the Yuan rise. China has a little incentive to morph its stance. • Garner (v) = obtain (v) = acquire (n) = attain (v). • Haunt (v) = continue to cause problems for sb for a long time. The secret report revealed a solemn anxiety that there had been some spies embedded in the presidential retinue. not afraid to express what you feel or think . pleading (a) • Vantage (n) = a position from which you watch sth • Vapid (a) = dull (a) = lack of intelligence. They are signs of incremental compromise. involving threats and difficulties. reported that local firms garnered more than 315 billion US dollars at the event. Melbourne. supervisor (n) • Noxious (a) = toxic (a) = poisonous and harmful The new chief executive will oversee significant renovations and revitalization of programming at the Arts Centre. a key export zone. Representatives at the Congress have argued that spectators of a criminal crime have mandatory obligation for reporting to police. • Stonewall (v) = to delay a discussion by refusing to answer questions • Plea for sth (n) = an urgent emotional request • Plead sb for sth (v) = to emotionally request. • Oversee (v) = supervise (v) = to watch employees and make sure the missions done properly. Their deposition is possibly used as substantive evidence at courts. • Pitch for sth (v) = persuade (v) They would have to pitch royal customers for staying in touch. eloquence (n) • Retinue (n) = entourage (n) = a group of people following an important person to support. • Spectator (n) of an event= a person who witnessed an event. • Underwrite (v) = to shoulder financial responsibility of an activity • Be underwritten by sb/sth (v) The weak US dollar has therefore underwritten the China’s economic recovery. • Bold (a) = confident. The Chinese executives confirmed that they were merely spectators of financial crisis. vapidity (n) • Eloquent (a) = able to use language to express opinions well • Eloquently (adv). The mayor would underwrite the university celebration as an attempt to secure his votes for the coming election.

In the meantime. bleakly (adv) • Bleak (a) = cold and unpleasant (of weather) = frosty (a) . assailant (n) • Assassinate (v) = ám sát. assassination (n). It was a bold move to open a business in France. He aspired to be the next leader. a redesign and an overhaul would boost all amenities of the Arts Centre • Bleak (a) = not encouraging (of a situation) = hopeless. • Sensation (n) = feeling (n) • Sensational (a) = thrilling (a) = causing a great surprise She has now been at the helm of the Arts Centre for four weeks. • Spruce up (v) = to make sth or yourself clean and neat. she wants to spruce up programming in the precinct. having returned to the city after stints in programming at the Sydney Opera House. • Grieve (v) sb = to upset someone = be disgruntled with sth (v) • Grievous (a) = very solemn and unpleasant. Definitely. Work will begin transforming the Hammer Hall into building that embraces the Yarra bank rather than physically shunning it. • Amphitheatre (n) = a room. The construction of design has been undertaken • Recital (n) = a public performance • Recite sth to sb (v) = to report a series of sth • Grieve over sb/sth (v) = to feel very sad about a death of someone. Attaining worldwide socialism is absolutely not a motive for aspiration for military conquest. He went to cardiac arrest after being a victim of grievous injustice. These are our aspirants to the championship title. • Unassailable (a) = cannot be destroyed # assailable (a) • Assail (v) = attack someone by words or weapons.• Boldness (n). boldly (adv). grievously (adv) We have to recite the performance of all new equipments to the technical chief. The first priority of the inaugurated president is to spruce up the executive board which has been bloated by incompetent people for many years. My secretary recited all their grievances to me. especially in the period of economic depression She has grand plans to make the spire-topped facility the unassailable cultural heart of the city. She has nothing less than bold but her plans are solidly grounded. assassin (n) • Aspire to sth (v) = want to achieve sth very much. hall or theatre with rows of seats that rise in steps • Burgeon (v) = to grow rapidly • Burgeoning (a) • Vagaries of sth (n) = changes in sth/sb that are difficult to predict • Vagrant (n) = a person who has no home or jobs • Vagrancy (n) = crime of living on the streets. • At the helm of = in charge of an organization • Stint (n) in sth / doing sth = a period of time that you spend on working or doing a particular activity • Stern (a) = serious and difficult. • Aspiration for sth / to do sth (n) = ambitions or strong desire = hankering to do sth (n) • Aspirant (a) [only before noun] = ambitious • Aspirant (n) = a person with a strong desire to achieve or win a competition He is renowned for propitious investment and aspirant plans. • Amenity (n) = a thing that makes a place more comfortable or distinctive. • Shun sth/sb (v) = to avoid The renovations of acoustics and interiors require the building to be closed for two years. Vagaries of advisors are inevitable and they will result in tumultuous managerial team. sternly (adv). It grieved him that he could not do anything to assist her. sternness (n) You must do a two-year stint in the Navy We would face with a stern enemy.

A subtle work replete with quite. • Virtuosity (n) = a very high degree of skill in performing or playing • Virtuosic (a). The future looks bleak for the financial institutions. frenetically (adv) • Climax (n) = the most important and exciting part of a performance • Climax (v) with sth The intricate network of telecommunication lines is a perennial problem in the metropolitan area. precariously The economy is precariously close to recession • Inspired (a) = having a great quality and ability • Inspire sb with sth (v) = truyền cảm hứng. • Extravagance (n) = the act of spending a great amount of money that you can afford She eventually felt extravagant spending 1. • Replenish with sth (v) = make full. justifiably (adv) Prolonged drought possibly leads to depletion in water storage in the years to come and a direct consequence is thousands of growers will be under solemn threats. • Inspiration (n) = motivation • Inspirational (a) = providing inspiration . • Intricate (a) = having small details that fit together • Intricately (adv) • Frenetic (a) = involving a lot of energy = strenuous (a). extravagantly (adv) I have heard a variety of extravagant promises of politicians. • Shimmer (n) = a shinning light that seems to move slightly A shimmer of moonlight in the dark sky • Percussive (a) = connected with sounds by hitting things • Meditation on sth (n) = a serious thought on sth = contemplation (n) on sth • Meditative (a) = thoughtful (a) = contemplative (a) • Meditate on sth (v) = contemplate on sth (v) I appreciate his meditation on arts She found him in meditative mood • Extravagant (a) = exaggerated.• Bleak (a) = empty and no pleasant features He was looking bleak with the federal government considering that its 25 million annual funding was unjustifiable and questioning the academy’s merits. shimmering passages. The festival will climax with the Vietnamese traditional cuisine on this Friday Intricate patterns • Vivacious (a) = [of a woman] having attractive personalities • Vivaciously (adv). replenishment (n) • Replete with sth (a) • Unjustifiable (a) = indefensible (a). • Extravagant (a) = lãng phí. • Virtuous (a) = irreproachable = behaving in a very good and moral way. unstable • Precariousness.000 dollars on that dress. you are expected to be exposure to frenetic activities in which you need to demonstrate the true courage. unjustifiably (adv) • Unjustified (a) = unnecessary (a) = unwarranted (a) # justified (a) • Deplete (v) = to reduce with a great amount • Depletion (n) • Justifiable (a) = legitimate (a) = understandable (a). In the special task force. virtuously (adv) She lived an entirely virtuous life. virtuosic performance. completed with percussive rain on the historic venue’s roof. vivacity (n) He was charmed by her beauty and vivacity • Precarious (a) = dangerous. inspire sth in sb His superb performance inspired the young generations to the arts.

