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Jack Frost and the Ice Princess Ep.

1 by Mr_ButtonedNose


and most of his face is obscured by a Panda mask. Jack guards. sure. you believe that if you go around playing "good guy" long enough.DAY JACK FROST is fighting the PANDA on the side of a dune. his clothes are black and white. He forces the Panda out of the frame.. Jack and the Panda wordlessly exchange blows for a beat. Distant trees ring the desert but are absent from the interior except a small elevated grotto nearby. Yes. JACK FROST Their solemn duty of justice has been left to me. are locked against each other. sword to spear. (CONTINUED) . You believe him. The Panda gets in a hit and puts Jack on the defensive. PANDA HA! Justice. the masses will fall in love with you--and that eventually. bad-ass scarf. He’s wielding a spear. white. And a long. I took this duty from the Sand-Farmers because I stand at their back. but you do want glory. DESERT . JACK FROST I’m not here for their money. PANDA You’re not interested in fortune.EXT. Panda. he has a cannon strapped to his back. The Panda (21-23) is a bit taller AND BIGger. With every word he wears down Jack’s defense. It is righteous and firm.. If by left you mean sold! Your duty is loose and reeks of disingenuousness! JACK FROST You’re wrong. He dives back in the fray and we follow. Jack Frost (19-21) is a short guy with a sword. The Panda flourishes. wearing a science fiction-y white full helmet and a blue tunic. JACK FROST Panda! The Sand-Farmers find you guilty of rudely destroying their crops! PANDA That sentence is subjective! Jack and the Panda.

Jack is a deer in the headlights or a wounded lamb. Jack deflects them after every other word. and breathing heavily. Off-screen. the Panda yells ’PANDA POUNCE’ and leaps toward the grotto in a single bound. Jack and the Panda mirror each other: both clutching their faces. WHOOSH. He’s in no rush. unarmed. He sticks his spear in the ground and pulls out his cannon. Jack dashes for his sword. Ha. PANDA I for one can’t afford to wait that long. The Panda takes steady aim. you think I’d ever want to be anything like you? A beat. Jack grabs his sword and turns to face the Panda just in time for a round to whiz over his shoulder. (CONTINUED) . JACK FROST As well as you claim to know me. They dive in opposite directions. They eye their weapons. He begins to load. his sword. Jack tries to run but can’t get very far. the Panda.CONTINUED: 2. JACK FROST Shut up! Ow! PANDA The Panda falls back on one knee. his cannon. PANDA A princess will too. The Panda breaks his guard and locks his weapon. Jack re-adjusts his helmet and presses down on his mouth plate KSST as he continues. and fires again. clutching his face. Jack. knocking him down. PANDA A second time. Maybe you’d have been more successful if you had taken a more head on approach--like me--instead of-The Panda is prepared to fire. but is interrupted by Jack headbutting him in the face. Panda disarms Jack and boots him in the chest. JACK FROST But that’s why you’re here-More shots.

PANDA Important?! The Panda begins to fire and reload after every shot. wildly. he (CONTINUED) .DAY where the Panda is waiting and calls out. stunned. frenzied. PANDA YOUR needs are yours ALONE! I fight for those of an entire RACE! A beat. nabs the Panda’s spear and taunts him along the way. too? The Panda howls. Jack runs in a wide arc around the grotto. PANDA YOU think PRINCESSES are important! JACK FROST Just the one! PANDA YOU think FAME is important! JACK FROST ’Cause of the princess! Jack makes it to the edge of the EXT. He’s quick but Jack is quicker. A sand dune is no more. Still standing.CONTINUED: 3. JACK FROST (CONT. JACK FROST (amplified) Jack-Jump-Over-The-Panda Kick! Jack clumsily crashes down onto the Panda from above and the Panda staggers backward. picks a direction. Until JACK FROST (amplified) Is someone you know trying to replace an entire village’s sand crops with bamboo.) You disregard--the wants and needs--of others--as if somehow yours are more important. DESERT GROTTO . The Panda searches for him. and fires. He stays a step ahead of each shot. The Panda’s gun is emptied. but his rage meter is filled.

JACK FROST My name’s JACK. I leave empty-handed. They just break even. Jack turns away. Frosty. He crouches down to look the Panda in the eye. Jack stands and crosses over to him. He meets his own spear instead. but I DO plan to meet the Ice Princess one day. If I fail. and turns to meet Jack. He shrieks and falls backward onto the ground. Jack turns away to retrieve his sword. Jack looks at the Panda and sheathes his sword. Panda. She’s mine.) You call your puppy-love crush a ’cause’? Does the world benefit then. impatient.CONTINUED: 4.) Every hero has his cause. spear jutting out of his belly. If I help folks along the way. SQUISH..) That’s proper. JACK FROST Not that it’s any of your business. sue me. JACK FROST (CONT. and you don’t know me. CUT TO BLACK . The Panda slowly reaches for his cannon. Other "Hunters" help themselves to whatever you have and take off. PANDA (CONT. HA. how’d you-PANDA (coughing) A third time. raises his cannon over his head howling mad. JACK FROST (CONT. Maybe you’d have been better off if you’d tried to HELP people--like me--instead of-Jack turns to see the cannon coming down over his head.) I’m curious though. A beat. if you succeed? What sacrifices has this ’cause’ called you to make? True heroes never prosper. The way it ought to be done.. I don’t accept anything I don’t earn. JACK FROST (CONT.

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