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she knew her fate had been sealed. seven months. Plain and simple. On this fine summer night at twenty-nine years. . eleven hours and thirty-eight minutes old. They were professional killers. thirteen days.Prologue When Eva Walkers stared into the barrel of the gun. she was going to die. No amount of pleading was going to change these men’s mind. sent by the Russian mafia vory v zakone as retribution for her testimony against their boss in a murder case three months ago in New York.

and a new home. Adams needed her testimony to put Anton Kovalenko. Anton Kovalenko had destroyed many lives and he needed to be locked away forever. the vor boss. She should have seen this coming. who had promised her safety in the Federal Witness Protection Program. Glenn Adams. Now she could see how foolish she had been. . She had done the right thing. With a new identity. Eva had gullibly believed Adams’s words.She thought ruefully about the district attorney. Justice had to be served so his victims would receive closure. Adams had reassured her that she would be protected from the bratva retaliation. a new job. behind bars for the rest of his life.

The person who ratted out the mob always ended up in a tragic accident. She was romantic at heart and innocently believed that in the battle between good and evil. she had gone through with it. Conditioned in the Gulag with the . noir. good always prevailed. Now she knew the reality wasn’t nicely wrapped and sugar-coated like on TV. Still. bitter.She was a librarian for Christ’s sake! And with her taste of literature in true crime. Reality was harsh. and vengeful. she should have known that nothing good ever came from being a squealer. and thriller.

decorating their bodies like badges of accomplishments.credo that the home for angels was heaven and the home for a vor was prison. Their hearts must have been carved out of petrified stone. She doubted it. The hard-lined faces told her that these men had gone to hell and back. Their expressions were cold. These tall men stood before her like towering black columns of reapers who had come to collect her soul. Eva wondered if they were really human beings who were capable of showing emotion and feelings. Their prison tattoos peeked underneath their suit sleeves and collars. They had ambushed her in the parking . vory v zakone made the Italian mafia look like a troupe of dancing nuns.

cried. The pain jarred her to the bone. putting the past behind her. But deep inside.lot when she got out of work. Even a village idiot could see they wanted her to suffer before she died. and pleaded for mercy. They spoke to her but Eva didn’t understand Russian. Their faces remained icy as one of them broke her fingers as if he was snapping annoying twigs. She was a librarian in her old life and now she was working as a manuscript restorer for a private literary foundation. Either way. she didn’t need a translation. They had shoved her in a van and had taken her to a clearing near a river. She had settled in nicely and was enjoying her new life in Chicago. she . She had screamed. But now that the past caught up with her.

She was still conscious. Now as she stared at the barrel of the gun. but her body and her brain were no longer . The victims on those shows always died instantly. trying to move her limbs. Her head whipped backward. She blinked. The man squeezed the trigger. she prayed her death would be quick and painless. People getting shot on TV. why was she conscious? She wanted to speak. Damn it. they lied. Her body collapsed.knew her life had been forfeited. she thought. And why she was still able to think? Even worse.

The air around her thinned. She couldn’t breathe. . making her speech garbled. The vor shot her a couple more times. Pain scorched her. but her mouth frothed with blood and saliva. As she sprawled on the wet June grass. It felt as if she had shoved her head into a coal furnace: blistering hot agony throbbed in cadence of her beating heart. Two fiery leads burrowed into her flesh like worms from hell that sought new fertile ground to subsist and breed.cooperating. She tried to speak again. She couldn’t do anything but endure it.

Every nerve-tip in her body screamed pain. . I’m ready… The man who shot her kicked her in the stomach and pushed her into the river. A tear leaked down her cheek. Darkness crept into her field of vision. Eva felt the shroud of the angel of death slowly envelop her weak and broken body. she thought with exasperation. In the depth of the watery abyss.she prayed the pain would go away. Die already. Minutes passed by and she still hadn’t died. Eva shut her eyes.

.She surrendered.

Hades.Chapter One Liam Caderyn wondered what was wrong with his dog. Liam didn’t let him out because of the rain. Rain had been pouring since morning. When the downpour finally subsided. . the rescued golden retriever he had adopted from a no-kill shelter a year ago had been restless since dinner time. Hades bounded to the backyard toward the wooded area like a loose arrow. He whined and scratched the back door repeatedly. he opened the door to take him for his evening walk. not heeding his master’s calls.

musky. He just didn’t like the mud that Hades would track back into the house. The old pup would need a bath before bed time.leaving the grass on his vast property soggy and squishy under his boots. He liked the smell of the earth after rain: dense. “Hades!” Liam called. a cornucopia of steeped leaves and dirt tea. a scent of mystery and a new beginning. “Come here. To tell the truth. boy. the two-year old was less of a handful than his spoiled dog. . and honestly. Liam didn’t mind the wet. Liam babysat Caitlyn’s son Brandon once in a while.” The dog whined somewhere far ahead. grooming a long-haired retriever was more time-consuming than caring for his sister’s toddler.

A couple years back. Liam owned a forty-acre piece of land near the Whistler Preserve where he had built his sanctuary. Retrievers liked to swim. Cutting through his property was an offshoot stream from Calumet River that ended in the pond. Even though it was small.Liam silently wished that Hades wouldn’t go near the pond. And from the sound of it. the quiet place where he spent most of his days painting and photographing nature. He was thirty-five when he had finally got fed up with . but now wasn’t a good time. the stream was quite deep. Liam had it dredged to encourage the growth of the wildlife. it seemed the dog had gone in that direction.

Cold. Liam ducked a low hanging apple branch and went deep into the woods to follow the eager dog. saturated sprigs of bushes smacked him vindictively as he cut a path to where Hades was. and the scandal his ex-wife had caused. Sighing. gloomy sky didn’t affect his vision. trying to find the dog. The dark. His jacket and jeans were stained with rain water.politics and the ruthlessness of the cutthroat business world. As one of the rare few dragon shifters left on Earth. Liam was gifted with excellent sight. gave half of his fortune to charities. He sold his sixbillion-dollar telecommunication company that he had started right after he graduated from Stanford. He squinted. and retired in modesty. He .

following the scent. Blood. “What’s the matter. Liam caught up with him. boy?” The smell hit him before his dog gave away the source of his discontent. He kept barking and whining. The retriever was restless. Rocks and gravel crunched underneath his soles as he took measured steps onto the slope. He hissed. Hades shot . the lower half of its torso submerged in the water. He reached for Hades and ruffled the fur behind his ear. Liam’s sense of smell was as sharp as his sight. He saw a dark figure washed out on the side of the stream.blinked then caught the orange-brown movement darting under a willow tree.

“What did you find. His quiet and orderly life.past him and braked in front of it abruptly. The main river must have been flooded from the rain and dragged this unwanted problem right onto his property. coroners. He had enough of living under the spotlight when he still ran his company. Just the last thing he needed. He liked his privacy. His Zen. Being the youngest self-made billionaire had made the media hunger for him and . He would need to call the authorities and the prospect of the police. A corpse. and the press trampling around in his private sanctuary darkened his mood. boy?” “Woof!” Great. He wagged his tail and barked once.

Liam narrowed his eyes. studying the body through the mud that covered it all over. From the look of it. wearing . the corpse seemed to have been dragged by the flood. the rain could have easily erased them. He surveyed the ground. He studied closer.scrutinize his every move. Of course. looking for any sign that someone had purposely trespassed on his land and dumped a dead body near his house. the vulture-like paparazzi. But there were no signs of tracks. If a reporter got a whiff that he had found a dead body on his property. Liam half-heartedly trudged to Hades’ discovery. gossip tabloids. It appeared to be female. and TV pundits would make a circus out of it.

Seemed to be young as well. No sign of decomposition at all. A bullet wound was visible in her right temple. No way. A dying breath even. He took his cell phone out and was about to dial 9-1-1 when he caught a faint sigh. A murder victim. She sprawled with her arms caught in a jumble of cattail bog plants.what was once a white blouse and a dark skirt. Liam was perplexed. Great. Twigs and leaves were tangled in her hair. A breath. He plunged into the waist-high . Judging from her condition. How could she even be alive with such trauma? Hurriedly. Liam pocketed his phone away. she had been killed recently. she couldn’t be older than thirty.

Barely. the string anchoring this woman to the physical vessel was about to disconnect permanently. but even he could see this woman didn’t have much time left. The rite of blood magic. In the old . Unless he did something about it. His heart sank. By the time the paramedics came for her. He wasn’t trained in the medical field. His grandfather once said a dragon shifter was also granted the ability to give life. He cleared her face from clumps of muckcovered hair. If a human soul was tethered to its body like a balloon. He had to call the ambulance so she could receive medical aide. Her body was cold but the pulse was there.water to check the pulse on her neck. she probably would be dead already.

But it turned out the bond was a joke. Blood magic was used so a bonded pair could enjoy life until its very end. they were bound forever. a vow of bond should have been good enough. But Liam had never had the chance to initiate blood magic. He married his own kind. Thinking that they were both dragon. also a dragoness from the House of Bairn. He had claimed a mate a few years ago: Natalie Bairn.days. Once a dragon mated. Dragons lived twice as long as the human lifespan. Natalie cheated on him with his best friend. The marriage didn’t last. he felt no need to initiate the ritual of blood magic. blood magic was used by dragons who claimed a human mate to prolong their life. Liam got .

he would have to tell her their secret. good as new? Human didn’t believe that dragons existed. she’d die. If he healed this woman. If he initiated the blood magic. Problem was. How he was going to tell her the truth when she woke up from her injuries. he could save this woman’s life.divorced at the same time he decided to withdraw from the world. But if he didn’t help her. Liam wasn’t sure he could live with that on his conscience if he had the chance . she wasn’t his mate. and his kin had never been inclined to prove the thousand-yearold myth was true.

circling him as he put the woman on the muddy ground. Help her now. And any strange objects lodged into the body like the bullet . He checked carefully and found out it didn’t have an exit wound. She must live. Hades barked. the magic would repair any damage. It appeared the gun shot on her temple was made from a small save a life and he chose not to. If the blood rite was successful. The bullet was still lodged in her brain. Liam made a split-second decision. everything else can be explained later. He slipped his arms underneath her and lifted her out of the water.

