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“Naturally” by Joseph Park, 2003. Oil on linen. connecting our local Jewish community


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JTNews . . friday, june 21, 2013

July Family Calendar
For complete details about these and other upcoming JFS events and workshops, please visit our website:

AA Meetings at JFS
Tuesdays: 7:00 p.m. Contact (206) 461-3240 or

From Partners to Parents!
Co-sponsored with Jconnect Sundays: July 14 & 21 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or

Endless Opportunities
A community-wide program offered in partnership with Temple B’nai Torah & Temple De Hirsch Sinai. EO events are open to the public.

Celebrate Pride with us! Pride Shabbat

Friday: June 28 6:30 p.m.

Emotion Coaching
Wednesday: July 17 10:00 a.m. – Noon or 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or

Sunday: June 30 12:30 p.m. Contact Leonid Orlov, (206) 861-8784 or

Kosher Food Bank Event

IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP ARE YOU… • Changing your behavior to avoid your partner’s temper? • Feeling isolated from family and friends? • Being put down? • Lacking access to your money? • Being touched in an unloving way? Call Project DVORA for confidential support, (206) 461-3240

Wednesday: July 3 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. Pre-register Jana Prothman, (206) 861-3174 or

Outing to Bullitt Foundation

Tuesday: July 9 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Thursday: July 11 10:30 – Noon Tuesday: July 16 10:30 – Noon

Summer Shabbat Experience
Friday: August 2 5:30 p.m. Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or

Coal Train Controversy

Tough New DUI Laws


Birds: Oracles of our Environment
Thursday: July 25 10:30 – Noon RSVP Ellen Hendin or Wendy Warman, (206) 461-3240 or regarding all Endless Opportunities programs.

Teach ESL in Bellevue
Date & Time TBD Contact Jane Deer-Hileman, (206) 861-3155 or

Help Us Glean Produce at the Broadway Farmers Market!
Sundays: July – October 2:45 – 4:45 p.m. Contact Jane Deer-Hileman, (206) 861-3155 or

Creativity & Healing Workshops
Mondays: July 1, 15 & 29 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Contact Project DVORA, (206) 461-3240

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1601 16th Avenue, Seattle (206) 461-3240 •


hearing what is not meant for one’s ears. In this regard. ensuring the respect and privacy of all who dwell together. It complicates relationships. In spite of this subtle. lots of people follow sports teams in cities other than their own. so he chose the Dodgers as his passport into American cultural fairness.” — Galit Ezekiel. with a profound sense of fairness and justice. Brace yourselves: We’ve got a hot summer ahead. stressing it is despicable to eavesdrop on the words of others not meant for you to hear. Is Snowden a hero or a villain? How do we as a nation balance the rights of privacy and national security? A peek at the Jewish take on all things private might inform our greater conversation. After all. victuals and blessings. The Torah rarely puts up a neon sign flashing. and in this case it is clearly not smiled upon and no good seems to come Your of it. june 21. rules that in a shared courtyard either party may compel the other to split the costs of the construction of a wall to provide the necessary privacy. how could we ever measure up to our parents’ heroism? My father was a giant. Where the narrative of the Torah might be indirect. The Shulchan Aruch. though anyone with a bit of an astute sensibility has by now noticed the “serendipitous” advertisements  that What’s just happen to pop up on JQ? our computers after even a cursory mention of a related product or service. he was blameless in his age. halachah has no such luxury. I am confused. I wonder about the Jewish attitude toward privacy. who was honored with the Pamela Waechter Jewish Communal Professional Award earlier this week.” the damage of seeing into someone else’s property. And surely an evening of crime-show viewing would be enough to dispel us of any notion of privacy. both in size and power. Dad! I miss you… P. It is a critical conversation. who is to be trusted in determining the demands of national security? What about the individual who leaks information about the country damaging national security for the sake of the rights and the privacy of its citizens? That we shall leave to others to sort out. at the time he and my mother came here — and for many years after — blacks were allowed to serve in the military. yet still they were considered second-class citizens. my son Rafi. As an extension of the “Laws of My first Father’s Day since the death of my father Marvin Stern Special to JTNews My father Klaus Stern died on May 12. and entertain us as athletes and entertainers. But several years ago. Failure to provide this would result in what is called “hezek reeiah. the kind of American he wanted to . WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We would love to hear from you! You may submit your letters to editor@jtnews. she will give birth to Isaac. discomfort at her reaction. It turns out “Big Brother” is watching. and sometimes that could be intimidating — after all. Rivy Poupko Kletenik is an internationally renowned educator and Head of School at the Seattle Hebrew Academy. I took the kids to see the movie “42” about Jackie Robinson on my own “Father’s Day. Please limit your letters to approximately 350 words. or to continue to act in movies or write books or be active or visible in any form of German life. he was a “good guy. I finally asked my father. www. he is probably telling a joke. leads to disharmony. later. Rebecca. But in the United States. and I went to the game. But I have been an adult for many years and holding his hands I felt amazed that my father’s were huge compared to my own. too. My father was a Holocaust survivor. JTNews opinion 3 Who’s listening behind the tent’s door? Rivy Poupko Kletenik JTNews Columnist Dear Rivy.kletenik@gmail. our second matriarch.” I’m sorry you weren’t there with us. Sitting in the hospital with him those last 12 days I was constantly focused on his hands. Perhaps the first episode of Biblical eavesdropping is Sarah listening at the tent door on Abraham and the three guests. had ruled that one cannot force a neighbor to build a soundproof wall. Now the question is. I think you would have liked it. Are there mentions of eavesdropping or surveillance in our tradition? What’s a citizen to do? Nothing like the ignition of a heated national conversation to start off a summer! When 29-year-old Edward Snowden leaked information about a vast National Security Agency program involving the surveillance of U. and became. She hears the news delivered to Abraham via clandestine means. which she later had to defend. speedily revealing to Jacob she has overheard a conversation between Isaac and son Esau involving hunting. Ever the teacher of the Holocaust.jtnews. One example: My father was a lifelong fan of the Dodgers. at what point are these values to be set aside for national security? And of course. If only she had heard the news in full view of Abraham rather than secreted away. he explained that in Nazi Germany it was clear where Jews stood: Jews were not allowed to serve in the army. Or the coupons matching our purchases that spit out along with our grocery receipts. more than we had imagined. not to mention the speed at which the Boston bombers were identified.” And he loved to tell jokes. echoing the spirit of Rashi’s comment on the blessing of Bilaam: “How goodly are your tents. My father saw and recognized that was wrong and admired what Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers represented. Facebook accounts. Eavesdropping surfaces in Jewish law as well. and be killed serving their country. “In a smaller shop we wear many hats. This crucial eavesdropping propels the story of Jacob’s disguising himself as his brother and then receiving the blessing that had been meant for Esau. Our tradition takes it as a given that there be a baseline of privacy. My father was totally honest and without guile. he launched a major national conversation on privacy and governmental encroachment. Our takeaway? Even innocuous eavesdropping such as Sarah’s results in family drama. Happy Father’s Day. If you have a question that’s been tickling your brain. our parents were giants because of what they experienced and how they then went on to rebuild new lives. Jacob” (“Mah tovu ohalecha Yaacov”). it leads to her skeptical response and. drawing on Mishnaic and Talmudic discussions. Next up.S. She too listens in at the door. send Rivy an e-mail at rivy.friday. it is noteworthy that through the exploit of eavesdropping the family is catapulted into chaos and disarray. Whether or not it was the fate of Jacob to receive the blessing. My father. 2013 .poupko.” If my father has the merit to be walking with God. Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrachi. Noah walked with God. Future deadlines may be found online. A breakdown in privacy. I never understood why — he never lived in Brooklyn or Los Angeles — but I never really gave it much thought. and other cyber activity. still it is forbidden to listen in to the conversations of others. thus incurring great wrath and years of sibling discord. “Here’s the lesson!” It is for us to discern and distill. perhaps even justifiable Damages of Seeing” found in the Talmud and in Maimonides’s “Laws of Neighbors” are the “Laws of Damages of Hearing” — hearing what was not intended to be heard. he was an example of resilience and gentleness. In Bereshit it says of Noah: “Noah was a righteous man. The deadline for the next issue is June 25. This necessary privacy is considered part of one’s property rights. the Dodgers came to Seattle to play the Mariners. Obviously as children we hold our parents’ hands and of course over the years I often shook hands with my father. Rashi notes that the entrances of the Israelites’ tents in the desert did not face each other. “Why the Dodgers?” His response — and I guess I should have known — was because of Jackie Robinson. The opinions of our columnists and advertisers do not necessarily reflect the views of JTNews or the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. Rabbi Yaacov Yeshya Bloi asserts that even though an earlier halachist. See the story on page Clearly our tradition recognizes and protects the value of privacy and condemns the act of eavesdropping. Wondering about what is “goodly” about them. I knew of no one who didn’t like my father. cell phone calls. For many children of Holocaust survivors. Sarah might have had less of an unguarded response. She learns of the promising prediction that even though she and Abraham are of an advanced age.S. but never in an intimidating way — rather. The startling revelations around the National Security Agency’s surveillance are deeply disturbing. .

Free event. Former Israeli Minister of Justice IN CRISIS JewISh PeoPLehooD: a Call for Conversation You are invited to participate in a community discussion on the topic of building Jewish unity. june 21. Until now. and what’s happening to the Jewish people in the Diaspora.jtnews. .com “ “ . Seating is limited. Baseless Hatred. evening Moderator: Mr. Jewish unity has been considered a destination. I must say that this book is essential to understand what’s happening to us in the State of Israel. and eliminating baseless hatred from our midst. Study it. Joel Benoliel SUNDaY. Rene Levy’s acclaimed book. building empathy. a dream. www. watch a video intro: http://bit. -Yaakov Neeman. 2013 Don’t read this book. Rene Levy Kosher dessert reception to follow. something we could only imagine. JULY 14th at 6:30 PM towN haLL SeattLe (8th & Seneca) Speaker: Dr. The conversation will begin with a lecture based on Dr. The evening will address unity as a realistic objective by showing that the foundation of Jewish Peoplehood rests on inter-individual entry is granted by advance registration at: levylecture@gmail.4 JTNews .

