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WD Caviar Blue


SATA/PATA Hard Drives Rock solid performance always gives you confidence

High quality Solid performance Great value

WD Caviar Blue hard drives are available with either a SATA or PATA interface and offer a variety of cache sizes. These drives deliver solid performance and reliability making them a perfect solution for family and business computing.

eco-friendly. Inc. All product and packaging specifications subject to change without notice. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment.WD Caviar Blue SATA/PATA Hard Drives Product Features The original More options Low power consumption Tested for compatibility WD Blue drives are designed and manufactured with the proven technology found in WD’s original award-winning desktop hard drives. Inc. WD Caviar Green ® ™ SATA Hard Drives WD Caviar Black ® ™ SATA Hard Drives Cool. © 2012 Western Digital Technologies.S. quiet. Western Digital. and other countries.5-inch Spin speed 7200 RPM Cache 8 MB (JB models) 16 MB (KS and KX models) 32 MB (LX models) 64 MB (EX models) Limited Warranty 2 years (Worldwide) 3 years (China) SATA 3 Gb/s WD5000AAKS PATA 100 MB/s WD800AAJB WD1600AAJB WD2500AAJB WD3200AAJB Capacities 80 GB 160 GB 250 GB 320 GB 500 GB 750 GB 1 TB WD Caviar Blue is part of WD’s complete lineup of desktop hard drives. WD Caviar Blue ® ™ SATA/PATA Hard Drives Value and reliability for everyday computing. NoTouch. State-of-the-art seeking algorithms and advanced power management features ensure low power consumption. and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. and gigabit per second (Gb/s) = one billion bits per second. and IntelliSeek are trademarks of Western Digital Technologies. Maximum performance for power computing. NoTouch™ ramp load technology SATA or PATA interface The recording head never touches the disk media ensuring significantly less wear to the recording head and media as well as better drive protection in transit. WD. These drives are available in a broad range of capacities. 2178-771116-A08 June 2012 . one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes. WD quality Built to the highest standards of quality and reliability. All rights reserved. megabyte per second (MB/s) = one million bytes per second. We perform tests on hundreds of systems and a multitude of platforms in our FIT Lab™ to give our customers confidence that our drives will work in their systems. the WD logo. Pictures shown may vary from actual product. in more ways than one. Not all products may be available in all regions of the world. WD continues to manufacture desktop drives with a PATA interface for unique or legacy systems. While SATA has become the industry standard interface. Product Specifications Interface SATA 6 Gb/s SATA 3 Gb/s PATA 100 MB/s Models SATA 6 Gb/s WD2500AAKX WD3200AAKX WD5000AAKX WD7500AALX WD7500AZEX WD10EALX WD10EZEX Form factor 3. these drives offer the features and capacity ideal for your everyday computing needs. FIT Lab. cache sizes and interfaces so you can be sure there’s a drive that’s the perfect fit for your system. As used for transfer rate or interface. one megabyte (MB) = one million bytes. As used for storage capacity. Other marks may be mentioned herein that belong to other companies. and WD Caviar Blue. Put Your Life On It and WD Caviar are registered trademarks in the U. WD Caviar Black. WD Caviar Green.