With a flick of his wrist. Liam summoned his power. he bled into her mouth. he cut open his left palm.would be automatically expelled. Heavens have mercy. watching his every move. Bullets. Scratch that. . His right fingers turned into sharp talons. How could she still be alive? Hades settled in. Chanting the rite. He found she had also been shot in the chest and stomach. partially shifting.

She couldn’t figure out why she thought she had been shot. Her first instinct was to grope her head and her stomach. She pulled . because there were no signs of any wounds at all. She found nothing. looking for the bullet holes that had almost robbed her of her life. She was completely unscathed. A frisson of terror shot through her when she found herself as naked as the day she was born.Chapter Two Eva woke up with a start.

not accident. She felt as if she had recently been in a life-or-death situation and the horrible part was that she didn’t make it. Other than a mild headache and a slight chill. she was completely fine. Why was she naked? And why did she think she had been in an accident? No. Something worse.herself into a sitting position and shoved the comforter down. examining her body. No bandage. . No holes. No pain. Nothing.

She couldn’t remember her last name. dark furniture contrasted with the . Her family. Everything else felt like a big black hole. The room she was in looked like a private home. a leviathan eating memories that had swallowed her past. Rich. And that was it. or what she did. A luxurious one. Where am I? Who am I? She wasn’t in a hospital bed for sure. The bed had four columns draped with sheer ivory fabric. She couldn’t remember anything at all. Eva.Strange. She knew her name.

Across from her bed was a large fireplace flanked by two cozy high-backed chairs upholstered in fancy velvety print. Everything looked so expensively furnished and yet it looked so…alien. Her gaze drifted to a vanity mirror between the nightstand and the fireplace. only two large oil paintings depicting wooded landscapes.pleasant. muted tones of the walls. She didn’t recognize this as her bedroom. There were no photos hanging on the walls. Too fancy for her tastes—she was sure of it. She saw clothing folded on the vanity bench. Eva scooted down. .

she just knew the fabric was silk. She blinked. For no reason. A stranger stared back. It was a pretty one. What’s my last name? And why did I think I had been hurt? . She donned it. The fabric felt soft against her skin. My name is Eva. It was strange that she knew this while everything else about herself seemed to be a big jumble of haziness. Who am I? What am I doing here? She tied the robe and whirled backward to face the vanity mirror.Cool flooring touched her feet as she ambled to the bench to grab them. The clothing turned out to be a bedroom robe.

She had blue eyes with an oval face and thin petulant lips. She thought she looked like a startled mouse. scrutinizing her own reflection. it had been neatly combed but now was tousled from sleeping. This not-knowing-anything was starting to bug the hell out of her. A matronly woman came in bearing a tray with a pot of tea and cups. Her reddish hair was cut just below her shoulder. There. She had a lush figure and pale complexion. She was wearing a conservative . A curious face. She knew what a mouse was yet she couldn’t remember who she was.She narrowed her eyes. The door opened.

She looked to be in her early sixties but she moved with the agility of a person half her age. child.” “You don’t know who you are?” .” Eva gave a tiny wave.dress with a spotless white apron. I can’t remember anything though. I guess. White plumes of steam billowed from the teapot.” “Hello. She sighed with relief. The porcelain cups jingled on the silver tray. How do you feel?” “Okay. “Thank goodness you’re awake. A smile broke out on her face. “I’m Rosa. “Who are you?” The woman put the tray on a nearby table.

Caderyn?” “Liam Caderyn. He paused when he saw her. His face lit up and a smile followed. a man entered the room. I used to be his nanny. But that’s just about it. Changed his diapers when he was a baby. . “Mr. Caderyn should hear about this. A moment later.“I’m Eva. Do you know who I am?” “Oh dear. Now I’m taking care of his household.” Rosa was crestfallen. my employer.” Eva heard feet shuffling by the door. Eva’s heart stuttered.” “Mr. The man was very good looking.

God gracious. Maybe because he was so stunning. broad shoulders. Or maybe because of the way he was staring at her. and long legs. he knew her name? He knew who she was and how she got here? “You know me?” She found herself blushing. He had dimples when he smiled and he looked as if he wanted to take a nibble . She didn’t know why.He was tall with a toned physique. His sun-kissed skin contrasted with the white polo shirt he wore. above the faded jeans. “Eva?” he called. He was bare-footed. His hair was midnight black. tapered waist. gathered into a ponytail. His brown eyes were pools of melted bronze.

He had a deep.and swallow her in one bite. sure. would you excuse us?” he asked.” She shuffled to the door and closed it. Call me if you need anything.” “I feel pretty good. The woman waved. “How are you feeling?” the man asked. dulcet voice. That’s about . I’m sorry. “Sure. “Rosa. “What do you remember?” “I know my name is Eva. You’re still unwell. dripping with authority. “You should stay in bed. I don’t remember you.” He furrowed his lush brows.

Probably from standing up too long. She felt She felt so groggy and weak. but she felt as if she had been run over by a truck.” He took her hand and ushered her back to the bed. He poured her some tea into a cup and . She didn’t know what had happened to her. love. Rosa has made you some tea. And the tea sounded like a good idea. Her hands and legs were shaky. “Let’s sit.” “You don’t remember anything else?” Eva shook her head. A sudden vertigo slammed her head.

Your husband. who are you?” The man gave her a long. She sipped it with delight. He knew her name from the medical bracelet on her wrist: Eva Smith. “If you don’t mind me asking. I’m Liam. but that was about it. At present. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that .handed it over to her. the private investigator he had hired was working to find out more information about her. but at the moment it seemed like a good idea. measured look before finally answering.” * Liam didn’t know why he blurted out such an outrageous lie. “Eva.

he found her on the verge of death in his property. And how was he supposed to explain to her that his blood had brought her to life with no telltale signs of her injuries? A bullet in the head. Broken ribs. Broken fingers. Another bullet in her stomach and one in the chest. All miraculously healed within twenty-four hours. Besides, he needed to keep her within his sight. If he told her who she really was, he was afraid she would want to leave. He needed to monitor her healing progress. And there were people out there who wanted her dead. She wasn’t safe out there. Eva’s eyes rounded, looking shocked. “I…I’m your wife?” The problem with lies was that when

you started one, you would soon need to begin embellishing it with more lies to make them stick. Liam gulped, trying to sound more convincing. “Yes. We’re newly wedded.” “I don’t remember anything.” “Clearly, you have amnesia, Eva.” She shook her head. “How … how did I get…“ “You fell and bumped your head.” “Oh.” She rubbed her right temple. “No wonder. I felt funny in here.” What had happened to her wasn’t funny at all. It was miracle she had sustained a head trauma like that and lived. Humans

were more resilient than he thought. Once, he saw a man on TV had taken a piece of metal rod through his skull and survived. It was a medical miracle. Or the grim reaper wasn’t inclined to harvest his soul yet. “Are you hungry?” “No.” She paused. “Yes. I’m famished. But I have a lot of questions to ask you. What’s my maiden name?” “Smith.” According to her medical bracelet, her name was Eva Smith. She was also diabetic. But Liam doubted she had diabetes anymore. When the blood magic brought her back to life, it would have also healed her from her any illness. Liam studied her closely. He saw a great deal of improvement in her. At first

Liam was relieved that she would be okay. The moment he had her in his arms. he was filled with a surge of overbearing protection. He brought her to the house and bathed her in the tub while waiting for the blood magic to do its work. What could she have done possibly that . With the healing over. She would ask questions and Liam didn’t quite know how he would explain his secret to her. Her gashes and bruises mended. Her bones reset. When she was breathing normally. he faced a new dilemma.he didn’t think the blood magic would work. A great worry lifted off his shoulders when he saw her wounds knitting closed. He had been waiting in trepidation after he fed her his blood.

Liam didn’t know. he felt that the two of them were alike. “Eva. He and Eva were connected. She didn’t have rings on her so he safely assumed she wasn’t married. He had been hurt by Natalie’s betrayal. Somehow. And this woman… well.compelled someone to do terrible things to her? Random mugging? Revenge? Jealous boyfriend? She didn’t strike him as a person who was able to commit such a horrible act that someone wanted to hurt her. That. Anderson Cod. No—not that angelic face. “Do I have family? Mother? Father? Sister? Brother?” she asked. was working on her case at the moment. They were both wounded souls.” . his private investigator. she was a victim of a heinous crime.

You took a hard blow to the head.” “It will pass. I’ll ask Rosa to bring you food.He smiled.” . “I want you to take things slowly.” Liam comforted her. Everything will come back to you eventually. It just jars me I can’t remember anything about us. Liam Caderyn.” “I suppose you’re right.” “But…” “Don’t worry.” “What’s your name again?” “Liam. I feel like we’re strangers. love. “You just rest.

She was beautiful without any makeup. What kind of monster would want to harm a woman like her? He silently vowed that he would protect her. Hey. but he loved everything about her. “So I’m Eva Caderyn?” “Yes. Her face was innocent like a child. He didn’t know her at all.” she repeated it as if his name was a mantra. I’m so hungry I could eat a cow. “Are you hungry? What are you in the mood for?” “Anything.“Liam. ample and filled up all in the right places. No one would ever hurt her while she was under his watch. He liked it. how do I know that?” .” He had to admit that the name suited her very well. From her smooth silky skin to her curvaceous figure.

He planted a light kiss on her forehead.” “Oh. Rosa had warned him when Eva woke up she would want to eat. I’ll call Doctor Hall to come and check on you too. love.” “Not at all. I suppose that’s nice. Thank you.” “Who’s Doctor Hall?” “He’s our private physician. Blood magic always incited ravenous appetites.” “We have a private physician?” “We can afford one.” He left Eva with her tea and found . love.Liam chortled. “I’ll go tell Rosa.

Because of it. The bloodline weakened. She wasn’t a full-blooded dragon. The housekeeper glanced from her cooking and asked. Rosa’s mother was a Halfling and married to a human. Rosa had been in the Caderyn family since her twenties. Only boys sired by a . but she had dragon blood in her. Rosa couldn’t shift.Rosa in the kitchen in the process of assembling a sandwich. “What did you tell her?” “About?” “Who she was? About you?” Liam made a face. Discomfort ambushed him when he was confronted by the matronly woman.