scroll down. Our mission is to meet the interests of our Jewish community through fair and accurate coverage of local. new advertisers! Heathman Hotel • Jenny GG Photography Safeco Field Tell them you saw them in JTNews! . june 21. one interim — as Rabbis Beth and Jonathan Singer After this month ends. close to 60 journalists and publishers from Jewish newspapers and magazines across North America will converge on Seattle to learn and . The correct number is 48. showcase their artistic talents in a new wall calendar. which is now being showcased at the Tacoma Art Museum. Cantor David Serkin-Poole* Nancy Greer.. WA 98121. was formed 10 years ago this month. We seek to expose our readers to diverse viewpoints and vibrant debate on many fronts. 9 Maria Erlitz.m. www. WA 98121.T. Seattle. June 18.jtnews. Federation Board Chair *Member. and fill out the short form to sign up. As Temple Beth Am prepares to welcome two new rabbis to its congregation — one permanent. who served there for more than 30 years. as well as in two Israeli towns. Ron Leibsohn. WA. JTNews regrets the error. like daughter 11 Summer Celebrations 13 Community Calendar 22 Lifecycles 23 The Arts 23 The Shouk Classifieds 22 Reach us directly at 206-441-4553 + ext. Jerry Anches§.50 for one year. Subscriptions are $56. Sarah Boden. 2041 Third Ave.” June 7). $96. Plans for the future 7 One who is not deprived and lacks nothing can ever feel the pangs or the yearnings of another who is not fortunate enough to have achieved even a small degree of success.  get jtnews in your inbox! Every weekday at 3 p. it signaled a new era for the Mercer Island synagogue.: Like Mom. When Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation’s senior rabbi officiated his first same-sex wedding. including the news and events in Israel. 2013 . Rabbi Norman Hirsh. more than half a century ago the Northend Seattle temple welcomed the Singers’ predecessor.O. Alhadeff 240 Sales Manager Lynn Feldhammer 264 Account Executive Cheryl Puterman 269 Account Executive David Stahl Classifieds Manager Rebecca Minsky 238 Art Director Susan Beardsley 239 Coming up July 5 Focus on Mercer Island Board of Directors Peter Horvitz. 1962. A synagogue starts a tradition 12 Remember when From the Jewish Transcript. The Jewish press converges on Seattle 18 Next week. In honor of Pam This year’s recipient of the Pamela Waechter Jewish Communal Service Award has her arms stretched around wide swaths of Seattle’s Jewish JTNews (ISSN0021-678X) is published biweekly by The Seattle Jewish Transcript. envisioned to fill a void for West Seattle’s progressive Jewish community. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to JTNews. some of them started in the unlikeliest of places. Editor & Publisher *Joel Magalnick 233 Associate Editor Emily K. and they’ve got celebrations galore. JTNews is the Voice of Jewish Washington. Seattle. a nonprofit corporation owned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. but he will be plenty busy in Seattle’s Orthodox community. JT news MORE Crossword 6 M. 2041 3rd Ave. but twice. opinion and information.50 for two www. plans to slow down a bit after her retirement from there — but not much. Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Shelley Bensussen. 20 The kids’ calendar 21 Kids in Washington State and Arizona. Interim CEO and President. Sharing their art 24 Herb and Lucy Pruzan have an extensive collection of fine Northwest art. the number of agencies listed as receiving allocations was incorrect. WA 98121 206-441-4553 • editor@jtnews. Moshe Kletenik will no longer be rabbi of Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath. Chair*. What will become of Yiddish? 10 That was the question members of the Seattle Yiddish Group posed to a master linguist whose academic career is based upon the study of Jewish languages.friday. 2041 Third Avenue. at the Jewish Day School. Stan Mark. national and international news. Periodicals postage paid at Seattle. We strive to contribute to the continued growth of our local Jewish community as we carry out our mission. JTNews inside 5 6 ladino lesson By Isaac Azose El arto no kreye al ambierto The person who has a full stomach never believes the one who is hungry inside this issue A temple turns 10 Kol HaNeshamah. Cynthia Flash Hemphill*. JTNews Editorial Board §Ex-Officio Member A Proud Partner Agency of p u b l is h e d b y jewis h t r a n sc r ip t m e d ia Welcome. More plans for the future Correction In the article about the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle’s grant allocations (“2014 Federation grants aim for depth. Seattle. who has served as head of school not once. Just visit www.jtnews.jtnews.

a sofer (scribe). Here. It’s a place where many people who maybe didn’t feel at home in other communities can feel at home in Kol HaNeshamah. “Kol HaNeshamah was the brainchild of a dozen founders who all got together at an Asian restaurant in West Seattle. Seattle. “The people at Kol HaNeshamah are an incredible. june 21. “We didn’t have a plan to grow — we just grew. Latz said he is looking forward to coming back for the weekend. a video She added that every single person becomes an integral part of the community. Inc. Puzzle created by Lone Shark Games. Adult B’nai Mitzvahs are also common. The community is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism.g. Parabola Performers like Ryan Lewis Performer like Macklemore Codeine. Founding rabbi Michael Adam Latz will be in attendance. and it informs so much of our ethics.” . eight members who never had the opportunity for the rite of passage as young adults signed up for B’nai Mitzvah. ten nations face off over the boundaries of their reach.” said statesman Abba Eban.” he said.” said executive director Sheila Abrahams. “As the world changes dramatically.” The congregation now has 130 household units. Edited by Mike Selinker. “These are people who have been though the different cycles of life with each other. The celebration includes a potluck . Buddha Ruksa.” said Latz. “I’m so proud to see what the new rabbi is doing. This year. On June 23. 1538 12th Avenue. as well as “a song presentation given by our ensemble. Abrahams said.” Weiss said. It is hard enough for a person to believe something belongs to him and not get it. and have continued to be very proud. “A lot of congregations have a commitment to welcome LGBT people. has been working since mid-May to repair their almost 100-year-old Torah.” Abrahams said.” Members are encouraged to help provide for the needs of the congregation. we look at how Judaism needs to change with it. “That was part of the founding and continues to this day. loving. a song of celebration and a cake-cutting ceremony.” said Weiss. as a comment Countries disputing possession of Kashmir Post-printemps time ___ Reader (magazine with the tag line “Cure Ignorance”) Clairvoyants The other half of auburn Ferry or canoe Prom accessory? model What the answer to 17-Down means Young’___ Singing syllables Former Mariners pitcher Johnson Modern Family network Lyricist Gershwin Animate. such as giving services during the High Holidays and cooking meals for each other.” Clearly. but 90 showed up. smart and dedicated group of folks. members do not need to buy tickets for the high holidays.” Latz noted the congregation was influenced by the book “Finding a Spiritual Home: How a New Generation of Jews Can Transform the American Synagogue. “They’re bringing life into Judaism and care about each other. It provides Hebrew school and educational programs Courtesy Kol HaNeshamah Kol HaNeshamah’s music ensemble performs the liturgy during a recent Shabbat service. talented.S. reflecting a deep divide about how to handle territories disputed by neighboring countries. in a way Only South American nation whose official language is English Precursor to web forums What there is in “team” Her name includes the hieroglyph for “throne” Thought Gossip Simplicity You can eat it or ride in it Answers on page 23 presentation. Kol HaNeshamah will continue its anniversary celebration with its Torah Restoration Project event.” for children and adults. kabbalat Shabbat service. But settle these disputes we must. ACROSS 1 Loud noise 5 ___ mater 9 Soon-to-be-extinct method for determining 12 14 15 16 18 19 20 22 24 26 27 28 30 33 38 39 40 44 47 48 51 52 53 57 59 60 61 62 63 64 DOWN 1 Big party 2 One of its varieties is Come & Get It! 3 Close 4 Hashmarked surface 5 ___ Way 6 Made a cursive lowercase “L” 7 Goody-two-shoes 8 Studio output 9 Those above par 10 Homeland’s Danes 11 What a photographer might say to a timid 13 17 21 23 24 25 29 31 32 34 35 36 37 40 41 42 43 45 46 49 50 54 55 56 58 © 2013 Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Cafe. “We strive to understand what it means to be Jews and a Jewish community in the 21st century. 2013 A temple turns 10 Settle Your Disputes by Mike Selinker & Gaby Weidling Gwen Davis JTNews Correspondent & & & & & Yom huledet sameach! Congregation Kol HaNeshamah in West Seattle celebrates its 10th anniversary on June 21.” by Rabbi Sidney Schwarz. along with former interim rabbi Anson Laytner and current rabbi Zari Weiss. Armed Forces during World War II. Because the synagogue highly regards inclusivity. which was used by the U. e. Adult classes include a “progressive Yeshiva. for one Unmoving. “History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. e. Sam of Jurassic Park Countries disputing possession of Golan Heights Broadcast “___ Love Her” (Beatles song) Places Half of auburn Pig’s home Countries disputing possession of the Strait of Juan de Fuca Place where you might climb a rope It precedes tube or ear Fall “Janie’s Got ___” (Aerosmith song) Apple product Countries disputing possession of the South Kuril Islands Vice President Agnew It contains an iris Mocking.” Weiss said. “But here at KHN it’s part of who we are.6 community news JTNews .” said Latz. plus various toasts including a rabbis’ toast and founders’ toast.” said Weiss. let alone for a country to do so. and brainstormed ideas for founding the congregation. friday. The community received a match challenge for donations toward the restoration project from local Jewish philanthropists Marleen and Ken Alhadeff. or other things that might keep people out. All rights reserved. www.jtnews.g. a newer position in the Jewish community. and meets on the first and third Friday and Saturday of the month at the Alki United Church of Christ. “It’s become much more rooted as a community. where participants study contemporary issues by looking at Jewish and contemporary texts and then applying progressive values to those issues. they were meeting a need. Kol HaNeshamah started in June 2003 and quickly became known by word of mouth.” she said. “We photocopied prayer books and had enough for 40 people. and speeches. Weiss is trained as a spiritual director. the name Kol HaNeshamah was born at a retreat near Mount Rainier during a morning meditation session. she said. “We’ll have dishes from that restaurant to remember the founding of Kol HaNeshamah. ^ the top NCAA football team Oldsmobile model Destitute Cry in Barcelona Countries disputing possession of the Savage Islands Swarm The Elysian Brewing Company’s Immortal. as a tail Wheat ___ Japanese currency Drink whose name means “bitter” Like a drone Adriatic. Rabbi Simon Benzaquen. She works with congregants to help deepen and explore their relationship with God. Latz said. “Part of the essence of the synagogue is our commitment to radical inclusivity.” Originally called West Seattle’s Progressive Synagogue Community.

and is a tainly my hope that people will choose to member of the Kline Galland Home Health be guided by the dictates of the Torah — and Hospice Ethics Committee and the and so many people are. eruv. Orthodox rabbi today? It’s a question with In 2008. Each of these who study Torah on requires halachic a daily basis.” authority. among other What is the role of the American volunteer and board positions. philosophy is evident given Kletenik’s “The Torah has guidance as to how expertise on . and more. (study room). Kletenik appears In addition to advising his congregamomentarily wistful.” Jewish community: The mikvah. www. Kletenik has come next month. He served as president of the Rabing the value of the Torah lifestyle and the binical Council of America from 2009 to richness and beauty and meaningfulness. But he expresses tion. offered classes and According to study groups in halBCMH board presachah (Jewish law). where he’s studied and the more people seek out guidance. the beit din (religious court) with the Rabbi Moshe Kletenik joined Bikur Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle and Cholim Machzikay Hadath in 1994 with the presides over gittin. with Jews in the broader community.” Speaking with JTNews in his office at Kletenik will not be involved in BCMH’s BCMH. forming a rabbi search committee. Rabbi Kletenik will “Our shul is a very diverse group of no longer be the rabbi of the state’s largest people. Kletemunity…In my mind. and has lectured locally and nationseen around him.2237 Or visit or 206. Alhadeff Associate Editor. [unity] and getting along under one roof. ally on ethical issues concerning organ “If you look at the national statistics.” he said. pregnancy. Mussar.” he said. “That is what rabbis can only teach. in consults on ethical matters. healthcare directives. learning initiatives.” he told JTNews. Kletenik reflected positively upon future plans. the weekly matrix of local rabbis Torah portion. Among the services he hopes to expand Torah study leads to action. JTNews tee at Jewish Family Service. His Rabbi Moshe Kletenik in the beit midrash. medical.friday. including terms of our interactions with others. contact Amy Paquette amyhp@jewishinseattle. it’s all about achdus nik’s contract was not extended. where he plans to expand its services being a rabbi is the opportunity to become and educational programming and give the involved in people’s lives.” Holocaust Emergency Assistance Commit- Put great Jewish books into your children’s hands. In addition to expanding he said.” taught for two decades. he was granted the King more than one answer. which the For the past 19 synagogue will lack years. and he told JTNews. ident Dan Birk. it is cerFaith Advisory Board (2007-2009). Alhadeff able for halachic Talmud study. wife Rivy compleBirk said said the first step. questions if they arise.” Jewish ethics is about. Starting July 1. and Orthodox haShas. “As an Orthodox rabbi. Kletenik furthermore oversees three “There isn’t a single encounter with the critical institutions run by BCMH for the synagogue that doesn’t involve learning. codes of Jewish law. end-of-life issues. “I think there are many. and meaningful way. and it’s a question County Coalition Against Domestic VioSouth Seattle’s Orthodox synagogues have lence Take Action award. the compleUnion-appointed tion of the sevenrabbis will be availyear cycle of daily Emily K. I donations. But as of June 30. if and wills.” 2011. Pirke Avot. and will be stepping up to celebrated a siyum help. is to Midrash. a Mishna. Walking through BCMH’s beit midrash “The more people become aware of it. he will work for the “One of the truly rewarding aspects of Va’ad. how we interact with others — and responsa literature throughout the we become better Jews and better human centuries are current and can address any beings. especially at critbeit din more visibility.jtnews. june 21.774. “We need a person Ashkenazi Orthodox synagogue. sat on Governor Christine Gregoire’s he said. ical times during their lives. and valuable members of society… issue and any challenge that arises in a But people make their own choices. “Whether it is our personal lives. JTNews community news 7 Kletenik to move on Emily K. and interwe are to act in every aspect of our lives. Kletenik heads been struggling with for years. Sign up for the PJ Library! To sign up. Kletenik constantly whether it is our professional lives. and this is business-dispute OF GREATER SEATTLE . figure out what the community wants. In a conthat can understand the need of the comtroversial board move last summer. Seattle. goal of creating a community of learners. 2013 . chevra kadisha burial many more people society. before mented his offerings with talks on Tanach. but confirmed he will stay in his tenure. others. Kletenik initiated and chaired Jewish optimism at the future of Orthodox life Medical Ethics Conferences throughout the and reflects positively on the changes he’s 1990s. one follows the dictates of the Torah — in “The teachings of Torah that we find terms of how we speak to others and about within the Talmud. and end-of-life think more and more people are recognizissues. Jewish divorce.” personal ethics.

