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This was wrong. Pure wrong.

Besides the fact her parents would have her head for even considering such things, he was her best friend. She didn’t like him. She wasn’t attracted to those kind dark eyes. Eyes that stared so frequently and directly at her, holding her in an inescapable trance as she felt unable to do anything but return his gaze. She didn’t care for his scent. A scent unique to him and him alone, as if he wore his own perfume…but he didn’t. She was indifferent to his voice. A voice decidedly masculine, layered with tenderness and warmth when he called her name. She wasn’t drawn to his fine-toned body. A body that would fit so well wrapped around hers… Stop it, she told her uncontrollable mind. Why was she even entertaining such a ridiculous possibility that she might like him? She didn’t like him like that…did she? You can’t like him, a nagging voice in her head taunted. He was totally off-limits. Different ethnicity, different culture, different religion, different foods, different languages, different social standings, different backgrounds… Her parents would never stand for this. She leaned back, exhausted. A warm form behind her served as her pillow. She closed her eyes, nestling into empty spaces that almost felt like they were tailored to accommodate her figure. Warm hands wrapped around her waist, holding her in place as she drifted off into a comfortable slumber, a soft smile evident on her lips. A head tilted slightly and came to rest on hers, quickly succumbing to a nap of its own. Everything felt so perfect…so right… STOP IT! YOU’RE DAYDREAMING AGAIN!! If she wasn’t harboring any romantic feelings for him, why did he insist on haunting her every waking moment? You can’t have him, the rational part of her brain argued. It’s just wrong! The list of reasons why they could never be together was infinite. But on another list…a list she had unknowingly been keeping track of, adding on to, and expertly concealing somewhere in the depths of her mind…A list outside the realms of logical reasoning and where things weren’t governed by societal and familial restrictions… In that list, she had only one reason. Her heart had already chosen him. All the same…they could never be. He was her best friend, for heaven’s sakes. You can’t choose who you fall for, darling. Sometimes your heart knows best. Was she ready to throw out her cultural compass and sacrifice everything? Till this day, she never knew. Despite all her uncertainties, there was one thing she knew without a shadow of a doubt. She would never find anyone as amazing as him, even if she looked all her life. She closed her eyes, wiling herself, for once in her life, to think with her heart & not her head. And suddenly, the truth became all too clear.