I didn’t think she’d wake up that soon.” . Your mother needed only thirty minutes to recuperate from the bypass surgery after your father administered it. “You’re joking. I’m surprised it took twenty-four hours to make her whole. I panicked.Halfling father and human mother retained their shifter ability.” “Blood magic has a powerful healing property. Mr. “Husband?” Rosa parroted in a mocking tone. “I told her I’m her husband. right?” “I’m afraid not. Caderyn.” he confessed. The blood remained strong on the patriarchal line.

I can’t let her go. Your mother received blood magic from your father and it didn’t turn her into one. his marriage with Natalie had felt wrong from the . The more he thought about it. Liam didn’t know why his marriage with Natalie hadn’t worked out. Once bonded.He ran his fingers on his head. dragons wouldn’t desire someone else. his father had incited the rite so his mother would be given long life. His mother died within months from grief. But five years later. Not made. “If I tell her the truth. What if she turns into one of us?” “Have you forgotten? One is born as a dragon. Dragons mated for life. his father had an unfortunate accident that had taken his life. she’ll leave.” About twenty years ago.

But he had mistaken their strong attraction as a bond. He didn’t feel the bond—an attachment between husband and wife like a pair of soul mates should have.beginning. They had started fighting. they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. reducing them to a pair of strangers living in the same house. A year into their marriage. The moment he laid eyes on her. Their passion was fierce. sharing the same bed. the passion was gone. She came from pure blood dragon lineage. Liam wanted to . He had thought Natalie was a perfect match. Perhaps that was what had turned his marriage into a shambles. smoldering.

One morning. but Natalie wasn’t interested. “Eva can’t know about the truth until she’s ready.” .reconcile.’” “Don’t you want her to heal well?” “Of course I do. What if she suddenly remembers who she was?” “We’re talking a big ‘what if. you need to tell her. She’s already been through a lot. She left him for his best friend whom she had been seeing for months behind his back. He cleared his throat.” “Sooner or later. He felt like a fool. A cuckolded husband. she told him it was over and served him divorce papers.

“Natalie is currently living with my ex-best friend in the Bahamas.Rosa went busy slicing cucumber for a salad.” He snorted. Mr. She’s your bonded. I don’t think she’s your true bonded. “That’s not what I meant. Speaking of her. I don’t understand about Natalie.” Rosa snorted. Bairn House kept their lineage untainted back to the Celtic times.” “Natalie is a pure-blood. Caderyn.” “Bonded. Whether you want it or not. she’s yours. spending my money.” “Sometimes you don’t need a pure- . “I personally think you sealed her fate when you initiated the rite.

She’ll want to see the wedding photos.” “No.blood to find the other half of your soul. Besides. I can’t do that. Rosa was right. I already dipped my foot in the water. What should I tell her if she wants to know more?” . “What can I tell Eva about when we got married? Engaged? Wedding ring.” “Maybe you should march back in there and tell her the truth. I’m rather…fond of her. His mother was human and their parents had a great marriage.” “You can’t or won’t?” “I won’t.” Liam contemplated.

He started to leave but then he remembered what brought him to the kitchen. I meant to give them to charity. .” “Boy. but didn’t get the chance. I don’t want to see her in Natalie’s things. are we grumpy today?” Rosa snatched a towel and wiped her hands.” He considered her answer. I saw Eva in Natalie’s robe. Why did you keep Natalie’s clothes anyway?” “Those are designer clothing. “I need you to do something for me. “I’ll think of something.” he decided.Rosa rolled her eyes.” “Buy Eva a new wardrobe. “Sometimes the best lies are the truth.

How long had they been married and why did he act like a stranger? . What made them fall in love? How did they meet? When did they get married? So many questions and no answers. I’ll run to Macy’s later.” Liam wanted to call Anderson Cod to find out the progress of his investigation.” “I’ll be in my office if you need me.“Fine. She married a hottie and couldn’t remember anything about him. She was married? To that handsome man? And she didn’t have any recollection of any of it? How awful. And Eva is hungry. * Eva clutched her cheeks while listening to the galloping pulse of her beating heart.

It was devastating that she couldn’t remember anything about the man she loved and married.She had a headache. Why didn’t she wear her rings? Were they lost in her accident? Were they in the process of separation? Or worse. Was their marriage in trouble? Her discomfort turned into full-blown anxiety. It was bad enough she couldn’t remember who she was. The revelation was too much. There were no rings. No engagement ring nor wedding ring. divorce? That would explain his . Eva studied her hands.

She felt so vulnerable right now and she didn’t think she could face it alone. I bet you’re hungry.awkwardness toward her. Did she smell chicken soup? She was famished. If they were going to divorce. Liam was the only one she had. came in with a tray of food. “I am. She needed someone. Liam’s housekeeper.” . Rosa. Here’s your lunch. actually. She needed him.” Rosa put the tray by the nightstand. “Hello. child. Her train of thoughts was suddenly distracted by a knock on the door. The aroma made Eva’s stomach growl. Eva wished for a reconciliation.

” “Who?” “Mr. Do you want something from Macy’s?” “Don’t I have clothes in here?” “No. Is it my favorite food?” “Everybody loves my chicken soup. Then eat up while it’s still hot. Mr. Caderyn wanted me to buy you some new clothes and essentials. He wanted me to buy .” Eva craned her neck. I haven’t had a chance to donate them to charity. Those are Natalie’s. “Chicken soup.“Good. Caderyn didn’t wish you to wear Natalie’s clothes. Caderyn’s ex-wife . Mr.

Caderyn.” “He’s divorced and I can’t remember . It’s an old story.” Eva widened her eyes. “Liam was married before?” “Divorced. She didn’t even have her wedding ring. didn’t have anything in the house they were sharing. She’s a bad seed if you ask ones.” “Oh.” A pang of jealousy stabbed her. Three years ago. child. the woman he was currently married to. What was going on here? “What happened?” “Natalie left Mr. Liam kept his ex-wife’s clothes while she.

“It’s best that you ask Mr. When did we get married?” “Just recently. “Do I have a . considering your injury. I’m not allowed to tell you anything.” “Sorry. child.being married to him. You should take things easy. I was curious.” “Are there any wedding photos I could see?” Rosa smiled. What’s your favorite color?” “My favorite color?” Eva narrowed her eyes. thinking hard. Caderyn. Have lunch and rest.” “I know. He wanted to tell you himself.

” *** “Please have a seat. Cod.” “Do you like pink? Pastel colors?” “Pink is pretty.” “All women love pink.” “Thank you. It’s only been a day since we talked on the phone. He closed the door of his home office and ushered the private investigator to the plush couches in front . child. You’re so precious.” said Liam. I’ll come later with your clothes. You take it easy. Mr.favorite color? I can’t remember. I hadn’t expected you to come back so soon.” “Ah.

Eight-by-ten photos. Like Liam had feared. . Some classified documents. Liam grabbed a paper and started reading with a sinking feeling. News clipping. the injuries inflicted against her weren’t just some random assaults.of the fireplace. They were carried out by professional killers.” Anderson Cod took out a large brown envelope from his trench coat before sinking his trunk-like body onto the sofa. He extracted the contents of the envelope. Police reports. “The case turned out to be an interesting one. Liam was about to talk to Eva when Rosa announced he had a visitor.

she witnessed a man being murdered in the parking lot by a gang of men. He read news clippings about the Russian mafia boss dated a few months prior. One way or another. was what convinced the jury to return with the guilty verdict.a Eva Walker was a librarian who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. One night after working late. The victim.Eva Smith a. the prosecutor’s star witness.k. anyone who betrayed the vor would pay. Liam felt an inward shudder course . The testimony from Eva. Sanford Thomas. turned out to be a local businessman with ties to the Russian mafia. It warranted Anton Kovalenko behind bars forever. No wonder the vor wanted her dead.

through his veins.” “She has. How did you find out she was in the witness protection program?” “Wasn’t hard to find. “She’s in the witness protection program?” “What a joke that was. Her name is Mariah Jones.” Cod snorted. but her medical history was tied up to her old name. She works in the State Department.” “I know she’s diabetic.” .” “Then I assume Eva has a handler. “The Feds gave her new identities. Whoever created her new identity did a half-ass job.

“Does Jones know Eva is missing?” “My guess is no. Today’s Sunday.” Liam pondered upon it. Perhaps on Monday if Eva doesn’t show up for work.” “Don’t you think there’s a federal agent who’s checking on her on a daily basis to make sure she’s all right?” “Perhaps before the trial. The place where Eva worked hadn’t known she was missing. He felt disgusted. “I wish Eva’s whereabouts to . Since Eva gave her testimony against Anton Kovalenko. they’ll start making inquiries. Eva was abducted on Friday. it seems to me she has been discarded.

“For now.” “Forgive me for asking. Caderyn. He just said that he had found . “She’s suffering from amnesia.remain secret. I don’t wish this information to aggravate her trauma.” “She’s lucky.” “Of course.” Anderson Cod stared unblinking. Mr. Walker survived the ordeal at all. I’m surprised that Ms. She couldn’t remember anything but her name.” added Liam. you said she had a concussion?” Liam hadn’t told Anderson Cod the whole story.

They .her in the stream with a head injury. When they send vors out to hunt. Even though he and Cod went way back. Walker had testified against the boss of the vory v zakone. a secret closely guarded in Liam’s inner circle. “Yes. But since Liam retired.” he answered. Cod went solo with his new PI firm. the private investigator didn’t know the true nature of Liam himself. “Ms. He had employed Cod ever since he started running his business. those men make sure the victim is dead before disposing of their body. They are unforgiving son of the bitches if you ask me. Cod used to be his chief of security officer. They usually cut the fingers of the victims and pull the teeth to make identification impossible.

right.” . like her photo albums.” “Maybe she got away. Numerous cuts and bruises. Broken bones. Eva was an extremely lucky girl. Three bullet wounds. and such? If that’s no trouble for you. They have men that specialize in disposing of bodies.” Liam said. diary.” Yeah. “I have another favor to ask you. “Perhaps you could go to her apartment and pick up several of her things? Sentimental it ‘professionally processed’. The fact that Ms.” “No trouble at all. Walker only suffered a concussion makes her very lucky.