Temple Beth Or.000 to Jewish Family Service for the Seattle Association of Jews with Disabilities program.” Israel Programs Deepening connections with Israel is at the core of enriching Jewish life.000 for tuition scholarships available to eligible students attending Jewish Day School. the Jewish Federation is supporting essential services for people in need. The Federation granted $50. For example. the Federation awarded $19. Hillel is located at 4745 17th Ave.jtnews. june 21.” said Shelley Bensussen. Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center. the Federation has deepened its commitment to programs helping people with special needs. and there will be a post-service oneg. Hillel at UW/Jconnect. Board Chair of the Jewish Federation. Temple De Hirsch Sinai.000 to The Friendship Circle of Washington and $75.000 generous donors. Kavana Cooperative. Bisexual. In addition. The Federation is in the second year of its funding model. Torah Day School and Northwest Yeshiva High School. Kol HaNeshamah. which focuses on four Impact Areas: 1) Helping Our Local Community in Need 2) Strengthening Global Jewry 3) Experiencing Judaism: Birth to Grade 12 4) Building Jewish Community: Post Grade 12 The Federation is advancing Jewish life in numerous exciting ways as it builds on investments made in 2012.315—nearly one-fourth of its total grants—to the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee for humanitarian assistance and to Fiscal Year 2014 Allocations by Impact Area Building Jewish Community: Post Grade 12 15% Helping Our Local Community in Need 16% Experiencing Judaism: Birth to Grade 12 37% Strengthening Global Jewry 32% strengthen Jewish communities in Israel and overseas. jewishinseattle. Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder. The Federation awarded $15. National Council of Jewish Women. is a celebration of Lesbian. Jewish Education The Federation is continuing its substantial investment in day schools.000 in Israel incentive and need-based scholarship grants. It’s a come-as-you-are event. Bringing to life Jewish history and culture was another area of focus. Day schools. North End Focus Still another area of emphasis is supporting early childhood education. AntiDefamation League.000 to the Jewish Junction and $40. “Who’s Minding the Store: A Celebration of 150 Years of Jewish Business and Pride Shabbat sponsors include The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. In addition. Transgender and Questioning Jews. Congregation Tikvah Chadashah. the Greater Seattle Business Association. JTNews. where you can hear personal stories from individuals in Seattle’s Jewish LGBTQ community. 2013 OF GREATER SEATTLE THE STRENGTH OF A PEOPLE. Seattle. “The Federation is proud to serve as a bridge that connects our generous donors with the many amazing projects that expand and enrich Jewish life in Seattle and beyond. Seattle Jewish Community School. In C jewishinseattle M@jewishinseattle community connections Federation grants will strengthen Jewish life The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle will award more than $2. Koleinu. Temple Beth Am. Dave Kaplan. Kadima. Doors open at 6 pm. friday. The grants will be awarded for fiscal year 2014.000 for Taglit-Birthright Israel trips. entitled. Pride Shabbat.” The Federation decided this year to go “deep” with grants—to make impactful grants that would provide a significant boost to programs meeting both ongoing and emerging community needs. families and allies. which begins July 1. Israel and around the world. Gay. as well as $76.500 for Jewish camping.” Federation Interim President & CEO Nancy Greer said. www.” PRIDE Shabbat takes place June 28 The Seattle Jewish community is invited to attend Pride Shabbat on Friday.400 to the Washington State Jewish Historical Society for an exhibit at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI). which takes place each year during Pride Month. A Wider Bridge and Congregation Beth Shalom. THE POWER OF COMMUNITY.500 benefiting our Israel partner communities of Kiryat Malachi and Hof Ashkelon. “In partnership with more than 3. along with their friends. NE.000 to the Stroum Jewish Community Center’s day camp on the Seattle Jewish Community School campus. and enriching Jewish life in Seattle. camping and Israel experiences are instrumental in developing and strengthening Jewish identity. beginning at 6:30 pm at Hillel at the University of Washington. “Our grants reflect the creativity of Seattle’s Jewish community as well as our strong connection with the global Jewish community. Pride Foundation. June 28. Israel and around the world. and $ . day camp and other engagement opportunities for the growing Jewish population in north Seattle. Equal Rights Washington. the Federation awarded $112.457 for Partnership2Gether programs. the Federation awarded $113. Jewish Family Service.8 JTNews . The Federation awarded $552. “We look forward to the many important outcomes our grantees will achieve in the coming year. . with an award of $306.4 million in Community Campaign grants to 48 programs and projects that will strengthen Jewish life in our community. $76. expanding Jewish engagement opportunities for children and adults. consistent with our obligation to ensure that all in our community are served. Details about the grants are available online at jewishinseattle.

known formally as inquiry-based learning. put the curriculum into practice Jewishly through a monthly program. Calif. Back then she was a recent transplant from New York and connected with a group of parents who wanted to give their children a Jewish day school education. And when she asked to stay on as that replacement. . —Henry Kissinger Both of you live this teaching through your leadership approach and our community is a better place because of your involvement. JTNews Maria Erlitz can sum up her retirement from the Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle in two words: “It’s time.” she said. 2013 . ‘What kind of animals live in the rainforest?’ I want to research that. if you’re not constantly improving you’re not doing your job.2013 Celie Brown Incoming Board Chair 2013 - OF GREATER SEATTLE THE STRENGTH OF A PEOPLE. www. When she turns over the reins to Mike Downs. it’s difficult to make decisions based upon what computers are available today if their basic capabilities XXPage 23 Changing of the Guard at the Jewish Federation Thank you. THE POWER OF COMMUNITY. is really wasting time. “I’m certainly most proud that the inquiry-based curriculum is taking hold school-wide and we’ve been able to promote that. Erlitz felt that now was the right time to say “l’hitraot” — until we meet again. incidentally. that’s the kind of education that you want. “And thank God that the Seattle Hebrew Academy said. but in 2008 when the call came to serve as interim head of school while the board searched for a permanent replacement. at that time the only game in town. “To have them discover the facts and research the facts — to support a burning question that they’re looking at is where education is going. But other parts are very much in line with leaps in technology. Shelley. has been piloted in three grades but this fall will become the standard for all of JDS. “Because things are at your fingertips.” With an education consulting business that she put on hold for her position as head of school and a desire to slow down.” Erlitz said. but in their own way. who are fiercely loyal to the school (and have top ranking in a national survey to prove it) — is a decisive move away from the teacher at a blackboard talking at rows of children. an interim head who will come to the Bellevue school while the JDS search committee seeks a permanent head.” she Joel Magalnick Maria Erlitz has given the Jewish Day School direction.” The school has been working on a fiveyear strategic plan in conjunction with the Samis Foundation and Seattle Pacific University. but with the technology moving so quickly. “It’s not that I don’t love what I do. but her history with the school goes back to its founding 33 years ago. During an assembly.’” And so JDS was born. Celie! Looking forward to great things. This style of education that Erlitz has pushed JDS toward — with the backing of the school’s board and its parents. is also leaving the school after 13 years to lead the Judaic studies program at a large day school in Irvine. but it’s hard to balance. Light. was willing to offer. the school’s head of Judaics.jtnews. especially in education. For your dedicated service! The task of the leader is to get one’s people from where they are to where they have not been.” Erlitz said. Welcome.” Erlitz said.” That burning . Part of that vision is more intangible: Welcoming interfaith families or talking and writing about God and belief — sometimes in conjunction with people who practice other religions.” Erlitz said. She left for many years to run a consulting practice that works primarily with day schools’ boards and leaders. ‘How about if you get a little bit more pluralistic?’” Erlitz recalled. but visitors may still need a sign. Erlitz started as an educator. Shelley Bensussen Outgoing Board Chair 2011 . “They went to the powers that be and said. june 21.friday. then eventually became head of school. “Even the second grade or the first grade.” Erlitz has spent the past five years as head of school of the Bellevue academy. said. the students can do their own project. Light would query students about Jewish history or practice and then send them out to the Internet and Jewish texts to discover answers for themselves. “The school is in great shape. We are a Torah Umesorah modern Orthodox [school]. and to have kids memorize facts and regurgitate facts. but wanted something more pluralistic than the Seattle Hebrew Academy. ‘This is our mission. the board jumped at the opportunity. and in good hands. Rabbi Stuart Light. “Now the kids can ask. “The amazing answers that come back.” she said. the school has noticeably embraced education 21st-century style. Every student in the class will study the rainforest. to teach facts these days. JTNews community news 9 JDS head ready to hand over the reins Joel Magalnick Editor. “Any vision. everything should be in place for a smooth transition. and it gives the search committee a little bit more time. Since Erlitz retook over. “Sometimes you want to cleanse the palate from someone who’s been here a long time. she took it.

but Moses likely said it in a language that most Jews wouldn’t even recognize today.” said Shell. Leah’s is the only one under the supervision of the Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle. and a MacArthur fellow.” Nosh Away no more Emily K. who work out of Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation and Congregation Ezra Bessaroth’s kitchens.” recalled Shell. Shell told the audience of 25 at the Seattle Yiddish Group’s June meeting. They develop within a culture and get “exiled” to other lands. individuals are scaling back on weddings and B’nai Mitzvah. and this year. Klitzner explained.” she told JTNews. Shell said that among the nearly 6. private and nonprofit spending all slumped along with the economy. and that’s what I do. the Yiddish group’s co-chair. it wasn’t written using the Persian alphabet. he said. Judeo-Greek. and probably some sort of Midianite language during the next four decades once he fled to the desert. one inflected toward the Slavic element. “This was very often the origin of a Judeo language. co-founder and co-director of the Longfellow Institute for the Study of Non-English Languages. Chinese is a representational writing system or alphabet. “Since 2008.c /jewishdotcom /jtnews . After 15 years of serving the community. some organizations over the years have opted to save money by using non-kosher caterers. jew-ish . respectively. they’d use the Hebrew alphabet to write down the words of local language. “When Persian was first written down. or does he speak Hebrew?” Shell is the co-director of the Lilly Center for Jewish Language and Literature at Harvard. Judeo-Malayalam is one of the three Judaic languages of the Indian subcontinent. She hopes outlets like Albertson’s. Northwest Yeshiva High School students performed “The Diary of Anne Frank” to a full house at Youth Theatre Northwest. that Yiddish plays only a small role.” she said. he used examples from his own background. 2013 Beyond Yiddish Janis Siegel JTNews Correspondent “Let my people go” may be one of the most recognizable Jewish phrases. A Jewish language. “What is happening to the Yiddish language?” asked Murray Meld. On the other hand.10 community news JTNews . “There was always that threat. “We all know it has a lot of diversity.” Klitzner said. so there’s a meeting point. To illustrate his point. “I have turned myself into an event caterer. They hope to expand their delivery timeframes and zones. and one inflected toward the Germanic element. two or three kinds of Judeo-Greek. business has steadily declined in the catering aspect. and other languages. “What language does Moses speak when he speaks to Pharaoh?” asked Shell. and Judeo-Chinese. nor does it mean even principally Yiddish because you can see in this list. “So. She will not be stepping up to provide boxed meals at non-kosher functions. and one or two kinds of . who proved to be a master of the rhetorical question throughout his remarks. Also. Returning to Egypt and communicating through his brother Aaron would have been a challenge for Moses. Meld sees a resurgence of curiosity for the Yiddish language from a variety of people. sales were down by 30 percent from 2008. The Yiddish group invited Shell to answer the larger question of how globalization might affect the survival of Jewish languages. QFC. far beyond their original borders. graphic location. Hebrew goes horizontally. Cultural and social factors can also foster the development of a language. or bakery or Shabbat items. Judeo-Aramaic. friday. hotel meals. developed in the Iberian Peninsula and was exported to many parts of the world. because in addition to his compromised speech noted in the Biblical story. and fundraising dinners are seeing less turnout. he said. Yiddish. and Eli Varon and Dalia Amon. “the language in the home could be Judeo-Arabic. That. the online retail and wholesale distributor of kosher goods they started in 2010. “On the one hand.” he told JTNews. for example. who runs Nosh Away with his wife Dayna.” Ladino. Judeo-Persian. is a language that has elements of Aramaic or Hebrew. he added. does he speak Midianite. is concerned about the hole Nosh Away will be leaving.” said Phillip Klitzner. for me. Leah Jaffee. He has taught several languages. all of them different from each other.” continued Shell. The owner of Leah’s. Affordable Kosher will continue to distribute to the remaining kosher caterers. where Hebrew somehow plays a role in its defining characteristic. making the online store look more like an East Coast grocery store. is it going to be used?” From his vantage point. he said. “When women. as well.” said Shell. and their “linguistic uniqueness. bringing in boxed kosher meals to those guests who require them. “I financially cannot do that. Corporate. Nosh Away isn’t disappearing altogether. he’d been away for quite some time. Moses spoke Egyptian throughout the first 40 years of his life. as he introduced the topic. june 21. After all. however. Fortunate for the kosher-observant community. including Judeo-Spanish. whereas the Hebrew alphabet is essentially nonrepresentational. Seattle-based kosher catering company Nosh Away is closing its doors. “Take.” Jewish languages have covered the globe. “My crew works really hard.jtnews. www. which include Leah’s Catering of Seattle. but with globalization. which might go on. In addition. “Among my Jewish friends.700 languages spoken throughout the world today. Alhadeff Associate Editor. is also the history of Jewish languages. their placement in a historical period. mainly because of the consistent writing system that has allowed Judaic languages to flourish and to last over time. it was written down using the Hebrew alphabet. It’s one of the only Jewish languages which are not written in the Hebrew alphabet. “Does he speak Egyptian.” Jaffee XXPage 23 Patrick Krohn On June 6. with community institutions reducing full meals to lighter receptions.” Languages are influenced by their geo- Janis Siegel Professor and linguistic scholar Marc Shell talks to the Seattle Yiddish Group. said Harvard comparative literature professor and linguistic scholar Marc jewishdotcom jew_ish om jew-ish . a Jewish language does not mean Yiddish. Ladino. three branches of JudeoKurd. Regular corporate clients tightened their belts. a form of Judeo-Spanish. young and old. JTNews Hold the spinach puffs. “Judeo-Chinese is a humanistic language. globally Jews speak dozens of variations of some form of the original Hebrew beyond the more commonly used Eastern European Yiddish and the Mediterranean Ladino. too. Klitzner told JTNews they have plans to expand the product line. Chinese goes vertically. The Klitzners are shifting their focus to Affordable Kosher. are being caught up in the revival of interest in Yiddish language and culture. knew the Hebrew alphabet but were barred from writing Hebrew. and Island Crust will work to fill such voids.” he said. for instance. “American Jews.