• Ponder on/over/about sth (v) = consider • Ponderous (a) = sluggish (a) = moving slowly. • Attribute (n) = feature of sth/sb Patience is the most required attribute to a teacher. They are trying to emerge the stock with 40% and in that case. They spent time pondering the implications of the announcement • Implications (n) = things that are indirectly stated. compellingly • Compendious (a) = containing all necessary information We are confident that exuberant profits are driving us to other lucrative markets in developing nations. • Prospectus (n) = a small book of a company used to introduce its shares. All players need a compendious handbook. it has been languishing in the queue of upcoming floats without an allocated listing date. exuberantly • Compelling (a) = that makes you believe sth is true.His charity work is an inspiration to us all. the ASX has asked him to provide further information of the transfer of tenements. in poor areas • Languish in sth (v) = to be coerced to stay or suffer in an unpleasant situation Despite the company’s website claiming that the initial public offer had closed oversubscribed . • Memorandum (n) = [memo] an official note of a person sending to another in the same organization There are not many political parties subscribing in socialist principles after the dissolution of Soviet Union. The US and the continental Europe are mature markets in term of economic growth. • Sovereignty over sth (n) = a complete power to govern a country In socialism countries. the Congress has the sovereignty over national policies. • Subscribe to sth (v) = believe in sth = concur with sth (v) • Oversubscribed (a) = there are fewer than the number of people who need it. (used as a plural noun) The implication in his article is that being a household is inferior to every other occupation. While investors find China growth story compelling. your company must satisfy itself that various thresholds (preconditions) are met before it is admitted. The chief chairman has expected the strong rebound in the fiscal 2010 attributable to capital raisings and floats. they would invest in Australian real estate because of predictable and transparent legal framework. According to a recent but undated memo circulated by one of his company’s advisers. He has been named as one of the most influential bankers in Asia. • Rigger (n) = người gian lận • Tenement (n) = a large building divided into parts or apartment. • Sovereign (a) = autonomous = having the right to govern itself There is no sovereign province in Vietnam • Sovereign (a) = having a great power in a country He was a sovereign general in Bolivia. As with all listing applications. • Exuberant (a) = strong and healthy (of a business plan) • Exuberance. no one can thwart them from demanding a representative in the board. There is a desperate need for an elaboration on enigmatic terms in the annual prospectus. inferiority (n) # superiority (n) • Implication of/for sth (n) = possible effect The development of this site could have implications for the surrounding countryside. • Implication of sb in sth (n) = involvement (n) He resigned after his implications in the financial scandal • Implicate sb in sth (v) = incriminate (v) = compromise (v) = to suggest that sb is got involved in a crime . A compendious report is the precondition to pass this subject. ponderously (adv) She likes watching the cows’ ponderous progress A ponderous process of justifying an investment permit has discouraged many potential foreign investors. • Occupation (n) = nghề nghiệp • Inferior to sth (a) = not as good as sth.

amiability (n) = consensus (n) She replied amiably to him. harshness (n) • Be mooted in sth (v) = propose. enormity (n) = monstrosity (n) • Prodigiously (adv) A prodigiously talented violinist • Morbid (a) = having interest in deadly things • Morbid (a) = connected with diseases • Morbidity (n). the Congress has the sovereignty to filibuster any votes of the president. • Strangle (v) = prevent from developing = hinder (v) = hamper (v) • Be scrapped (v) = get rid of sth not useful • Wither away (v) = gradually disappear We had to see our hopes withered away. To come to the amiability • Amicable (a) = done in a polite and diplomatic way We could negotiate on amicable terms with Chinese government. antipathetic (a) = repulsive (a) . • Rickety (a) = not strong = fragile (a) The Senate’s failure to come to a consensus (common agreement) would not only delay the passing of laws aimed at righting a rickety regulator regime that has allowed Telstra to strangle its competitors. Telstra has all the more time to bargain away any of the harsher elements that have been mooted in the legislation while strengthening its position in the country. sb (n) = hostility (n) = repugnance towards sth/sb (n) = repulsion (n) = enmity (n) between A and B. amiably (adv). state in a legislative framework. • Amiable (a) = agreeable (a). • Prodigal (a) = extravagant (a) = spending to much money than you can afford • Prodigality (n) = extravagance (n) The senate has enacted a bill that puts a cap on government’s spending in an effort to prevent prodigal spending. • Withered (a) = shriveled (a) = dries up and dies Withered leaves = shriveled leaves • Withering (a) = intending to make sb feel silly and ashamed. but funny = caustic (a) • Mordantly (adv) “He might die tomorrow”. The legislative dismemberment of Telstra could be delayed indefinitely unless the Senate can speak through the party-dividing emissions trading scheme that comes before parliament this week. If it is delayed.He tried to avoid saying anything that could implicate him further • Implement (v) = carry out (v) = instigate (v) = to officially start sth • Implementation (n) = instigation (n) • Imply (v) = infer (v) = suggest (v) It is time to implement the new nuclear detonation. morbidly (adv) • Mordant (a) = critical and unkind. harshly (adv). severe. • Lull (v) = soothe = to make sb relaxed • Filibuster (v/n) = to delay a vote In all republic nations. there was no hope for instigating any nuclear disarmament. • Jeopardize (v) = endanger (v) • In jeopardy of = in danger of • Antipathy between A and B/ towards sth. • Lull in sth (n) = a quiet period. • Prodigious (a) = colossal = enormous (a) = monstrous (a) = very large and power full in a way of causing admiration. There was a 30-second lull in the conversation. it could see them scrapped altogether. “Don’t be so morbid” The CEO of Microsoft Corporation is reputable with capability of mordantly encouraging his employees. witheringly (adv) She gave him a withering look at the first time he went to school. • Harsh (a) = unkind. During the Cold War.