” “I assume you’ll be very careful about this? I’d hate to think that the men who did this to her might be watching her place.“I figure Eva would like those mementos to help with her recovery.” “Thank you for your concern.” “Of course. Caderyn. At least corporate spies aren’t inclined to cut your fingers or remove all your teeth. sir.” “You never know what one will do to cover up a secret. if there’s .” “I imagine snooping on a mob victim isn’t like being a chief of security officer. but you know I’m a professional. Mr. Well.

Liam stood up and shook his hand. I’d like to get going with my work. sir.” Liam saw the private investigator to the door. .” Anderson Cod rose from his seat.nothing else. “Thank you for helping Eva.” Cod nodded.” “No trouble at all. “Call me if you find something new.

While waiting for the tub to fill. and a cup of ice tea. She didn’t understand why she didn’t have personal belongings in this house. She should have some clothes in the house where they were living together.Chapter Three After a bowl of chicken soup. But she didn’t give into the temptation to curl back in bed and take an afternoon snooze. . They were married right? Albeit newly-weds like he said. Eva felt sleepy. she raided the dresser for clothes other than Liam’s ex-wife. Instead. she went to the bathroom to take a long bath. a chicken salad sandwich.

Suddenly she wanted like to cry.The realization made her pause. Were they really married? . Was this a guest bedroom? What kind of marriage were they having? Eva spread her fingers in front of her. she was sure this wasn’t even their bed. She didn’t even have a wedding ring. Since when did she become a wuss? Eva took a deep breath of exasperation. She didn’t know why she felt weepy. Judging from the lack of male possessions in this room. She was sure she wasn’t all mopey and whiny like this. They were married and she didn’t even sleep in Liam’s bed.

she yanked open the bottom drawer. combed her hair. Biting her lip. Ha! She looked at them with triumph. There was no way she would put on his ex’s clothes. Liam shouldn’t mind if she borrowed his things. she put on Liam’s boxers and undershirt. she would march out of this room and find him and demand explanations. After the bath. And after her bath. Liam’s clothes. She was about to . She found white men’s undershirts and boxer shorts.Ugh. She grabbed a pair and shoved the drawer shut. These unanswered questions were driving her insane…. She didn’t care if she was trying too hard to remember. and set out to find him.

Eva looked down and saw what he meant. “Lovely. Her lush boobs tented the shirt. Her cheeks heated. There’s no way I’d wear her stuff.” It took him seconds to realize what she meant. he was amused by her choice of fashion.turn the doorknob when Liam beat her to it. She pursed her lips.” he said. He stood speechless in the doorframe. A smile blossomed on his handsome face. Apparently. love. “Well.” He entered the room and closed the door behind him. “I’m sorry. “Why don’t we talk about this?” “Sure. Just the things I’d like to ask . leaving little to the imagination.

not actually his palm…he had something in his And this…“ He slipped on another ring. Well.” . He pulled her closer. I don’t feel that we’re really ma…” Her words trailed off when he held out his palm.” He took her left hand and slipped a platinum ring with a big Ceylon sapphire surrounded by glittering diamonds on her finger. I thought you’d like to have them back. “…is our wedding ring. It was my mother’s. Eva sat on his lap. “What are those?” Liam settled himself in a chair and hooked an arm around her waist. a simple gold one with one paved diamond. “These are yours. Something gleaming. “This is your engagement ring. Rings.

love.” He shook his head. Eva felt horrible.” . You left. “And my clothes too? My stuff?” “It’s my fault. “It was my fault. I shouldn’t make you upset.” “And chucked out my rings?” Liam only sighed. “Have them back? What did I do to them?” “You were upset.Eva turned to him.” “What? What did I do?” “We had an argument. She acted like a bratty kid.

each ring cost a great deal of money. Doctor Hall will have my neck if he finds out I let you strain yourself.” Eva stared at the rings. Wedded. Her gaze cut to Liam’s ring finger. His and hers. You’re recovering. Why on Earth would she throw away the symbol of their union? Had she lost her mind? “So what? We had a fight and I decided to throw away my rings and all my clothes and walk away naked?” . For better or for worse. He was wearing an identical wedding ring.“What were we fighting about?” “I don’t think we should discuss it right now. They were beyond beautiful. A pair. And from the look of them.

” “Oh.Her theory earned a chuckle from him. “You were wearing your clothes when you left. Rosa had to throw them out because they were covered in mud.” “What did I do?” “You walked in the wood and fell and bumped your head. Will you forgive me?” She couldn’t say no. Hades found you. A retriever. I feel horrible for all this. it’s not your fault.” “Hey. “Liam.” Eva clutched her chest. I told you I was being a dick.” “Hades?” “Our dog. Especially when .

I went in to get you . I went to the deck and saw you floating in the water. Liam?” “At Navy Pier. “Oh. he had been nothing but nice. what did I do? How?” “I have a yacht in the pier. drawing her deeper into his embrace.” She hugged him and buried her face in the hollow of his throat.” Eva straightened. She could hear his heartbeat as his warmth radiated from his body and enveloped hers blissfully. “How did we meet. One morning. “I’m sorry too for being so childish. How could he say this was his fault when so far. Liam stiffened for a second before wrapping his arms around her.she didn’t remember anything.

You don’t remember anything about how you got there. .” “What? When did this happen?” “About a month ago. I also employed a private investigator. The police are working on your case. If it’s any consolation.and took you to the hospital.” “Do you think someone was trying to kill me?” “One of the possibilities. I didn’t think you got into the water by accident.” “And how about the police? Can’t they check my fingerprints for ID?” “Nothing came out in the system.

” “Oh. And along the way. The State would take you to the institution because of your condition. He loves me. I fell in love with you. we decided to get married?” He smiled again. “I married you so I have custody of you.Listen. Here she was. Can’t you see?” Eva was flustered.” “You think?” “That’s what the doctor said. Eva’s heart did the skippy dance. Besides. this is why I want to take things slowly. a nobody with no . a Jane Doe. Everything will come back to you eventually.

” “Babe.” she whispered. and a man like him was kind enough to care for her and marry her. running away. And how did she repay him? With a tantrum of chucking out the rings and her clothes like a spoiled threeyear-old. “I’m sorry. You’ve done so much for me and I didn’t appreciate it. She looked up and suddenly he found her . no friends and no family. With the fight. She thought she deserved to slip in the mud and smash her head. and bumping my head. She was a horrible person.” She hugged him and hid her face in his chest. “I don’t want to lose you.memory.” She heard a sharp inhalation from him. “I was being unreasonable.

She pressed her body against him. Liam broke the kiss. She instinctively wound her arms around his neck. Liam deepened his kiss. He kissed her. kissing her as if he wanted to brand his soul on hers. Goodness. Heat flushed to her head. He was possessive. slipping his hand underneath the white shirt she was wearing. And she was too. He touched her.lips. He withdrew his hand. Her heart drummed. Eva lamented her loss. . And when he was about to touch her breast and nipple. someone knocked on the door. She could feel the hardness at the juncture of his thighs. It turned her brain into scramble and melted all bones into gel. The kiss was exquisite. he was aroused. Eva couldn’t think.

I’m sorry to disturb you. .“Eva? Are you up. “Oh. Eva’s new clothes. child?” Rosa opened the door and poked her head in.” Eva locked gazes with Liam.” “Yes. Rosa. She flushed again.” “That’s okay. I’ll come back later. Liam tightened his embrace instead.” “Bring them in and put them on the bed. Mr. Caderyn. She wanted to get up from Liam’s lap and sit on the other chair. Mr. They watched Rosa put her purchases on the bed. What’s up?” “I have Ms. but he didn’t allow her. Caderyn.

” . When she was about to close the door. She withdrew in silence.” Rosa just smiled.“Sorry.” Rosa stalked back to the door. knocking the door wide open. a big orange furry thing shot past her. “I want you to meet Hades. “Woof!” It was a big goofy golden retriever. The word ‘right’ emanated from every fiber of her being. “Never mind. “Eva. We’re just talking. again. His ears flopped as he braked to a halt in front of them.” said Liam.


Liam wanted her. And he needed . to see if she had been romantically involved in the past.Chapter Four Cod had said Eva Walker had worked as a librarian in Brighton Beach. Eva didn’t have any family. She was orphaned at eleven and moved from foster home to foster home until she was eighteen. Her aunt took care of her until she had a heart attack ten years later. Liam was interested in Eva’s social life. Cod had planned to fly to New York to dig up more information about Eva. Her parents died in a house fire when she only ten months old.

Anderson Cod had returned to the house with his findings. Furniture and clothes were newly purchased and nondescript. Whether she wanted it or not. she was bonded to him. The last thing he wanted to do was take someone’s girl. Cod reported that Eva didn’t have many belongings. Cod had scoured Eva’s apartment in Lincoln Park and came back with a few items. He had given her the blood rite. it was kind of late for know if she had someone special in her past life. which wasn’t surprising . On second thought. Liam opened Eva’s dairy and started to read it. Some photos and the diary.

My supervisor Flores gave me a crash course about restoring old documents. but he was curious. He didn’t want Eva scrambled when confronting her dire past. May 23 Dear Diary. This job is . It was newly purchased and didn’t contain many entries. He needed to know if it contained anything that gave away Eva’s predicament before he gave it back to her. Today I started my first day in the Arcana Foundation.considering Eva’s life had been practically uprooted after she witnessed what shouldn’t have been seen. He felt like a peeping tom reading someone’s diary. Liam fingered the diary.

Someone special he could share his personal thoughts and emotions with. unlike Natalie. but sometimes he longed for someone to talk to. Lonely. Someone who should be his bonded. He knew the feeling. Maybe I should take a course. Too bad I can’t read Latin. Even though I’m surrounded with people. who preferred an asshole human lawyer who used to be his best friend. He enjoyed his reclusiveness. The world had gone to hell in a . I feel so lonely… Liam paused.interesting. but they were all geeks though. I think I’ll fit right in. *heavy sigh* I think it would be too much to ask for someone interesting in this line of work. My coworkers seemed nice.

No one would know what I did before. She said I should be safe now. Reborn. Ms. I am a new person. Those things were unheard of in the old days. She gave me a number to contact her if I‘m in trouble. . June 15 Dear Diary. A dragon betrayed her husband over a human lover. Jones gave me a bank card for three month’s advancements and a tidy sum to buy new furniture and stuff I need. From now on. Liam read the next entry. She told me to only call her if it’s really important. our meetings will be limited.hand-basket these days.

