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They Too Can

Any one can be an achiever. Yes, it is true for every individual. Given the right guidance and motivation even Differently Abled Children with Special Needs can also achieve in life. Towards this goal, they need our help but certainly not our sympathy. Pre Vocational & Vocational training imparted at ISE, Nizamuddin by Mrs Alpana Poddar has helped to bring out the talent in these special children. The class comprises of a mix of Down Syndrome, Physically Challenged, Hearing Impaired, Mentally Retarded children, Autistic Children, Children with Down Syndrome with associated condition - mental retardation.

School activities include Yoga, PT, Sports etc. Class activity involves Functional Academics, Vocational and Domestic activities

Debby White, who is hearing impaired, with her dedication and effort today she is capable of independently doing Water colour different stroke painting & sketches, Glass & Oil painting, Greeting card, Carry bag & Envelope making, Diya painting etc. She has participated group events like dance, drama, Painting and Cooking competition and won many prizes. Debby, prior joining this Institute had a very poor academic level. Concept of mathematics was absent and for simple additions needed the help of calculator. Today she can do simple calculations without calculator. She has learnt to cut vegetables, light the gas and with little guidance can cook a simple dish. She interacts with others in a friendly manner and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She has participated enthusiastically in etc. With her dedication and motivation, Debby has become the role model of the Institute.

Samved, a physically challenged has been groomed at the Institute to be

independent. He is appearing for his Xth Board Exam from Open School.

Manish, a slow learner, over a period of four years was prepared by this ISE Institute to be independent and today works at a mobile store by evening and attends classes during day time.

Children of this Institute have participated in Independence Day and Christmas celebration, Ability Utsav - an Annual Event for Disabled Children, Diwali Mela and Sports Day.

Ability Utsav, with the Theme Talent Show, was represented by 45 Special Schools from NCR & Delhi and our Adult Vocational Children actively participated in following competitions:(a) Flower arrangement. (b) Mimicry. (c) Individual Dance & Song. (d) Group Dance.

In the competition Debby, Bani, Tushar, Preeti, Manish, Samved won individual prizes in their respective events. Debby White was adjusted the Best Student and received an award.

All children whole-heartedly participate in Christmas celebration Nativity Play.

Disability Day , 3rd December, was celebrated with great pomp and show. Children of ISE Nizamuddin presented a Group dance at the British Council, New Delhi at a celebration hosted by New Delhi, YMCA. The dance performance by our children was applauded by one and all.

ISE Nizamuddin has contributed in the overall development of the children and has successfully prepared and send a few children to the Integrated Y School. Pre-vocational and vocational training has helped in preparing the children to lead a normal life and face challenges of the world and be economically independent.

All these, could not have been possible without the active and unrelenting support of the New Delhi YMCA management/parents/guardians. ISE Nizamuddin Faculty extends our sincere thanks and gratitude to every one of you.