. precipitately (adv) = promptly Precipitate and comprehensive responses are what tax payers expect from new elected government. The great perseverance in facing difficulty is highly commendable. people have been persecuted for religious beliefs. dissipating (a) = faltering (a) = regressive (a) The prospect of financial recession has been receding after the Congress approved the economic stimulus package. • Repudiate (v) = reject (v) = repulse (v) = rebuff (v) = disparage (v). They enunciated in a formal announcement that the nuclear acceleration was inevitable. articulate (a) = eloquent (a). they persevered in flying around the world on a balloon. • Critique (n) = a piece of written criticism. totalitarianism (n) Vietnamese government is totalitarian but the sovereignty lies in citizens. be anchored in sth (v) Depravity has been entrenched in this society after the invasion of capitalism • Recede (v) = to become weaker (a business. • Articulate (v) = to express an idea clearly in words = enunciate (v). bellicosity (n) = belligerence (n) = animosity (n) = • Persecute sb for sth (v) = to treat sb in an unfair way = mistreat (v) = harass (v). • Precipitate (a) = prompt (a) = swift (a) = happening quickly. entrenchment of sth (n). • Entrench (v) = to establish sth firmly so it is difficult to erase. It does not aim to any particular nation. • Containment (n) = the act of keeping sth under control # frenzy (n) The policy of containment is only suitable for Cold World which is over.. repudiation (n) = repulsion (n) = rebuff (n) It is not easy to repudiate the report on CNN because it was contingent on convincing evidence. The transition course is primarily about Academic English and it articulates with all University courses. • Articulate with sth (v) = to be related to sth so that they form a whole. a problem. • Totalitarian (a) = related to a system of government in which the sovereignty belongs to only one political group.An inexorable antipathy towards the idea proposed by newcomers is inexplicable. persevering (a) = insisting (a) Despite numerous setbacks. critique (v) . enunciation (n) All students are required to have advanced ability to articulate their thoughts. • Precipitate (v) = to make sth happen sooner than it is expected The inception of new military groups has precipitated the nuclear arms race. persecution (n) Throughout the mankind history. • hostility (n) Bellicose (a) = belligerent (a) = hostile (a). deterrent (a) The improvement in military acts as a deterrent for potential enemies. perseverance (n) = persistence (n). deterrence (n). • Persevere in sth/ in doing sth (v) = continue doing sth despite many hindrances = persist (v). dissipation (n). • Deterrent to sth/sb (n) = a thing that can stop other people or things to do sth.) = dissipate (v) = falter (v). • Precipitate sb/sth into sth (v) = to put in a particular situation = render (v) The resignation of the President will precipitate another political crisis.

dissenter (n) = dissident (n). • Boycott (v) = to refuse to buy or attend sth to protest. purportedly (adv) The idea does not purport to be impeccable and I am sure there will be an extensive justification. • Emulate (v) = to do exactly similar to sth because you admire them. • Reactionary (n) = a person who opposes social changes. • Quadruple (v) = to make four times bigger Lucrative business in Central Asia has quadrupled our incomes. • • Ouster (n) = to remove sb out of power = deposition (n) Presage (v) = to warn that sth unpleasant is going to occur. • Annihilate (v) = to destroy or defeat sth/sb completely. dissenting (a) = dissident (a) • Dissimulate (v) = dissemble (v) = to hide feelings or thoughts. ambivalence towards sth/sb (n) There is certain ambivalence amongst economists towards the rising power of China. they boycotted the British goods. emulation Children with vivid imagination has disposition to emulate what they see on cartoons. They consider Prompt Global Strike system as a surrogate of nuclear attacks.If we discover any critique of the central government in your house. • Annotate (v) = to add notes. • Inexorable (a) = relentless (a) = cannot be stopped. inexplicably (adv) What we have perceived so far is mistakes are inexplicable. dissension (n) = disagreement (n) Even a critique of government can be considered as a dissent. boycott on sth (n) Under the contention. presage of A (n) . you will be prosecuted. • Dissent (n) = dissidence (n) = an act of expressing opinions opposing to ones generally accepted. a company… # inception (n) • Surrogate of A (n/a) = substitute for A (n) = a thing or a person used instead of sth/sb else. purported (adj). dissimulation (n) • Purport (v) = to claim to be sth or to have done sth when this may not be true = profess (v). Any more incomprehensible flight delay will endanger our reputation. annihilation (n) The new democratically elected government committed to annihilating corruption. • Dissent from sth (v). inexorably (adv). The cult of physical fitness in metropolitan areas is relentless. • Cult of sth (n) = a way of life or an attitude…that is popular. reactionary (a) CIA always considers governments administrated by communists as reactionary. • Galvanize sb into sth / into doing sth (v) = to make sb do sth by making them excited = enlist A into doing B (v) Inexorable expenditures on weapons probably galvanize the world into another Cold War. • Inexplicable (a) = incomprehensible (a) = cannot be explained # explicable (a). • Demise (n) = an end of an organization. annotation (n) • Ambivalent towards sth/sb = showing both good and bad opinions. inexorability (n) Inexorable inflation is evident for incompetence of government.

resurgent (a). A superficial perception into the danger of the dissemination of nuclear technology. • Resurrect (v) = revive (v) = resuscitate (v). • Plurality of sth (n) = a large number of sth A plurality of flexible strategies is formidable element of success. Quagmire (n) = morass (n) = a dangerous situation . • Peripheral to sth (a) = inferior to sth (a) In some particular situations. superciliously. • Rapprochement between A and B/ with sth (n) = détente (n) Rapprochement with China is crucial for the burgeoning development in economy. stridency (n) = strong confidence (n) It was vociferously enunciated that the government would not joint any military alliance. the US government always encouraged solidarity with anti-communist governments around the world. • Solidarity (n) = support (n) During the Cold War. • • • • Impetus to do sth/ to sth (n) = stimulus (n) = incentive (n) Impinge on sth/sb (v) = encroach (v) = to have a noticeable effects Impish (adj) = mischievous (adj) = showing lack of respect but it is humorous. The auspicious future is waiting for students with stridency. superficially (adv). vociferously (adv) = stridently (adv). deprecating (adj) A plurality of deprecating comments will lead to the deposition of the current government. F-22 is justified to be peripheral to a Su-35B. • Deprecate (v) = to express strong disapproval of sth. • Supercilious (a) = behaving towards people like they are inferior to you. • Superficial (a) = being shortage of contemplation into sth important. depraved (adj). • Vulgarity (n) = the state of being crude Veterans have been obsessed by the vulgarity of violence committed by both sides. Parity and transparency are sacrosanct. resurrection (n) = resuscitation (n) • Deprave (v) = corrupt (v) = pervert (v). • Vociferous (a) = strident (a) = expressing ideas in a confident way. • Parity between A and B/ with sth (n) = the state of being equal. He believed in the resurgence of worldwide socialism. • Resurgence (n) = becoming strong again. superficiality (n).Incomprehensible dissemination on nuclear technology is a presage of worldwide annihilation. depravity (n) = corruption (n) Violent games will progressively deprave the future of out country. superciliousness (n) Supercilious attitudes do not assist you into assimilating yourself into this community.