Saul joined Swedish in 1971 as one of the hospital’s first medical oncologists and became a XXPage 23 Alden Mason. Susan Monas was “I said ‘of course. international efforts in all fields of ovarian cancer research. a Yahel board for college students in Beer Sheva. www. 2013 jewishinseattle.Wineburg. and Swedish has supported me in every step.” A graduate of University of Washington School of Medicine (1964). Her husband travels America. be done in the relatively new the daughter in question. Susan says that As an at-large on the program.: member of the tribe 11 Learning from service in Israel • A popular doctor retires 1 Diana Brement JTNews Columnist join the board. about Yahel’s proand acquired the grams. 2013 . died from ovarian cancer in 1993. ing from her will be another Seattleite. Israel. housed at Swedish-First Hill. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle has strengthened the bonds of community through service. Swedish Cancer Institute. The profamily has “a long. Outside of Yahel. left. Saul’s wife. june 21. made the announcement.” from all over North ship” with Israel. than being on the board of a to live and work with its Ethimore established organizaopian immigrant population. 36 × 43 inches. She recently completed a four-year Mussar training under the direction of Rabbi Ira Stone. JTNews m. and tutored and international. will retire at the start of July. Shoshana — a graduate joins him.443.” says the father of five and grandfa- 2 One of Seattle’s best-known medical doctors. there frequently for work and she often Meanwhile.o. “I do Shoshana “developed my little . and he founded the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. mostly getship skills. Join us as we work to fulfill shared hopes for a better future. ther of seven. During one of those trips she of Stanford and the Pardes Institute — is was studying at the Conservative Yeshiva back in Israel working for Yahel as coin Jerusalem and struck up a conversation facilitator of a six-week summer program with Rabbi Gail Diamond.jtnews. a past presShoshana tutored English in Member of ident of Congregation Beth the high school. “Finding a cure for ovarian cancer is my dream and I will continue to work toward that goal for as long as I am on this earth. tion.friday.” ter.” she confidence. helped start Shalom in Seattle. tenacious approach to fighting cancer and the personal connection he has established with the thousands of patients he has cared for over the years. the oncology arm of Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Those now “ability to love Israel include spring break and criticize Israel at the same time. and it’s much harder participants in Gedera. Susan is a licensed clinical social worker who enjoys gardening. leadersays. formerly at Beth Shalom and a founder of the Mussar Leadership program. an inspiration. Julia Snyder. founder of the Marsha Rivkin Cancer Research Center. Chesed (Loving-kindness) For Our World Since 1926. to face. I am forever grateful to those who have supported me on this journey. June 15–October 6. We support causes that lift people up. Out of personal tragedy came a renewed commitment to cancer investigation. There’s a lot of work to Shoshana Wineburg . Yahel places lish. Yahel’s an after-school program for the Tribe board is also small youth. calls her daughter. a student at the Stern College of Yeshiva University. reading and writing in her spare time. Rabbi Diamond invited Susan to M. Saul Rivkin. organization. Acrylic on canvas. in Israel and overseas.” learned ting the word out about social justice. which brings ancient Jewish wisdom and tradition to character development and improvement. 206. Shoshana learning for college students. grams are open to standing relationJews “of all stripes.’” Susan inspired by her daughrecalls.t. says Susan.T.O. Learnmember. Marsha. “My life’s work has been committed to healing and helping people with cancer. English to some and she wishes there adults to help their were more opporprofessional developtunities to meet face ment. will retire on July 1.5400 THE POWER OF COMMUNITY. Under his guidance. the center has become a leader in Courtesy Marsha Rivkin Center Oncologist Saul Rivkin. “because I believe in it. spent nine months on a ser“There’s board developvice-learning project in Israel ment work…marketing and sponsored by the Israeli orga[a] media presence” to estabnization Yahel. Skagit Valley. 1994. The 77-year-old oncologist is best known for his committed. member.” Courtesy Susan Monas and summer service Susan says her Susan . OF GREATER SEATTLE THE STRENGTH OF A PEOPLE. locally.

www. corporate events. Conservative rabbis are not unified in their support.443. It’s been such a wonderful thing to be part of my movement I’ve always been a part of. flexible space ideal for bar and bat mitzvah parties.” he said. their daughters by their sides. Featuring more than 11.” The Mercer Island congregation has a reputation for being less liberal than North Seattle’s Congregation Beth Shalom.” she said. “Stereotypes get dispelled.” she said. contact us at WWW.” said Covner. Covner grew up in the Conservative movement and is thrilled with the support she’s received from her community here. Covner told JTNews she wants to “be able to show that the synagogue has really moved in a totally different direction. rehearsal dinners. and they in most ways were like any other family in HerzlNer Tamid. SeattleMarriottWaterfront.” Both of Covner and Dougherty’s daughters attended the Jewish Day School. “It was not easy for him.” as a positive influence. Beth Shalom has been sanctifying samesex unions for more than a decade.” “I’m so proud of Rabbi Rosenbaum.443. “Both Diane and I thought we would never live to see this day. around the time Referendum 74 was going up for a vote.COM .” Rosenbaum said. june 21. Seattle. From start to finish. our plush guest accommodations and waterfront location nestled among the beauty of Seattle’s breathtaking scenery rounding our luxury hotel. and state Senator Ed Murray (D–43rd). “We fought so many years…to see this happen that we want to acknowledge that An Inviting Urban Retreat in a Vintage Industrial Setting Located in the heart of downtown Bellevue. ever felt uncomfortable. Currently one daughter.838.000 sq ft of flexible reception space throughout. “I think this will send this message in a very clear way.” she said. Alhadeff Associate or calling 206. For additional information. 18. said she would have been happy with a 50-person backyard celebration. “I think what helped me. really most of all.jtnews. “It’s just amazing to me that this happened within our lifetimes. and more. an Orthodox rabbi and openly gay man and subject in the documentary “Trembling Before G-d. But the wedding. in part. Covner. Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation witnessed history when Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum officiated the synagogue’s first same-sex wedding. Create the memories that will last a lifetime by visiting SeattleMarriottWaterfront. 17. “We want Herzl-Ner Tamid to be seen as a place where gay and lesbian couples and singles are welcome. “We’ve never. SEATTLE MARRIOTT WATERFRONT 2100 Alaskan Way. June 16. was the fact that Audrey and Diane were members of our congregation for many years.” Gail Frank Audrey Covner and Diane Dougherty under the chuppah. our event planning team and attentive staff are dedicated to providing a one-of-a kind experience. was for the community: She wants to set a precedent for younger couples behind them. we’re the perfect host for weddings. Celebrate your family’s honored traditions at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel. Rosenbaum also cited HNT’s 2011 scholar-in-residence Stephen Greenberg. Covner is the synagogue’s immediate past president. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. attends the University of Washington. That’s what breaks down barriers: People getting to know each other one on one. However. WA 98121 Phone 206. “We’ve felt so warmly loved and accepted here. The guest list included NYHS’s junior class. Exclusive Catering by: BIG CELEBRATIONS ARE ALL ABOUT THE SMALLEST DETAILS. traditions changed Emily K. You’ll love our incredible catering options. parties and more. The Conservative movement approved same-sex marriages in 2006 and finalized the guidelines for wedding rituals in 2012. JTNews On Sunday.” and all the people that did years and years of work. as well as Covner’s aging parents. were married at the Seattle Aquarium before 250 friends and family members. wedding receptions. Rosenbaum resisted support for samesex marriage. and the other. partners for three decades and the parents of two teenage daughters. Audrey Covner and Diane Dougherty.3853 or email privateevents@heavyrestaurantgroup. she said. 2013 Rings exchanged. our highly-acclaimed Marriott service staff to see to every detail. friday.5000.5000.” Rosenbaum looks forward to future same-sex weddings under the auspices of his synagogue.CASTIRON-STUDIOS. “We got to know them as a family. a lawyer and activist who helped write the domestic partnership bill in California before moving to Washington. attends Northwest Yeshiva High School. Cast Iron Studios offers the Eastside an exciting.12 celebrate with pride JTNews . but came on board about a year .