Now he couldn’t give the diary to her. What? Liam straightened up in his seat. Jones. Anger bubbled in . The number she gave me was no longer in service. He found Eva on the 28th. He was hoping she wouldn’t mention any of the witness protection program experience. but there were no more entries. I tried to call Ms. I fear for my safety. She must have been attacked the day after she wrote her last entry.Crap. June 26 I feel like someone is following me from work. Liam thought. Jones just dumped her after Eva testified and practically gave up her life to win the case? He leafed through pages to read more of Eva’s diary.

that meant he must confess to . With his connections and money. This would mean he would have to step out of his hermitic life and into the spotlight. Liam slammed the diary closed and gathered the photos sprawled on his desk and piled them into a neat stack. he could make inquiries and make the people who deserted Eva pay. How could they discard one’s life after she no longer served their purpose? Liam hated injustice. If he wanted to make war with the state department. For Eva…he would do anything for her.Liam’s chest.

She had ditched his boxers and undershirt. He loved her too much to do that. Heat . His heart felt heavy. wearing a pink nightgown. Would the truth set her free if it meant destroying her first? *** Liam was about to jump into bed when he heard someone knock on his bedroom door. He was worried how Eva was going to take it. His heart leapt. He couldn’t keep lying forever. She looked so beautiful. Rosa once said the truth would set you free.Eva about everything. Not because he had to come clean. He opened it. Eva was by his door.

” Liam stepped aside. . Damn. he would take advantage of her.slowly rose within him. Come in. He hadn’t thought about this. That felt dickish. “Yes?” “Is something wrong?” she asked. His cock twitched just by watching her like that. Liam couldn’t figure out what she meant. “Why do we sleep in separate rooms if we are married? Are you mad at me?” Duh. But if he did. “I’m not mad at you. He didn’t mind sleeping in the same bed.

“Yes?” “Consummated our wedding?” “No. “Too forward?” “I like blunt women. “Come. “Actually.” Liam offered his hand.” . “I…” “I’m not gonna bite you.” “Have we…” she faltered.Now she hesitated.” She cringed. I wouldn’t mind if you do.” His turn to cringe.

Maybe we’d better wait…” “Eva.” Liam held her hand and tugged her into his room gently.” He wanted to kick himself after he said that. but he couldn’t help it. It had been .She looked stricken. “Doesn’t mean we can’t share a bed. you’re right. Maybe. He promised himself he didn’t want to take advantage of her. “Why not?” “Because of your amnesia. “Well. I know how to have sex.” “Do you? Then what are we waiting for?” he teased. I… we wanted to wait until you got better.” “Sex isn’t rocket science.

beige drapery with the whole scheme in an array of mono tones. Eva hesitated. providing a contrasting yet relaxing coloration. Liam liked a minimalist style in his bedroom. A long while. “Come. easy to the eyes and promoting sleep.” She timidly sat while gawking at his room. Liam pushed the cover down and tapped the mattress. He wore a white undershirt and short boxers. But then she stepped in.a while since he was with a woman. He liked the . A white flower plant perched on Liam’s side of the nightstand. allowing herself to be herded into the bed. with the walls painted chocolate brown. He only kept a bed with two nightstands. Liam slipped under the covers.

“It feels weird. Eva smelled so damn good. There was another scent present in the room.” “Weird?” . But tonight he wasn’t just smelling freshly laundered bedding. Liam leaned on his side and stroked her hair lovingly. “Well?” She giggled. The scent of a woman.feeling of bare feet against the freshly cleaned sheet. She didn’t wear perfume or anything. But Liam could smell her fresh soap and the very scent of her. Feminine. Eva climbed into bed tentatively and settled in under the comforter.

scooting closer and draping an arm across her. don’t you think?” This was how a bonded should feel. I feel like we just met. long time ago. It’s just so right. But now… He’d take it all back. “Maybe we are meant to be. But somehow it kinda feels right.” . They hadn’t even been intimate yet they felt a deeper connection. It was like finding his other half that had been missing all his life. “I don’t think it’s funny.” he told her. Being with her was wonderful.” “That sounds so cliché. It’s like I’ve known you before. Like we’re strangers. Liam suspected the dragon bonded was just a myth. After his failed marriage. a long.“I don’t know. Funny.

” “Hmm.” she said after a few minutes.” “I don’t know. Come closer. “I know.” A comfortable silence stretched between them. I want to feel your body against mine. “Liam?” .“You think? How do you know that’s cliché? You have amnesia. “This is nice.” “We’re cliché? Or us being cliché?” “I know what cliché means. I just know.” Eva obeyed.

“Yes.” “Why?” . We want to wait until you remember who you are. Her lips were full and sensuous. Yeah. Not that much. Made to be kissed. “No.” “My amnesia?” “Yes.” “Is that a problem with you?” He caressed her lips with his thumb. love?” “Why do we want to wait? Is there something wrong with me?” “Because of your condition.

She nestled in.” “How can you be sure?” “A hunch?” “Mm.” “I don’t think I have.“Because I would feel like a jerk when one day you remember everything and you had someone special in your life before you met me. Her body was perfect.” “Liam?” “Yes. as if . babe?” “Would you…hug me?” “Babe…” Liam drew her into his arms.

he felt himself hardening. Slowly. Intimate. Comforting.” “I do…” “So?” How could he explain to her that he . She hid her face in his chest. “I know you want me.she was made just for him. groping his erection. having her like this. Warmth spread from her. “Liam…” She slipped a hand on his boxers. So close. It was…heavenly. Nothing else mattered at the moment. Naughty girl… “Eva.” he croaked. God. She noticed it too.

“Why?” .had lied to her… about almost everything? Their faked marriage. So full of hunger. “Lean on your side. Her past? It wouldn’t feel right if he bedded her after all the lies he’d shoved down her throat. He had meant that. She returned it with the same heat. Liam took her hand and bestowed a kiss on it. He found her lips and kissed her passionately. “We’d better wait. He’d fallen in love with her the moment he cared her back to life.” Eva sighed in disappointment. And he still did.” he ordered. The heat turned into full-blown lust. Liam broke the kiss. Except when he told her he loved her.

” Eva lay on her back and kissed him on the mouth. She tore from her kiss.“Just do it. he snaked a hand underneath her nightgown and up to the juncture of her thighs. Liam scooped himself behind her. . She stiffened. She sighed happily.” She did what he asked. He parted her curls and found her clitoris. He tugged and twisted it in such a way that she bucked with the rhythm. “Liam…” “Shh. Liam captured her nub with his thumb and forefinger. He slipped his hand beneath her panties and petted her pussy.

She was very wet. It took all of his will power not to pull her underneath him and claim her on the spot. he thought.” Liam inserted a finger inside her. “Good. His cock became impossibly harder. there was nothing . He could smell her femininity even through the panties and the nightgown she was wearing. In due time. It hit him like a potent aphrodisiac. But at the moment.“Liam…” “Do you like it?” She smiled shyly and nodded. When she gets better.

Eva ground her sex against his palm. The slick curves of her pussy were saturated with her own luxurious oil. He slipped another finger into her depths. love. Pure heat seared his hand. then she shuddered exquisitely. four. She came hard. and five strokes. It wasn’t hard to find hers. Liam stroked deeper and curled his finger so he hit that coveted special spot. her body tensed and went rigid. Her pussy . The moment he rubbed it. “Liam!” “Shh.” Eva seized his shoulder and hid her face in the hollow of his throat. Three. bathing his fingers. Come for me.wrong in pleasuring her.

He withdrew his fingers. beautiful.” *** Liam had gone when she woke up in the morning.” she whispered. A note was left on his side of the bed. Gone to do some . I’ll do anything. Her scent permeated the air and he couldn’t resist tasting her luxurious juices.” he told her.gripped his fingers. Her cries subsided as her climax faded away. love. starving kisses. Eva blinked and smothered him with greedy. “For you. “Yum. “Thank you. Hey. He kept stroking her as she rode the ecstasy.

Eva scooted to his side of the bed. Liam. But she could still smell him. She took a peek at the clock. They were married. He loved her. He had been gone long obviously. Boy.Liam Her heart gave a little dance. She didn’t feel they were strangers anymore. Will be back before lunch. And he loved her.errands. She still couldn’t remember much about him. How thrilling. Love. Ten. She didn’t know why but a whiff of his masculine fragrance calmed her. she was sleeping in late. She felt loved and protected. He thought she was beautiful. Love. looking for his warmth. He might have married her for custody . but somehow she felt connected.

Rosa greeted her warmly when Eva flounced into the kitchen.reasons. “Good morning. However. For a dress. He was all she had. She was one lucky girl. Eva was pretty sure in her former life she had never spent that much money on a single dress. How did you . she looked pretty in it and was quite pleased with her appearance. This morning she chose a pretty yellow sundress with little straps on the shoulders. but she felt she had a lifetime to know him. She removed the tag after widening her eyes at the price. Four hundred bucks. sunshine. Eva decided to take a shower and get dressed in new clothes that Rosa had bought her.

It seemed she liked everything fresh. . Her cheeks heated.” “Good. She served her breakfast with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Nothing store-bought in Rosa’s kitchen. “I slept soundly. I’m going to make you my killer omelet. won’t you?” “I am hungry.” Eva pulled out a chair and sat as Rosa busied cracking eggs and whipped her a delicious fluffy omelet. “Have some breakfast.” “Goodie.sleep?” Rosa asked.” Rosa chuckled.

“This is delicious. I do know I like pink and an omelet is my favorite food.” “You still don’t remember anything?” “Sadly. child. Rosa. no.” Eva grinned. I’m pretty sure of it. Even though I’m still hazy about everything.” “You flatter me.Eva shoveled her food with gusto.” “Why thank you.” “I’m not. “How was she? Natalie?” .” “I don’t think I’ve ever tasted an omelet this good.” “You poor child.

“She did? But why?” “That. He’s pretty well off. I don’t really know. I just want to know why Liam and she decided to get divorced.Eva was curious. Perhaps she was bored of him. And Doctor Hall is a family . “She’s not worth mentioning. “Her?” Rosa snorted. child. Caderyn. isn’t he? He could afford a private physician.” “She cheated on Mr.” Eva widened her eyes.” “Well.” “He is. Caderyn’s money.” “Oh. Perhaps she was into Mr.