As an attempt to prevent radioactive rays from penetrating to surrounding environment. • Forge (v) = to strenuously navigate through a crowd He forged through the crowd to approach the main stage. renegade (n) [people] His secession has led the company to morass. • • • Gargantuan (adj) = enormous (adj) Prop up (v) = shore up (v) = to prevent sth from collapsing by putting it under control Sanguine about sth (a) = optimistic (a). secession from sth (n). None of them is your concern. • Subvert (v) = undermine (v). subversive (n.From 1970 to 1989. plausibility (n). subversion (n) • Subversive (a) = likely to jeopardize a political system by clandestinely attacking = seditious (adj). Strategic alliances are being forged by influential European companies. plausibly (adv) The only plausible explanation is they are running out of luck at the casino • Liquidity (n) = assets that can be easily transformed to cash • Frenzy (n) = the state of being not under control One of the more obvious effects of the stimulus-driven recovery is China’s infrastructure building frenzy. the nuclear reactor must be encased in thick lead walls. mandate (v) Most of gargantuan projects are mandated and managed by the central government. • Forge (v) = to put a lot of efforts into making sth successful . • Secede from sth (v) = to leave an organization and become independent. routine (n) . inquisitively (adv) It is not necessary to be inquisitive. • Inquisitive (a) = curious (a). inquisitiveness (n). Police has to disentangle the truth after interrogating him. • Mandate (n) to do sth/ for sth = authority (n). There is no one seceded from FSB still having a peaceful life. • Disentangle sth from sth (v) = to separate sth from a confused thing. routinely. • Encapsulate sth in sth (v) = sum up (v). sanguinely (adv) • Plausible (a) = likely to be reasonable and true # implausible (a). encapsulation (n) • Encase sth in sth (v) = to cover sth completely to protect it The assassination of JFK has been encased by CIA because of national security. • Routine (a) = done or happening as a normal part of sth. subversively (adv). GM Corporation would be collapsed. people) • Subvention (n) = an amount of money given by a government to an organization If there had been no subvention from Washington. the economy of Soviet Union was in morass as it had to carry inexorable expenditures on military. • Mandated (a) = being under control of other nations There are some mandated territories in Australia.

the PM has pleaded for a referendum on next Monday.Many politicians of the opposition have routinely questioned the strategy of tackling foreign affairs of the central government. • • Judicious (a) = sensible (a) # injudicious (a). judiciously (adv) Impede (v) = hinder (v) = hamper (v). • Auspicious (a) = promising (a) # inauspicious (a) An excellent academic performance assures him the auspicious future. • • Acclaim sb/sth as sth (v) = to publicly praise someone Acclamation (n) = a warm and enthusiastic welcome • Acclimatize yourself to sth (v) = to get used to a new situation = assimilate (v) acclimatization (n) = assimilation (n) He needs to arrive two days earlier to acclimatize himself to the tropical climate. . • Deride sth/sb as sth (v) = mock (v) = scoff (v) • Culprit (n) = a person or thing responsible for causing a problem = perpetrator There are two principal culprits for sky-high prices of real estate in China. • • Behemoth (n) = a big and powerful organization Plunge sth into sth (v) = to push sth promptly with force into sth else • Austerity (n) = a situation in which people do not have money to spend owing to economic recession = poverty (n) Wars were followed by decades of austerity • Austere (a) = no decoration Her austere living room reflects her virtuous characteristics • Austere (a) = (people) strict and solemn in appearance and behaviour He is a distant and austere leader • Austere (a) = not comfortable Monks prefer to be exposed to austere way of life to consolidate the dignity. spontaneously (adv) Her spontaneous performance is miracle • Referendum on sth (n) = an occasion when people in a nation vote for an important issue As an attempt to cope with the threat of financial collapse. • Lavish in sth (a) = extravagant (a). • Under the auspices of sth/sb = with the assistance of sth/sb The educational system in areas adversely affected by tsunami has been revitalized under the auspices of Australian government’s initiatives. lavishly (adv) He was not lavish in acclaiming her arrival. impediment to sb/sth (n) = obstacle (n) = hindrance (n) • Spontaneous (a) = happening naturally and not planned. • Momentous (a) = historic (a) = very important and plausible to cumulate in influential results.

cataclysmic (a) . • Delinquency (n) = criminal behavior. rebuff (v) = dismiss (v) = set aside (v) They rebuffed her idea of renovating the museum. • Analogue (n) = a thing that is similar to other things Scientists are striving to find biological analogues of extinct animals. • Incarcerate (v) = imprison (v). • Upheaval (n) = disruption (n) = a big change causing numerous problems = cataclysm (n). Economic recession has rendered thousands of people in austerity. delineation (n) • Pretext for sth/to do sth (n) = a false reason = disinformation (n). adeptly (adv) Conundrum (n) = a perplexing problem Flotilla (n) = a group of small ships sailing together Delineate (n) = to describe sth elaborately. • Analogous to/with sth (a) = similar to (a) • Analogy between A and B/to sth (n) = similarity (n)= resemblance (n) There is certain analogy between a human heart and a pump. • Regressive (ad) = becoming less advanced The action of ignoring the Carbon Trade Scheme was condemned as a regressive step of the Rudd Government. adept (n). • Penitentiary (n) = prison (n) • Rebuff (n) = rejection (n). on the pretext of sth The incident was utilized as a pretext for military intervention in the area. • Render sth as sth/ sth into sth (v) = to translate This concept is difficult to render into English • Render sth (v) = furnish (v) = to present sth when it is officially done The Air Force has been coerced to render the report on the crash of an advanced secret fighter prototype. • Render (v) = to make sb/sth into a particular state. • Littoral (a) = [only before noun] being near a coast Expenditure on enhancing defense capacity of littoral states has been postponed owing to high deficits in state budget. • Stray away from A (v) = divert from the main topic They seem to be straying from the primary theme of the debate.START III treaty is a momentous consensus between two nuclear super powers in the world as it mitigates the fear for nuclear catastrophic. • • • • Adept at doing sth (a) = skilful (a). delinquent (a) • Delinquent (a) = having failed to pay on time Delinquent debts are detrimental for our integrity. incarceration (n) He has been incarcerated in a secret jail which is designated for political prisons.