As they look to the next 100 years. 2013 .net. Ben Bridge Jeweler is still a family-run business. “We want our customers to feel confident with every selection. featuring a beautiful six-story garden atrium with lush tropical plants. wedding receptions. Since its inaugural game on July 15.” explains Ed February Weddings. and technical filmmaking books for the novice or professional. but one that has grown to more than 70 stores. 3) can be arranged. Over a hundred years later. Choose one of their pre-planned menu options. a variety of wedding packages and elegant venues for receptions. pitch a sale. Embassy Suites Bellevue can help make your special day a dream come true. center diamond in beautiful 14K white gold. JTNews special advertising section celebrate with pride 13 Ben Bridge Jeweler In 1912 a personal jeweler opened a family-run store in downtown Seattle. state-of-the-art amenities and warm hospitality are a few of the reasons why the Zagat Guide lists the ballpark as one of the top attractions in town. From start to finish.benbridge. have a ball. Features include high ceilings. glamorous picture books of Hollywood. Find locations at www. reclaimed wood. post-wedding brunch and other bridal events. Your Wedding Your Way Imagine your special day aboard a beautifully appointed yacht. surrounded by sparkling water and the scenic shorelines of Lake Union and Lake Washington. For more information call 425-698-6681 or visit www. Ben Bridge is still growing.embassysuites. with ever-changing views of Seattle’s skyline. 15-foot bar with zinc top. and handcrafted metal details in a vintage industrial setting.theruins. The Ben Bridge Signature Diamond pendant with a 1/6 ct. They also carry criticism and reference film books to lead you to movies you may have missed. Pandora. Gold Glove Weddings Throw a wedding. Book an event and mention this ad to receive 10 dozen complimentary hors d’oeuvres (minimum 50-person dinners). flexible space ideal for Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties. birthday. They attribute Ben Bridge’s longevity and success to the company’s commitment to quality and customer service. rehearsal dinners. Cinema Books Cinema Books is the film bookstore of the Northwest. they offer plenty of free on-site parking. This includes opening multiple stores dedicated to the wildly popular jewelry line. Cast Iron Studios offers the Eastside an exciting. posters. Safeco Field has maintained a reputation as an unforgettable location for baseball and special events.” Even after 100 years. Capacity for Cast Iron Studios is 200 seated.indd 1 1/25/2013 10:25:06 AM . rehearsal dinners. More information can be found at . and up to 250 for standing receptions. Collections include biographies of movie stars and directors. www.jtnews. Stunning views of the downtown Seattle skyline. june 21. Whether it’s a wedding.seattlebellevue. Upon entering our large metal doors you are greeted with a dramatic staircase that winds down into an inviting urban breathtaking sunsets over the bay. the Bridge family knows one thing will never change: Ben Bridge is dedicated to being your personal jeweler. a full buyout of “The Corner” (including Cast Iron. With a great location just off I-90. Waterways Cruises offers full service catering. stills and cards of the stars. All spaces are connected or by contacting their event planning team at 206-838-3853 or privateevents@heavyrestaurantgroup. Purple. Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Not good with other offers. river and cascading waterfalls. their event planning team and attentive staff are dedicated to providing a one-of-a kind experience with the end goal being the perfection of your special event.cinemabooks. “That’s why Ben Bridge has more Certified Gemologists than any other jeweler in the country. and more. and Lot No. or their executive chef is happy to accommodate custom menu requests. and two-room suites for your overnight guests. Create a major celebrate with pride For that special occasion or no occasion at all. Call 206-547-7667 or visit www. 1999.friday. elegantly appointed ballrooms. For groups of up to 500 people. Ben’s grandsons Ed and Jon Bridge manage the company. event planning. delicious food. Embassy Suites Bellevue Cast Iron (Heavy Restaurant Group) Located in the heart of downtown Bellevue. 570 Roy ◆ Seattle (206)285-RUIN www.

glassware and dance floor. • Special guestroom rates for group blocks of 10 rooms or more. exciting and truly memorable setting for a winning event (home plate ceremony. visit mariners. they believe in brainstorming any idea. they can introduce you to vendors who will become a handpicked team for your special day. Where every moment reflects your unique style. flatware. call www. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. • Ideal space for five to 150 guests from the chic San Juan Ballroom to the inviting foyer to the more intimate Heathman Suite. 2013 league memory to last a lifetime with an unforgettable home plate wedding ceremony or Safeco Field reception. BOKA Restaurant + BAR. china. friday. Contact Candace Reed at creed@heathmankirkland.jtnews.greatestofdays. To plan your storybook wedding event. rehearsal dinner. For more information. Spaahh and The Golf http://pweb. receptions. from catering to cake to cocktails. engagement photos) put Safeco Field in your line-up. At Hotel 1000. Special Events Contact: Shawn Weaver 206-523-9298 email: shawnsax@jps. exciting and truly memorable setting to host a winning event. The on-site event team and catering staff will create a grand slam experience.. Your catered wedding event includes: • A selection of unforgettable flavors: Savory appetizers. The Heathman Hotel Fill the first chapter of your new life together with perfect memories at the boutique Heathman Hotel. genuine and celebrate with pride One of Seattle’s Best Klezmer Bands Shawn’s Kugel The Northwest’s Premier Music Ensemble Weddings. personalized service.464. june 21....3050 www. Every desired detail. they say. Greatest of Days can incorporate that into your celebration. You Celebrate!” If you want your creativity and your personality to be represented throughout your . rehearsal or call 206-346-4228. For more The most important thing for them to do is to listen.   Contact 206-604-1908 or jan@greatestofdays. Baker Room or Cascade Let them help you begin your happily ever or 425-284-5810 or visit www.heathmankirkland. put Safeco Field in your lineup. including ceremonies. If you’re looking for a W eddings at the WAC. Wine-country–inspired menus catered by their renowned Trellis Restaurant and a luxuriously stylish getaway for your guests and your first “married” stay. Hotel 1000 Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle opened in June 2006 and features 120 luxury guest rooms. reception. or visit www.jps. • Stunning tablescape. style and budget. a menu that reflects your theme.wac. expertly handled at your request. “We Coordinate. Greatest of Days At Greatest of Days. bridal showers and post-wedding brunches. an elegant sit-down or call (206) 346-4228. Dine and dance with friends and family surrounded by traditional elegance and our signature. 206. If you’re looking for a ATHLETICS | SPA | WELLNESS | FOOD & WINE | EVENTS | MEETINGS | INN AT THE WAC | RECIPROCAL PRIVILEGES . visit mariners. The on-site event team and catering staff will create a grand slam. The memories of a lifetime guaranteed with your wedding celebration at the Washington Athletic Club.14 celebrate with pride special advertising section JTNews . If you want a celebration designed to match your personality. If you want a day with added touches that perhaps only have special meaning to you to help you relax or give you an extra smile.

custom ketubot. Their experienced staff is committed to authenticity. Seattle.friday. perfect for 150. JTNews special advertising section celebrate with pride 15 personalized service. and intimate yet spectacular accommodations redefine the luxury experience. they can accommodate all kosher needs. and leaves friends and family raving for years to come! They’ll handle the details. Catering sales department: Contact the sales administrative assistant at 206-2561022 or Jennifer. Embassy suites seattle bellevue is giving away a wedding to a special couple! pridE wEdding packagE givEaway at Embassy suitEs Love Wins visit us on Facebook for details. WPZ Dennis Conner. celebrate with pride TAKE YOUR EVENT OUT OF THE ORDINARY AND INTO THE EXTRAORDINARY Ric Brewer. ideally located in Redmond’s beautiful open-air shopping center and featuring a newly renovated ballroom with over 5. june 21. anticipative service. but she is always happy to create a custom package to best fit your wedding day. you just handle the compliments. L’chaim! For more information.548. and lively and historic Pioneer Square. Located on the picturesque Seattle Waterfront in the heart of Emerald City. For event planning call 206.000 square feet of space. Call 206-957-1000. And. superior service.jtnews. or celebrate in style in the elegant state-of-the-art ballroom with seating for up to 500 guests. playful and rarely posed. WE OFFER FACILITIES FOR: s s s s s Weddings. they should show the excitement and emotion from your wedding day. Call 206-719-5400 or visit www. English and Hebrew calligraphy. original paper-cuts and logo design. you deserve to work with the very best. We can help make your special day a dream come true. She focuses on finding the fun and beauty that is naturally present in every situation. Located at 1000 First Ave. Voted by JTNews readers as 2012’s Best Ketubah Artist in Washington State.Stiles@marriott. The Marriott Redmond Town Center appreciates your cultural nuances and can bring them to life in a way that is authentic. family and tradition at the Marriott Redmond Town Center. and inviting Embassy Suites Bellevue 3225 158th Avenue SE Bellevue. Joan Lite Miller specializes in one-of-a-kind invitations for weddings and B’nai Onionskin Design Studio Marriott Redmond Town Center Create memories full of love. dinners and cocktail parties Family reunions and other private celebrations Contact our professional Catering Department at 425. In addition. 2013 . from securing the perfect photographer to developing and executing your menu.Crandall@marriott. Jenny will always be looking for angles and opportunities to show your “best self. Marriott Seattle Waterfront Hotel Jenny GG Photography Jenny GG’s approach to photography is fun. but during your portrait time. at the corner of Madison Street. working with their certified Marriott wedding professionals to plan every detail. Hotel 1000 is steps from the waterfront along Elliott Bay. leading-edge or call 425-830-4421.” Pricing and packages are listed on her website. receptions and rehearsal dinners Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Business meetings and retreats Company picnics. they have the resources to deliver a carefully crafted farm-to-table culinary Take advantage of their outdoor patio for ceremonies and Pedersen’s The Event Rental Experts Stylish party rentals including: • Specialty linen • Glassware • China • Cutlery • Chair covers • Designer chairs • Tables • Unique tabletop items • Catering equipment 4500 4th Ave. Authenticity is important — your photos should be about you and your love and the things that make you a couple. www. Hotel 1000 offers distinctive amenities. Candid is king. relax and let them provide everything to set the stage for a memorable event that reflects your taste and honors your tradition. since they’re located just two blocks from Pike Place Market. Jenny wants to create photographs that not only catch the special moments. and conveniently centered between Pike Place Market. or visit www. WPZ JennyGG Photography in honor of washington state’s legalization of same-sex marriage. Hope to hear from you soon! For more information visit jennygg.698. For more information.6681 for more information or to book your next event. but that will tell a story that you will treasure forever. When planning your special day. expressive hand lettering. the business district. . WA . Memorable Moments Let Embassy Suites Seattle–Bellevue help you create once-in-a-lifetime memories featuring delectable catering.2590 or email groupsales@zoo. contact 425-498-4040 or Julia. call 206-527-6320 or visit www. and a customized experience tailored to any occasion.onionskindesign. Seattle Art Museum. the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel is the ideal location to celebrate your special day. So sit back.

heathmankirkland. june 21. From beginning to .527 .000-square-foot Orca Ballroom to more intimate gathering spaces. . Contact The Ruins at 206-285-RUIN or visit www. please contact sales@tulalipresort. Prepare for your special day in a luxurious private bridal lounge and descend a breathtaking Cinderella staircase. Joe McDonnal. décor requests. The rooms used collectively can accommodate up to 150 for a seated dinner or 250 for a stand-up cocktail reception.
  Tulalip Resort Casino celebrate with pride BEYOND MARVELOUS The AAA Four Diamond Tulalip Resort Casino is among the premier destinations in Washington State offering luxurious accommodations. 2013 The Ruins The Ruins is a private dining club in Lower Queen Anne with catering available to the public. Options range from the 15. and other lifecycle events.000 FOUR-DIAMOND DREAMS Realize the vision of your dream wedding. Cinema Books 4735 Roosevelt Way ne Whether a or visit pweb. every need is addressed by a capable and conscientious staff. For more information about planning a special event at Tulalip Resort Casino. They specialize in getting guests to participate in folk dancing and horas at weddings.onionskindesign. their professional staff and beautiful venue will offer you and your guests a truly unique and memorable experience. Shawn’s Kugel has released four CDs. B’nai Mitzvah.716.theruins.6320 From all your favorite movies . C O M square feet of flexible event space. anniversary or dinner party. 206-547-7667    Books Posters stills Trellis Restaurant and e Heathman Hotel e perfect pairing www. www. a rejuvenating spa. joan lItE mIllEr A l l you hop ed yo u r wed d ing wo u l d b e. bridal award-winning dining options. we will help you create an extraordinary memory. casino excitement. Shawn’s Kugel Shawn’s Kugel is one of the best Klezmer bands in the Pacific Northwest.jtnews.16 celebrate with pride special advertising section JTNews . or state-of-the-art "Best Ketubah artist in Wa" — jtnews 2012 Invitations English & Hebrew calligraphy Ketubot 206 .net/~shawnsax.” Check out Shawn’s Kugel on MySpace. Contact 206-523-9298 or or 360716-6570 or visit www. CD Baby.tulalipresort.jps. built a mansion inside of a warehouse with a small garden area and four beautifully appointed rooms. Whether it’s customized catering. or iTunes to hear some songs and learn more about this Northwest treasure.6830 T U L A L I P R E S O R T. and world-class shopping. Tulalip Resort Casino offers extraordinary value with more than 30. C O N TA C T JAMES HILLMAN: 360. with the latest being “Odyssey. The founder and creator.