” Good-looking. That little button was two years old last month. He’s supposed to come and examine you today. Does Liam have siblings?” “A younger sister. And good with kids.friend. Caderyn babysits him once in a while. “What about Liam’s parents? Are they still alive?” . He was definitely a keeper.” “North Side?” “Winnetka. Kind. She lives in North Side. She has a cute son.” “Liam left a note. Caitlyn. Brandon. Mr.

Mrs.” “Oh. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.” Eva shoveled a mouthful of eggs and chewed. Except for Natalie. They looked perfect from the outside.” . of course. Caderyn was heartbroken and died soon after. Soul mates. Mr. Caderyn Senior died in a car accident a few years back.” “Me too. I’d say. “Do you believe in soul mates?” “Of course I do. but you never truly know a person’s heart.“Sadly no. Caderyns always marry their soul mate. They were really close.

does he have fans. Rosa noticed it. .Soul mates. But when they were together.” “And he’s not bad-looking too. Make him happy and you will be happy too for the rest of your life. it felt so right. Eva still didn’t know much about Liam.” “Does he?” Eva laughed with her. Were they soul mates? Thinking about him made her blush. “He’s good for you.” Rosa winked. Oh. She laughed and patted Eva’s hand. “I know he can drive women crazy with one look.” “He’s so kind to me.

“Before he turned into a recluse.” Eva sipped the juice. It tasted so fresh. “Why did he do that?” “Because of the scandal with Natalie. It was all over the news, you know? The press wouldn’t give him a break. They hounded him night and day. It was a circus.” “Really?” Eva shook her head. “I don’t understand why someone would leave a man like Liam.” “Like I said, you never know inside one’s heart.” So true. Eva couldn’t imagine leaving a man like him. Her heart ached just by

thinking about it. “I’m so lucky to have him.” “And he’s lucky to have you. Be good to him, won’t you? He has been through a lot.” Eva blushed again. “I will.” *** Liam called just before lunch to say that he was going to be late. He asked her how she was feeling. Eva went bubbly with his attention. She felt special and she didn’t think she was special before… before she lost her memory. She didn’t miss it. Not one bit. She had him. It was more than enough to make a woman happy.

“Do you want anything before I drive home?” he asked on the phone. “No, I’m fine.” “You sure. Maybe you’re in the mood for something. Pizza? Fruits? Godiva chocolate.” “Chocolate sounds good. Do I like chocolate?” “Babe, every woman loves chocolate.” Eva laughed. “See you when you get home.” “Love you.” She paused. “Love you too.”

Liam. She chased him from room to room while admiring the house.Silence stretched on the other end. Liam’s home office looked grand with wall-to-wall rich walnut wainscot and .” Then he disconnected. but Rosa said she didn’t need help. She volunteered to help Rosa make dinner. He loved her and he thought she was cute. Others were nicely furnished without being tacky. Eva then played with Hades while waiting for Liam to get home.” “You’re so cute. A rush of giddiness surged through her. “Do you mean it?” “I do. Liam’s bedroom was the barest of all. Out of all the rooms.

Hey. she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit. trying to refresh her memory. A photo taken on the beach. Those people were as much . more like a library. Somehow she just knew it was Coney Island boardwalk. Her office. laughing. how did she know that was a library? Eva scrutinized the other people in the photos. Hey. His desk was rather bare. Eva stepped closer. A set of leather chairs graced the fireplace. There were photos stacked on top of the book. Everything was blank.intricate moldings. She looked closer. No. Only a laptop and a book were on the surface. it was photos of her! She grabbed them and started to leaf through them. Another picture snapped at what seemed to be an office.

She recognized the handwriting as hers. it was a diary. He said he’d hired a private investigator because she wasn’t showing up in any system. how did he get hold of her personal items? If she was found in the water. Why had Liam lied? How did he get her things? He said he found her in the water. If she was just a regular Jane Doe. She started reading. would she? Eva snatched the book. she . she wouldn’t bring photos with her.strangers as Liam was. A frisson of trepidation shot through her. Just to make sure. Did he know who she was? She tried hard to remember but nothing came to her.

The diary was hers.scoured Liam’s desk for a pen and paper. and she had a confidante named Ms. Sitting on Liam’s chair. restoring old documents. she devoured its contents. Only three pages long. Jones. dated from late May. she was filled with a thousand more unanswered questions. Dread seized her by the throat and was ready to shake her like a rag doll. She worked in the Arcana Foundation. She had just started a new life. Did Liam know about the Arcana . This was her handwriting. After she finished. The diary might not tell her much. but it contained some important information. No doubt. There wasn’t much of it. She scribbled on it and compared it to the diary.

Curiosity or safety.Foundation? His private investigator could go there and ask who she was. She could confront Liam when he got back. Damn. she was curious. . What about Ms. to see what he had to say. She really should wait for Liam. but damn it. Jones? Why did this woman give her money? And why did she fear for her safety? Eva drummed her fingers on the surface of the desk. Or she could find out where the Arcana Foundation was and show up there to see if anybody recognized her.

the cab could take her . After her access was approved. She got the address and jotted it onto a pad of paper. but she didn’t have any cash. Liam could pay it. She clicked around and found out she could login as guest. after she finished. Have the cab pick her up and let the meter run while she went in and made some inquiries. She could call a cab. Then. there was a problem as to how to get there. It was a private library located in downtown Chicago.Curiosity won. A password-protected login prompted her. she opened up a browser and searched for the Arcana Foundation. Now. a part of her suggested. Eva opened Liam’s laptop and powered it on.

He should understand. She hoped he wouldn’t be angry with her. Eva researched for a cab company and placed a call. She waited outside. He wouldn’t be pleased she sneaked around like that. but finding out her identity was important to her. but hell. sneaking away from Hades and Rosa. the cab came. Sounded like a plan.home and have Liam pick up the tab. Twenty minutes later. . She needed to know. Not being able to remember anything was driving her insane. Before she left. this was her life. she had scribbled a note for Liam.

She didn’t wait until he took off his seat belt.” Rosa said. “Ms. “She called a taxi and went to a place called the Arcana Foundation. I tried to .Chapter Five Liam had a bad feeling when he pulled into the driveway. He rolled it down. She tapped the window as Liam put the car in park. Her face looked worried. Eva has gone.” “What? When?” “About twenty minutes ago. Rosa was waiting for him under the portico with Hades on a leash.

How did she know about the Arcana Foundation?” “I read a note she left on your you but you didn’t pick up your phone. then she would go straight home. fuck. Caderyn?” Shit.” “What did it say?” “That she needed to meet some people where she once worked. fuck. “I’ll explain later.” Fuck. Mr.” “I was busy. “Which home? Her apartment?” “She has an apartment? What else didn’t you tell me. Did she .

remember anything?” “That—I don’t know.” “She didn’t have money with her. sir. A slice of fear went through him.” Liam put the car in gear and back out.” “I have to go. what did you remember? . Call Cod and tell him to return to Chicago immediately. He slammed the gas into the street. How did she pay the taxi?” “I don’t know. chilling his heart. Eva.” “All right.

“You’ll wait, right?” Eva asked the cab driver. “I’ve got to keep the meter running, though.” “No problem. I need you to take me home. It will only be ten or fifteen minutes.” “Sure, Miss.” “Thank you.” Eva got out of the cab. The Arcana Foundation building stood on the corner of a business district complex. Eva slammed the door and walked to the steps to the main entrance. Inside, she took an elevator to the second story. As soon as she got out, the small lobby of Arcana Foundation greeted her. Since she didn’t

see any receptionist, she let herself into the main reception area. It was lunch time. Several people breezed in and out of the office. One of them did a double take at her. “Eva?” the woman asked. She was tall with a dark complexion and her hair was twisted into a tight bun. “Yes?” “What are you doing showing up this late? You have Grimoire to restore.” The woman peeled off from her companions and flounced toward her. “Are you okay? You look a little off today.” “Um, I know it may sound weird, but do I know you?”

“What’s wrong with you? I’m Magda Flores, your supervisor? Hello?” “Sorry, I do feel under the weather. May I ask you a question? Do you know where I live?” The woman went speechless for long seconds. “Follow me. Mr. Harrison asked for you earlier.” Eva tailed her into the maze of cubicles and hallways, into the right wing of the building that apparently housed thousands of old and precious tomes. The temperature was climate-controlled. Everyone she saw in that section was wearing masks and gloves while handling fragile parchments and bibliophiles’ paraphernalia.

Nada. trying hard to recall anything that could jog her memory. He wasn’t the kind of man people would take seriously. Gold floral upholstered sofas. Harrison himself was a portly man of about fifty. So far nothing. Eva stalked behind Flores cautiously. at a glance he looked like a Pillsbury Doughboy dressed in a suit. Velvet draperies with gold tassels. Bleh. Rococo-style furniture. Light hair. Pink cheeks. The office sanctum was as pretentious as Herbert’s name. The name Herbert Harrison III was written in gold ink and gleamed from a plague mounted on a mahogany door.Magda Flores took her into the director’s sanctum. even though he seemed to be trying hard to . Mr.

make himself to be one. He waved to Ms. Flores, dismissing her from the room. He cleared his throat. “Ms. Smith.” He shot her a nasty look. “What the hell are you doing here?” “I don’t know. I don’t remember. Would it be too crazy if I told you that I bumped my head and now I have amnesia?” “What are you saying?” “I don’t remember anything. I was hoping you could help me jog my memory. Where do I live? What is my job?” “You’re kidding me.” “I swear I’m not.”