there has been a threat caused by the Western power to undermine the gestation of Russia in defence technology. • Dossier on sth/sb (n) = file (n) Dossier on who handed in Robert Hansson to the FBI has been classified.Since the upheaval of Soviet Union. • Discretion (n) = a care in keeping secrets. seclusion (n) • Secluded (a) = solitary (a) He was incarcerated in a secluded jail. categorically (adv) He categorically dismissed her idea of ameliorating the museum. . indiscreetly (adv) Illicit (a) = illegal (a). • • Veracity (n) = truthfulness (n) Eavesdrop on sth/sb (v) = to overheard. illegality (n) Perpetrator (n) = culprit (n) Dilate (v) = to make sth larger or it becomes larger # contract (v). • Solitude (n) = privacy (n) It is crucial to reinforce the solitude of the state discussion on the weapon program. eavesdropper (n) • Seclude A from B (v) = isolate (v). confiscation (n) Indiscreet (a) = not careful enough # discreet (a). All CIA officers highly expected to demonstrate the capability of maintaining discretion. • • • • • Impound (v) = confiscate (v). • Probe into sth (v) = investigate into sth (v) • Probing (a) = intended to find the veracity He was asked numerous probing questions. • Sanctity of sth (n) = the state of being sacrosanct or sacred • Discretion (n) = an authority to make a special decision = mandate (n) It is not her discretion to postpone the annual general meeting. illicitly (adv). dilettante (a) • Proclivity for sth or for doing sth (n) = propensity (n) = inclination (n) = disposition to do A (n) Many juveniles have been overwhelmed by delinquency and proclivity for disturbing the social structure. • Dilettante (n) = a person who dabbles in sth. • • • Glimpse at sb/sth (n) = glance (n) Glimpse into sth (n) = a short experience into sth Glimpse (v) = to start understanding sth • Categorical (a) = bold (a) = very sure and certain [usually before nouns]. dilation (n) • Dilatory in doing sth (a) = not prompt to react = tardy (a) The government has been dilatory in alleviating the level of unemployment.

vilification • Distraught (a) = extremely upset During the height of Cold War. • Chauvinist (n) = a person who aggressively believes that his country is better than others. in close liaison with A Our priority is to fortify the liaison between parents and teaching staff. colloquially (adv) Revile sb/sth for doing sth (v) = to criticize sb/sth vigorously Renegade (n) = a person who leaves a group to join another which has a different view. • Malign (v) = to say sth bad about sth/sb publicly • Malign (a) = likely to cause harm A malign influence of spying activities on the central committee would have jeopardized the national security. covertly (adv) Launder (v) = to move the money that has been illicitly obtained to foreign accounts. • Masquerade as A (v) = to pretend. Cipher (n) = code (n) Decipher (v) = decode (v) Vilify (v) = to write or say sth bad about sb/sth so that other people will dismiss them. masquerade (n) = pretention (n) He is a CIA officer who was trained to masquerade as an investor. • Colloquial (a) = informal (a) [language]. • Disposed to do A (a) = willing to do A (a) I am not disposed to argue with you. any distraught agent was disposed of immediately. • Plaudits (n) = complements (n) He refused to accept plaudits because many of his soldiers were killed. We cannot issue any sanction unless they broach the upraising to us. chauvinistic (a). renegade Covert (a) = clandestine (a) # overt (a). • • (a) • Liaison between A and B (n) = collaboration. chauvinistically (adv) The prevalence of nationalism inevitably culminates in the inexorable increase in chauvinists. • Broach A to B (v) = to discuss a problem that is difficult to say. Vignette (n) = a small piece of writing that depicts a particular person or object.• Probity (n) = the quality of being completely honest Financial probity is a crucial factor to make a decision whether or not investors will put money into your bank account. Memorabilia (n) = things that people collect because they belong to sb/sth famous. • • • • • • • (n) There has been categorical conspiracy to vilify his achievement. . • Paraphernalia for doing A (n) = essential equipment (n) We need paraphernalia for bugging that hotel.

 Acronym (n) = a word formed from the first letters of the words that constitute the name of sth CIA is the acronym of Central Intelligence Agency  Caliber (n) = standard (n) I am actually impressed by the high caliber of applicants for this position  Cavalier (a) = not caring enough about sth important or feelings of other people He does not care your cavalier attitude as long as you can accomplish all missions. • Prevaricate (v) = to avoid giving a direct answer.  Avail yourself of sth (v) = to make use of sth All guests staying in this hotel are encouraged to avail themselves of the full range of facilities.  Phony (a) = fake (a) She spoke with a phony Russian accent. • Overture to sb (n) = a suggestion by which A tries to initiate sth with B. furtiveness (n) • Consternation (n) = dismay (n) = a worried feeling after an unpleasant surprise. especially ones from directorate of operations.  Innocuous (a) = harmless (a) They made a serious mistake by judging that substance was innocuous. conspicuousness (n) The event was absolutely a conspicuous success   Conspicuous consumption (n) = the act of buying a lot of goods to show that how wealthy you are. . benignly (adv) There are no benign operations conducted by foreign intelligence.  Avarice (n) = greed (n).  Benign (a) = not likely to cause death # malignant (a). conspicuously. ineptitude (n) The details of your ineptitude do not interest her. He checked into the hotel under an alias. • Adduce (v) = cite (v) Under the leadership of William Webster. flimsiness (n). codification (n)  Alias (n) = a false name used to disguise the real name. surreptitiously (adv) = furtively (adv). prevarication (n) Don’t try to prevaricate during the interrogation.  Conspicuous (a) = easy to attract attention # inconspicuous (a).• Surreptitious (a) = furtive (a) = done quickly and clandestinely so that people cannot notice. flimsily (adv) The financial crisis has rendered the national economy flimsier than ever before. Codify (v) = to systematize rules. all agents are required to adduce all sources in their reports. avaricious (a)  Inept (a) # adept (a).  Flimsy (a) = rickety (a) = fragile (a). He began to make overtures to merchant bankers. The inefficiency of electric bugs has caused consternation among agents.