Seattle WA 206. and onboard galleys and bars for full-service catering. contact groupsales@zoo. and field conservation projects to help preserve wildlife species and habitats in the Northwest and around the world.greatestofdays. Waterways’ beautifully appointed yachts offer unique venues for weddings. while other rooms offer more-personalized settings for smaller groups. they can turn an event into a distinctive 4500–4 th Ave. For more information. is the perfect location for your next event! Set on 92 acres with over 300 species of animal. and your personalized touches for lasting memories of your special event. Make the Washington Athletic Club the choice for your special event. please contact 206-464-3050 or catering@wac. photography and viewing of the ever-changing shorelines. It’s everything you want for your wedding or rehearsal dinner. Add exquisite cuisine prepared by their culinary 7401 164th Avenue NE Redmond. The WAC provides everything you need for a seamless day of celebration and tradition. Timeless.957.4040 or visit for more information. Funds generated by your event help support the zoo’s quality animal care.1000 or visit hotel1000seattle. Their yachts feature spacious interior salons for dining and live entertainment. Woodland Park Zoo Waterways Cruises and Events Waterways Cruises and Events will make your special occasion an unforgettable Northwest experience — with the Seattle skyline and views of Lake Washington and Lake Union as the perfect backdrop for your celebration. open-air decks that are perfect for ceremonies. South. Whether you want guests to dance all night or enjoy an elegant Event & Wedding Planning The Terrace and Great Room at Hotel 1000. WA 98052 206-604-1908 jan@greatestofdays. or visit www. one of Seattle’s most cherished community resources.jtnews.5400 www. Memorable. education programs. while our event professionals see to every detail. holiday events. Evening parking included for guests in WAC . call 206. a historic landmark in the heart of downtown Seattle.zoo. meeting. Their Crystal Ballroom can accommodate up to 200 guests. Event packages are available and personalized with your contract. Woodland Park or 206-548-2590.000 sq ft of beautiful reception space. Call 425. picnic. we’d be honored to host your perfect www. Relax and enjoy a day you’ll never forget. Plan your all-inclusive event at the Washington Athletic Club. birthdays. www. Contemporary elegance and tradition define the Club. JTNews special advertising section celebrate with pride 17 Celebrations at the WAC .WaterwaysCruises. professional event-planning services. or both. graduation and anniversary parties.498. family reunion or birthday party. A full-service day spa and 109-room inn offer room for all your guests. Make it a weekend and stay in one of their seven suites. june 21. celebrate with pride A WEDDING LIKE NO OTHER. To learn more. holiday party. Contact their event planners to schedule a tour of Waterways’ yachts! Call 206-2232060 for your event proposal or visit www. Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. the zoo offers 17 unique venues to host your Bar/Bat It would be their pleasure to assist you. For more information. rehearsal dinners. 2013 . With a gorgeous location and 10.pedersens.

small startups. many for the first time. however.” said Joel Magalnick. “Things are stabilized. AJPA’s president and the editor and publisher of the Dayton. “There’s no one quick fix. 2013 Jewish journalists to converge on Seattle Janis Siegel JTNews Correspondent It is somewhat of a triumph that the American Jewish Press Association is having its 2013 annual conference in Seattle. since the economic recession battered so many Jewish publications and general media in the U. “What I’m hearing from my colleagues in the Jewish media are the culture wars going on in Israel between the Haredi Israelis and the rest of Israeli society in terms of how they participate or don’t participate in Israeli society. who included a training session. Employment and Family . Realtor Quorum—Laurelhurst. sports. “I think the aspirations of any Jewish journalist. Immigration Law Marvin Meyers Visas. editorial and political challenges of reporting on local Jewish communities. WA 98040 marv@creativeplanninginc. grow economic bases. Rick Kestenbaum. Realtor Windermere Real Estate/Wall St. “Why give our content to so many people for no circulation revenue and so little ad revenue?” Kestenbaum said “it’s a mistake” not to charge. “and you want someone who has had a solid journalistic education. Weiss said a Jewish journalist must balance a kind of tension between being a part of the story and the community while remaining “apart” from it to cover it fairly. Also. we’re always trying to find better and more efficient ways of running the business end of the paper as well as collaborating and keeping up with technology. Journalists who cover the Jewish community must bring the same knowledge and integrity to the job as those in the general media.C. “We’ve all lost so much ad revenue through the recession.” The one essential factor in attracting and keeping readers. and compete among increasingly diverse electronic platforms. and Jewish values. should be what people expect are the aspirations of the Jewish community — that we have high standards of objectivity and accuracy. based on a survey by Alan Abbey of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. Sheff Managing Broker. Israel is on the top of their list of hot topics. Jewish ideas. Inc. cwilliams@quorumlaurelhurst. you want someone who is literate when it comes to Jewish Office 206-522-7003 310-446-3844 info@sheffimmigration. “Ideally. we’ve adjusted to the new economy.” said Kestenbaum. “We get all of our circulation revenue and 99.. in addition to userfriendly websites and savvy technical innovations.” To discuss how they’ve increased their circulation. I think there always needs to be two goals — to try and enable us to do our jobs better….S. local journalists. But for the 60 AJPA publishers. industry leaders. and we’re coming back.].S. academics from Israel. the chief operating officer and general manager at The New Jersey Jewish News. will share models and initiatives they’ve employed to beef up their numbers. who is chairing and helping to organize the conference. although people are flocking to them and reading news on their computers. Mercer Island. Fine Rug & Upholstery Specialists Since 1907 JDS Grad & Past Board of Trustees Member Mercer Island High School Grad University of Washington Grad Phone: 206-322-2200 Fax: 206-325-3841 www. Long-term care can be. both Jewish and secular. “I had a vision that I wanted to leverage the startup mentality here in Seattle and hopefully. Over two days of programming. the social justice perspective of the Jewish community here. who is scheduled to talk about his paper’s decision to implement a paywall for readers that want to read its online www. Ohio Jewish Observer.S. Josh O’Connor from Sound Publishing and Jim . No one’s figured it out.” Many other newspapers. Extraordinary Ability. say Weiss and Magalnick.jtnews.russellkatz.S. editors. Spanish and Ladino spoken Serving your real estate needs in the greater Seattle area Call 206-769-7140 Cynthia Williams Neil J. train reporters. friday. and caused them to slash budgets and shed staff.S. the newspaper industry as a whole has not figured out how to make money on their websites.I. Tracy Recker. to some extent. Magalnick is a vice president of the AJPA. and staff who will arrive here next week. phones and tablets.” Kicking off the conference will be a discussion on Jewish journalism. and Rob Salkowitz from MediaPlant will lead sessions that feature strategies on attracting and keeping loyal readers.seattlehomesforsale. Poland will offer insight into success strategies. seattle 98134 off 4th ave s. Weiss said that according to the feedback he receives from editors across the U. Hinds st.emmanuelsrug. “Cultivating the Next Generation of Jewish Journalists. www. Religious Organizations.5 percent of our revenue from our print edition. said Magalnick. “Unlike a major daily paper.and there’s also the learning aspect.” he said. Green Cards and Citizenship through Business. where much of the content is easily found elsewhere [world news. have not yet embraced this come see our new location Pardon our dust! Russ Dedicated exclusively to U.” Still. Liaison of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Law Offices of Neil J. is accurate and informed reporting. told JTNews his paper has little to lose and much to gain by doing so.” said Weiss. Free pickup & delivery on orders over $300 or 30% off all rug cleaning new address: 231 s. the things that people are looking for in good journalism.” said Weiss. “On the editorial side. Suite 350. the conference’s concurrent business and editorial tracks will tackle some of the big questions that face them today: How to increase readership and circulation. “On the business track.” for aspiring Jewish journalists in the conference and opened it to college students for free.” said Weiss. and even the head of a Jewish newspaper in Warsaw. 206-448-6940 7525 SE 24th Street. “there is no alternative for news of the local Jewish community. june 21. Inc..” said Marshall Weiss. which received more than 100 responses and will discuss the ethical. just north of spokane st. reporters. Sheff Over 20 years experience with clients from Seattle to Miami and around the world Hebrew. freelance journalists.” Magalnick said. or any Jewish newspaper or publication. “I don’t know anyone who is really making it in the general media on monetizing the web. editor and publisher of JTNews. Long-term health is not guaranteed. a circulation consultant from Impact Consultancy in California. cure-all. or solution for monetizing the web. etc. 206-284-7327 (Direct) www..” Magalnick said. the editor of the widely read West Seattle Blog.18 community news JTNews . www. #100. Expert help with undergraduate and graduate college selection. www. light housekeeping.jfsseattle. applications and essays. 40 Lake Bellevue.S.D. 425-453-1308 www. Bellevue 98005 ☎☎ Wendy Shultz Spektor. light-filled apartments and life-enriching social. most insurance plans. emotional. www. Inc.S. ☎☎ College Placement College Placement Consultants 425-453-1730 ✉☎ or call us at 206-441-4553! www. #100. child and family therapy 206-861-3152 ✉☎ contactus@jfsseattle.jtnews. The Summit at First Hill retirement Living at its Best! 206-652-4444  Our law firm focuses on defending the rights of people who have been negligently injured or accused of a crime. Dentists Calvo & Waldbaum Toni Calvo Waldbaum. References and discounts available. LLC Roy  Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics: • Restorative • Reconstructive • Cosmetic Dentistry 14595 Bel Red Rd. Expertise with in-home assessments. foundations and nonprofit www. Renton Tom Brody. meal preparation. stocks. college. Jewish knowledge and sensitivity. Seattle Insurance Eastside Insurance Services Chuck Rubin and Matt Rubin 425-271-3101 F 425-277-3711 4508 NE 4th. medication reminders. Bellevue ☎☎ Professional Directory to Jewish Washington Look for it in July! ☎☎ Newman Dierst Hales. couple. business 401Ks. hospice reflects a spirit and philosophy of caring that emphasizes comfort and dignity for the dying.spektordental.D First Allied Securities 425-454-2285 x 1080 www. ☎☎ College Planning Albert Israel. spacious. addiction and recovery.collegeplacementconsultants.. PLLC Nolan A. Jewish Family Service 206-461-3240  Professional portfolio management services for .D. Bellevue ☎☎ Kline Galland Hospice 206-805-1930 ✉☎  Gentle Family Dentistry Cosmetic & Restorative Designing beautiful smiles by Calvo 207 SW 156th St. PS Inc. educational and wellness activities. ☎☎ Hospice Services Certified Public Accountants Dennis B. Founded in Jewish values and traditions. ☎☎ ☎☎ What do you do? Provide legal services? Tax advice? Make beautiful smiles? You should be a part of it! You’ll be online at www. errands.S.6-21 2013 Attorneys Law Office of Joseph Rome.hedgingstrategist. Linda Kosin ✉☎ lkosin@uib. 425-643-3746 ✉☎  The only Jewish retirement community in Washington year round and in the book in the spring.e-z-insurance. You should be a part of it! What do you need? Looking for a doctor. agent 425-646-3932 F 425-646-8750 www. Suite #B.professionalwashington. CFP College Financial Aid Consultant 206-250-1148 ✉☎ albertisrael1@msn. MS Orthodontics for Adults and Children 206-322-7223 www. residential placement.jfsseattle. family dynamics and on-going case management. bonds.  Invisalign Premier Provider. flexible day or evening  2227 112th  Retirement. 425-454-1322 ✉☎ www. Goldstein &  Expertise with life  Emphasis: Cosmetic and Preventive Dentistry • Convenient location in Bellevue ☎☎ Senior Services Hyatt Home Care Services Live-in and Hourly Care 206-851-5277 ✉☎ Care@HyattHomeCare. ☎☎ Solomon M. Bellevue 98004 ☎☎ Photographers Dani Weiss Photography 206-760-3336 www. medication reminders. www. ☎☎ Counselors/Therapists Jewish Family Service Individual. Funeral/Burial Services Hills of Eternity Cemetery Owned and operated by Temple De Hirsch Sinai 206-323-8486 Serving the greater Seattle Jewish community. Licensed  Specializing in  Photographer Specializing in People. Newman. annuities.D. D. Bellevue We represent Pemco. Featuring gourmet kosher dining. www. ☎☎ United Insurance Brokers. Hamrick. meal preparation and companionship to older adults living at home or in assisted-living facilities. Ph. ☎☎ B. Jewish cemetery open to all preneed and at-need services. M. and cosmetic gum therapy. sliding fee scale. D.D. 425-454-9373 F 425-453-5313 Your insurance source since 1968 Employee benefits Commercial business and Personal insurance 50 116th Ave SE #201. Promotions & Weddings. Please contact me for a free consultation. ☎☎ Get started now at professionalwashington. Seattle Financial Services Hamrick Investment Counsel. DDS 206-246-1424 ✉☎ www. On First Hill across from Swedish Hospital. Ph. or an SAT coach? We’ve got ‘em all in the Professional Directory to Jewish Traditional burial services provided at all area cemeteries. Queen Anne. an  Kline Galland Hospice provides individualized care to meet the physical. Affordable rates • Planning Learn strategies that can deliver more aid. Warren J. assistance with daily activities. CPA 206-284-1383 ✉☎ nnewman@ndhaccountants. spiritual and practical needs of those in the last phases of life. DDS Richard  Providing adults with personal care. household chores. Burial plots available for purchase at Bikur Cholim and Machzikay Hadath  Pauline B.hamrickinvestment. Karmel. Safeco. #4. PS Tax Preparation & Consulting 425-455-0430 F 425-455-0459 ✉☎  Tax • Accounting • Healthcare Consulting ☎☎ Michael ☎☎ Seattle Jewish Chapel 206-725-3067 ✉☎ seattlejewishchapel@gmail. 425-429-1729 ✉☎ jrome@josephrome. dental implants. Hartford & Progressive ☎☎ ☎☎ ☎☎ ☎☎ ☎☎ ☎☎ Care Givers HomeCare Associates A program of Jewish Family Service 206-861-3193  Provides personal www. Families. pet care and  Comprehensive geriatric care management and support services for seniors and their families. Robert Cohanim. NE.josephrome. relationships and personal challenges —all in a cultural context.summitatfirsthill.jew-ish. B’nai Trisha Cacabelos ✉☎ tcacabelos@uib..spektordental. CFA 206-441-9911 ✉☎ rahamrick@hamrickinvestment.

