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Martin Echeverria ICT Y10 Project Review In the final project of the year we focused on the internet research,

and within it the search operators, reliability of a website and how to know if a website is either reliable or not and the copyright, is when a piece of information has been copyrighted, which means that the reader cannot copy the work of the writer. People, writers make their work to be copyrighted because they want to get money out of the piece of work theyve done, also people make their work copyrighted because they want their work to e unique, therefore not to be copied. Our final project has been done to develop new researching skills on the internet; also the project has been linked to the, basic search operators, reliability of a website and copyright. My role and responsibility in the final project was to complete a source table which has been related to our topic UN in Kosovo, within the source table there have been plotted the use of search operators, the reliability and if copyrighted on each of the websites we have used during our project. Although, other group members did more work than what I did, I consider I contributed well to my group. Our group members in the project supported one another by each of us being organized as well as getting the information and sharing it with everyone in the group, so that the information couldve been plotted into either the presentation or source table. The deadlines and targets of the project were meat in time; this meant our group has been successful in its responsibilities. In this project I have learnt how to use search operators, to know when a website is reliable or not, copyright and overall developed new researching skills which could be used in the future and in other subjects. In the search operators I have now reflected in the way I was researching in the past years of my life and compared it to the new researching skills I have learned, by using search operator, information can be found very quickly and the most precisely as possible. We have also learnt to be cautious when looking at information, always analyze and see if there are the factors which make or not a website reliable, for example the author name and when it was published. Another thing that this project has taught us, has been the copyright, the copyright basically its a legal concept enacted by most governments giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, it also gives the right to be credited for the for the work, who may change the work to other forms, who may perform the work, who may financially benefit from the work, and other related rights. We have been taught this while completing the assignment of the source table within the project. The project has tested our abilities on research and comprehension to learn on ourselves on how to use technology. I would study the propaganda in more detail within the reliability of information to understand and find out how is propaganda reliable or not, and what is the purpose of propaganda inside the community. Propaganda is a form of communication which aims to influence the attitude towards the community in some cause or position by presenting only one side of the argument. Propaganda is usually repeated

and dispersed in variety of forms of media in order to create the chose result in audience attitudes. In the final project, I had the opportunity to do the project again I would use time at home to complete the assessment as well as the time at school, by doing this, it would help to complete the project faster and if finding an error before the assignment is due, it will help to correct it before time.