hallucinatory (a) [only before nouns] Having been affected by LSD.  Fixation on sb/sth (n) He shows fixation on every single detail.  Tarnish (v) = taint (v) = to spoil a good idea. the approval stays on the populace throughout their representatives at the Congress. Now we can assure the evident complicity between them.  Fumbling (a) = hesitating (a)  In retrospect = thinking about a past event with different opinions. hallucination was prevalent in his mind. euphemistically (adv) “Pass away” is a euphemism for “die”  Euphonious (a) = easy to listen. They are invariably fixated on spying other countries. After saving four people submerging in a whirlpool. The macro-economic policies are condemned as the cause to perpetuate inflation.  Be embroiled in sth (v) = be involved in a difficult situation. pirate (a) .  Piracy (n) = the act of illegally making or broadcasting video tapes.    Despicable (a) = evil (a) Locomotive (n) = a railway engine that pulls a train. elicitation We have not elicited anything after the interrogation. There is a way of alleviating the situation which is using euphonious words in the presidential announcement. collusive (a).  Complicity in sth (n) = collusion (n) = the act of taking part with sb in a crime. Locomotive (a) = connected with movement. movies…. in collusion with sb.  Elicit sth from sb (v) = to obtain information from sb with difficulty. he has been eulogized as a hero. it was unforgivable to conduct a test of LSD on human beings.  Eulogize sb/sth as sth (v) = compliment sb on sth (v). Euphemism for sth (n) = a word used to refer indirectly sth embarrassing.  Complimentary about sth (a) = showing admiration She is complementary about his method of solving the friction among top leaders.  Dispatch sb/sth to somewhere (v) = send Your goods will be dispatched within 48 hours after we receive the order. The development on nuclear technology was tarnished to produce devastating bombs. euphemistic (a). In retrospect. She has been embroiled in a smuggling case.  Hallucination (n) = the act of hearing or seeing sth that does not really exist ascribable to drugs.  Perpetuate (v) = to make a bad situation become persistent.  Fixated on sth/sb (a) = thinking about sb/sth in a weird way.  The populace (n) = ordinary people Although the Central Communist Party takes the utter sovereignty.

 Consort with sb (v) = to spend time with sb who other people do not approve of.  Specter of sth (n) = a catastrophe that people are afraid it might happen in the future. decrepitude (n) Because of severe climate conditions. He was convicted of consorting with enemies.  Consummate (a) = perfect (a).  Paradigm of sth (n) = a pattern of sth. They work 10 hours per day just for a pittance.  Hegemony (n) = control by one political group.  Alienate (v) # assimilate. attenuation (n) It may attenuate the vigor of this kind of virus. country….  Encumber sb/sth with sth (v) = to make it difficult.  Infraction (n) = contravention (n) = infringement (n)  Perspicacious (a) = able to understand comprehensively and quickly # obtuse 9a).A pirate radio station.  Pittance (n) = a small payment in cash.  Lineage (n) = ancestry (n)  Do sth with equanimity (v) = keep calm in difficult situations. all those fighters are in decrepitude. perspicacity (n) = obtuseness (n) Perspicacity is one of the top requirements for anyone working in the Directorate of Covert Operations. acclimatize (v). The weeks of flood are the specter of famine. consummately (adv) He completed the task with a consummate shot. . orchestration (n) Day-to-day mission is to orchestrate covert operations overseas.  Entail (v) = involve (v) The job entails driving across the state everyday. alienation (n). They are tested the ability to accomplish missions with equanimity. hegemonic (a) The collapse of the Soviet Union terminated the hegemony of Communist Party over the region.  Attenuate (v) = to make sth weaker and less effective.  Encumbrance (n) = burden (n)  Dearth of sth (n) = scarcity (n) The dearth of rare-earth elements in Japan will escalate political tension with China  Orchestrate (v) = to organize a complicated plan clandestinely. Police has been encumbered with crowds and we are losing targets.  Decrepit (a) = very old and in miserable condition.  Allegiance (n) = a perpetual solidarity to a political party… Before being promoted. The Vietnam War was a paradigm of strategy of the US during the Cold War. they all have to pledge allegiance and fidelity to the nation.

 Leverage (n) = the ability to influence what people do. The tight control on media industry is used with the purpose of preventing dissident groups from peddling information against the government.  Vie with sb/sth for sth (v) = compete. value…of sth. he was not subpoenaed to the High Court.  Subpoena (v) = to order sb to attend a court as a witness. the CIA drastically expedited covert actions to subvert the North Vietnam. Raising taxes is deprecation to farmers’ incomes. we have impetus to focus on how to complete the mission expeditiously.  Amphibious (a) = able to be deployed both in land and waters.  Peddle (v) = to disseminate information. expeditiously (adv) Being in the era of rapid development on technology. Nine scientists were assassinated during the expedition to Ural Mountain.  Be endowed with sth (v) = to have a particular ability. subpoena (n) [written statement] Because of security reason. clout (n) = influence (n) We find a great amount of leverage in him who is considered to be one of the top agents.  Depredation (n) = an act that causes depreciation. the Agency has been evolving strenuously.  Expedite (v) = accelerate (v) During that period. The dissident groups have conducted criminal diverse activities to petition the Parliament for terminating the hegemony of Vietnamese Communist Party. he posed the petition for the new Presidency. convulsively (adv) The convulsive collapse of US giant banks led to the financial crisis which could take few years to recuperate. Expeditious (a) = efficient (a). When the President was under threat.  Expedition (n) = an organized trip to a particular purpose. We do not expect to be lectured on litany of intelligence rules which are not practical and obsolete. size.  Aberration (n) = an action that is not acceptable. Despite all alleged aberrations. consolatory (a) Nothing could console him after being defeated in the final match. consolation (n) [a person or thing]. We have embarked some of special amphibious task forces. . (vying)  Litany of sth (n) = the account of boring things.  Brinkmanship (n) = an action to make people afraid of a particular situation in order to ask them to do what you want.  Augment (v) = to increase the amount.  Petition against/for sth (n/v) = a document signed by top authorities to force to change sth.  Convulsive (a) = sudden and impossible to control. augmentation (n) Being on the way to new era of high technology.  Telemetry (n) = the process of utilizing special equipments to transfer data over long distances.  Console sb with sth (v) = to comfort. we have to augment the efficiency of intelligence services. She is endowed with intelligence and wit.