says she is “responsible for keeping the heart of Hillel beating. Hillel UW’s Greenstein executive director and Ezekiel’s boss. Regional Director Jack J. The Kol Ami family offers opportunities for members to participate in committees and activities focused on the needs of the congregation.campschechter. WA 98006 . communications. Ezekiel says she’s thrilled to be recognized. Very Saving Lives in Israel The premiere Reform Jewish camping experience in the Pacific Northwest! Join us for an exciting.jtnews. “I love that they think of Hillel. Galit Ezekiel is Yossi Mentz. We invite you to share our past. CKA offers adult-ed programs under the guidance of Rabbi Glickman. which honors local Jewish communal workers who rise above and beyond their job description at work and in their community.” she says. it’s not just because she’s a good salesperson. Led by Rabbi Mark Glickman.kalsman. Among these opportunities are social action.” she says. just as it was modeled for me as a child. Strong and enduring friendships have emerged from this mutual commitment to the enjoyment of one another’s company in a social setting. uncertain freshmen now making their mark in the Courtesy Galit Ezekiel world.. development director at Hillel at the University of Washington. including 206-447-1967 www.ats. ritual. The award. prayer.20 community news JTNews . we embrace all who 206. With warmth and caring. “I think it’s really important do to that. “She’s good at that because she finds things she’s impassioned about and communicates to people about why our support and generosity helps that good work go on. Ezekiel. Kol Haneshamah is a progressive and diverse synagogue community that is transforming Judaism for the 21st century. Kehilla | Our Community Congregation Kol Ami Gary S. After services. and beyond. Shabbat services are held most Friday evenings at 7:30 pm. CA t Tel: 323-655-4655 Toll Free: 800-323-2371 western@afmda. Ezekiel is so involved because she is devoted to her community. Ezekiel diversified the organization’s funding sources and has tripled Hillel’s fundraising over the past decade. but also because she wants to instill these same values in her children.urjcamps.tdhs-nw. Torah.khnseattle. “In a smaller shop we wear many hats. Sisterhood. Seattle. WA 98122 shape our future. holidays. finance. intimate and dynamic community in which the Jewish ideals of worship. according to the Federation’s notes about her nomination. membership. JTNews Around Passover time. And she has been effective. was honored with the Pamela Waechter Jewish Communal Professional Award at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle’s annual meeting on June 20. Israel and Jewish history. www. Interfaith families and Jews by choice find Kol Ami a welcoming and nurturing environment.” she says. and live a meaningful life. and astute commentary. as well as her attention to the day-today details of running a Jewish organization — but they were blown away to learn how she lives her life outside of her job: As a board member and chair of the religious school at Congregation Beth Shalom. is named for Waechter. Services are filled with stirring song. friday. immersive.” says American Technion North Pacific Region on Facebook @gary4technion on Twitter Find out how you can be part of Kehilla Call 206-774-2264 or email LynnF@jtnews. “I strive to meet every single person who comes to the lunches. while Saturday morning Torah services are typically held concurrently with B’nai Mitzvah celebrations. Bellevue.” he says. ethics. Hired in 2002 to support the efforts to construct its new Where Judaism and Joy are One Temple De Hirsch Sinai is the leading and oldest Reform congregation in the Pacific Northwest. Kadesh. Cohn. The outstanding religious school offers students in grades K–7 creative programming in all aspects of Jewish learning.kolaminw. Regional Director 6505 Wilshire Boulevard. study and social action are fostered. Seattle 98116 E-mail: info@khnseattle. the community. Classroom instruction is enhanced by prayer services. the community. “There are hundreds and hundreds of alumni that come back. 3850 156th Ave. 6115 SW Hinds Telephone: 206-935-1590 www. “I’m really impressed to see how she shows the same devotion and excitement that she does during the day with us at Hillel. june Congregation Kol Ami (CKA) is a Reform congregation located in Woodinville. and a volunteer at both Seattle Jewish Community School and the Evergreen School. 2013 In Pam’s memory: 2013’s Waechter award recipient Joel Magalnick Editor. SE. who was killed seven years ago during the shooting at the Federation’s offices. (425) 844-1604 admin@kolaminw. and the www. and help 1511 East Pike St.” Hayon says. Since the primary mission of Hillel is to provide Jewish resources for college students.323. and Brotherhood. “I’m pretty much involved in every facet of the organization.” Ezekiel was nominated by her coworkers for her work inside the building — her mentorship of staff and young adults. Regional Director Emeritus 415-398-7117 technion. Kol Ami is a warm. one of the most fun parts of Ezekiel’s job is to see those former students who were once scared. Suite 650 Los Angeles. heartfelt prayer. to the community Passover meals the organization hosts each year. For more information about Congregation Kol Ami and to view the schedule of events: www.8486 enter through our . guest lectures and exploration of Jewish thought throughout the ages. while working to improve ourselves.” Rabbi Oren Hayon. now in her 12th year at Hillel.” Hayon notes that while Ezekiel is a very skilled fundraiser. and memorable summer of a lifetime! 425-284-4484 www.sf@ats. and there are high school and junior high school-age youth groups. Onegs include delicious treats and beverages over which lifelong friendships have been forged.

we drew a megillah. a basket filled with at least two different foods and anything else you want to give. its branches start to multiply. JTNews community news 21 For the past several years. snowy mountain. so I added the moon as an extra element in my piece. When I learned about the Hebrew and the moon in 12 different stages. june 21. making many more branches. In our picture. Bellingham My artwork is a calendar in itself. I needed something more in my art. To order a calendar. It always makes me happy when I’m zooming down the steep hills of the . When I drew this picture I kept on thinking of the happiness I feel during for information about KCLS construction projects. Bellevue I love winter. Benjamin O’Quin Congregation Beth Shalom. and that gave me the circle idea. so I put all my joy into this drawing and hope that others will look upon this and feel the same thrill of energy I feel when I 425-369-3308 Visit our Web site for current ripe & ready reports… 425-333-4134 32610 nE 32nd Street in carnation www. You’ll find the latest available details on current and pending projects: • Requests for Proposals • Requests for Qualifications • Current Project Bid Listings • Calls for Art Proposals • Site Selection Policy • Announcements of Finalists • Community Meetings • Contacts • News Releases ExpEriEncE thE Fun! pick your own berries fresh from the field The King County Library System recognizes strength and value within our communities. Seattle. contact Benjamina Menashe at benjaminam@jewishinseattle. every season fighting against hardships. The tree also represents the Tree of Life and how the Tree of Life keeps growing.jtnews. Seattle We decided to create a design about Purim. King County Library System: kiverson@kcls. Avi Kintzer and Binyamin Katsman Seattle Hebrew Academy. through July. As the tree grows. had several local contributions. Facilities Management Services Department. We also drew mishloach manot. www. Another thing we added was a mask because we dress up for Purim.friday. we drew a hamentaschen. students from Jewish schools in Seattle.kcls. 1200 University St. The kids’ calendar Tali Edson The Jewish Day School. It is filled with different sauces like strawberry jam or chocolate paste. See all of the artwork on display at The Summit at First Hill. which tells the story of Purim. Seattle Israel is like a tree. 2013 . The Tree of Life is what Israel and the whole world depend on. Architects. contact Kelly L. which is available for free from the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. The students who drew these images explain below what inspired them to create their drawings. Consultants & Contractors Construction Contact Information Now Online! Check www. Finally. a cookie shaped like a triangle. Julia Schwartz Congregation Beth Israel. Iverson. I knew I wanted to include them all. with the months. and we encourage all interested and qualified service providers to review our public bid construction project opportunities. their representations. Winter is a very important season to me because I can ski and play in the snow. Phoenix and Tucson have joined with students in their Israeli partner cities of Kiryat Malachi and the Hof Ashkelon region to contribute drawings to create an annual . day in and day out it grows stronger.. This year’s calendar. For additional information.

collegeplacementconsultants... 27 June shouk help wanted admissions counseling cleaning services Gift Certificate Available! the homecare services Attention budding journalists: JTNews — The Voice of Jewish Washington is seeking an editorial intern for the spring. or 206-232-5272 Join the NYHS community for a Texas hoedown with music by Yoni Goldstein and the Kosher Cowboys..” See exhibits from the book over mimosas.... 19626 76th Ave.. Zero interest payments available.... 5017 90th Ave.. work on our websites.... ext....m.m. please call (425) 259-7125. W. retaining ....m. or to add your event to the JTNews calendar.m. For information. She hid under a false identity until the war was over.greenthumbsolutions.. Mercer Island. 8:53 p. At Island Crust Café. email vjeanett@gmail..m.. July 5...22 community calendar JTNews .. — Breakfast of Champions Julie Varon at julievaron@gmail. compassionate & loving. Can provide excellent references from prominent Jewish families in Seattle community. $50... lox and more.. 7 p.... Reliable.D. www..... FT. support for a two-state solution. college placement consultants Expert help with undergraduate and graduate college home services funeral/burial services cemetery gan shalom A Jewish cemetery that meets the needs of the greater Seattle Jewish community. mother-in-law space helpful.. into a book... help out with our newspaper distribution.. 2013 the calendar to Jewish Washington For a complete listing of events... avail. At Chabad Jewish Center of Snohomish County.. dementia.jtnews..S.nyhs. @jewishcal NYHS annual meeting. transp... june 21... — Hoedown at Helene’s Melissa Rivkin at mrivkin@nyhs. Lynnwood. hospice. 7525 SE 24th St.... friday.. Has all credentials and certifications. “Distant Replay. 26 June 7:30 Knesset member Adi Koll of the new Yesh Atid party will speak about the party. or 425-640-2811 or www. carpentry and more… companion/housing household companion 37-year-old college-educated Peruvian woman with good English skills would like to help with companionship and safety of an elderly person or couple in exchange for a home where she can live for low or no rent. — NYHS Annual Meeting Melissa Rivkin at Lillian Boraks-Nemetz was incarcerated in the Warsaw Ghetto for 18 months as a child. assist daily activities.. Thursday Candlelighting times June 21. — Guest Speaker Lillian BoraksNemetz Rabbi Berel Paltiel at Rabbi@JewishSnohomish.. and the importance of Israeli and U. Mercer Island. Suite B...... medications. 8:52 p. visit calendar. Call for address.. 24-hr quality personal care. Put on your cowboy boots for a rocking night..... Bonded & Insured #GREENTS902902QC Call Jean Boldor 425-643-4669 • 206-790-7009 www.jSt.m. Alzheimers. 4 p. Alzheimers exp. Sunday 9 a.. RN on staff. Mercer www.. honest and affordable. Serving the burial needs of Reform Jews and their families. preiter@outlook.. For information. masonry Handyman. References available. 8:48 p.. 8:53 p..m.. At the home of Helene Behar. Reiter. $10 suggested donation... $12 children under 12. Seattle. 15 years of experience caring for elderly with Parkinsons. doctor appts. $18 adult. Work on newsgathering and reporting skills. 3700 E Mercer Way. Highly organized with attention to cleanliness. cNa... Mike Schanche of Congressman Rick Larsen’s office will share remarks on behalf of the congressman...JewishSnohomish.jtnews. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation. Great references.renta-yenta. and teaches creative writing at the University of British Columbia. licensed Home healthcare with over 15 yrs exp..m. stroke.... Home includes a happy 103 yr old resident! Green Thumb Solutions Landscape maintenance Lawn renovation irrigation systems ornamental pruning/hedges decks.. dementia and Alzheimer’s.. • Licensed • Bonded • insured Please call Sofia: 425-417-9994 425-453-1730 Pauline Nurse.. Please send inquiries and writing samples to JTNews editor and publisher Joel Magalnick at delicious BBQ by Nosh Away and tons of or 206-232-5272.... a housecleaning service Seattle Eastside 206/325-8902 425/454-1512 www... Israel’s prospects for peace... 515 or www. Next issue: july 5 ad deadliNe: juNe 28 call becky: 206-774-2238 Become a fan > jtnews Tweet with us > jew_ish call carolyn 206-271-5820 License #46-23-29-790 .com or 425-444-7253 or islandcrustcafe.. June 28.. 206-459-9228 nisan Pollack www.. call temple Beth am at 206-525-0915.... — Meet the New Face of Israeli Politics: Adi Koll act. live-in or -out. Willing to cook and help with minor chores. or call 206-778-6407 temple beth or cemetery Beautiful location near Snohomish.. At Northwest Yeshiva High The Washington State Jewish Historical Society is compiling stories of local Jewish sports heroes 23 June Wednesday 7–8 p. July 12.bellevueadulthomecare. special skilled nursing care.. Will travel with client. 20 yrs exp. Loving attitude and lots of patience. jtnews needs an intern Private Caregiver for Jewish Families Seeking Employment Positive energy extraordinary culinary skills. applications and essays.. Boraks-Nemetz is the author of a trilogy for young readers and two volumes of poetry. French toast.. and get on-the-job experience you won’t find in a classroom..–12 p.. Calendar events must be submitted no later than 10 days before publication. gEt rEady For SPring! bellevue adult home care Quiet Bellevue location.