Mr. Harrison rose from his seat. Anger made his cheeks flush red. “That explains everything. You shouldn’t have come here. I really don’t want to do this.” She didn’t see it coming. Mr. Harrison hit her on the head with a vase. One second she was fine. Seconds later she saw only blackness engulf her vision… *** Her head hurt. Slowly, her consciousness swam back to the surface. What the hell happened? She moaned quietly. She found herself bound by the wrists and ankles. She was still in Harrison‘s office. Only Harrison wasn’t alone. He had two guests. Two tall men in crisp suits. Men with tattoos. vory v

zakone. She remembered everything. She was supposed to be dead. These men had shot her and dumped her body into the river. She didn’t know how the hell she even survived. Liam, the man with the dragon wings. The man who had fed her his own blood. The man who claimed to be her husband. Thinking about him made heat rush to her head. But, hell, he also lied to her. “Great, now she’s started coming out

Harrison was frothing. How could he betray her like this? One of the vor yanked her from the chair she was sitting in. Harrison was the one who had sold her out to the vor. That bastard. Unceremoniously. I gave you what you want.” Mr. The other vor gagged her with a . Get rid of her from my office. “This should be the last I hear from you. You have to leave my family alone from now on. the vor hoisted her into an open trunk on the floor. Harrison knew her arrangement with the State office and he promised her sanctuary.” Eva’s head spun processing this information. She dropped onto the floor like a sack of potatoes. I’m cooperating. Eva tried to protest.of it.

she felt the trunk being wheeled out of Harrison’s office. she barely had enough strength to make a noise to let people know she was trapped in the trunk. No. she was helpless. forcing her into a fetal position. In the pitch blackness. She squirmed against her bonds. nothing but a muffled grunt came out of her throat. A claustrophobic panic seized her.rag. and locked it. They crammed her into the trunk. Even then. With her head still spinning and her muscles weak. . Her lungs didn’t seem to hold enough oxygen. She tried to scream for help. Van? SUV? She heard the door slam shut and the vehicle drove away. into the maze of the Arcana Foundation and finally into the back of the car.

She had cheated death once and because of her curiosity. she would be curious after she saw all that. Luckily. He wanted to kick himself for leaving Eva’s diary and photos out in the open. Naturally.Eva wanted to cry. A thousand emotions boiled in his chest. he didn’t get caught by cops and given tickets. It would be the end of her. a thousand questions filled his mind. He hadn’t calculated she would be bold . She didn’t see a way out of it this time. she had landed into the hands of her killers. speeding through red lights and intersections. Again. * Liam drove like a maniac to downtown Chicago.

enough to go out sleuthing about her past. That was a recipe for disaster. A woman without memory strolling down the loop without any identification or money. What if the people who wanted her dead got wind that she wasn’t really dead? Her safety was compromised. He parked illegally and swarmed out like an angry bee ready to sting. A sudden headache slammed his head. . He worried about what might happen to her. Ten minutes later. He took an elevator to the second floor and inquired for Eva’s supervisor. Damn it. He found the Arcana Foundation’s address with his smart phone and drove to the place. He remembered Eva’s diary had given her name as Magda Flores.

She met our boss. I’m looking for a woman named Eva Smith. I just came from Mr.the woman came down the reception area. Harrison.” “Left?” “I assume so. Personal matters. she did. Harrison?” “I’m afraid that’s not possible. But she has since left. Harrison’s office and I didn’t see her. Harrison had a half day today. I believe she came here earlier.” “Can I see Mr. I’m Liam Caderyn. Mr. Mr. “Hello.” “Yes.” “Did they leave together?” .

Eva isn’t well. I thought she was pulling some kind of prank. She has amnesia.” Magda Flores widened her eyes. If I may ask. I have something to discuss. She’s just confused. Apparently. She was asking me before where she lived. I wish I saw her. “So she wasn’t lying.“I don’t think so.” “No. she wasn’t. Think she might try to go her apartment?” “I don’t know.” “Do you have any idea where Eva could have gone?” “No. I wish I could help . who are you to Eva?” “I’m her guardian. she just took off.

” Liam headed to the parking He tapped the driver’s side. Flores. Could it be hers? He decided to find out. A sight of a taxi waiting at the curb caught his attention. The window rolled down. more brooding than ever. his SUV was still where he had parked it. this tall. “You didn’t happen to carry a passenger from Whistler Park do you? A woman. Ms. and pale skin?” The taxi driver frowned. Rosa said Eva left in a taxi. red hair. “Yeah. not towed or anything. I’ve been waiting for her for an hour.” “Thank you for your time. To his surprise. about late twenties. Said .

she’s going in fast and then she wanted me to take her back home.” “You didn’t see her come out.” “Shit.” Liam pulled out his wallet and extracted a wad of cash.” “Appreciate it. What’s going on?” “She’s left. I’ll take care it of it. Flores said Eva had left the building. but the taxi driver was still . I presume?” “No. Who’s going to pay the tab?” “Don’t worry. “Hope this will cover it.” Liam went back to his own car and pondered.

waiting for her. feminine. Rich. He exhaled a deep breath. he had a bad feeling about it. Eva was in trouble. Uneasiness slipped in. Somehow she had disappeared between the Arcana Foundation and the taxi. Something wasn’t right. Could Eva have sneaked on the taxi driver? And if she did. how had she got a ride? She didn’t have any money. and heady. There was one way to track her. he could track someone’s whereabouts solely by scent if he was in his beastly form. His gut told him somebody had snatched Eva from the Arcana Foundation on her way to the taxi. He could partially shift and track her by her scent. . And he remembered Eva’s scent. As a dragon. Either that or Flores had lied.

Being cooped in a trunk . The combination of constant pounding of a headache and the butterflies in her stomach made her queasy. bringing tears into her eyes. He separated them one by one and recalled Eva’s from memory. cramping. He started the SUV and followed Eva’s trail. His arms covered in scales and the wings on his back threatened to erupt. He halted it and focused it on his sense of smell.Liam concentrated and summoned his power. he locked on her scent. He allowed himself to partially shift. * Her head hurt like a bitch. Seconds later. Her muscles screamed in pain. A thousand aromas and stenches surged into his nostrils—the scent of the city and its people.

Of all the bone-headed things she had done in life.made her paranoid. she wouldn’t be so foolish in trying to discover who she was and she would have stayed holed up in Liam’s house. she whined in self-pity. this was the most all-time epic stupidity. What if she ran out of oxygen? She couldn’t breathe freely. scalp. They would mortally wound. If she remembered everything. did I have to have amnesia. . It was hot in the trunk and sweat plastered her face. She was furious with herself. She felt as if she was being baked in an oven. If she didn’t die from dehydration and lack of air. What was she thinking? Out of the sanctuary and into the gators’ mouth. Why. safe and secure. and all over her body. these men would execute her like before. This time they would do the job right.

She wished she had the courage to fight for her . Her heart sank to her guts. how she hated being so helpless. and when they stopped. After what seemed forever. But that wasn’t possible. the vehicle stopped. Even though he’d lied to her. they would erase her from the surface of the Earth. She’d give anything she owned to be able to see him one more time. giving her a second chance and had been nothing but kind to her. These vors had taken her trunk into a vehicle. And she’d be nothing but a Jane Doe corpse found in the ditch or floating in the river.And the worst part was she wouldn’t be able to see Liam anymore. Eva was frozen with terror. he had saved her life. This was it. Oh.

It fucking hurt. One of them yanked her out of the trunk with brute force. Moments later. Eva whimpered in pain. Two towering men stood before her. Eva cursed. The back of the vehicle swung open and someone dragged her trunk down. Her knee scraped the latches of the trunk. She didn’t want to die. It crashed on the ground causing her to bounce and smash her head inside it. . who was she against the ruthless vors who professionally snuffed people for a living? She clutched her fingers hard until her knuckles were all white. Eva blinked and inhaled as much air as her lungs could hold. her trunk was opened She felt numb all over. Even if she had the courage.

Even though it was daytime. we’re pretty sure we killed you. A perfect day for murder and dumping a body. the surroundings looked gloomy. near a big river. I guess we’ll just have to do it right this time. They were in a clearing surrounded by dense trees and bushes. The man who yanked her from the trunk spoke. “I don’t know how you returned without a scratch. don’t kill me. creepy. His accent was thick and hard to understand. and secluded.She stumbled face-first on the grass. The place was silent. She looked around wildly. They had taken her to the same place where they had shot her.” she begged .” “Please.

through the gag. If she doesn’t…“ the man grinned with satisfaction.” Eva stopped breathing. He took out a large gun and screwed on a silencer. Her voice was muffled. We put a bullet in the head. “…we chop off her head. Chop off her head? Could this get any worse? She wanted to plead but no voice came from her throat. she dies. “Is she some kind of freak?” the other man piped up.” “Nyet. No head. Terror seeped . “What do you mean?” “A freak that can’t die. No one can’t die. She felt cold all over. no life.

” Eva shut her eyes her bones. God. Eva opened her eyes. Please. What’s going on? Cautiously. but it never came. Her heart pounded in her throat . The man with the gun examined his piece and pointed it to her head. Bodies dropped to the ground with loud thuds. She waited for the pain. A quiet gunshot wheezed. She tumbled sideway because of the bonds on her ankles. “Well. She gasped and tried to scoot backward. and then a big swoosh reverberated the air around them. do svidaniya. I don’t want to die… Silently. she prayed for a miracle. She shook.

Its brilliant green eyes were luminously bright. Eva forgot to breathe. Were . Its scales were deep green as if it was made from emeralds. Her gaze drifted to the fallen vors. The beast was too otherworldly beautiful for words. unmoving. A dragon. It was a huge beast. The men sprawled on the the sight in front of her. staring down at her. It towered before her with its long wingspan stretched out like a majestic arch. Liam? There was blood on his talons.

He took it off. The scales glittered against the sun’s ray like precious jewels. Eva muffled under the gag. It slowly transformed into the man who had saved her life. The muzzle receded. “I’m okay. Eva wanted to tear her eyes from him but she couldn’t. And Liam was naked.” . “Are you all right?” Liam asked. Apparently.they dead? Had Liam killed them? The dragon shimmered. The wings folded and vanished. Talons and claws turned into hands. She was too happy to see him. shifters didn’t retain their clothing when they changed.

” he said. His face darkened when he saw the bruises on her ankles and wrists. “Are they dead?” “Let’s say they won’t hurt people for a .” “Not much.” Liam looked grim. “This way. “Can you walk?” Eva tried to stand. Eva looked over her shoulder. He rose. Her legs were wobbly from being confined in a trunk. but she noticed they were still breathing. And her bleeding knee. “They hurt you.He untied her bonds. Liam helped her regain her footing. The two vors were still.