 Consonance with sth (n) = agreement. He was declared as persona non grata and then was repatriated to Russia. capitulation (n) Eventually. mediocrity (n) All mediocre goods made in China cannot be imported to the US although they are comparably cheaper.  Fidelity (n) = loyalty to sb/sth He had to pledge to fidelity and allegiance to the nation. They are in consonance with the idea of compartmentalizing the agency.  Capricious (a) = unpredictable (a).  Halcyon (a) = peaceful and happy.  Capitulate (v) = surrender (v).  Astringent (a) = critical in a clever way. She could not hide her dismay at the academic results.  Repatriate (v) = to send someone back to his country. We need to promote a halcyon working environment in the Agency Building. astringency (n) We can see numerous astringent comments in his report.  Mediocrity (n) = a person with ineptitude.  Myopia (n) = the incompetence to predict consequences. myopic (a).  Acrimony (n) = a bitter feeling.  Capitulate (v) = to agree to do sth what you have refuted.  Palatable to sb (a) = suitable or pleasant to sb # unpalatable (a) This hot soup is unpalatable to him. He was a brilliant leader but surrounded by mediocrities in the Cabinet.  Compartmentalize sth into sth (v) = to divide sth into small fragments so they exist independently. calamity (n) = disaster (n)  Prowess at doing sth (n) = excellent skill. • • Fulminate (v) = denounce (v). They must demonstrate academic prowess before applying to the scholarship.Chinese Navy threat is brinkmanship developed by US military officers to ask the Congress to augment the annual budget.  Dismay (n) = a sad feeling resulted from an unpleasant surprise.  Accede to a request (v) He eventually acceded to the request for his resignation. acrimonious (a) The dispute was reconciled without acrimony. repatriation (n). caprice (n) People do not interest in investing nations where there are many capricious political amendments. the town capitulated after three weeks of vigorously resisting. myopically He was notorious with myopic policies. fulmination (n) Semantics (n) = meaning of words or phrases.  Mediocre (a) = being less than standard requirements.  Calamitous (a) = disastrous (a). .

• Recant (v) = to declare that you no longer have the same opinion which you have had before. • Candid (a) = saying honestly and openly. recantation (n) • Aphorism (n) = a short phase that says sth true or wise. fallacy (n) The foreign policies can not be hinged on a bunch of fallacious instincts. • Imperil (v) = jeopardize (v) . • Rummage around for sth (v) = to move things around carelessly to search sth. They have been banned to contact with voracious reporters. barter (n) In some mountainous areas. Police has foiled an attempt to smuggle invaluable paintings to a foreign country. The empire eventually crumbled into dust. voraciously. vindictively. She tried to push the door but it did not budge. • Candid photograph (n) = person who was taken photograph did not realize that. Our policies prevent us from releasing any candid photographs. • Foil (v) = thwart (v) = to stop sth happening. rummage (n) The KGB spent three hours on rummaging the office for the top secret documents. • Felicitous (a) = chosen very well.• Be larded with sth (v) = contain a particular kind of expressions. • Barter sth for sth or barter sth with sb (v) = to exchange goods without using money. vindictiveness. voracity. • • Vindicate (v) = justify (v). His speech was larded with Russian proverbs. people often barter handicrafts for foods. vindication (n) Vindictive (a) = spiteful (a) = malicious (a). • Insular (a) = only interested in your own country (disapproving). candidly (adv) The Agency does not welcome anyone with candid attitude. • Bluntly (adv) = mention sth in a direct way without trying to be polite. • Fallacious (a) = based on wrong statements. • Voracious (a) = wanting a lot of information and knowledge. It was easy to detect the fallacy of her arguments. • Crumble sth into sth (v) = to come to an end • Crumble (v) = to break sth into very small pieces. mendacity (n) The polygraph test is mandatory for anyone working at the Agency to discover the mendacity. • Avocation (n) = hobby (n) • Mendacious (a) = lying (a) = not telling the truth. • Budge (v) = to move slightly. felicity (n) It is absolutely a felicitous choice to continue a higher degree. insularity (n) The British people are often alleged of being insular. aphoristic (a).

He never lets anyone detract the passion in Mathematics from him. He is a passionate protagonist of natural preservation.• Imperious (a) = arrogant (a). imperiously (adv) She showed an imperious gesture towards students from rural area. clairvoyant (n). • Trepidation (n) = a great anxiety that sth unpleasant might happen. charismatically. The atmosphere was loaded with trepidation during the occurrence of Cuba missile crisis. • Charisma (n) = a powerful characteristic that can impress other people. charismatic. • Esoteric (a) = only understood by a group of people with special knowledge. earnestly. proscription (n) They have joined the group of proscribed organizations. • Purloin sth from sb/sth (v) = to steal sth and use it without permission. • Loquacious (a) = talkative (a) = garrulous (a) • • Blunder (n) = a careless mistake. • Evince (v) = to show clearly that you have a particular feeling. she has not found a job. flagrantly. We are not willing to discuss any esoteric topics here. Her novels are always wonderfully evocative of villages. prosaically (adv) • Proscribed (a) = has been officially banned. • Scurry (v) = scuttle (v) = to run with short steps. clairvoyant (a) People working at the Directorate of Intelligence are supposed to have clairvoyance. • Detract sth from sth (v) = to make less enjoyable. The President is revered for great personal charisma. He evinces strong desire to reconcile with his family. There has been an allegation that some movies were purloined from her computer. He showed a flagrant impertinence to other guests. earnestness (n) Despite being earnest. • Evocative of sth (a) = to make you remember a thing in a pleasant way. . • Clairvoyance (n) = the power that people are believed that they can see the future. • Earnest (a) = very serious and sincere. • Flagrant (a) = blatant (a) = obvious in an unpleasant way. • Nefarious (a) = immoral (a) There have been more juveniles involved in nefarious activities. • Denizen (n) = inhabitant (n) We have recognized that he is a denizen of the local pub. • Prosaic (a) = ordinary (disapproving meaning). Ruse (n) = trick (n) • Protagonist of sth (n) = an active supporter.

