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Dear Sponsor: I am writing on behalf of the Connecticut Students for a DREAM to request your support in helping us to empower our

immigrant community and local youth as we fight for Immigration Reform. Connecticut Student for a DREAM (C4D) is a statewide organization that seeks to empower, educate, and advocate for the rights of immigrants. We seek to empower youth through organizing, advocacy, education, and leadership development. Our ultimate goal is to organize youth to be a voice of change in their communities and create channels of civic participation for immigrant families and youth. A key aspect of our work is involving our youth and families to obtain 1) first hand experience of the political processes, 2) an appreciation of our power as a community, and 3) developed leadership skills through action and education. This is the best time our community has ever had to firmly press on for Immigration Reform. Therefore, On July 810th, we will be taking 15 of our youth and families to a national “Naturalization Ceremony” in Washington DC to call on Congress to grant citizenship for all 11 million undocumented people. The national United We DREAM network is organizing this National Mobilization. For more information about this event go to: You can join the movement for reform now by becoming one of our sponsors for the trip. Please help us take members of our community to DC – where they will join hundreds around the country and join a greater movement for human rights. This trip will instill in our youth and families a sense of self-empowerment allowing and encouraging them to be advocates of justice. The goal of our trip will be to make the demands known to our senators to pass immigration reform, to share our stories with our national elected politicians, and to empower and build leadership within our immigrant community in CT. This will be a valuable experience, which will include visits to our CT Senators and Representatives, and a national “Mock Naturalization” Ceremony / Rally during which our members will speak. They tell us to ‘go back where we are from’. We will show that we do belong here. We have grown up here. We said the pledge of allegiance alongside our peers. Our parents have given their blood, sweat and tears in this land. Our dreams have been planted here and it is here that they will be realized. We will define who is American and what is American. We will create a future America that includes all of us. In order to make this trip a reality please complete enclosed donation voucher; we are seeking individuals, businesses, and organizations to become sponsors for our trip. Every donation counts. We are seeking monetary sponsorships / donations, gift cards or other items that we can use in our fundraising efforts (such as raffles). Donations will be used to cover 15-person van rental and lodging for 2 nights. In exchange for your donation, we would announce your business or organization with great appreciation at our event, as well as including your name and/or logo in our event’s promotional materials. This is a great opportunity to promote and present your business or organization in supporting our community and our nationwide cause. If you choose to remain anonymous, pleases indicate it on your donation voucher. Please earnestly consider this request and let your neighbors, and your community know that you are joining the immigrant rights movement. If you would like more information about CT Students for a DREAM, or upcoming trip to DC, or any of the programs we supports, please feel free to contact or cell (203) 858-0871. Kind regards, Gracias por su Apoyo a esta noble causa. CT Students for a DREAM (C4D) EMPOWER – EDUCATE – ADVOCATE

ο I would like to donate funds and remain anonymous. You have joined your   . please complete below. and encourage you become a member in order to keep you up to date with all that is happening regarding our Immigrant communities. ο I would like to donate funds to C4D. Welcome and with our Greatest Appreciation. (Please send us your logo in order to include in our promotional materials. Zip ________________ Business/Personal Phone # (_____)_______-_________ ο Check .ct4adream.Amount Enclosed $___________ Company ________________________________ Tracking # _______________________________ ο Secure Pay Pal .org/donate EMPOWER – EDUCATE – ADVOCATE Donation Mailing address:   RYASAP cc CT Students for a DREAM 2470 Fairfield Avenue Bridgeport. CT Students for a DREAM (C4D) www. comments or concerns at info@ct4adream. info@ct4adream.ct4adream. Please check all that apply (ο ) ο I would like to become a member of C4D. and your community in this strong Immigration rights movement.Amount Enclosed $___________ Make check payable to: CT Students for a Dream ο Credit Card – Charge my MC Visa Amex Disc Acct# _/ _/ _ / _/ ._/ _/ _/ _/ .www.CT 06605 We appreciate your donation. please send correspondence to email address _____________________________________________________._/ _/ _/ _/ . Please donate to create a future America that includes all of us. Name: ________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ο I would like to donate other: ___________________________________._/ _/ _/ _/ Exp Date_____/_____ ο Money Order . Please contact us with any questions.Help us support our Immigrant community.