“I tracked down your scent. “How did you find me?” Eva asked while putting the seat belt on. What else could he do? “Listen.” he began. His shoes and wallet were tossed near the tire.long time. “I know you must have tons of . She hadn’t thought that he had such an uncanny ability.” How curious. He told her to sit in the SUV while he donned his clothes. He slid behind the wheel and started the engine.” Liam ushered her where he had parked his SUV. driving to the main street. His clothes were strewn on the grass.

“What do you remember?” “My name is Eva Walker.” “What?” “Liam. She remembered everything.questions…“ “I remember. He cleared his throat. And I’m in . A part of him was relieved because he wouldn’t have to lie to her anymore. I’m a librarian from Brighton Beach. and the other part of him was worried. I remember everything…” * Liam frowned. She didn’t seem to be. What if she was mad at him for not telling her the truth? He stole a glance at her.

Mr. Those men—the vors—found out where I was because my new boss. I heard him argue when I became conscious.the witness protection program. I remembered everything again. “Your boss in the Arcana Foundation?” “The vors threatened his family. Harrison. ratted out my whereabouts.” “Conscious. What did he do to you?” “That bastard hit me with a vase.” His frown turned into a deep scowl. Funny thing. when I came out from it. He knocked me out cold. Is that so cliché or what?” “He hit you?” A flash of anger made .

“Where did he hit you?” “Here.his voice rise an octave. “You’re bleeding. Eva flinched.” “I’m fine. He extended his hand and touched Eva’s head.” “Not much.” “We have to do something about it when we get home.” Liam felt a bump on her scalp and something wet. Liam made a mental note to visit Harrison and arrange some payback. checking her wound.” .

” “I’m sorry. I was curious. she wouldn’t have gotten curious or hurt.” He couldn’t blame her for that. He was mad at himself for not being able to protect her. I had to know the truth. He . If he hadn’t carelessly put her photos and diary out in the open. “No.” he said. “Are you mad at me?” Liam sighed with resignation.” Eva quieted. His heart chilled thinking about how narrowly she had escaped death for the second time. Then she asked meekly. If he had arrived a few minutes later… He shook off the bad thoughts.“You’re definitely not fine. “I was worried sick.

“So it wasn’t a lie?” “I put rings on your fingers.” Eva became bright-eyed. he would resort to the same thing.” “Bonded?” .” She flustered.” “I don’t think I could stand the thought of losing you. “You like me that much?” “I love you.guessed if he was in her shoes. love. I promise. whether you like it or not. we are now bonded.” “I won’t. don’t do that again. didn’t I? Listen. “Please.

Her eyes grew wider and wider as he recounted the tale of the night he found her. but I’m hoping you can learn to love me too.Liam explained the ritual of blood magic he had performed in order to bring her back to life. “I know it might be difficult to accept this. She bowed her head. Liam wished he knew what was going on in her head. staring at the engagement and wedding ring on her fingers. And his vow that he wouldn’t let anybody hurt her again. . How relieved he was when she started breathing again and her mortal wounds knitted close.” Eva went silent. You are mine and I would never let you go.

Her gaze lingered on her rings while she ate. They went inside. Having cheated death for the second time made her hungry. Eva ate ravenously.* Rosa was standing under the portico when Liam pulled the SUV into the driveway. Salisbury steak with pasta and crunchy salad. . Rosa looked relieved when she saw Eva. Eva took a shower and changed her clothes. Giddiness rushed to her head. The housekeeper muttered to herself while patting her chest. He said he loved her and she was his bonded. Hades barked with excitement at the sight of his master. Rosa served her dinner when she got out of the bathroom.

how do you feel.It was hard to believe a man like Liam would desire somebody like her. Liam sat next to her on the bed and checked the back of her head. After Rosa took the tray away. Liam came knocking on the door.” “You’ve been struck in the head.” She grinned. She was already falling for Liam. He saved her and she was indebted to him. I need to see your wound. “I’m fine. love?” he asked. The . “Hey. Eva could feel herself blushing furiously. It wasn’t hard to love a man like him.

” “Do you really mean it? What you said in the car?” . “You sure? I will have Doctor Hall examine you tomorrow.” Liam regarded her with great worry. “Does it hurt?” Liam inquired gently. “Look at you.” He took her hands and squeezed them. “You have been through a lot over the past few days. but it wasn’t bleeding anymore. Eva shook her head. He couldn’t make it today.area where Harrison had struck was a little tender. I don’t think I could forgive myself if something bad happened to you.

Fresh and clean. Damn. he smelled so damn good. My lawyer will take care of that.” She lunged at him and hugged him tightly.” “Married?” “In the city hall.” “We can make it legal when you’re up to it.” Eva looked at her rings. We need to get you a new identity. Liam wrapped his arms around her and .” “I would love that. “These are beautiful.“Of course. Friends and family. Private party. His soap. Then we could have a backyard wedding. small guest list.

“You have no idea how much I want you. “Eva…” “Yes. Liam. She wanted to replay their experience when they shared a bed. Liam broke the kiss. His breath was labored.lowered his head. Heat surged through her veins. She was better now and Liam wouldn’t have a reason to say no. how she wanted him. He kissed her. Perhaps more.” “You sure you’re okay? You’ve been through a lot today. finding her lips. Oh. Eva swooned.” .” He growled like a starving beast.” “I want you. His eyes blazed.

His hands swept over her naked skin with such tenderness. Her nightgown first. He tightened his hands on her breasts and kneaded them. He kissed her again until she wanted to faint from the lack of air. Especially when he plucked . She loved the way he touched her.“Really?” “Hmm.” Liam undressed her. Touches that made her burn from the inside out. An experienced lover. and then her brassiere and her panties. Eva. as if she was made from fragile porcelain and he was afraid to break her. Eva shivered when he touched her. “You so beautiful.” he whispered. Eva loved the sensation.

No man had ever made her feel like this before. He made a purring noise when he found her very wet. He released her nipple and took her unmolested one. She fidgeted. She quivered. He took one nipple into his mouth. Liam sucked her while the tip of his tongue circle the hard bud. Not even her past lovers. The pleasure shot from her nipples straight to her pussy. Her bones felt as if they had melted into wax. It was unbelievable. Liam’s touch was magical. Her body tensed.her nipples and rolled them between his thumb and forefingers. making her hotter and wetter. Her spine kinked as she arched her back in pleasure. Liam trailed kisses from her shoulder to her chest. Liam groped her thighs and her pussy. .

” Eva giggled She licked the tip of his cock. It pulsed. his white cotton shirt. “Say hello to him. Eva gawked at his perfect figure and his big cock. He was so thick and long and scrumptious. She couldn’t help herself and groped him. She wrapped her fingers on his base. She enveloped his cockhead .He rubbed her pussy lips with his slick fingers. “I want to see you.” Liam withdrew his hand and disrobed. And then his khaki pants. squeezing his granite-hard erection. Her mouth watered all of a sudden. His undershirt and his boxers. He sighed happily and grunted. First. loving the way she said hello. Eva squirmed.

“I don’t want to come yet. he laughed. Not before I’ve had the chance to taste you. “I’m going to come if you keep doing that. Liam got it despite the muffle.” he gasped. He murmured an urge to take him deeper. Then.” He stopped her and .with her mouth and started sucking. She licked his shaft and explored his crown. His pre-cum was creamy with salty goodness. which she did gladly.” “So?” Her voice was muffled by his cock. He fisted her hair as she fucked him with her mouth. “Oh fuck. He tasted even better than what she had imagined. Liam hissed through clenched teeth.

Liam kissed her. Liam trailed more . And her arousal was even deeper. She could feel heat emanating from his every pore. “My turn. She moaned.pulled his cock from her mouth.” Liam reminded her. She protested. For anything. She needed him inside of her. She was ready for him. Her pussy fluttered in anticipation. This time was gentle and feather-light. He pushed her lying on her back and straddled her. nearly driving her insane. It felt like heaven having him so close and intimate like this. But the effect he had on her was the same nevertheless.

licking her deeper and deeper. Eva bit her lip. “Liam…” “Shh. Liam praised how good she was. Her heartbeat raced. She shuddered in ecstasy. She felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. Good Lord. .kisses to her belly. She couldn’t hold it any longer and came hard. He captured her clit with his fingers and rolled it gently. body tensing.” He parted her curls and licked the hood of her clitoris. He licked her vulva and teased her opening with delicious twirls. knowing what was to come. The pleasure was maddening. His tongue speared into her entrance.

” he croaked. He grunted. spearing her open with his thick cock. Eva halted her breath.She lost her mind as a wave of pure ecstasy washed over her. He thrust in. The sensation was truly exquisite. His cockhead nudged her entrance. Liam . She was astounded at the way he made her feel.” she whispered. love. brimstone encased in velvet. “So good. The way he plowed down to her cervix. The way he stretched her beyond impossible. Her pussy clenched. He positioned himself while she was wading through the thick pleasure. “Yes. She loved it. his hot cock.

Her second orgasm was just around the corner. more. The texture of his cock. She marveled at the sensation of their bodies becoming one. and this time. Liam picked up his pace. The pleasure gathered. Her heart drummed wild.pulled slowly and thrust back in as if he wanted to relive the initial penetration. The ecstasy intensified with every thrust.” she sobbed. And his addicting heat that seared every fiber of her being. “Please. Eva could feel the way his shaft ground the inner walls of her vagina. He pounded and slammed until she could only feel fire. He quickened. fucking her faster. even greater than before. I almost…” . “harder.

primal fucks. Liam fucked her once. Panted. “That was amazing. Her pussy clenched in return.” . milking him to his last drop. Eva snuggled closer. Her ears rang.He hammered her with hard. She couldn’t hold it any longer. They panted together until the last tide of ecstasy ebbed away. Her body quaked as a powerful tide of climax washed over her. She could feel his cock spasm in her depths. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. ejaculating. “It’s been a while.” Liam laughed. Fireworks exploded before her eyes. She came. Breath cut off from her lungs. twice and thrice more before he surrendered. She gasped. Liam rolled off her.

” Liam caught her smiling.” “Don’t blame me. you’re a sex maniac. We could try again.“Me too. And thirds.” “I’d love seconds. How cool is that?” . Are you always this amazing?” “I don’t know. you made me like this. And fourths…” “God. “What?” “Penny for your thoughts?” “I’m going to marry a dragon.

The End .

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