. explicable (a) # inexplicable (a) Denigrate (v) = belittle (v) = disparage (v) = disparagement (n). He is renowned with panoply of Ferrari cars. • Jocular (a) = humorous (a). swagger (n) • Panoply (n) = array (n) = a large collection of sth. • • Explicate (v) = elaborate (v). engraving (n). • Blemish (n) = a mark that makes less beautiful. explication (n). rebuttal (n) He is ready to firmly refute all of those allegations. the shivers The sound of his voice sent shivers down to her spines.• Swagger (v) = strut (v) = to walk in an extremely proud way. His records are without a blemish. • Penchant for sth (n) = fondness (n) She has penchant for Champaign. shiver (n). • Dignitary (n) = VIP • Engrave A on B (v) = inscribe (v) = to cut words or designs on sth. • Infatuated with sb (a). An expedition to Cuba is the perfect antidote to enduring winter. • Recalcitrant (a) = unwilling to follow instructions. • Antidote to sth (n) = sth which can attenuate other unpleasant things. It is difficult to expect adolescents to maintain their dignity if they are jobless and homeless. • Dignify (v) = to make sth more impressive. • Emasculate (v) = attenuate (v). dignified (a) = revered. During the time when he was under those allegations. inscription (n) His name was engraved on the pen and that is why it is invaluable. he demonstrated a dignified ability to clarify himself. rebuke (n) = reprimand (n) The company has been reprimanded for having neglected safety procedures. your recalcitrance was not tolerated. jocularly (adv) Those jocular critics cannot detract him from determining to discover that area. infatuation with sb (n) It was merely an infatuation with him so it was not love. We do not tolerate any of those antics. dignity (n) The presence of the Mayor can dignify the celebration. recalcitrance (n) During the mission. • Rebut (v) = refute (v) = to prove that a criticism is wrong. • Antics (n) = silly behaviors. jocularity (n). • Shiver (v) = to shake slightly because of being frightened. emasculation (n) That political movement is considered to be regressive and it will emasculate the position of central government. denigration (n) • Rebuke (v) = reprimand (v) sb for sth/doing sth = to speak severely to sb because they have done sth wrong.

unnerving (a). ludicrousness (n). taciturnity The most perplexing problem is taciturnity among our agents. • Culinary (a) [only before nouns] = connected with cooking. • of sth (v) Apologetic about sth (a). Bristle at sth (v) = to become infuriated at sth Livid (a) = furious (a) • Brusque (a) = speaking abruptly and using just a few words. • Complexion (n) = the natural character of sth. The government has declared three days of mourning for victims. Proficient culinary skills gained him the Master Chief title. brusquely. • Cartography (a) = the process of drawing maps. brusqueness. . cartographic (a). Being immune from prosecution is not a perquisite of the President. intricacy (n) He was introduced to the intricacy of this Agency. Unobjectionable (a) = acceptable (a) • Unnerve (v) = to make sb lose confidence. • Perquisite (n) = special right owning to social position. inscrutably. • Interject (v) = interrupt (v). unnervingly. You must acclimatize yourself with the political complexion of this nation. remorseful (a). • Condone (v) = to accept a morally wrong behavior. We are only certain that he is working for the Secret Agent but it is difficult to elicit anything from him because he always remains inscrutable. • • Rapport with sb or rapport between A and B (n) = friendship.• • • • Lugubrious (a) = doleful (a) = solemnly sad. The commander gave orders in a brusque tone. inscrutability (n). Terrorism cannot be condoned because targets are civilians. • Taciturn (a) = having no intention to talk in a way that is unfriendly. disarmingly. A disarming trip to China is an expeditious way to emasculate the pressure on US Navy. He has been assigned to the Office of Cartography. repent • Mourning (n) = grief (n) = sadness that you show for sb who has been death. ludicrously (adv). lugubriousness (n) Ludicrous (a) = absurd (a). They were unnerved by his reticence. • Disarming (a) = making people less suspicious. interruption (n) • Inscrutable (a) = showing no emotion so difficult to guess what sb is thinking. remorse for sth (n) = repentance (n) = contrition (n). • Intricate (a) = having a lot of details.

cataclysmic (a) . • Skimpy (a) = not large enough to make decision. • Tenuous (a) = so weak and uncertain. magnanimity (n). circumscription (n) • Unfettered (a) = cannot be control = unchecked = rampant.• Coterie (n) = a small group of people who share the same interests and do things together but it is unsocial. As a reflex. obtuseness (n). The government cannot let the nation be unfettered. As same as the last time. • Mystify (v) = baffle (v) = to make sb confused. He was magnanimous in defeating the enemy. • Circumscribe (v) = restrict (v). magnanimously. • Withhold sth from sb/sth (v) = to refuse to give sb sth. the approach to financial depression is haphazard. • Obviate (v) = preclude (v). satirically. The Congress is considered to be obtuse by some of our agents. tenuously (adv) We have been suspected that he had tenuous links to the crime organization. • Satire (n) = a way of denouncing in which humor words are used. ascription (n) We ascribe great importance to these policies. satirical (a). obviation (n) • Haphazard (a) = not organized well. • Avuncular (a) = being friendly towards young people. • Reflex (n) = an action done on a whim. This document contains skimpy details of the assassination and it is to be rendered to the Congress. mystification (n). It is hard to accept criticism with magnanimity. • Obtuse (a) = slow to understand. He can achieve the firm loyalty from young employees by the avuncular manner. You cannot ascribe failures to the fact that you have been cursed by bad luck. • Cataclysm (n) = a calamity that creates a considerable change. They have been mystified by the sudden disappearance of their daughter. he grabs a pen when the phone is ringing. • Assortment (n) = mixture (n) = collection of different things There is an assortment of hand guns from the Office of Technical Services. • Banish (v) = exile (v) • Magnanimous (a) = generous and forgiving. The sacrosanct “no comment” has backfired on the director. • Backfire on sb (v) = to have the opposite dangerous effect. ascribable (a). My first attempt is to eradicate all coteries in this University. She was accused of withholding information from investigators. • Ascribe sth to sb/sth (v) = attribute (v). The article is full of satire on American politics.

The power must remain in the populace rather than being shifted to a handful of politicians.• Scrupulous in doing sth (a) = meticulous (a) # unscrupulous (a). • Handful of sth/sb (n) = a small number of sth. scrupulously. scrupulousness. .