Eva Rose.” she said.. Evan is donating books to foster children in King County through Treehouse. 2041 Third Ave. June 25 and Wednesday.’” she said. Look online for showtimes and specific theater information.” Jaffee said she can still take on last-minute events. The Rivkin Center is honoring Saul by creating the Saul Rivkin Innovation Fund and hopes to raise $1 million to support emerging research projects and develop opportunities that lie outside the scope of traditional grant-making programs. “It’s an opportunity for other caterers to do kosher once in a while. Seattle. “so we did kind of turn that curve.. For more information visit www. “I guarantee you that child can learn to read a lot faster than if they use Houghton Mifflin or Scott Foresman. Page 11 “Happy Happy Birthday” 2-for-1 Cards Express yourself with our special “Tribute Cards” and help fund JFS programs at the same time… meeting the needs of friends. he will remain an essential part of the Rivkin Center team. For his mitzvah project.” he said. Calif.” he added. Wisc.” says Clint Burwell. providing critical guidance to everyone involved. German-born Jewish intellectual who introduced the concept of the “banality of evil” after reporting on the Eichmann Trials. His grandparents are Irving and Bobbi Hirsch of Newcastle and Julius and Debi Knoth of Clear Lake. people are not feeling like.php?/lifecycle Please submit images in jpg format. On Tuesday at Island Books.” Swedish. Eva’s grandparents are Mark and Carol Mochkatel of Camano Island and Ann Wilkens and John Stephens of California. His great-grandmother is Helen Fox of Seal Beach. 2013.” You’ll never look at a knish the same way again. “I had a good time. the intense. he is working with Kiva Organization and the Northwest Harvest food donation and fund drive.m. on the web. On Wednesday at Park Place Books.jtnews. Erlitz said she’ll miss the staff and teachers and especially the students.o. I wouldn’t have changed it. 2013 . I just have all this money and discretionary income. 2013 at Temple B’nai Torah in Bellevue. WWm. Bar Mitzvah Tuesday. Evan Joseph Hunt Evan will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah on June 22. June 26 at 7 p. 2013 issue are due by June 25. “We were involved in a lot of people’s simchas. Call Irene at (206) 861-3150 or. but it’s an opportunity for us to move on.htm.jtnews.t. He enjoys lacrosse. and not to be afraid to call her. Maximus is a 7th grader at Chinook Middle School. and Klitzner said they will be available to consult with nonkosher venues. but otherwise she advises her customers to plan ahead. 400 KB or larger. june 21. On Safari. WWerlitz Page 9 are obsolete in that time. “Especially in the Given the quality of Bellevue’s public schools. His grandparents are Lin Adler of San Pedro. As she wraps up her JDS career. 2013 at Temple B’nai Torah in Bellevue.” she said. Her great-grandparents are Morry and Mickie Mochkatel of Bellevue. it’s a hard sell. reading. JTNews lifecycles 23 Lifecycles the arts Bar Mitzvah Opens July 12 Hannah Arendt Film A new biopic tells the story of Hannah Arendt. which has provided 36 years of continuous funding. family and loved ones here at home. Klitzner expressed some relief to be done with catering. Evan is a 7th grader at Redmond Middle School. Submissions for the July 5. Fifty Shades of Schwarz Author event Local author Ed Harris reads from “Fifty Shades of Phone 206-441-4553 for assistance. preparing the meals in kashered kitchens. 3014 78th Ave. Birth Eva Rose Mochkatel Scott and Lindsay Mochkatel of Kodiak. It’s not for lack of effort. holding up her iPhone with the Siri voice-recognition capability.” a parody of “Fifty Shades of Grey. Nosh Away will also hold on to some of its equipment to be of service to venues in need of kosher supplies. wondered when all of computing would be voice activated. How do I submit a Lifecycle announcement? Send lifecycle notices to: JTNews/Lifecycles. and Margaret Groom and Betty Stephens of California. Maximus Julius Hirsch Maximus will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah on June 22. The film opened the SIFF Women in Cinema program in 2013. and video games. click on “Donations” at www. “You want your first grader to learn to read? Let your first grader dictate their own story and have the words pop up. “if you don’t value Jewish. He helped the institute get its first National Institutes of Health grant.jfsseattle. At the Landmark Varsity Theater. and John and Barbara Hunt of Madison. Rivkin may be retiring from . WA 98121 E-mail to: lifecycles@jtnews. on April 13. “I don’t think anyone realizes we’re up all night before a Sunday event. Calif. announce the birth of their daughter.. “While Dr. Saul has been recognized repeatedly for his landmark work in Adjuvant Treatment for early-stage breast cancer. Download forms or submit online at www. Kirkland.” he said. Calif. For his mitzvah project. It’s a 2-for-1 that says it all.friday. Mercer Island. Harris will also give a sneak preview of his next book. also does regular kosher” she said. but she has trust that the school’s leadership can and will continue to improve. Allen and Janet Adler of Lincoln. Maximus is the son of Geoff and Rise Hirsch of Bellevue and the brother of Ava.” One point of pride for Erlitz is maintaining the curriculum and quality of JDS’s education in the wake of the recesWWnosh away Page 10 sion. Another large caterer. Merrik. “Even in the recovery from 2008. www. because we have a hefty tuition. SE.” The school did sign on 10 new students for the year that just ended. 348 Parkplace Center. executive director of the center. leader in establishing clinical research at its cancer institute. He enjoys reading and swimming. Evan is the son of Devra and John Hunt of Redmond and the brother of Joshua . ‘Oh. “We’re all going to be science. coming out this summer. Erlitz. “I would work between hotels and the Va’ad to ensure successful event. Alaska. Eva has a brother. the late Sally Marshall. Phillip Marshall of Mount Vernon. suggesting that high-end restaurateurs like Tom Douglas could expand their offerings in the kosher market.” she said. age 2-1/2. Thank you! continued. like brit milahs and funerals.

  “Creating the New Northwest: Selections from the Herb and Lucy Pruzan Collection.” essential consaid Herb Pruzan. representing the development of Northwest art over 50 years.” from tributions of art in the artist and 1965. “Creating the New Northwest: Selections from the Herb and Lucy Pruzan Collection.” said Stephanie A. the media artist Whiting Tennis. and have given or promised works to Seattle Art Museum. community. For more information. curator of Contemporary and Northwest Art at the Tacoma Art Museum. sculpture.” ‘accumulation. “Creating the New Northwest”  shares “The Pruzans came to understand the story of how Northwest artists have that artists were finding materials to help shaped new perceptions and a new sense of express the experience of the Northartistic identity. Pruzans have promised nine works to the museum. The gifts help advance the museum’s goal to develop the premier collection of Northwest art. and earth were literabstract paintings to figurative work. 1701 Pacific Ave. he added. Gaylen Hansen. are early works and in some instances are the director of the Tacoma Art Museum.’ he said.” The museum even repainted the gallery’s wall in colors to recreate the Pruzans’ home interiors.” support of our region’s artists. William Ivey. colorful paintings hang in a stairway to introduce the main exhibit. glass and landinto a new sense of or call 253-272-4258. Tempera on paper.” Hushka arranged the landsaid. The collection ranges from west: Water. installed the Pruzans never near the entry. which has been a great interest of ours. communities. 18 x 20 inches. the first works sold by the artists.” said Rock Hushka. regard“The Pruzans remain constant in their less of the style or fashion. ceramic an auspicious moment in the growth of sculptor Akio Takamori. Four large.” The exhibition includes works in a variety of art media. Many of the artworks in the exhibition and museums. The Pru“Their commitment to new trends and zans have followed the work of some artideas strengthens the Northwest artist ists since the beginning of their careers. the couple is interested in supporting art institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest. Alden Mason and Ginny Ruffner. abstract. 6. Tacoma Art Museum will share more than 100 works in a retrospective exhibit from the Pruzans’ halfcentury of collecting. www. in addition to five already in TAM’s permanent collection. Portland Art Museum and the Henry Gallery at the University of . many created by established artists strongly identified with the Northwest: William Cumming. visit www. “Although scapes. painting.” with photos of the artwork and essays by Hushka and Northwest art critic Matthew Kangas. Hushka identity. as Lucy calls it. But. it “Art brings stands as a testayou out of yourself ment to their pasand into somesions and reflects thing else that their belief in the has meaning. mixed“Creating the New Northwest”  marks media sculptor Jeffry Mitchell. “[With the installation. .24 the arts JTNews . ceramics and glass. 2013 Regional art collection takes center stage Charlene Kahn JTNews Correspondent Though known as strong supporters within the Jewish community. and mixedthe museum’s permanent collection. pop ally being formed art. accompanies the exhibit.tacomaartmuseum. Their art is intermixed with works by newer. Stebich. Tacoma. 6 at the Tacoma Art Museum. galleries. set out to spe“in a tight salon cifically form way. Courtesy TAM “We’re interested James Martin’s “Celebration Bear and Angel. in the and artists that strengthen our the work that they collection of Herb and Lucy Pruzan. lesser known artists on the rise.” said Herb Pruzan. according to museum staff. forests. june 21.jtnews. It’s good as a collection or a teaching tool. Through Oct. The catalog provides useful background about the works and the philosophy behind a half-century of collecting. “The works are installed thematically.” including painter Joseph Park.” produce. if you go “Creating the New Northwest: Selections from the Herb and Lucy Pruzan Collection” runs through Oct. A hard-bound exhibition catalogue. friday. Fay Jones. Seattleites Herb and Lucy Pruzan are also longtime patrons of an evolutionary Northwest art scene. “I’ve been on the collections committee at the Tacoma Art Museum for a number of years and have seen how their leadership is proceeding to develop a definitive collection of Northwest Art.] we tried to give a hint as to how the Pruzans lived with their art.